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Innovate 2012 conference guide


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IBM Innovate 2012 full conference guide

IBM Innovate 2012 full conference guide

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  • 1. June 3–7 | Orlando, Program Guide
  • 2. Welcome to Orlando andIBM Innovate 2012The Premier Event for Software and Systems Innovation!On behalf of the IBM Rational team, I want to personally thank you for joining us for our most important client event of theyear. Innovate provides you with an excellent opportunity to network and share ideas with thousands of your peers, meetindustry experts, and learn more about the IBM solutions that are helping us all build a Smarter Planet.Innovate 2012 is where you can discover what’s NEXT in software technology, development methodologies, and industrytrends from IBM as well as client thought leaders and practitioners. You’ll also learn how IBM and our partners are goingto help you get there NOW. IBM will share the stage with clients, business partners, and your peers, all of whom will showhow software and systems innovation creates new business opportunities. You’ll see how improved development anddelivery methods help you achieve desired business outcomes, execute with reduced risk and cost, and accelerate thepace of software and systems delivery. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the consumerization of IT, and the growthof cloud computing, NOW is the time for enterprises to integrate every aspect of the software and systems life cycle.Value creation in almost every industry is shifting towards software, and your role in software innovation has never beenmore critical. As software and systems professionals, you are building a future that is increasingly reliant on software as theheart of interconnected and intelligent products and services. I sincerely believe that, at Innovate 2012, you will learn newand better ways to integrate your processes and deliver the software innovations of tomorrow with the help of our solutions.More than ever, Innovate 2012 is built around your needs and interests. It is more focused, streamlined, and interactivethan ever before. We have added new elements to the conference such as ScrumMaster® Training, The Innovate Race CarChallenge and the WebSphere Developer Jam; and, by popular demand, we’ve brought back more interactive sessions,like Birds-of-a-Feather. We have assembled a strong educational curriculum with a set of new tracks including AgileTransformation, Cloud Development & Deployment, Mobile Application Development, Direct from the Jazz Developers,Rational Genius and Packaged Applications. And we could not have done it without you. In fact more than 150 of oursessions are delivered by you and your peers. Innovate 2012 is itself a true example of how integration, collaboration, andoptimization help drive innovation.It is a pleasure to have you here and I’m con dent you’ll nd Innovate 2012 a valuable experience. I look forward to seeingyou at the opening keynote session, Monday, June 4th at 8:00am, ET.Sincerely,Dr. Kristof KloecknerGeneral Manager @ibminnovateIBM Software | Rational #ibminnovate
  • 3. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsConference Highlights and General InformationAgenda-at-a-Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5Conference Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6What’s Happening in the Exhibit Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13General Conference Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 152012 Business Partner and Global Rational User Group Activities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Conference Maps and Hotel Floor Plans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20Keynote PresentationsKeynote Speakers and Presentations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25Technical Tracks, Workshops and Birds-of-a-Feather SessionsStreams and Tracks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31Technical Workshops . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 147Open Labs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 151Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 156Executive Summit Sessions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 159Exhibit Hall and IBM Solution Center DirectorySponsors and Exhibitors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 167Exhibit Hall Floor Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 170Integration Center and Innovate Labs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 171IBM Solution Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 172 @ibminnovate #ibminnovate 1
  • 4. 2012 IBM Beacon Award Finalist IBM’s Fastest-Growing Business PartnerIBM Rational’s Largest Global Partner Network Visit us at booth 208 and find out why. CloudOne Software & Systems Development Powered by CloudOne
  • 5. and General Information Conference Highlights Conference Highlightsand General Information
  • 6. Conference Highlightsand General Information
  • 7. Agenda-at-a-GlanceSaturday, June 2 Tuesday, June 5 (continued) ® 9:00am – 4:30pm ScrumMaster Training* 11:00am – 2:00pm Exhibit Hall and 2:00pm – 7:00pm Registration and IBM Solution Center Information Center Open 12:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch 1:45pm – 2:45pm Breakout SessionsSunday, June 3 1:45pm – 6:00pm Open Labs 7:00am – 5:30pm VoiCE One-Day Program 2:45pm – 3:00pm Break 7:00am – 8:00pm Registration and 3:00pm – 6:00pm Technical Workshops* Information Center Open 3:00pm – 4:00pm Breakout Sessions 9:00am – 4:00pm Business Partner Summit 4:00pm – 4:15pm Break 9:00am – 4:30pm ScrumMaster® Training* 4:15pm – 5:45pm Breakout Sessions 8:00am – 12:45pm Breakout Sessions 5:00pm – 7:30pm Exhibit Hall and 12:30pm – 5:30pm Technical Workshops* IBM Solution Center 1:30pm – 5:00pm Breakout Sessions 6:00pm – 8:30pm Exhibit Hall and Wednesday, June 6 Welcome Reception 7:00am – 6:30pm Registration and Information Center OpenMonday, June 4 7:30am – 8:30am Continental Breakfast 7:00am – 7:00pm Registration and 8:30am – 9:30am General Session Keynote Information Center Open 9:30am – 10:00am Break 7:00am – 8:00am Continental Breakfast 10:00am – 11:00am Breakout Sessions 8:00am – 9:30am General Session Keynote 10:00am – 12:00pm Open Labs 9:30am – 9:45am Break 11:00am – 11:15am Break 9:45am – 10:30am Systems and IT/EM Domain 10:00am – 1:00pm Technical Workshops* Keynotes 11:15am – 12:45pm Breakout Sessions10:30am – 11:00am Break 11:00am – 2:00pm Exhibit Hall and11:00am – 12:30pm Breakout Sessions IBM Solution Center 11:00am – 2:00pm Technical Workshops 12:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch 12:00pm/12:30pm Lunch 1:45pm – 2:45pm Breakout Sessions – 2:00pm 1:45pm – 6:00pm Open Labs 12:45pm – 1:30pm Birds of a Feather Sessions 2:45pm – 3:00pm Break 1:45pm – 2:45pm Breakout Sessions 3:00pm – 4:00pm Breakout Sessions 2:45pm – 3:00pm Break 3:00pm – 6:00pm Technical Workshops* 1:45pm – 6:00pm Open Labs 4:00pm – 4:15pm Break 3:00pm – 6:00pm Technical Workshops* 4:15pm – 5:45pm Breakout Sessions 3:00pm – 4:00pm Breakout Sessions 7:00pm Depart for Special Event 4:00pm – 4:15pm Break 7:30pm – 11:00pm Special Event: SeaWorld 4:15pm – 5:45pm Breakout Sessions 5:00pm – 8:00pm Exhibit Hall and IBM Solution Thursday, June 7 Center (Reception) 7:00am – 1:00pm Registration and Information Center OpenTuesday, June 5 7:30am – 8:30am Continental Breakfast 7:00am – 7:00pm Registration and 8:30am – 9:30am Breakout Sessions Information Center Open 9:30am – 9:45am Break 7:00am – 8:00am Continental Breakfast 9:45am – 10:45am Breakout Sessions 8:00am – 10:00am General Session Keynote 10:45am – 11:00am Break10:00am – 10:30am Break 11:00am – 12:00pm Breakout Sessions10:30am – 12:00pm Breakout Sessions10:30am – 12:00pm Open Labs *Separate registration fees apply. For more information, 10:30am – 1:30pm Technical Workshops* visit the Onsite Registration Desk. 5
  • 8. Conference Highlights Special Sunday Only Track: Imagine tools necessary so you can code along with us on IBM’s Southern Hemisphere I – Dolphin Hotel – Mobile Platform and the new WAS Liberty Profile. Join us Ballroom Level for developer sessions, get your hands on the tools, mingle Sunday, June 3 8:00am – 5:00pm with experts, and share best practices and an afternoon beer with your peers! See page 155 for more information on the Science fiction author William Gibson is quoted as saying, scheduled sessions. “The future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed.” Together, Rational and IBM Research are investigating, NEW! ScrumMaster® Training envisioning, and inventing the future of software and systems Pelican 2 – Swan Hotel engineering. This track will give you insights into how the Offered by IBM in partnership world is changing, what it means for your development with Blue Mercury Consulting organization and your business, and what we, together, can do to take advantage of these changes. Presentations Saturday, June 2 9:00am – 4:30pm will range from general technology outlooks to specific Sunday, June 3 9:00am – 4:30pm investigations and prototypes to address the problems you will be confronting—sooner than you think. Top Take advantage of a two-day ScrumMaster® Certification researchers and development experts will be on hand to Course at Innovate2012. Scrum is a widely used practice answer your questions. many organizations leverage as a starting point in their Agile transformation. Organizations that successfully implement NEW! 5-Hour Sunday Session: Accelerating Scrum deliver solutions to their customers faster and with Innovation with Effective Software Delivery higher quality. ScrumMasters play a key role in successful Oceanic 8 – Dolphin Hotel – Lobby Level Scrum implementations, acting as the advocate for Agile teams by removing barriers and reinforcing Agile values. Sunday, June 3 12:30pm – 5:30pm This session will combine discussion, hands-on exercises, Learn about IBM’s strategic application lifecycle management and lecture to introduce the concepts of Agile development offerings built upon the IBM® Rational® Jazz® platform. Using leadership. Participants who successfully complete scenarios that reflect real-world software delivery issues the training and the online exam will become Certified that many organizations face, this session explains how ScrumMasters. A separate registration fee is required for this IBM Rational provides a solution that delivers end-to-end training. Innovate attendees receive a 40% discount for this integration and in-context collaboration across the lifecycle, course. Space is limited! processes, tooling, and roles. Whether attendees come from the development, quality management, or requirements NEW! Women’s Analyst Executive Panel: What’s management world, see how IBM Rational Jazz can unify an Next Now for Your Career in Technology? entire organization. Pelican 1 – Swan Hotel Tuesday, June 5 3:00pm – 4:00pm NEW! 7 New Technical Tracks (See all Technical Tracks beginning on page 31) This session is a panel built by women for women, but all are welcome to attend. Cloud Development and Deployment Hosted by: Connie Moore, Vice President, Business Mobile Application Development Technology & Futures Forrester Research Packaged Applications Panelists: Cheryl Allison, Executive, Raytheon; Ellen Daley, Direct from the Jazz Developers Managing Director, Forrester Research; Gina Poole, Vice Rational Genius President IBM; Karla Wallace, Executive, General Motors; Agile Transformation Meg Selfe, Vice President, IBM WebSphere Developer Jam The Tech industry is under seismic change in business model and technology advances. Aligned with the theme NEW! WebSphere Developer Jam of the conference, the panel will focus on how to be a Oceanic 6 – Dolphin Hotel – Lobby Level visionary through this change. To ride the wave of the next Wednesday, June 6 10:00am – 5:15pm phase of tech industry growth, the panel will discuss how Learn about the latest trends, developer challenges and to take intelligent risks while being innovative to advance IBM’s exciting new WebSphere offerings that improve our your personal brand and career. Come hear how several developers’ productivity PLUS participate in a live coding women executives have navigated and advanced their session! Just bring your laptop and we will supply all the careers in technology during periods of tremendous change 6
  • 9. Conference Highlightsin the industry. This interactive session will provide you with Each exam offered relates to a specific certification pathtips, best practices, and lessons learned from the experts where each path consists of a series of examinationson how to develop and grow your personal brand within specifically designed to validate one’s technical proficiency.your company and external network. Be sure to attend this It is strongly recommended that potential test takers prepareimportant career development session, which has previously for their exams prior to the conference. To prepare, and tohad standing-room only at other conferences. understand the requirements in terms of the certification description, test objectives, recommended educationalBack by Popular Demand! resources and estimated time required to take the test, referBirds-of-a-Feather Sessions to the IBM Rational Professional Certification Program on the IBM website:, June 4 12:45pm – 1:30pm rl_index.shtml.Join fellow attendees, partners and IBMers to discuss hottopics in Systems and Software Delivery. See page 156 for IBM Software Technical Sales Mastery Testingthe Birds-of-a-Feather sessions. This year IBM Business Partners will be able to validate their skills on IBM Rational solutions and products by being ableInnovate Labs and Integration Center to take IBM Software Technical Sales Mastery testsIBM Solution Center in the Exhibit Hall within the Certification Lab. They will be eligible to take two(see page 170 for Exhibit Hall hours) (2) free tests as an attendee. For details on the availableVisit Innovate Labs to see future capabilities that could be in tests, descriptions, test objectives and recommendedour products, as well as demos from IBM Research. Visit the education, refer to the website: Center to see how your tools, our tools, their tools certify/mastery_tests/index_bd_sw.shtml#18.can be connected. Certification Exam RegistrationIBM Certification Testing There is no pre-registration. Exams will be provided on anEurope 1 – Dolphin Hotel – Lobby Level availability basis during the published conference testing hours. Exams are closed-book and computer-based,Sunday, June 3 1:00pm – 3:00pm containing multiple-choice questions. They are delivered inMonday, June 4 11:00am – 6:00pm a proctored environment via Prime, a password protected,Tuesday, June 5 10:30am – 6:00pm web-based tool. To reduce the wait time, follow theWednesday, June 6 10:00am – 5:00pm directions on the Innovate website on Certification and create your Prometric Username and Password before coming toThursday, June 7 8:00am – 12:00pm the Certification Lab. Validate your knowledge and Join the ranks of technical professionals who expand technical expertise by certifying and promote their skills by taking advantage of this great your skills with on-site IBM opportunity to become part of the IBM Certified Community! Professional Certification exams!Attendees of the IBM Innovate are entitled to take two Earn Professional Development Units (PDUs)(2) FREE IBM Rational Certification exams while onsite Keep your PMP certification up-to-date by earning PDUs byat the conference. Additional exams may be taken at the attending your choice of 430 technical sessions in 26 tracks.significantly reduced price of USD $100. Certification exams You will be eligible to earn up to 26 PDUs! Find the “IBMfrom Cloud Computing, Cognos, IBM Enterprise Content PDU Certificate of Attendance” form in your conference bagManagement, Information Management, Lotus, SOA, Tivoli, for instructions on recording your total number of PDUs.WebSphere, and XML are also being offered at a 50% IBM session monitors will be available to sign your form atdiscount. In addition, at this year’s conference, we are able the end of each session that you attend. Tally the numberto offer IBM STG certification exams at a special event rate of of PDUs that you earn on your certificate of attendanceUSD $95 per exam. These special exam prices offer Innovate form and record the total number against one activity ID atattendees a significant discount over external testing center Exams are payable through an online test tool withany major credit card. A complete listing of all IBM Rationalcertification exams will be available at the Certification Lab. 7
  • 10. Conference Highlights Technical Workshops Virtual Concierge – Connect with IBM Innovate Technical workshops are back by popular demand. Seating Have questions before, during, or after the conference? is limited and pre-registration is required, so if you have not Just follow us on Twitter (@ibminnovate) and tweet yet signed up for any of the workshops but would still like using #ibminnovate. Like us on Facebook ( to attend. Pricing for workshops is as follows: $100 for the ibminnovate) to get exclusive updates and see all the pictures first workshop; $75 for the second, and $50 for the third and videos from the conference. and any additional. See pages 147–150 for the workshop schedule and descriptions. Client Connections Lounge Europe 2 – Dolphin Hotel – Lobby Level Open Lab Workshops Monday, June 4 9:30am – 5:00pm Europe 4 – Dolphin Hotel – Lobby Level Hospitality Reception 4:00pm – 5:00pm Monday, June 4 1:45pm – 6:00pm *Honoring our Rational Champions Tuesday, June 5 10:30am – 12:00pm Tuesday, June 5 10:00am – 5:00pm 1:45pm – 6:00pm Hospitality Reception 4:00pm – 5:00pm Wednesday, June 6 10:00am – 12:00pm Wednesday, June 6 9:30am – 5:00pm 1:45pm – 6:00pm Hospitality Reception 4:00pm – 5:00pm The Open Lab workshops provide an opportunity for hands- Open to all Rational client and Business Partner references, on experience using IBM Rational solutions, tools, and as well as our Global Rational User Community (RUC) and processes. The participant will be able to see the Rational 2012 IBM Champions. This lounge is a welcome retreat solutions come to life by experiencing a complete usage during your busy days at Innovate 2012. Stop by and scenario of the IBM Rational Solution with simulated, but network with other clients and RUC members. Take a break real-world data and assets, to accelerate their Rational and enjoy a snack, book a client reference meeting, check solution and tool-usage expertise. The open lab workshop your email, or just put your feet up and relax. scenarios complement the learning from the speaker sessions by offering a list of scenarios for the participant to Not already a client reference or RUC member? No problem! select and work through at their own pace. Let us register you on site then usher you inside. Be one of the first 25 new references or members per day and then see VoiCE what’s in store at the IBM Innovate Store! (Check-in with us IBM Rational Voice of the Client (VoiCE) is an exclusive for details!) Don’t miss the hospitality hour each afternoon one-day invitation-only event offering the opportunity to (M-W) from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. Join us in the lounge to help interact with Executives, Product Management leaders, us kick-off the best Innovate conference yet! and other clients from across the Rational community. This We can’t wait to see you there. event features product solution sessions, which facilitate candid discussions amongst clients who have vast product Consulting Café knowledge and a desire to influence the Rational products, Europe 5 – Dolphin Hotel – Lobby Level services, strategy, and business decisions. The sessions provide you with the following benefits: Monday, June 4 10:00am – 5:00pm Tuesday, June 5 10:00am – 5:00pm Significant input into steering product direction Wednesday, June 6 10:00am – 5:00pm Access to key decision makers within IBM Rational Do you have a question Influence over product capabilities, enhancements about implementing and support Rational’s latest Jazz Insight into IBM Rational development plans technology? Are you trying to figure out the most efficient way to migrate from CC/CQ to RTC? Do you need some Collaboration with industry peers to learn and share more caffeine to get you through the day? If you answered best practices yes to any of these questions, please stop by and see us at All VoiCE participants must have a confidential agreement the Rational Consulting Café—we are here to help. in place. If you are interested in learning more about Getting the most out of your Rational investment is what it’s VoiCE or other Rational Client Programs please email all about. The Rational Services team works with our most or stop by the VoiCE registration successful customers to leverage their Rational products desk for additional information. into real business results. Our mission is to make you 8
  • 11. Conference Highlightssuccessful. Whether you have new business problems to Red Carpet Lounge Exclusively forsolve or questions on existing investments, join us for coffee Accelerated Value Program Clientsat the Consulting Café where the Rational Services team Asia 5 – Dolphin Hotel – Lobby Levelcan help answer your questions on how to use the Rational Red Carpet Lounge Welcome ReceptionTechnologies more effectively. Bring your questions and take Sunday, June 3 5:00pm – 6:00pmthat well deserved, highly productive coffee break! Red Carpet LoungeSupport Café Monday, June 4 9:30am – 5:00pmEurope 3 – Dolphin Hotel – Lobby Level Tuesday, June 5 10:00am – 5:00pmMonday, June 4 – Wednesday, June 6 Wednesday, June 6 9:30am – 5:00pm9:45am – 1:00pm and 3:00pm – 5:00pm Thursday, June 7 8:00am – 11:00amHave questions? Want to share your feedback with our The Rational Accelerated Value Program Team is proudTechnical Support management and executives? Need to to continue the tradition of hosting an “invitation only”learn how to best interact with your IBM Support teams and experience for our Accelerated Value Program (AVP) clientsexpedite your issues and concerns? Looking to discover at Innovate 2012: the AVP Red Carpet Lounge.the latest IBM improvements to our support website andknowledge-base? Well, look no further! Come talk to IBM Here AVP clients have access to exclusive presentations andRational Client Support in the Support Café! Drop by and technical discussions driven by client interest and deliveredenjoy some refreshments and discuss your support needs by experts and executives from Rational’s Development andwhen YOUR schedule permits. We are here to assist you Client Support teams. The AVP Red Carpet Lounge (RCL)Stop by and visit us! ribbon is also your ticket to join us for refreshments, forge a new connection, enjoy a moment of respite, or a chance toSystem z Solutions Suite catch up on work. Need help with an Innovate related issue?Northern Hemisphere D – Buildout Rooms 2 & 3 – The AVP Team will be on hand to assist. The AVP RCL isDolphin Hotel – Ballroom Level your exclusive one stop shop for expertise, comfort andMonday, June 4 9:30am – 3:00pm convenience during Innovate!Tuesday, June 5 10:00am – 4:45pm Executive Briefing CenterHospitality Reception 4:00pm – 5:00pm Sunday, June 3 10:00am – 5:30pmWednesday, June 6 9:30am – 4:45pm Monday, June 4 10:00am – 5:30pmHospitality Reception 4:00pm – 5:00pm Tuesday, June 5 10:00am – 5:30pmThursday, June 7 8:00am – 11:45am Wednesday, June 6 10:00am – 5:30pmThe System z Solutions Suite is your place to see thelatest solutions and technologies in a relaxed, one-on-one The Executive Briefing Center offers a unique opportunity toenvironment. Choose from a variety of solution-focused, meet with IBM executives. This enables you to gain greateron-demand briefings and demos presented by our technical insight from the leaders of IBM regarding Rational solutionsexperts, who will also be available for private consultations. and strategy. The Executive Briefing Center check-in area is located in the Swan Hotel, 1st floor, across from the LarkThese in-depth sessions will help you: 1 & 2 rooms. If you have one-on-one meetings scheduled, Understand how to address typical real world problems please arrive five minutes early to check in. If you are not encountered on a daily basis by system z application scheduled for a one-on-one meeting, go to the Executive developers Briefing Center check-in desk to request a meeting, subject to availability. Use modern tools to monitor, manage, debug and analyze applications in a real-world enterprise Discover, identify and categorize key assets and business logic functionality, and revitalize your applications Empower your employees to do more, and make their work easier in the process Realize quicker time-to-market and time-to-revenue Get more out of your infrastructure 9
  • 12. Conference Highlights Exhibit Hall Receptions Super Women’s Group Reception Atlantic Hall – Walt Disney World Dolphin – Asia 5 – Dolphin Hotel – Lobby Level Ground Level Tuesday, June 5 7:00pm – 9:00pm During our evening sponsor receptions, discover the Event co-hosted by: solutions and technologies available from IBM Rational Wendy Toh, Vice President, Rational Worldwide Client partners in the comprehensive 2012 Exhibit Hall and IBM Support; Dibbe Edwards, Vice President, Rational Solution Center. Sponsors and partners will be exhibiting Development; and Beth Friday, Vice President, Rational their latest software solutions. software Services Sunday, June 3 6:00pm – 8:30pm Appetizers and Refreshments will be served. Do not miss Sponsored by: out on this opportunity to network with other women in the Software Industry. Monday, June 4 5:00pm – 8:00pm Innovate Tuesday, June 5 5:00pm – 7:30pm NEW! Systems Engineering Networking Evening Augmented Reality Game with IBM Rational and INCOSE In a crowd as big as the IBM Rational user community at Osprey Ballroom – Swan Hotel Innovate, it can be hard to get next to your favorite guest star Monday, June 4 8:00pm – 10:00pm or celebri-geek. IBM Rational invites you to “A Night with INCOSE” our Not any more, thanks to IBM Rational’s Next2NOW exclusive systems engineering event where you can play with augmented reality technology! Find out how to geolocate our latest technology, meet INCOSE President John Thomas, our Next2NOW Zones, where you can get Next2 Innovate and mingle with Industry experts and systems engineering faves and raves. leaders. Hosted by the IBM INCOSE and Product and Service Framework teams, this complementary event provides networking opportunities and systems engineering discussions, plus cocktails and appetizers! ROCK ’N RIDE AT SeaWorld! ® IBM Storage Featuring Co-Hosted by Foreigner Expect More from Your Storage Attendees and guests are invited to experience close-up animal encounters, thrilling attractions, and lavish performances at this special event! Dinner and entertainment are included. Buses depart at 7:00pm from the Convention entrance. Sponsored by: See inside back cover for more details.10
  • 13. Conference HighlightsMeet the Authors and Book Signing! Introducing IBM Champions!Innovate Bookstore – Convention Foyer – Dolphin Hotel For a second year, Rational software selected awardees– Lobby Level for the IBM Champion program. These champions areBook Store Hours non-IBMers who influence and mentor others to help drive the best use of IBM software, solutions, and services.Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm IBM Champions are IT professionals, business leaders,Monday 9:30am – 5:00pm developers, or educators who go above and beyond to:Tuesday 9:30am – 5:00pm 1) share their knowledge and expertise, 2) evangelize IBMWednesday 9:30am – 5:00pm solutions and 3) grow the community of people focused on IBM solutions.Thursday 9:00am – 12:00pm Become an IBM ChampionBook Signings at Innovate 2012 IBM Champion online nominations for Rational openConference Bookstore in January. An IBM panel evaluates each nominee’s Monday, June 4 contributions over the past 12 months, considering 5:30pm – 6:00pm factors such as community impact, expertise, and the quality, quantity, and scope of their contributions. Existing Leading Lean Software Development Champions are eligible to renew their status if they have Mary Poppendieck made significant contributions to the community over the previous 12 months. We will announce the next set of champions in March 2013. Tuesday, June 5 Why be an IBM Champion? 12:15pm – 1:15pm In addition to being rewarded with IBM Champion merchandise, champions are highlighted and recognized Work Item Management with IBM with online and at live events. They receive invitations and IBM Rational ClearQuest and Jazz discounts to IBM conferences and are granted access to David Bellagio key IBM business executives and technical leaders to share their opinions, learn about strategic plans, and ask questions. In addition, they may be offered various speaking Tuesday, June 5 opportunities that enable them to raise their visibility and 12:15pm – 1:15pm sphere of influence. A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum Get to Know the Champions! Elizabeth Woodward As you engage with conference attendees this week, please notice those with a blue “IBM Champion” ribbon affixed to their conference badge. These are the “go-to” folks for IBM Rational software and solutions and will be able to help you navigate the conference schedule, get involved in Wednesday, June 6 the community, and connect with the right influencers or 12:15pm – 1:15pm technical leaders. Physics of the Future Learn more about the IBM Champion program and how Michio Kaku you can nominate yourself or someone else. ibmchampion Congratulations to Our Champions! Wednesday, June 6 12:45pm – 1:15pm Disciplined Agile Delivery Scott Ambler, Mark Lines 11
  • 14. 3 Steps to AgileHear AgileV T TSee Agile Rational Team ConcertV ’ T ® Top Industry Rated T ® Agile Planning and Development Team Collaboration Work Item ManagementBe Agile Source Code Management W ® T W T
  • 15. What’s Happening in the Exhibit HallExhibit Hall Hours A Walk in the Clouds(See Exhibitor/Sponsor/Maps on page 170) Take A Walk in the Clouds, and experience what the cloud can do for you.Sunday, June 3 6:00pm – 8:30pm Booth #138(Reception) You’ve heard the buzz about cloud computing, now visit withMonday, June 4 5:00pm – 8:00pm IBM SmartCloud experts to discuss how Cloud can enable(Reception) you and your business to deliver dynamic services at lowerTuesday, June 5 11:00am – 2:00pm cost and with less risk. Stop by, explore the vast range of 5:00 pm – 7:30pm IBM and Rational cloud solutions, test drive some of theWednesday, June 6 11:00am – 2:00pm solutions, and ask your questions. You will leave with your “Head in the Clouds.”Innovate LabsThe Innovate Labs will include demonstrations and NEW! FIRST Robotics at Innovatepresentations that showcase forward-looking work from Monday, June 4 5:00pm – 8:00pmRational Development and IBM Research. Meet FIRST Robotics competition teams, 1902—ExplodingCome visit to see future capabilities that could be in our Bacon and 1649—Team EMS, and their robots onsite duringproducts soon. Innovate! Experience the innovation that FIRST has to offer our next generation of engineers. Smarter Lifecycle for the Cloud Policy Tester Agile Transformation Zone Booth #132 Business Analytics for Managing Development Commitments Interested in Agile but don’t know where to start? Trying to scale Agile practices in a larger enterprise and hitting Weaver—Advanced Dev/Test Platform for Integrated roadblocks? Stop by the IBM Agile Transformation Zone Infrastructure Development in the Exhibit Hall to learn about proven strategies to DOORS.Next successfully adopt Agile practices and scale them as you grow. Get real-time advice from Agile coaches, and find out Advances in Mobile App Testing how IBM can help you identify your Agile bottlenecks to Systems Optimization Workbench generate measurable results and greater business agility. Portfolio Strategy & Management Offering Sponsored by:Integration Center connectED LoungeLet’s hook up—your tools, our tools, their tools! Stay connectED at Innovate! Follow #ibminnovate to find out what’s happening before, during, and after the conference.Do you have business problems that cross the lifecycle Have questions? Just ask us on Twitter (@ibminnovate) orin a varied and complex tool environment? This real-time Facebook ( Don’t forget to stop by theinteroperability showcase allows you to experience live connectED Lounge in the Exhibit Hall to recharge, hang out,scenarios between a huge variety of tools, from Rational’s connect with experts like IBM Champions, and get someown offerings to other IBM brand software to third-party tools cool giveaways. It’s your one-stop for everything social open source. Highlighting the power of Open Services forLifecycle Collaboration (OSLC), you’ll see a range of currently NEW! Developer Cafeavailable and early prototype integrations being developed by Buildout Room 1IBM, business partners, and the community at large, linking Being able to meet with developers and technical leads fromdata and artifacts from one phase of software and systems Rational has been cited by Innovate attendees as one of thedevelopment to delivery to support. most valuable benefits to be gained at the conference. To embrace that sentiment, we are introducing a new event at Innovate 2012: The Developer Cafe. Located in the Exhibit Hall, the cafe is where conference attendees can meet with Rational technical personnel who will share their tools, tips, tricks, and techniques for building innovative software. Don’t miss the chance to get up close and personal with the people who wrote the book on developing great software. 13
  • 16. What’s Happening in the Exhibit Hall Enterprise Modernization and SOA User Experience Zone Come play in the IBM SOA and Enterprise Buildout Room 2 Modernization Sandboxes for System z and Open during Exhibit Hall hours and other times Power Systems. by appointment. Learn how you can leverage IBM’s cloud-based product The User Experience encompasses all aspects of a trial environments: the IBM SOA Sandbox and Enterprise person’s experience with a software solution. To attain a Modernization Sandboxes. The SOA Sandbox lets you high level of consumability and ease of use requires the increase your skills and get familiar with IBM SOA and BPM active participation of the end user in the design of the User middleware through practical, hands-on, online trials. The Experience. That’s where YOU come in! Make a difference in Enterprise Modernization Sandbox focuses on application Rational software. Stop by the User Experience Zone to meet design and development for CICS, IMS, Green Screen, with UI designers, test engineers, and technical leads to let COBOL, AIX, IBM i and EGL applications for System z and us know what is important to you. Don’t miss the chance to Power Systems environments. Come attend this open lab in have your say in the design of Rational software. the Solution Exhibit Hall and get your questions answered by our SOA, BPM, and Enterprise Modernization for System z Planned Sessions and Power Systems experts while you play! Hands on evaluations: A Linked Data Approach to Engineering Lifecycle NEW! Innovate Race Car Challenge Management Buildout Room 3 Systems Requirements and Design Models Integration Monday, June 4 via OSLC hands on evaluation Students 10:00am – 2:00pm Jazz and Collaborative Lifecycle Management Setup, Customers 2:00pm – 6:00pm Landing and Navigation The Innovate Race Car Challenge, by IBM and RP5, an IBM Change and Configuration Management Business Partner, will pit “Generation Now” vs. “Generation Rational Quality Manager Next” as students battle customers in a race to the finish line. Using the Agile process and Rational Team Concert, Rational Reporting Solutions: RRDI, Insight, RPE contestants will work through three agile sprints, racing their cars after each round. Only one car will reign victorious and Rational Enterprise Modernization: Developing with claim bragging rights for their Generation! Will the energy of Rational IDEs the students win out over the experience of the customers? Rational Enterprise Modernization: Out-of-box We don’t know who will win...but we do know it will be fun! raining feature! Pre-registration is required. System Verification Test (SVT) scenario exploration: Sponsored by: Quality Manager: New project timelines, team areas and permissions for test planning and execution Virtual—and Virtualized—Continuous Integration Testing WATSON Returns to Innovate! for WebSphere WATSON made his Innovate debut in 2011 and he’s back Middleware with Green Hat Virtual Integration Environment in 2012. Smarter Computing recently became a reality for most of the world as IBM’s WATSON took on the Departmental Development Scenario (DDS) Jeopardy! Challenge and handily defeated the two foremost Enterprise Development Scenario (EDS) contenders. Come try your Jeopardy! skill against WATSON Managing requirements with MS Office and Rational in our Solution Center. Requirement Composer System Verification Test use of machine provisioning, product install, setup and config for testing Application Project Management with Focal Point/APM Accelerator workflow Enterprise deployment of Rational Publishing Engine Rational Reporting Solutions: Insight, RRDI, RPE14
  • 17. General Conference InformationRegistration and Information Center Hours IBM Goes Wireless!Innovate 2012 Stay wired without wires in our designated HOT ZONESRegistration/Information Center throughout the Conference. Bring your laptop or PDA to theSaturday, June 2 2:00pm – 7:00pm HOT ZONE areas located in the Lobby, Northern Hemisphere BCD, Northern and Southern Foyers of the Dolphin HotelSunday, June 3 7:00am – 8:00pm and the Swan Hotel Lobby during show hours, and enjoyMonday, June 4 7:00am – 7:00pm fast and free wireless Internet access. Relax with your fellow attendees while keeping connected to email, news, or theTuesday, June 5 7:00am – 7:00pm Innovate 2012 conference website for the most currentWednesday, June 6 7:00am – 6:30pm session information. Simply point your wireless card to the “INNOVATE” SSID!Thursday, June 7 7:00am – 1:00pm The Innovate SmartSite and Conference KiosksIBM Innovate Store The Innovate SmartSite ( andVisit the IBM Innovate Store, conveniently located in the Conference Kiosks allow attendees to access eventDolphin Convention Foyer. Here you will find an incredible information, including:selection of Rational software and IBM merchandise. Makeplans to stop by and check it out for yourself: Session schedule and detailsSunday 10:00am – 5:00pm Personal agenda & schedulerMonday 9:30am – 5:00pm Event news & highlightsTuesday 9:30am – 5:00pm Conference proceedingsWednesday 9:30am – 5:00pm Session & Conference evaluationsThursday 9:00am – 12:00pm Networking and more! The SmartSite MOBILE application also provides aMeals (Full conference badge needed) consistent attendee experience to the Web portal and on-siteContinental Breakfast event kiosks. It is designed for HTML5 smart phone browsersNorthern Hemisphere Ballroom – Dolphin Hotel – such as Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry Storm2.Ballroom Level First time SmartSite users: Create a user account and newMonday – Tuesday 7:30am – 8:00am password by providing your Innovate 2012 badge number and last name. After completing your online registration, visitWednesday 7:30am – 8:30am anytime through a browser and enterThursday 7:30am – 8:30am your email address and the password you selected to log in. Your personal agenda can also be accessed and modifiedLunch through a web browser while on site at the conference. If youNorthern Hemisphere Ballroom – Dolphin Hotel – need help or encounter any problems, please inquire at theBallroom Level Innovate Information Desk or contact SmartSite support atMonday 12:00pm – 2:00pm Hemisphere – Pacific Hall – Dolphin Hotel – Conference ProceedingsGround Level Innovate 2012 session presentation PDFs will be availableMonday 12:30pm – 2:00pm for download to full conference attendees on the Innovate SmartSite, the password-protected attendee portal, throughTuesday – Wednesday 12:00pm – 2:00pm August 2012. Use your registration confirmation number to access SmartSite. 15
  • 18. General Conference Information Audio Media/IntelliQuest Media Going Green! Information Desk IBM Rational is teaming together with the Walt Disney World Conference Recordings – Swan and Dolphin Resort to implement a variety of “Green” Available for Purchase initiatives during Innovate 2012. During your stay and Monday, June 4 7:00am – 6:00pm throughout the conference, you will notice we have taken many steps to reduce paper and utilize recycled materials as Tuesday, June 5 7:00am – 6:00pm well as conserve water, reduce waste and encourage energy Wednesday, June 6 7:00am – 6:00pm efficiency. Some of the changes we’ve made to promote Thursday, June 7 7:00am – 12:00pm these “Green” efforts include: MP3 copies of the audio recorded conference sessions Paper Reduction—Online Schedule Building: In (along with Presentations in PDF format) will be available via an effort to reduce paper, we encourage all conference the Intelliquest Online Library to full conference attendees. attendees to utilize the online session schedule builder Library subscribers will receive the URL and a username available at the conference kiosks to preview sessions and password allowing continuous download for the life to determine which sessions are of interest. Printers of the online library. Library content may be “streamed” for are available for printing personalized schedules (and immediate access, or downloaded to your computer for later recycled paper is utilized), but we encourage attendees access or transfer to your mobile device. The Online Library make notes in their copy of the conference guide or will remain live for 12 months post conference. The fee for personal notebooks to reduce paper waste. this all access subscription is $159.00 now and $199.00 Post-Conference url for Technical Session post conference. Conference recordings are also available on Presentations: An additional effort to reduce the amount DVD-ROM for $199.00 now and $259.00 post conference of paper utilized at the conference is creating a post- (price includes domestic shipping and handling). Follow the conference url versus printing handouts of conference Innovate Replay icon on SmartSite, or visit the IntelliQuest presentations. Media Information desk located in the convention foyer opposite Registration for more information. WELCOME TO A FASTER FUTURE + MAKE AUTOMATION WITH RATIONAL FUNCTIONAL TESTER MORE EFFICIENT. + DELIVER PROJECTS TO THE BUSINESS FASTER. + IMPROVE TEST COVERAGE. For more information go to and visit us at Pedestal F in the Ready for Rational Pavilion.16
  • 19. General Conference Information Recycling Bins: Paper/Can/Plastic Recycling bins Special Assistance will be located on all three levels of the Dolphin Hotel It is important to us that you enjoy the Innovate 2012 and throughout the conference meeting space at the Conference. Please stop by the Registration/Information Swan Hotel. Center if you have any questions or special needs to be addressed onsite and we will be happy to The number of printed signs has been reduced. accommodate you. Plasma screens have replaced the printing of numerous conference signs, reducing much of the non-recyclable Badges materials. Attendees and participants are required to wear conference You will find any session, speaker or conference changes/ badges at all times during conference functions. Badges updates, plus daily conference highlights on the kiosks are not transferable. Badges will be distributed onsite during and on the public plasma screens. conference registration. You will be required to pay your registration fee to replace a lost badge. The conference evaluations will no longer be printed, but will be available online at the conference kiosks. No-Smoking Policy Complete your session surveys online each day at a The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin is a smoke free conference kiosk or on your Innovate 2012 Portal and resort*. The Hotel kindly requests that you refrain from each day that you complete all of that day’s session smoking in your room, or on your balcony, as *designated surveys, your name will be entered to win the daily iPod smoking areas are located throughout the resort. For your touch! On Wednesday be sure to complete your full convenience, designated smoking areas are located at: conference evaluation to receive your free conference Dolphin 1st Floor East – located just off the elevators behind t-shirt! the back entrance of Todd English’s BlueZoo Restaurant; Dolphin 1st Floor West—located just off the elevators acrossOut and About In Orlando! from Picabu; this area is also available for our guests usingLong known as a destination for family fun and the place to the Central elevators and Dolphin Front Entrance—locatedshake hands with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Orlando directly to the left while exiting the building, where theis also home to fabulous golf courses, great shopping, water benches are located. If you have any questions regardingparks, 5-star restaurants, spas and great site-seeing. the hotel’s non-smoking policy, please contact Guest Services at extension 66.If you’re planning to stay on at the Walt Disney World Swanand Dolphin after the conference to enjoy any of the Walt Mobile Phones and PagersDisney theme parks, you will be able to take advantage of In response to comments on past conference surveys andcomplimentary transportation throughout Walt Disney World® as a courtesy to other attendees and speakers presenting atResort and the “Extra Magic Hour” benefit—each day one Innovate 2012, we do ask that you please turn off (or moveof the four Disney Theme Parks opens an hour early or stays to vibrate mode) all cellular phones. In addition, all cellularopen up to an extra three hours after regular closing to enjoy phones must be answered outside of the meeting attractions, for those staying on a Disney property. Please keep your fellow attendees and speakers in mind.(Valid Theme Park ticket and Resort ID required.) In addition,you can reserve advance tee times at four championship Lost and FoundWalt Disney World Resort golf courses and receive priority Located at the Conference Registration and Informationseating at selected Walt Disney World Resort restaurants. Desk. At the end of the conference anything unclaimed will be brought to the Walt Disney World Dolphin HotelDisney Ticket Desk security office.Sunday, June 3 – Saturday, June 97:30am – 5:30pmThe Disney Ticket and Information desks are convenientlylocated in the guest services area on the Lobby Level at boththe Swan and Dolphin Hotels. 17
  • 20. 2012 Business Partner and Global Rational User Group Activities Innovate 2012 – Business Partner Summit Rational 2012 Competitive Landscape: Walt Disney World Swan A Look at the Major Players Sunday, June 3 9:00am – 4:00pm Swan 10 In this session we will examine our positioning against key The Rational Business Partner Summit at Innovate 2012 is competitors as well as Open Source and low-cost providers, the day dedicated to you, all of our IBM Rational Business understand how IBM differentiates from these competitors Partners. Whether you are an ISV, a Reseller, or a Value and also how we can integrate their presence into our Added Distributor, the Innovate 2012 Business Partner environments as a surround play. For key competitors, we Summit will be packed with all you need to know about IBM will discuss strategies across the stack and priority offerings, 2012 solutions, the 2012 Rational strategy, IBM Business value proposition and seller behavior. Partner programs, and the IT and complex & embedded systems topics that are shaping the Rational global Innovate 2012 Business Partner Summit marketplace. General Session The Business Partner Summit keynote and breakout Lunch will be served (located in Swan 5 & 6) sessions will help you understand how to best position, Be sure to have your IBM Innovate Business market and sell solutions based on IBM Rational Software. Partner badge. Through an information-packed series of sessions, practical Sunday, June 3 11:30am – 1:30pm content will be delivered on marketing programs and best practices, selling strategies and techniques, tools and tips Join us at the Innovate 2012 Business Partner Summit to for facing off against the competition, and how to leverage discover what’s next in Rational technology and future trends growth engines. from some of the brand executives: Jeff Kristjansen Morning Sessions Gina Poole Light breakfast refreshments available at 8:30am Kristof Kloeckner Sunday, June 3 9:00am – 11:00am Mark Register Rob Lamb Technical Sales Mastery (TSM) Pre-Exam Reviews Swan 7-9 Afternoon Sessions During your week at Innovate in Orlando, you will have the Sunday, June 3 1:45pm – 2:45pm opportunity to take one of the three new Technical Sales Mastery (TSM) Exams covering Enterprise Modernization, Increasing Client Value Through the Rational Systems Collaborative Lifecycle Management, and Systems and EcoSystem (located in Swan 7) Software Engineering. As part of the Business Partner The Relevance of Continuous Integration and Mobile to Summit on Sunday, we are offering two-hour “final reviews” Enterprise Development (located in Swan 8) for each of the exams. IT Domain Strategy and Business Opportunities for These sessions will not teach you everything you need Partners (located in Swan 9) to know to successfully pass the exam. You still need to complete the virtual learning associated with each exam. The Make Your Marketing Deliver! Leverage IBM Marketing to “final review” is designed to give you a high-level overview of Build a Stronger Pipeline (located in Swan 10) the virtual learning materials as well as a discussion of what Break 2:45pm – 3:00pm to expect on the test. You will also have the opportunity to Light afternoon refreshments ask any questions related to the learning materials. Sunday, June 3 3:00pm – 4:00pm IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management for IT — Technical Mastery Exam — Pre-Exam Review Game Changing Advances in Quality Management: (located in Swan 7) Market Insights and Partner Opportunities (located in Swan 7) IBM Rational Systems and Software Engineering — Technical Sales Mastery Exam — Pre-Exam Review Ready for IBM Rational and Rational ISV Open House (located in Swan 8) (located in Swan 8) IBM Rational Enterprise Modernization with System z The IBM Mobile Enterprise and Rational’s Mobile Strategy — Technical Sales Mastery Exam — Pre-Exam Review (located in Swan 9) (located in Swan 9) The Quick & Easy Way to Find New Customers18 (located in Swan 10)
  • 21. Please join us for THE best IBM Business Partner reception 2012 Business Partner and Global Rational User Group ActivitiesInnovate 2012 Business Partner CaféAtlantic Hall A – Dolphin Hotel ever! Don’t come late. Be sure to have your IBM Innovate Business Partner badge.Sunday, June 3 6:00pm – 8:00pm Sponsored by:Monday, June 4 11:00am – 8:00pm Meeting Rooms 11:00am – 8:00pm Experts Onsite 3:00pm – 8:00pmTuesday, June 5 8:00am – 7:30pm 2012 IBM Rational Awards for Meeting Rooms 8:00am – 7:30pm IBM Business Partners Experts Onsite 11:00am – 2:00pm The IBM Rational team is pleased to present the 5th annual 5:00pm – 7:30pm IBM Rational Business Partner Awards at Innovate 2012. The Rational Business Partner awards recognize IBMWednesday, June 6 8:00am – 2:00pm Business Partners who have demonstrated excellence in Meeting Rooms 8:00am – 2:00pm delivering business value solutions to our clients based on Experts Onsite 11:00am – 2:00pm their integrations with IBM Rational software. The awardThe Rational BP Cafe’ is THE place to be to get informed categories are:and energized while at Innovate 2012. Come to the Power Innovation in IT DevelopmentBar to Connect, Collaborate, Energize. The BP Café is the Winner: Ascendant Technologyplace to plan your Next marketing and sales activities using Finalist: TestPro Pty Ltdtools and people available Now! Come to the Power Bar and Finalist: Qualiti Software Processestalk to experts about creating a compelling profile, drivingopportunities around Agile, and new IBM Business Partner Innovation in Systems Developmentbenefits. Meet your customers, meet your reps, meet the Winner: INCHRON GmbHexperts, meet us. Grab a cup of coffee, a smoothie, or a Finalist: 321 Gangpower bar and get connected. Finalist: Willert Software Tools GmbHExpert table topics to include: Innovation in Enterprise Modernization Development Navigating and Understanding the Winner: ARCAD Software IBM PartnerWorld Program Finalist: PKS Software GmbH Finalist: Island Training Solutions Enhance Your Business with IBM Supporting Tools The IBM Rational awards are intended to honor outstanding IBM Business Partner Marketing & Co-Marketing Programs achievement among our IBM Business Partners, recognizing ISV and Developer Relations—Building a Smarter Planet leaders who have made noteworthy contributions to the with IBM Business Partners industry and our customers. Award winners will be recognized during the Business Partner Summit on Sunday, June 3 and Partnering with the Rational Agile Team will receive recognition throughout the conference. Develop new WebSphere applications and solutions fast and cost effectively! Innovate 2012 Best of Show New this year, the Innovate 2012 Best of Show awardSponsored by: TSL Marketing is specifically for sponsors of the Innovate Conference. plan develop manage Four semi-finalists were selected to demonstrate their solution at the Solution Center. After a final review by a set of IBM executives, Sunday, June 3, during the Exhibit HallBusiness Partner Reception Opening Reception, a winner will be determined. TheYou’ve spent most of the week collaborating, networking, winner and finalists for the Innovate 2012 Best of Showmeeting, and learning! Now it’s time to chill, relax, and will be announced on Monday, June 4, at the Openingunwind! Meet us on the Crescent Terrace at the Swan Hotel General Session.Tuesday evening, June 5, from 7:30pm – 8:30pm. The four finalists are:We’re offering great appetizers, wine, beer, fruit-infusedcocktails, and some great “scientific” subject matter experts! CloudOneThe only thing missing is You! Worksoft TestPro Pty Ltd BigLever Software 19
  • 22. Conference Maps and Hotel Floor Plans Walt Disney World Dolphin Lobby Level Stair Oceanic Australia 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 1 3 Asia Stair 1 2 CONFERENCE 2 KIOSKS Escalator TO LOBBY/WIRELESS HOT ZONE 3 Stair 4 SPEAKER CLIENT READY OPEN LABS CONNECTIONS Europe Europe REGISTRATION & INFORMATION 5 CENTER 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ACCELERATED VALUE PROGRAM SPEAKER CONSULTING SUPPORT IBM CERTIFICATION Stair 9 COACHING CAFÉ CAFÉ & TSM TESTING Escalator Escalator Stair 10 11 Walt Disney World Dolphin Ballroom Level I HOT ZONE WIRELESS A1 E1 4 Southern Hemisphere CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST A2 E2 II Southern Foyer 3 Terrace Northern Hemisphere A3 E3 B C D 2 III A4 E4 WIRELESS 1 HOT ZONE IV V Northern Foyer 2-3 = SYSTEM z SOLUTIONS SUITE WIRELESS CONFERENCE HOT ZONE KIOSKS Southern Foyer Americas Seminar Room20
  • 23. Conference Maps and Hotel Floor Plans Walt Disney World Dolphin Lower Level East Sidewalk GENERAL SESSION & LUNCHNorth Terrace BUSINESS PARTNER CAFÉ Pacific Hall Pacific Hall Pacific Hall Atlantic Hall Atlantic Hall A B C B C Atlantic Hall Escalator A EXHIBIT HALL, IBM SOLUTION CENTER, USER EXPERIENCE ZONE EXHIBIT HALL & AND DEVELOPER CAFE IBM SOLUTION CENTER SPECIAL EVENT CONFERENCE KIOSKS BUS STOP Escalator Escalator TO LOBBY/WIRELESS HOT ZONE Executive Briefing Center Registration/Check-in Desk rk La 2 1& k oc ac Pe &2 1 Walt Disney World Swan Hotel Swan Swan 1 7 Swan Pelican 1&2 Swan 5 Swan The Executive Summit, Toucan 2 8 1 Business Partner Toucan Development Day, Swan Swan 3 9 2 Technical Workshops, Swan 6 Executive Briefing Swan Swan Center, and Industry 4 10 Mockingbird 1&2 Roundtables are located CONFERENCE KIOSKS at The Swan Hotel. Parrot 1&2 Macaw 1&2 Osprey Osprey Ballroom 1&2 Osprey Terrace 1 Terrace 2 21
  • 24. It’s here! The NEW Global Rational User CommunityThe official Global Rational User Community (GRUC) is the largest online and offline organization of Rational professionals inthe world—home to over 100 local User Communities from 29 countries. The community offers fresh news and contentseveral times a day including featured blogs and forums for discussion and collaboration, access to the latest whitepapers,webinars, presentations and research uniquely for members, by members and the latest content from Rational.The re-launched site features more functionality, more social engagementcapabilities, and more opportunities for members to post content.New capabilities will also include: Enhanced group support and local User Group functionality such as research, forums, white papers, demos, and webinars on the issues that matter. Opportunities to share and comment on key content and the latest how-to and best practice information. Enhanced capabilities to help promote local groups to potential Group members. Greater collaboration and social business tools to connect with, and follow members who share similar interests.Start engaging NOW in the GRUC!Many ways to participate: Join GRUC conversations in one of our many active forums, or even start and moderate your own on a Rational related topic. Read the latest blogs and post your feedback. Identify other members with similar interests, become friends, and begin conversations. Join live webinars in the community throughout the year. Share your favorite content with your networks using our easy social sharing tools. Come back regularly for the latest how-to and best practice information around your areas of interest. Lead a new group or join one of over 100+ local User Groups. Become a featured blogger or moderator. Email Chris Lasonde at for more information. Visit us at the GRUC pedestal to join on the spot, or visit
  • 25. Keynote PresentationsKeynote Presentations
  • 26. Keynote Presentations
  • 27. Keynote Speakers and PresentationsConference Sarah BackhouseHosts TV host, producer, Gina Poole cleantech innovator, Vice President, Marketing, Founder of IBM Rational Robert LeBlanc Kristof Kloeckner Harish Grama Amir Gomroki Brian Wells Senior Vice President, General Manager, Vice President, Vice President, R&D Vice President, Middleware Software IBM Rational Product Development, Operations IP and Corporate Engineering, IBM Rational Broadband, Ericsson RaytheonMonday, June 4 Next NOW! Smarter Software and Product Delivery8:00am – 9:30am With Gina Poole, Robert LeBlanc, Kristof Kloeckner, Harish Grama, Amir Gomroki,Pacific Hall and Brian WellsWalt Disney World Dolphin Hotel Innovate 2012 is where you can discover what’s NEXT in software and product development technology, methodologies, and industry trends from IBM as well as from client thought leaders and practitioners. You’ll also learn how IBM and our partners are going to help you get there NOW. IBM will share the stage with clients, business partners, and your peers—all of whom will show how software and systems innovation creates new business opportunities. You’ll see how improved development and delivery methods help you achieve desired business outcomes, execute with reduced risk and cost, and accelerate the pace of software delivery and product development. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the consumerization of IT, and the growth of cloud computing, NOW is the time for enterprises to integrate every aspect of the software and product life cycles. 25
  • 28. Keynote Speakers and Presentations Domain Sessions Focus on the domains that mean the most to you with 9:45am – 10:30am dedicated sessions on Systems and IT/EM. Monday, June 4 9:45am – 10:30am Southern I, II, III Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel Meg Selfe Sky Matthews Dominic Tavassoli Vice President, Complex CTO Complex & Director, Complex & & Embedded Systems, Embedded Systems, Embedded Systems IBM Rational IBM Rational Marketing, IBM Rational What’s NOW in Complex & Embedded Systems Hear how Systems Engineering is becoming a critical enabler to delivering the smart products customers demand today. Join this keynote to learn more about the strategic road map for IBM Rational Systems solutions and practices, including DOORS and the increasingly critical role requirements management plays in end-to-end product development and software delivery. See examples of how your peers are using Rational technology to successfully position themselves now for whatever comes next. Monday, June 4 9:45am – 10:30am Pacific Hall Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel Kevin Stoodley John Wiegand Leigh Williamson IBM Fellow, IBM IBM Rational Chief Distinguished Engineer, Rational Architect, IBM IBM Rational Rational What’s NOW in IT and Enterprise Modernization As much as the executives like to believe they’re in charge, we all know it is the geeks and nerds among us who hold the power. Join three of IBM Rational’s top technical leaders as they modify the Innovate conference mobile application and deploy a new version that allows you to participate in a new Innovate competition—now that’s Agile! Our lawyers won’t let us print what we’re doing, so you’ll need to be in attendance to learn what we’re up to! 26
  • 29. Keynote Speakers and PresentationsJason McGee Martin Nally David Lindquist Jerry Cuomo Rod Smith Kristof Kloeckner Jamie ClarkeDistinguished Engineer, IBM Fellow and IBM Fellow, Vice IBM Fellow, Vice President, General Manager, Guest SpeakerChief Architect Vice President, President Tivoli CTO Vice President, Emerging Internet IBM RationalWebSphere Cloud Rational CTO WebSphere CTO TechnologiesComputingTuesday, June 5 Right. NOW. Opportunity Accelerated.8:00am – 10:00am With Kristof Kloeckner, Jason McGee, Martin Nally, David Lindquist, Jerry Cuomo,Pacific Hall Rod Smith, and Jamie ClarkeWalt Disney World Dolphin Hotel Right now is the time to accelerate software and product delivery; but what does your organization need to do to get that right, now? Kristof Kloeckner kicks off the day, showing how IBM’s newest offerings make it possible to address the cost structure of IT, while maintaining flexibility and freeing up money and talent to innovate. He is joined by Jason McGee, to show how the application lifecycle can be contained in a single system, IBM PureSystems, speeding deployment by up to 100 times—and set up and running an application within four hours. Then Innovate is proud to present its first CTO Summit—bringing together the CTOs of Rational, WebSphere, Emerging Technology, and Tivoli to explore how major technology shifts—such as Cloud, Mobile, DevOps—will affect the ways in which we develop and deliver software and Systems Innovation. The session closes by literally scaling the heights with Extreme Adventurer, Charismatic Storyteller, and best-selling author of Everest To Arabia, Jamie Clarke. Clarke will keep you on the edge of your seat as he shows how decision-making NOW can be the difference between life and death NEXT, when you’re 29,000 feet up the side of Mount Everest. What’s NEXT. A Future Built on YOUR Innovations Sarah Backhouse returns to moderate an entire day that celebrates the power of this user community in creating and innovating the future. We’ll hear from futurist, co-founder of string field theory, best-selling author, and host of SciQ on the Science Channel, Dr. Michio Kaku. Michio will open the doors to what’s nextMichio Kaku and expose you to a future filled with space elevators, Internet-enabled contactGuest Speaker lenses, and cars that fly by floating on magnetic fields; the stuff of science fiction that will soon become a part of our daily life. Using his new book, Physics of theWednesday, June 6 Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year8:30am – 9:30am 2100 as a starting point, he’ll share a future that is clearly driven by software and systems innovation.Pacific HallWalt Disney World Dolphin Hotel 27
  • 30. and Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions Technical Tracks, Workshops Technical Tracks, Workshopsand Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions
  • 31. Technical Tracks, Workshopsand Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions
  • 32. Innovate 2012 Streams and TracksInnovate 2012 Streams and TracksThe Innovate 2012 agenda features over 400 technical sessions across 7 streams and 26 tracks.Streams group similar tracks to help you better organize your schedule and enable you to focus onthe content areas that are important to you. See the STREAM and TRACK descriptions below and findthe sessions you would like to attend in the Innovate Pocket Agenda. You can also utilize the InnovateSmart Site ( from the conference kiosks and/or your smart phone tocustomize and create your own personalized conference agenda. TRACKS included in this stream: STREAM: Application Lifecycle Management Automation, Deployment & Asset Management (ADAM)This stream will showcase a broad variety of Application Change & Configuration Management (CCM)Lifecycle Management (ALM) disciplines and solutions that Direct from the Jazz Developers (DJD)are advancing the state-of-the-art of software delivery. ALMmanages the flow of people, process and information across Modeling, Architecture & Construction (MAC)the software lifecycle. IBM tools, best practices and services Quality Management (QM)are designed to help customers leverage a collaborative, Requirements Definition & Management forwhole-team approach to Application Lifecycle Management. IT Application Development (RDM)ALM can help reduce communication inefficiencies, improveteam agility and enhance overall quality. STREAM: Embedded Systems and SoftwareTRACKS included in this stream: Agile Transformation (AGL) Today’s products and systems are smarter than ever, due primarily to intelligence enabled by software. However, Cloud Development & Deployment (CDD) complexity is increasing exponentially as engineers can Collaborative Development & Operations (CDO) no longer operate in silos, but must collaborate from the earliest stages of product development while shrinking time- Lifecycle Solutions (LS) to-market, increasing product quality, and addressing the Mobile Application Development (MAP) needs and desires of demanding consumers. Successful products and systems result from precise requirements Packaged Applications (PA) that are traced throughout the development process, from insights revealed by architecture and behavior modeling, from collaboration among multiple teams and engineering STREAM: Design, Development, Test, disciplines, and from quality metrics tracked and enforced and Deployment throughout development. This stream will illustrate best practices for requirements management, architecture designThis stream will explore a broad variety of technologies and and modeling, and inter-discipline collaboration as applied tosolutions enabling collaborative design, implementation, and systems engineering and embedded software development.testing of software, applications, products, and systems.A collaborative approach to design, development and TRACKS included in this stream:deployment helps you improve your responsiveness to Model Driven Systems Development (MDD)business needs by leveraging an open, modular, integrated Requirements Management for Systems Engineering (RE)environment; improve quality by standardizing on a common Software for Systems Development (SSD)set of tools, components, and best practices for all Systems Engineering (SE)platforms; achieve faster return on investment (ROI) throughflexible reuse and optimization of core assets; and optimizeproductivity through automation. 31
  • 33. Innovate 2012 Streams and Tracks STREAM: Portfolio Management and STREAM: Security Enterprise Architecture This stream will explore how organizations can address To make the right decisions and analyze, plan, and execute a wide variety of application security challenges, which change faster, you must have the right information. Critical continues to be one of the greatest areas of risk. Application to success is effectively connecting strategic goals and vulnerabilities can create exposure for critical data and in this objectives to key initiatives that are translated into prioritized stream we will help attendees understand today’s emerging projects. IBM Portfolio Management and Enterprise threats with a focus on the best practices and approaches Architecture solutions provide key capabilities for managing for integrating security testing into the development lifecycle. the impact of business-driven change. This stream will showcase best practices and success stories on gaining TRACKS included in this stream: better enterprise insight and understanding, targeted budget Application Security (AS) allocation, portfolio prioritization, risk and impact analyses, and ongoing control and monitoring of execution and alignment—all designed to improve business execution. The net result: a realistic, concrete and repeatable way to STREAM: Smarter Computing with connect strategy to execution and business to delivery, Enterprise Modernization thereby driving tangible business results. Are you struggling to drive innovation and deliver more TRACKS included in this stream: services on a flat or reduced IT budget? Are the costs of maintaining your existing applications preventing you from Enterprise Architecture for Large Scale Systems (EAS) meeting new requirements? As a cornerstone of Smarter IT Portfolio Strategy & Management (PSM) Computing, the IBM enterprise modernization approach is Product Portfolio Management (PPM) one of continuous improvement that enables you to revitalize applications, leverage existing and new skills, unify teams and optimize your infrastructure—all with the goal of helping STREAM: The Rational Network you make breakthroughs in IT productivity, efficiency, and innovation. This stream will showcase the latest tools from The English poet John Donne said, “No man is an island, IBM as well as success stories and best practices from our entire of itself.” The same is true for Rational. This stream customers and partners covering application discovery, unites a community of designers, partners, researchers, analysis, portfolio management, multi-platform development and customers to share customer’s journeys, discuss the and test, compilers, deployment, and lifecycle management next generation of Rational software and other commercial leveraging System z, Power Systems, and distributed products, and help us imagine the possibilities that may environments. come in the future. TRACKS included in this stream: TRACKS included in this stream: Enterprise Modernization for Power Systems Discover Rational (DR) (IBM i, AIX, and Linux) (PWR) IBM & Partner Integrations (IPI) Enterprise Modernization for System z® (SZ) Imagine (IMG) Rational Genius (RG)32
  • 34. Agile Transformation Agile Transformation Many companies are adopting Agile practices (or thinking about it). Whether you’re part of a small or pilot team taking your first steps towards Agile adoption or if you’re part of a larger team that is looking to scale their Agile success, the road to Agile transformation can be a rocky one. Questions inevitably emerge such as: Which Agile methodology should we embrace? How will Agile practices affect our existing team culture? What criteria should we use to measure our Agile projects? What tooling do we need to effectively implement an Agile process? How do traditional Agile practices need to be modified to address the complexities of our environment? This track will cover the spectrum of the Agile journey, including tips for successful Agile adoption, “tales from the trenches” of teams who have learned from their early failures and have found their way to greater agility, and practical guidance on how to effectively scale Agile in complex environments.Monday, 11:00am – 12:00pm organizations with well-established waterfall solution deliveryAGL-1104 ⅷ Southern Hemisphere III lifecycle move toward agile software development, it isUsing IBM® Rational Team Concert™ with Open Source imperative that the approach is broadened and does notSoftware Configuration Management Systems simply rely on any single set of practices, such as scrum, to meet the organizational and cultural challenges, which theseKhurram Nizami, IBM, Worldwide Enablement organizations often possess. In this session, presenters shareThis session focuses on using Subversion or Git in place experiences with regards to some of essential principles,of IBM® Rational Team Concert™ software configuration practices, and skills that scrum masters, project managers,management capabilities. Presenters demo and discuss how and other software professionals need to help teamsto set up IBM Rational Team Concert™ with Subversion/Git, transform so they can deliver the highest business valueincluding how to configure and use the IBM Rational Team possible faster with higher quality and customer satisfaction.Concert™ build system with these solutions. As a part of thesession, attendees see a demo workflow using Subversion/ Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmGit with IBM Rational Team Concert™ build, dashboard, and AGL-2004 ࡗ Oceanic 7agile planning capabilities. Mythbusters: A new Data Warehouse can’t be delivered with Agile? Busted, Plausible or Confirmed?Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Elizabeth Parnell, Manager, Product Deliver, Blue Cross BlueAGL-1461 G Southern Hemisphere I Shield of North Carolina; Ken France, Managing Partner,Agile Coaching 101 Panel: Lessons from the Trenches Blue Mercury ConsultingReedy Feggins, IBM, Rational Solution Architect; There are lots of myths out there about Agile. One of theseRichard Knaster, IBM, WW Practice Manager, Agile & RTC; myths is that you can’t build a new Data Warehouse usingMary Poppendieck, Poppendieck, LLC, Writer and Speaker; Agile -- it just won’t work. Join the combined team from aGerald Smith, Kroger, Manager; Mark Lines, UPMentors, large Health Care organization and an Agile consulting firmCo-founder; Elizabeth Woodward, IBM, Senior Software (Blue Mercury Consulting) as they attempt to bust the mythConsultant by building out a brand new enterprise warehouse in recordAs an agile coach supporting organizations with varying time, using Agile methodologies and Rational Team Concert.levels of maturity with agile practice adoption, it is often And, just to add in a layer of complexity, see it done with anecessary to adjust the implementation methodology to globally distributed team. Follow their trials, tribulations andfit a client’s business environment. While studies on the triumphs, learn from their mistakes, and finally, decide ifadoption rate of agile development vary, by-and-large these this is one Agile myth that can be Busted!studies are trending upward in most IT sectors. As largerⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 33
  • 35. Agile Transformation Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm organizations and teams, This session shares the lessons AGL-2277 G Southern Hemisphere I learned from IBM’s Agile journey and from key customers to Seven Habits of Highly Effective Agile Teams help agile adoption succeed and stick. Richard Knaster, IBM, WW Practice Manager, Agile & RTC Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Agile teams are highly effective when individuals can make a AGL-1886 G Southern Hemisphere I paradigm shift in their thinking and can adopt the agile values How to Be Successful with Agile at Enterprise Scale: and principles. The next stage to becoming a highly effective Experiences in a Large Retail Organization team is to make habits of the right set of agile practices to Jesus Hernando, El Corte Ingles, Head of IT Department; employ just enough rules to support autonomy while avoiding Jose Ordax Cassa, IBM, Technical Professional; Alan W. chaos, establishing a rhythm to maintain momentum and Brown, IBM, CTO for Europe synchronize efforts, act supportively and transparently to cultivate trust and respect, and exchange ideas to realize the There are many pressures on software delivery organizations benefits of diverse skills. Since there are no set standards to produce more software faster in the context of extreme for agile, what exactly are those practices that are essential cost pressure and growing globalization of the software for teams to thrive? Come learn these habits and share with delivery organization. How can these pressures be other like minded agile enthusiasts. addressed while maintaining software delivery quality and productivity? This presentation explores the changes in Monday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm software delivery models that have taken place in recent AGL-2259 G Southern Hemisphere I years, and the ways in which overall software delivery quality Top 10 Land Mines of Agile and Lean Adoption can be managed in the current environment. In particular, presenters discuss specific real-world experiences in a large Tom Poppendieck, IBM, Writer and Speaker; Mary retail organization that has achieved significant improvements Poppendieck, Poppendieck, LLC, Writer and Speaker in software quality and productivity when adopting more agile How could an agile adoption go wrong? We will count the practices. Presenters conclude with a set of best practices ways. Starting with building the wrong thing all the way to for adopting “agile at scale” that can be applied to an building the thing wrong, we will look at ways that large organization to provide measured improvements in software companies have struggled with agile. But we won’t stop delivery model. there—we will also look at ways to identify and avoid the most common land mines of agile development, and feature Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm a few companies which have had highly successful agile AGL-2067 G Southern Hemisphere I adoption programs. Rapid Enterprise Adoption of IBM® Rational Team Concert™—An Intel® Success Story Tuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm Phil Robbins, Intel Corporation, Technical Program Manager AGL-2266 G Southern Hemisphere I Agility to Grow: From Small Teams to Intel Corporation is in the midst of a rapid deployment of Enterprise-Wide Adoption IBM® Rational Team Concert™ and agile methodologies. In 2011, the Intel Architecture Group formed the Software Scott Ambler, IBM Rational, Chief Methodologist for IT; Program Office to tackle the challenges of deploying a Scott Rich, IBM, Distinguished Engineer, Technical Lead for paradigm shifting tool to a large, heterogeneous, and Rational CLM worldwide distributed corporation. This presentation details Many organizations are struggling to adopt agile beyond the transformational process, starting with an understanding a few teams. For these enterprises, implementing agile of challenges faced and the strategies to overcome them. across the enterprise and reaping the benefits is still While the initial deployment attempts resulted in mixed very challenging. Geographical distribution, large teams, success and slow adoptions, it did not take long before compliance, and entrenched waterfall organizational a new scalable plan was unleashed, resulting in broad culture quickly diminish the benefits of adopting agile and large-scale adoption. This presentation details Intel’s and the organization quickly reverts back to its old ways. future plans and shares the logistics, best known methods, Agility across the enterprise doesn’t happen overnight. and scale mechanisms. Finally, see what accelerators are The Agility2Grow strategy helps organizations take bite critical for enabling faster adoption and increased product size chunks of organization change within the context of a development effectiveness. proven framework, taking into account the unique needs of G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE34 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 36. Agile TransformationTuesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:15pmAGL-1631 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere I AGL-1319 G Southern Hemisphere ICase Study: Scaling Agile Adoption in Healthcare Achieving Better Requirements on Agile Projects:Kim Werner, ATSC, Agile Coach; Laura Briscoe, Blue User Stories and BeyondCross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Sr. Project Mgr/Uber Kurt Solarte, IBM, Sr. Managing Consultant;Scrum Master Bhawana V. Gupta, IBM, Rational Brand Architect; Cherifa Mansoura, IBM, Solution Architect, IBM RationalAt Innovate 2011, a large health insurance company showed Worldwide Solution Deliveryhow it saved $2 million by adopting agile practices, somegood coaching, and IBM® Rational Team Concert™ on three Agile development has emerged recently. Much of the risedifferent large, highly visible projects. The next step was to has to do with the failing of other methodologies like thescale the adoption. But how does a company scale agile waterfall model and the bureaucracies in implementingand still repeat earlier successes? How must IBM Rational other prescribed methodologies. The principles of the agileTeam Concert be modified to support this effort? How does movement strive to match business needs with developmenta company handle distributed teams? Scaling does not just realities and reduce waste as much as possible: Detailingmean adopting more independent scrum teams, it must requirements is something teams do even in an agile worldinclude the interdependencies and cross an entire business but when and how makes the difference from a traditionalunit. Learn how multiple inter-dependent agile scrum teams requirement definition and management (RDM) process.worked together to do just that. Find out how tweaking One of the challenges of agile projects is ensuring that thethe management model made this successful. See why requirements remain “agile.” While requirements are notincorporating a scrum of scrum technique, IBM Rational necessarily neglected on agile projects, this may erroneouslyTeam Concert, and some additional agile practices made this take a waterfall approach to requirements. This sessioncase study a winner. outlines reasons why RDM is critical to success in agile development and discusses eight habits that agile teamsWednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am should adopt for highly effective requirements definitionAGL-2260 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere I and management.Agility@Scale: IBM’s Journey of Agile Transformation Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmMike O’Rourke, IBM, Vice President, AGL-1009 G Southern Hemisphere IStrategy and Product Delivery Disciplined Agile Delivery – Adoption in the TrenchesMany large organizations want to adopt agile development ★ Mark Lines, UPMentors, Co-foundermethodologies as a means of delivering software tocustomers and internal stakeholders more quickly and Mainstream agile methods suggest that agile projectsefficiently in “bite-sized” increments. However, large projects have small, collocated, and self-sufficient teams. However,can pose significant challenges to agility. IBM Software research shows that in reality, agile teams seldom work inGroup, with almost 30,000 engineers in 84 locations, such idealistic circumstances. This session features a light-started its agile transformation in 2006. While this journey hearted look at the agile rhetoric versus reality. Need to knowcontinues today, extensive improvements in quality, time-to- how to be agile in a world of program management offices,market, and customer satisfaction show that the rewards database groups, maintenance groups, development/of agile adoption far outweigh the obstacles. IBM learned operations, distributed, offshore, and other things notthat a haphazard implementation of agile may result in more covered by the 16-page “scrum guide”? In this session, seefrequent development “turns,” but can also fail to deliver true concrete examples of organizational and cultural challengesbusiness benefits. In effect, the wrong agile implementation from experiences with large-scale agile adoption and howmay just mean that bad code is being released to market these barriers were overcome. Learn how IBM’s disciplinedfaster than before. agile delivery (DAD) process framework takes mainstream agile methods to the next level and provides guidance for effectively being agile in enterprise environments.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 35
  • 37. Agile Transformation Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am AGL-1533 G Southern Hemisphere I AGL-1235 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere I ® Driving Agile Practices Maturity Through IBM Rational The Death of Innovation in a Typical Agile Environment Team Concert™ Agile Coaching Index Elizabeth Woodward, IBM, Senior Software Consultant Jonathan Walsh, INTEL, Engineering Manager; Raj Teams using scrum, currently the most widely-used agile Anantharaman, Intel India Tech Private Limited, Engineering development framework, focus on turning a section of Manager; Tim Gallagher, Intel, Manager; Marcin Neyman, a project backlog into a releasable increment of work Intel, SW Manager within fixed time boxes of less than a month. Their work is While adoption rates of agile practices are increasing, not all done at a sustainable pace so that the team can continue teams that adopt agile may be implementing them correctly the delivery process indefinitely. Unfortunately, it is quite without the guidance of a coach (“scrum-but”) and hence common for teams to become so engaged in delivering fail to accrue all benefits of agile. This has been true at Intel. value for the current iteration that they, at best, deliver While recruiting agile coaches to overcome this challenge incremental innovations that apply only to their immediate is one option, it is not scalable. Instead, Intel leveraged work efforts. Little time and focus are left for the team to IBM® Rational Team Concert™, which was fast growing in develop transformational insight and breakthroughs that adoption, and implemented the agile coaching index (ACI). are known to provide the greater return on innovation Intel identified 37 points of goodness (PoGs) and developed investment. This session focuses on the urgency of an automated mechanism to measure the hygiene of agile innovation, aspects of agile known to suppress innovation, practices and scored the teams against the PoGs. Teams approaches to innovation, and tips for driving innovation in get weekly feedbacks of PoGs, and then use this feedback agile environments. to drive continuous improvement. Teams can also set their own goals against the PoGs and see how they compare Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am to others. While ACI is not a replacement for a coach, it is AGL-1348 G Oceanic 7 proving to be very effective in improving the basic hygiene Typical Agile Failure Points and How to Avoid Them of Intel’s agile practices. Mark Speich, Ascendant Technology, Director of the PMO Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Becoming agile for most software project teams requires a AGL-1463 G Southern Hemisphere I significant change in how they operate. While in theory, agile Agile Adoption in a Waterfall Environment – Lessons theory and practice are the same; in practice, they often from Kroger Mobile Application Development Team are not. Going through this transformation can be difficult Adoption of IBM Disciplined Agile Practices and tricky, especially if certain scaling factors are in play that increase complexity. This presentation discusses typical agile Gerald Smith, Kroger, Manager; Reedy Feggins, IBM, failure points, the negative ramifications if they occur, and Rational Solution Architect practical ways to avoid or mitigate them. Like many other traditional brick and mortar companies, The Kroger Co, is leveraging emerging technologies, such Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am as mobile applications, to provide new services to increase AGL-1083 ࡗ Southern Hemisphere I customer satisfaction and loyalty while driving up sales and Supporting Disciplined Agile Delivery Adoption profitability. However, like any IT organization that has a Mark Kennaley, Fourth Medium Consulting Inc., President; deeply entrenched waterfall software development lifecycle Carson Holmes, Fourth Medium Consulting, Inc., Vice process, adapting to the speed and business agility required President of Service Delivery to be a success in today’s competitive environment has been a challenge. Attend this session to learn how Kroger, The disciplined agile delivery (DAD) practices framework aided by IBM® Rational® services and tools, has successfully promises to yield a pragmatic strategy from which to adopted a disciplined agile approach within the context of improve an organization’s software development capability. its existing waterfall process. This case covers the business The hybrid approach leveraging lean, agile and unified needs driving the adoption, agile practices used, challenges practice knowledge is focused on enabling true change, encountered and how they were overcome, tools used setting the stage for Agility@Scale. A complementing by the teams and how they were used to track adoption technology supporting DAD is the software development effectiveness, and benefits realized to both the project and practice advisor (SDPA). This cloud-based expert system the overall adoption. facilitates organizational learning through a dynamic DAD G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE36 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 38. Agile Transformationplaybook, smart retrospectives, delivery intelligence, and Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pmwhat-if analysis. Expert knowledge is integrated using IBM® AGL-1742 ⅷ Oceanic 7Rational® Method Composer to provide DAD teams with Putting the “Integration” into Continuous Integrationadvice and guidance throughout the endeavor. Data from the with Green HatIBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle management platform Monica Luke, IBM, CLM Strategic Offerings Leadis used by the SDPA kernel to facilitate in-flight steerage.With DAD and SDPA, large-scale enterprise transformation is An organization may have adopted agile, committed tonow effective, practical, and achieved at a much lower cost. “continuous build,” and run unit tests. But what happens when an organization brings the system together for realThursday, 9:45am – 10:45am system testing? What is the level of quality and does it take aAGL-1166 G Oceanic 7 team days, weeks, maybe months to get a working system?Agile Development of Embedded Systems Software Does it turn out that unit tests are superficial or insufficient? Real continuous integration requires early and ongoingBruce Douglass, IBM, Chief Evangelist complex integration testing. Oftentimes organizations skipThe IBM® Rational® Harmony/ESW™ process is tailored to that testing on their daily or nightly builds because it is toothe development of real-time and embedded systems. Based hard, time consuming, or hardware and third-party resourceson a small set of key principles, IBM Rational Harmony are not available. By virtualizing stable components of aprovides step-by-step guidance as to what needs to be complex system, organizations can reduce complexitydone, when it needs to be produced, what artifacts should sufficiently to do integration testing on every teambe delivered, and how to construct models quickly, reliably, integration build.and predictably. The IBM Rational Harmony process takesadvantage of Agile approaches to provide effective guidancefor the highly efficient development of real-time systems. Thistalk discusses the principles, practices, and key architecturalviews of IBM Rational Harmony/ESW.Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pmAGL-1247 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere IAgile Metrics and Measurements: Panel DiscussionReedy Feggins, IBM, Rational Solution Architect; JamesOver, Software Engineering Institute, Sr. Member of theTechnical Staff; Richard Knaster, IBM, WW Practice Manager,Agile & RTC; ★ Julian Holmes, UPMentors, Co-Founder;Gerald Smith, Kroger, Manager; Bruce Douglass, IBM,Chief EvangelistTransforming organizations to deliver software developmentprojects better, faster, and cheaper is the rallying cry fromCIOs in most industries. The agile movement has taken onthis challenge and has the characteristics to improve thequality of projects (better), deliver “must have” functionalityin a timely fashion (faster), by spending less capital (cheaper).But many teams often fail to incorporate a strategy to identify,collect, and communicate the value delivered by theiragile pilots.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 37
  • 39. Cloud Development & Deployment Cloud Development & Deployment The world is changing. A new reality is emerging for organizations of every size from every part of the planet. It’s called the cloud—a profound evolution of IT with revolutionary implications for business and society, creating new possibilities and enabling more efficient, flexible and collaborative computing models. In this track we will focus on leveraging the cloud to further development and test efforts. Sessions will focus on using the cloud to plan, automate and deploy complex applications by facilitating collaboration across development and operations teams, to rapidly deliver development and test environments, and drive new business value through innovative offerings and services. This track is for Chief Information Officers, Chief Technical Officers, Application Development Vice-Presidents and IT development and test managers who are interested in cloud computing as a way to reduce operational and capital expenses, reduce development and test cycle times, and improve overall quality and time to market of their respective products/offerings. Sponsored by: Monday, 11:00am – 12:00pm Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm CDD-2074 G Australia 3 CDD-2240 ✶ Australia 3 Accelerate Time to Market with Next-Generation Cloud Development and Deployment Track Keynote Cloud Platforms Ashok Reddy, IBM, Director, Offering Strategy & Delivery, Fausto Bernardini, IBM, Director, Global Cloud Services Cloud; Steven J. Weaver, IBM, Rational Cloud/DevOps Enablement Marketing Manager Businesses must accelerate time to market for new products The world is changing. A new reality is emerging for and services, while controlling costs. Success requires organizations of every size from every part of the planet. rapid access to IT infrastructure, storage, and virtual server It’s called the cloud—a profound evolution of IT with environments. IT resource provisioning should be dynamic revolutionary implications for business and society, creating and self service for application development teams. Platforms new possibilities and enabling more efficient, flexible and are required that enable organizations to rapidly develop, collaborative computing models. In this session, we will deploy, manage, and integrate enterprise applications for provide an overview of IBM Rational’s cloud strategy their own use or delivery as a software-as-a-service. These and highlight new solutions and capabilities that help platforms should support the migration of traditional and customers plan, design, develop, deploy and manage cloud higher availability applications to meet user demand and applications, as well as leverage the cloud to help reduce the control costs. Learn about the next-generation of advanced cost and increase the agility of development teams. infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service cloud platforms with IBM® SmartCloud™ Enterprise, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise +, and IBM SmartCloud Application Services. These security-rich, agile, pay-as-you-go environments give organizations the technology and choices to drive faster time to value and market differentiation. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE38 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 40. Cloud Development & DeploymentMonday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm and small projects is critical. Lockheed Martin MS2 and IBMCDD-1555 ⅷ Australia 3 co-defined the requirements for the platform. It needs to beFuture IBM Rational Content on IBM Clouds easy to use, maintain, and deploy to accomplish the systems and software development lifecycle. One of the challengedSteven Abrams, IBM, Distinguished Engineer; Robbie J. requirements is that various team members at differentMinshall, IBM, Rational Cloud Architect locations on different networks must be able to evaluateLooking for specific IBM® Rational® tools and capabilities the platform. A suggested prototype is to establish theto be delivered as simple integrated patterns? Want IBM platform as a cloud image. The cloud image allows differentRational products to be simpler to use or team collaboration evaluators to access the tools on the platform and to try theenvironments to be faster and cheaper to set up? If so, workflows. Moreover, it allows the team to experiment withcome and hear about the future direction of content for different combinations of tools and workflows to determineIBM® Workload Deployer and Project Troy. Presenters talk the affordable and appropriate tool mix.about integrating services for automating IBM® WebSphere®deploys and asset management directly within the products. Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmThey share thoughts around simplified delivery of the CDD-1596 G Australia 3products based on IBM® Rational® Jazz® and show how to Leveraging Cloud Platform Services foreasily build virtual images of IBM Rational Software using Effective Software DeliveryICON. These presenters have great ideas to share and want Steven M. Huntington, IBM, Program Director, Cloudto hear from attendees about some of their own proposals. Computing, Rational software; Gregg K Gibson, IBM, PaaS Product Manager – Cloud Computing; John Espey, CLDMonday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Partners, LLC, General ManagerCDD-2041 G Australia 3Implementing Collaborative Lifecycle Management Organizations recognize all the reasons they should move toin the Cloud the cloud for their application development and deployments, but are uncertain whether today’s standardized one-size-Moti Demri, EverBank , AVP – QA Manger fits-all cloud offerings can ensure the integrity and successWith the growth and maturing of cloud computing and the of their businesses. The emergence of cloud platforms,realization of almost unlimited scalability and secure access, which encompass a wide range of integrated applicationprevious approaches to performance testing have undergone development and deployment services, provides a reliableradical change. In this session the EverBank team shares foundation for organizations to achieve the improvedhow the new cloud reality means that developers and economics and speed expected from using cloud, while stillperformance testers can utilize a new method of testing, maintaining the ability to deliver competitive differentiationanalyzing, tuning, and optimizing solutions from the cloud. at the application layer. Success begins with selecting theEverBank learned that it had to understand the fundamentals proper cloud platform—one based on technologies thatof the unique benefits of testing from and in the cloud itself, ensure portability and interoperability across both public andand more importantly, how quality management is just part of private delivery models, one that enables adoption basedan integrated strategy for collaborative lifecycle management, on unique needs, and one that evolves to drive long-termwhich the cloud also enables through its global, economical, business momentum.and elastic infrastructure. Join EverBank’s Moti Demri, alsorepresenting CloudOne in learning how performance testing Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmin the cloud works. Learn about the benefits and challenges, CDD-1547 ⅷ Australia 3and how the cloud can connect to overall collaborative On-Boarding Applications to Private Cloudslifecycle management. Robbie J. Minshall, IBM, Rational Cloud Architect; Per Kroll, IBM, Application Portfolio Management ArchitectTuesday, 10:30am – 11:30amCDD-1506 G Australia 3 Interested in migrating applications onto the cloud? ThisIntegrated System and Software Engineering session discusses approaches for developing a roadmapTool Suite: An Evaluation of a Cloud and IBM® for cloud adoption how to use IBM® Rational® Focal Point™Rational® Tools to manage an application portfolio. Next, presenters dig a little deeper and discuss the differences between IBM®In this day of declining defense budgets and increased Workload Deployer and IBM® pureScale® application servercompetition, an efficient platform for developing proposals pattern types. They look specifically and pragmaticallyⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 39
  • 41. Cloud Development & Deployment at which applications are good candidates for cloud Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:15pm technologies and which technologies are best suited for CDD-1582 G Australia 3 those applications. Presenters also show the use of IBM® Transforming and Accelerating Client Evaluations of Rational® Automation Framework for IBM® WebSphere® IBM® Rational® Products Using Cloud to automate the deployment of a middle-ware application Ian Barnard, IBM, Rational WW Cloud Enablement Lead and within a cloud pattern. This session is for attendees who Manager, Rational Demonstration Cloud are in an organization that has a broad application portfolio and is looking to develop a structured and containable When buying IBM® Rational® software products to enhance cloud strategy. their development and business processes, IBM Rational’s clients often need to perform some level of evaluation, Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm whether by a hands-on workshop or a full onsite installation CDD-1265 G Australia 3 for a mini-project. Both these take valuable time to setup— Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Moves to the Cloud up to 2-3 months or even longer in some cases. For a year now IBM Rational has been using a service called IBM® Dana Gantt, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Rational® Demonstration Cloud, which is an account on Principal Architect, IS Business Applications; Bret Kramer, the IBM® SmartCloud™ Enterprise, that enables clients to CloudOne, VP of Sales evaluate products over the Internet. This bypasses the delays Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC has recently moved its previously associated with the client evaluation; for example, software development environment into a virtual private cloud no customer hardware is required. This presentation provided by CloudOne. This session describes the issues describes how the IBM Rational Demonstration Cloud is faced by Blue Cross Blue Shield that lead to considering a used with clients and describes some of the improvements cloud solution, the justification for the move, the overview achieved, including new ways of helping customers evaluate of the progression to the cloud, and the current status and IBM Rational capabilities that were not previously possible. results being realized. Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am CDD-1562 G Australia 3 CDD-1470 G Australia 3 Application Development for IBM Workload Deployer ® Leading Government Collaboration with an Chris Brealey, IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member IBM Product Cloud IBM® Workload Deployer enables businesses to design, John Liu, IBM, Senior IT Specialist; Paul Bahrs, IBM, dispense, and manage virtual appliances, system patterns, Executive Solution Architect; Keith Robinson, CTSI, and application patterns on a private cloud. But what Senior Engineer does this mean to the life of a Java enterprise application With distributed, stovepiped organizations, governments developer? In this session, learn how IBM® Rational® often find it difficult to institute a real collaborative culture. Application Developer, IBM’s Eclipse-based integrated This session, presented by Coherent Technical Services, Inc., development environment for the IBM® WebSphere® a leading U.S. government technical services organization platform, integrates with Workload Deployer to open up the and a leader in IBM collaborative solutions, explores how world of platform-as-a-service to application developers. it implemented a cloud service for government programs leveraging IBM collaborative lifecycle management and asset Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm management capabilities to define and assess software and CDD-2217 ⅷ Australia 3 system service architectures. The cloud service provided Lessons Learned After Year One of a Cloud Test a consistent collaborative model and significantly reduced Environment Implementation time and effort to complete assessments and government Jim Trentadue, Gerdau, Sr. IT Testing & QA Manager oversight requirements. The cloud-based service realized a high degree of cooperation, collaboration, and integrated This presentation is for those organizations that are teams across the lifecycle. This presentation summarizes considering going to a Cloud environment for their non- the business value of implementing a collaborative lifecycle production needs or has recently migrated to this. Presenters capability, lessons learned, and proven practices. highlight what was considered a win, areas of improvement, and next steps for optimization. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE40 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 42. Cloud Development & DeploymentWednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45amCDD-2199 G Australia 3 CDD-1746 G Australia 3Rational Software-as-a-Service Service on a Fujitsu Strategies for Automating Deployment, Upgrades,Service-Oriented Platform and Reporting of IBM Rational Assets in a CloudJun Ginbayashi, Fujitsu Ltd, Director, Application Systems Ray Shalabi, Accenture LLC, Senior SystemsEngineering Division Integration EngineerFujitsu is developing a service-oriented platform (SOP) that is Accenture supports a large volume of IBM Rationalapplied as an infrastructure for emerging cloud services. SOP assets in the cloud. Its application lifecycle managementis a huge complex of servers, storage systems, networks, methodologies change regularly, requiring upgrades toand software and is optimized for cloud services. SOP assets, including IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® Schema andfeatures integration of various virtualization technologies and data updates, and IBM® Rational® RequisitePro® Projectsystem management technologies. On April 1, Fujitsu began structure and data. Automating the upgrade processesoffering IBM Rational software-as-a-service to customers reduces effort and increases quality. The company hason SOP. Fujitsu has INTARFRM, an application framework automated reporting processes for its IBM Rational tools.that supports medium to large-scale information and Reports list each of the engagements and specifies the namecommunication technology systems from the design phase of IBM Rational asset, the number of users enabled in thethrough the maintenance phase. In addition to standardizing asset, and metrics about data volume. This presentationapplication structures and automatically generating on describes the technical design of these solutions foraverage more than 60 percent of an application’s source automating deployments, upgrades, and reports utilizingcode, excluding unique business logic, INTARFRM the IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® Application programmingstandardizes design documentation and processes. This interfaces and other utilities, the IBM® Rational® RequisitePro®framework can therefore shorten development time while extensibility interface, the IBM® Rational® ClearCase®also enhancing quality. command line interface, and perl and SQL queries.Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pmCDD-1815 G Australia 3 CDD-1136 ⅷ Australia 3Rapid Integration of Software-as-a-Service with Managing Cloud Resources Throughout the LifecycleOn-Premise Applications Using IBM® WebSphere® with IBM® Rational® ToolsCast Iron Christian Glockner, IBM, Advisory Software EngineerArup Datta, Prolifics, Senior Consultant; Prithvi Srinivasan, There’s no doubt that cloud computing is here to stay. ButProlifics, Solution Architect how can organizations maximize the benefits of movingCast Iron enables businesses to rapidly integrate their their development environments to the cloud? What cansystems and services, and allows them to function be done to stimulate and support collaboration between allseamlessly providing users with data and IT resources disciplines such as support, requirements definition, changedelivered over a cloud platform. It helps businesses deliver and configuration management, and testing? This sessionfaster integration, reduce costs, and obtain higher returns. answers these and other questions by demonstrating whyIBM® WebSphere® Cast Iron provides flexible deployment the IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle managementoptions in public, private, and hybrid cloud form factors, solution together with IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® are perfectand enables a seamless and secure transition between for managing cloud resources throughout the lifecycle. Seeon-premise and cloud environments. Presenters showcase how effortlessly cloud resources can be deployed and sharedhow to integrate cloud-based customer relationship with all stakeholders to ease development and testing,management (CRM) services with on-premise ERP using IBM all without ever having to switch between tools, thanksWebSphere Cast Iron Integration in days, with a no-coding to the first-class open services for lifecycle collaborationapproach. This demo involves Salesforce CRM integration integration between all tools. While focused on VMware-with Projector PSA and Prolifics backend system. The demo based cloud environments, this session also points out howdetails how to rapidly synchronize sales, customer support, to adapt the solution to other cloud offerings, including IBM®and force data in real time. This is followed by a data update SmartCloud™.to Projector PSA for flexible, scalable, and better solutions.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 41
  • 43. Collaborative Development & Operations Collaborative Development & Operations Now is the time for Collaborative Dev/Ops! To realize the full competitive and economic benefits from IT investments, technology leaders are implementing bold strategies like collaborative Dev/ Ops to both improve the quality, and accelerate the delivery of innovative applications and services. This track details best practices for aligning development and operations, including: collaboration and communication strategy, process integration and automation, ‘pre-release to production’ application performance optimization, and cooperative problem lifecycle management. Hear how IBM is using Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) to deliver a standardized platform and open interfaces that enable our clients and partners to easily integrate IBM, as well as their own tools, processes, and functions across enterprise architecture, development, testing and IT operations. Attendees leave with critical insights for transforming their business performance by unlocking the hidden value and agility in their existing organizational and technology investments. Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm CDO-2241 ✶ Oceanic 8 CDO-1720 ⅷ Oceanic 8 Collaborative Development and IBM DevOps Roadmap—Continuous Delivery Operations Track Keynote and Deployment Jamie Thomas, IBM, VP of Tivoli Strategy and Development; Kimi Cousins, IBM, Product Manager – Cloud Enablement Steven J. Weaver, IBM, Rational Cloud/DevOps Marketing and GTM Manager; Harish Grama, IBM, VP, Rational Product DevOps is a term that has been emerging in industries to Development, Delivery and Customer Support describe various interactions between development and Companies that are continuously challenged by fast-moving operation teams to improve the delivery of changes. In this markets, ever-changing regulatory landscapes, competing session, presenters share their thoughts on DevOps and organizational priorities, and managing change across provide a technical roadmap on a set of capabilities that the enterprise are turning to development-operations— are being developed for DevOps that will help customers DevOps—integration to increase business agility and help increase the velocity of change while managing risk. drive innovation. While many organizations view DevOps as being essentially about deployment automation, IBM believes Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm that transforming development and operations processes CDO-1615 ⅷ Oceanic 8 is both broader in scope and key to improving business Collaborative DevOps: Bridging IBM® Rational® and responsiveness, differentiation and growth. This track IBM® Tivoli® to Help Wellpoint Do More with Less keynote shares why we believe now is the time to improve Philip Soter, WellPoint, Technical Program Director, IT; your company’s agility, execution and overall business Patrick Cherniawski, IconATG, Inc., Vice President; performance with Collaborative DevOps. Well explain what Engagement Management IBM means by collaboration, discuss key initiatives that can help address your DevOps challenge, and share how we Anthem BCBS (WellPoint) is in year three of a multiyear ITIL have helped our own company and our customers transform rollout that includes moving to solutions based on IBM® their development and operations processes to realize Tivoli® for operations processes, with incident, problem, tangible business outcomes and results. change, asset, and configuration management processes deployed in 2011. A goal for WellPoint IT for 2012, and for this initiative, is to greatly improve operational efficiency—i.e., do more with less. This presentation discusses practical G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE42 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 44. Collaborative Development & Operationsopportunities and challenges to achieving enhanced Tuesday, 10:30am – 11:30amoperational efficiency by implementing collaborative DevOps CDO-1426 G Oceanic 8using IBM® Rational® and IBM Tivoli tools. Current Trends and Future Directions in Technology for DevOpsMonday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Daniel Berg, IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member;CDO-1110 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A3 Gili Mendel, IBM, Rational Asset Manager ArchitectTransforming the Application Lifecycle with DevOps DevOps is term that has been emerging in industries toRuth Willenborg, IBM, Distinguished Engineer; Steven describe various interactions between development andAbrams, IBM, Distinguished Engineer operation teams to improve the delivery of changes. In thisCloud computing is no longer the hottest buzzword; that session, presenters share their thoughts on DevOps, howdistinction likely belongs to “DevOps.” DevOps is part folks implement it today, and the IBM vision and roadmap ofmovement, part religion, part architecture, and part process. a set of capabilities that are being developed for DevOps thatDevOps has the potential to enable fundamental changes in will help customers increase their velocity of change whilethe relationship between development and operations teams, managing risk.just as businesses are demanding that IT organizations domore with less. DevOps requires a holistic view of the entire Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmapplication lifecycle—from requirements through deployment, CDO-2149 G Oceanic 8management, and maintenance, and back to requirements. Case Study: Caixa Economica DevOps Deployment—Presenters explain how cloud technologies enable integrated How to Make DevOps Real Using IBM® Rationalprocesses and practices that dramatically improve software Team Concert™quality, reduce risk, and improve time-to-market. This session Rodrigo Evangelista, Caixa Economica, Gerente Nacionalcovers strategies for automating application handoffs through de Arquitetura; Wagner Lindberg Baccarin Arnaut, IBM,a pipeline—from development through test to production— IBM Certified IT Specialist; Paulo Henrique Gomes Da Cruzwhile improving the collaboration across the software Junior, IBM, IBM Rational System z – Brazildevelopment and deployment lifecycle. It also explains IBM’sproduct roadmap in this area. Caixa Econômica Federal has a complex software development environment with more than 1,500 people.Monday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Caixa development teams use IBM® Rational UnifiedCDO-1445 Ⅵ Oceanic 8 Process®/Agile as their methodologies and IBM® RationalApplication Quality and Availability Management Team Concert™ to manage the software developmentUsing IBM® Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for process. The operations teams use ITIL as the commonTransactions and IBM® Rational® Functional Tester process and several tools for service and incident management. After the successful deployment of IBMRama Vykunta, IBM, Senior Engineering Manager; Rational Team Concert, the development team created aShinoj Zacharias, IBM, Senior Software Engineer process to collaborate with the operations team using IBMThis session demonstrates how IBM® Rational® and IBM® Rational Team Concert. The operations teams wanted toTivoli® technologies can reduce production application know if IBM Rational Team Concert could be used as theoutages by applying the response time and availability service, defect, problem, and incident management tool.monitoring capabilities of IBM Tivoli Composite Application Based on this scenario, IBM Rational Team Concert wasManager for Transactions and IBM Rational Functional customized to be the only tool used by the developmentTester. These tools enable developers, testers, and IT and operations teams. This presentation demonstratesoperators to effectively develop, test, monitor, manage, and how Caixa created this customization and the benefits it isrepair production applications using. Featuring a deep-dive gathering from this DevOps deployment.demonstration of these tools in an end-to-end lifecyclemanagement scenario, presenters verify application responsetimes, availability, and adherence to service level agreementsthroughout the development and production lifecycleusing the IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager forTransactions and IBM Rational Functional Tester toolset.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 43
  • 45. Collaborative Development & Operations Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm groups, activities that occur through all phases of the CDO-1669 G Oceanic 8 development/delivery lifecycle. Disciplined agile delivery 10 Best Practices from Experience for Enterprise (DAD) is a hybrid process framework adopting strategies DevOps—An Integrated IBM® Rational® Solution from scrum, XP, lean, agile modeling, unified process, and other sources. DAD addresses the full delivery lifecycle Daniel Hatfield, IBM, Senior IT Specialist – Rational DevOps! from end to end and explicitly includes operations and Building a bridge that optimizes processes, improves support staff, amongst many others, as key stakeholders collaboration, and automates manual effort and handovers throughout the delivery lifecycle. DAD also includes explicit between development and operations silos is a fast emerging governance practices, an explicit transition/release phase, industry trend. With significant increase in demand and and explicitly includes production-oriented activities that complexity of deploying software code and configuration affect development. This presentation describes how to changes, CIOs can longer accept the tedious and error systematically include DevOps principles and practices in an prone manual ways of the past. Hence the birth of a new agile delivery process. emerging organizational structure and set of practices that streamline the outputs of development through to production Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:15pm called DevOps. CDO-1240 G Oceanic 8 ® ® Using IBM Rational Tools Throughout Lifecycle Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm at Bank of China CDO-1546 ⅷ Oceanic 8 Qing Han, IBM, Managing Consultant Reporting Test Metrics at BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan with IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®, IBM® Bank of China is adopting IBM® Rational® tools to implement Rational® Quality Manager, and IBM® Rational® Insight the collaborative software development. This presentation talks about the course of the transformation and how a local Ryan Rayner, BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan (BCBSM), IBM Rational Lab Services team is helping Bank of China Software Testing Manager implement the integrated solutions throughout the whole BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan (BCBSM) is the largest software development lifecycle. These solutions include health insurer in Michigan with more than 4.3 million requirement management, configuration management, members and the third largest health insurance claims continuous integration, IBM® zOS® development automatic processor in the country. BCBSM wanted to provide build, automation functional test framework, and environment executive leadership with a standard defect detection score automation management. Besides that, data was flowed for each completed project to measure project success. among these collaborative systems via open services for The company chose IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® to obtain lifecycle collaboration. The challenge, architecture, work pre-production VS warranty defect yield rates. An open process, and result are discussed. Using IBM Rational services for lifecycle collaboration bridge is used to interface tools, Bank of China optimized its IT delivery process and with defects originating from IBM® Rational® Quality Manager. successfully achieved its strategic blueprint project. External vendors and customers collaborate around IBM Rational ClearQuest defect entry via the Web. After project Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm warranty, the quality score is pulled from IBM Rational CDO-1154 Ⅵ Oceanic 8 ClearQuest via a query. BCBSM has saved two hours per ® ® Using IBM Rational Insight to Improve the Timeliness project looking for metrics, eliminated two competing defect of End-User Support tracking systems, improved accuracy of metrics reporting Murray Cantor, IBM, Distinguished Engineer, by over 100 percent, and eliminated 40 hours of manual Rational CTO Council defect tracking. A key attribute of an effective software support team is its Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am responsiveness: the time it takes to deliver bug fixes or CDO-1043 Ⅵ Oceanic 8 small enhancements. IBM Rational is piloting an innovative, Disciplined Agile Delivery with DevOps sensitive analytic solution based on IBM® Rational® Insight that enables support managers to detect trends in the Scott Ambler, IBM Rational, Chief Methodologist for IT responsiveness of their teams. Further, it identifies patterns DevOps addresses the integrated activities that streamline of organizational behavior, enabling the leadership to the collaboration between development and operations communicate and improve team responsiveness. This G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE44 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 46. Collaborative Development & Operationsanalytical capability is also key to an overall DevOps strategy. Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45amThis talk introduces the IBM Rational Insight extension, its CDO-1733 G Oceanic 8analytic foundations, and real-world examples. IBM Rational’s Role in Provisioning for the Cloud – How the Multi-Brand Puzzle Fits TogetherWednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Jeffrey B. Jakubiak, IBM, Architect; Steve Mirman, IBM,CDO-1744 ⅷ Oceanic 8 Architect; Gary Pahlow, IBM, ArchitectCase Study: Integration of Application Lifecycle(IBM® Rational®) and Services (IBM® Tivoli®) of the While some products can be provided in a software-as-a-Pague Menos Drugstores service scenario, the role of IBM Rational in the cloud is more significant. IBM Rational products are sometimes overlookedPedro Praxedes, Pague Menos Drugstores, Chief Information in an overall multi-brand cloud solution; however, they canOfficer of Pague Menos Drugstores; Gustavo Alves, Qualiti take on one of the primary roles in support of provisioningSoftware Processes, Project Manager for an elastic cloud. Customers want business capabilitiesAiming its initial public offering in 2012 and the achievement available in the cloud, and this can’t be done without fullof the PCI-DSS (PCI Data Security Standard), the Pague deployment of applications. This session walks throughMenos drugstores deployed IBM® Rational® and IBM® the multi-brand private cloud PoC implementation doneTivoli® tools. This session outlines how IBM® Rational for a large financial services customer that included theTeam Concert™ and IBM® Tivoli® Service Request Manager IBM Service Delivery Manager suite and IBM® WebSphere®worked together to support the change management of IWD for service management and virtual infrastructurethe Pague Menos drugstores. For the change requests and provisioning. IBM Rational Automation Framework wasservice orders to go smoothly between operational and integrated to support middleware configuration anddevelopment areas, an integration was needed during the application deployment. IBM® Rational® Software Architectproject deployment because both tools did not have a native and IBM® Rational® Asset Manager were also brought intointegration. Additionally, to attain the project goals, it was the solution to support standard documentation, patternnecessary to use some frameworks, including Cobit, ITIL, reuse and ease of automation.PMBOK, and Scrum. Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pmWednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm CDO-2088 Ⅵ Oceanic 8CDO-1862 Ⅵ Oceanic 8 DevOps: Building One Team Through Integrated SocialUtilizing Global Distributed Development to Improve CollaborationQuality and Control Costs Jason Plurad, IBM, Software Engineer; David G. Robinson,David Lubanko, IBM, Tiger Team Technical Lead IBM, Software ArchitectThis presentation provides a framework for measuring the This session demonstrates a social collaboration toolproductivity of organizations. It also shows how the use of developed to facilitate DevOps communications basedDevOps can improve performance of global development on real use cases from operations and developmentand delivery by lowering the cycle time required for test and organizations, including cloud infrastructures. Thedeployment of solutions. Presenters also look at Green Hat architecture behind the demo is discussed, along with thefor the testing component. challenges encountered both developing and using the tool. The discussion includes examples of how social capabilitiesThursday, 8:30am – 9:30am helped streamline project management processes byCDO-1250 G Oceanic 8 leveraging the same IBM® Rational® and IBM® Tivoli® toolsWhat Does a “Release-O-Matic” Look Like? used by the developers and operations staff. The demo embraces that operations and development teams oftenDan Zentgraf, Ascendant Technology, Domain Architect use different tool sets as their primary interfaces into the ITThis session offers an overview of the moving pieces required processes and shows that applying new social technologiesto actually pull off a DevOps environment. Presenters focus based on the latest standards, teams can increaseon the tool categories and integration points required to communication and transparency into the Agile DevOpssupport a DevOps approach to promoting software through process. By maintaining a high level of engagement, the rightthe lifecycle. They also explore how to leverage virtualization set of experts can collaborate to resolve deployment issues,and an associated tool stack to smooth the end-to-end flow ultimately leading to increased team velocity.of iterative releases.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 45
  • 47. Lifecycle Solutions Lifecycle Solutions IBM Rational ALM services and solutions can help organizations reduce the high costs and risks of inefficient, multiplatform software development and are unique in the market as they allow them to unify their infrastructure with a single open, extensible, integrated Jazz platform. Having a single platform across the software delivery lifecycle allows forward-thinking organizations to extend their software infrastructure investments. This enables all stakeholders real-time collaboration and transparency in the context of the work at hand, automation and better process control from the initial requirements definition to software change and release management and beyond. This track features the latest agile and formal solutions, services and best practices for enabling a real-time flow of information spanning teams, tools, and geographies. All stakeholders, from developer to high-level CIO to software engineer, will find the necessary insight to drive fundamental improvement in delivering software and business results. Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm LS-2290 ✶ Southern Hemisphere I-II LS-1093 G Southern Hemisphere III Keynote Day 1: What’s New? Keep a Competitive The Five Imperatives—An Application Lifecycle Edge!—Be More Innovative, Faster, Better Management Energy Drink Boosts the Whole Team Geni Hutton, IBM, Director, Rational Requirements and Monica Luke, IBM, CLM Strategic Offerings Lead Quality Manager; Dave Thomson, IBM, Director and DE, Today software is everywhere. It’s powerful, complex, Rational Jazz ALM; Carolyn Pampino, IBM, Program Director, and fundamental to business. There can be serious Strategic IT Offerings for IT Software consequences to failure. Some failures can result in Companies can be innovative or watch their competition significant human harm. Others, like security breaches, announce that next great product or service ahead violations of regulations, or product recalls, can have of them. And do it while managing the high costs of catastrophic business implications. Companies need owning, integrating, and administering disparate change strategies for delivering software that not only “do no harm” management, defect tracking, configuration management, but add real value. IBM developed the “five imperatives for design, and testing infrastructures. Not to mention multi- application lifecycle management” to demonstrate how to platforms, open source projects, in-house tools, private overcome the high cost of organizational silos using in- vocabularies, disconnected processes, and manual context collaboration, real-time planning, lifecycle traceability, administrative tasks. Hear what’s new with the IBM® development intelligence, and continuous improvement. Rational® strategic application lifecycle management (ALM) offerings built on the IBM® Rational® Jazz® platform and Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm how organizations are leveraging them to unify and extend LS-1729 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere IV their infrastructures. Whether a team uses formal or agile Extending the IBM® Rational® Jazz® Platform methods, there is a solution to help deliver innovation Beyond IBM Rational and value for a higher profit by achieving effective ALM Gary J. Cernosek, IBM, Product Offerings Manager, summarized in five imperatives: in-context collaboration, Integration Initiatives; Stephanie Trunzo, IBM, Rational real-time planning, lifecycle traceability, development Integrations Gearbox, Senior Development Manager intelligence, and continuous improvement. The IBM® Rational® Jazz® initiative focuses on improving collaboration across the software and systems lifecycle G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE46 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 48. Lifecycle Solutionsfrom community, architecture, and product perspectives. Monday, 4:15pm – 5:15pmThe value of community development can be seen today on LS-1413 G Southern Hemisphere, and the IBM Rational Jazz architecture is part of Infusing Testing into Development Throughout thea growing number of IBM products, such as IBM® Rational Application LifecycleTeam Concert™, IBM® Rational® Quality Manager, and IBM® Tim R. Feeney, IBM, CLM Solution Architect; Dennis W.Rational® Requirements Composer. But the initiative is bigger Schultz, IBM, Solution Architectthan IBM Rational itself. The platform is designed to integratea much broader scope of capabilities and lifecycle tools. In In order to truly impact product quality and do so in a waythis session, presenters show how IBM Rational business that reduces delivery time, testing cannot be an after-the-factpartners and IBM Rational development teams integrate IBM verification exercise, but rather must be done as an integralRational Jazz with non-IBM Rational tools to satisfy more part of the development effort. However, quality assurancediverse sets of customers’ needs. The goal is to demonstrate and development have traditionally operated the platform is becoming the basis for a very diverse How can these teams be brought together to collaborate andand heterogeneous lifecycle management environment. share information? This session introduces ways to leverage the IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle managementMonday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm solution to start testing earlier, improve collaboration betweenLS-1380 G Southern Hemisphere III teams, and reduce fix times resulting in higher quality in aFull Lifecycle Management for a Worldwide Pharma shorter time. Presenters discuss topics such as associatingBusiness Intelligence Project at IMS Health tests to development work, test-driven development, build management, version control of test artifacts, defectStephan Pauletto, IMS Health, Engagement Manager; Florian management, task management, and monitoring project andGeorg, IBM, Client Technical Professional; Taha Boulaguigue, test team progress.IBM Switzerland, Software ServicesThis session talks about a real-world project at a global Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pmleading healthcare business intelligence provider that decided LS-1688 G Southern Hemisphere IVto use an application lifecycle management solution based Best Practices for Building OSLC Integrations: A Studyon an IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle management of Customer Collaboration for the IBM® Rational®solution, and IBM Rational design management to improve OSLC Adapter for Atlassian JIRAits software solution delivery processes. Presenters discuss Grant Rumble, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,the proposed solution architecture, lessons learned, best Sr. Manager Business Transformation; Kevin Bauer, IBM,practices, and common pitfalls discovered while defining Software Development Lead; Jozef F. de Vries, IBM, Rationalthe solution architecture, delivery processes, and “changing Integrations Advisory Software Engineerminds” of the practitioners. IBM Rational recognizes that diverse environments are aMonday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm reality for many companies and that reliable integrationLS-2164 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere IV between tools is crucial. At Innovate 2011, IBM heldWhat’s New in Collaborative Lifecycle Management: discussions with customers on their third-party tool2012...and Beyond integration needs. Using what was learned, IBM leveraged its technical expertise around open services for lifecycleScott Rich, IBM, Distinguished Engineer, collaboration (OSLC), linked data, and the IBM® Rational®Technical Lead for Rational CLM; Philippe W. Vogel, Jazz® platform to develop the IBM® Rational® OSLC adapterIBM, CLM Product Manager for Atlassian JIRA. Co-presented with Insurance CorporationThis presentation provides an overview of what’s new in the of British Columbia (ICBC), a customer engaged in IBM’slatest release of the IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle third-party Design Partner Program, presenters share themanagement solution. Key themes for this release include main decisions points through the development lifecycle ofconsumability, enterprise deployment, scalability, and building the adapter—from identifying use cases to makingreliability. From smoother upgrades and enhanced reporting architectural decisions to customer deployments. Presentersto clustering and server rename, this is the session to learn explore lessons learned and best practices for planning andabout the new capabilities. A demonstration highlighting building an integration, including how ICBC collaborated onsome of the enhancements is included. In addition, use cases, tested beta drivers, and became the first adopterpresenters pull out the crystal ball and touch briefly on their of the solution.thinking for priority themes for 2013.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 47
  • 49. Lifecycle Solutions Tuesday, 10:30am – 11:30am Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm LS-1864 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere IV LS-1317 G Southern Hemisphere IV Audit Survival for Regulated Application Development Divide and Conquer: Bridging the Gap Between Scope Cindy L. Vanepps, IBM, Industry Offerings Lead; and Requirements Management Using IBM® Rational® Tim Mulligan, Fidelity, Enterprise Infrastructure Architect Collaborative Lifecycle Management Cherifa Mansoura, IBM, Solution Architect, IBM Rational For software development teams in regulated industries, Worldwide Solution Delivery; Bhawana V. Gupta, IBM, the ability to demonstrate compliance with a complex and Rational Brand Architect dynamic set of regulations, including internal control of software development processes, is costly and challenging. Scope and requirements are two important aspects a team IBM has given process definition and enactment with lifecycle needs to manage during software development. The two traceability through collaborative lifecycle management. are often used interchangeably or mistaken as one. Are they This session shows attendees exactly how IBM takes that the same? Definitely not. What is the difference? When does further to support segregation of duties, work authorization, requirements management start? What triggers the scope and audit report generation. Presenters show out-of-the- activities? What are the factors and outputs to consider for box functionality, as well as extensions, report templates, scope negotiation? Which stakeholders are involved in each tips and tricks, and customer success stories. Come to this stage? How can teams effectively use the strategy of divide session to learn how to reduce costs and risks of software and conquer to scope a project and manage requirements? development compliance. Find answers to these questions in this session and hear how a collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) solution Tuesday, 10:30am – 11:30am using IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer and IBM® LS-2127 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere III Rational Team Concert™ helps draw the boundaries between Server Rename in a Deployed IBM® Rational® Jazz® these fundamental aspects of project management. The Collaborative Lifecycle Management Topology audience benefits from an illustrated experience report of a banking institution that deployed CLM with IBM Rational Ritchard L. Schacher, IBM, Technical Manager, Architect, Requirements Composer and IBM Rational Team Concert for Jazz Application Frameworks; Philippe Mulet, IBM, STSM, the purposes they serve best. Jazz Application Frameworks Lead and Jazz Product Architect Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm The IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle management LS-2291 G Southern Hemisphere III (CLM) solution and open services for lifecycle collaboration Just Enough Quality: Knowing When to Say When embrace the concepts of linked data, providing an Scott Rich, IBM, Distinguished Engineer, Technical Lead for architecture for better integration between disparate sources Rational CLM of lifecycle data. It is based on the architecture of the Web, utilizing the principles of RESTful design, defining artifacts Knowing when done is truly done is one of the hardest things as Web addressable resources, and using URLs to express to say in software development, especially given that teams relationships between artifacts in separate repositories, almost always know there’s more to do. Having the ability to applications, and systems. This architecture implies the effectively ensure broad coverage and linkage of all essential need for URL stability, to maintain referential integrity lifecycle artifacts to help make that determination is critical. and traceability across the lifecycle data, and has been a Moreover, providing teams with complete transparency constraint for CLM deployment until now. In CLM 2012, and measured improvement metrics enables them to more greater flexibility is provided for changing a deployment and accurately assess “launch readiness,” which of course helps moving servers permanently when standard Web techniques teams adapt, and more importantly, optimize their ability to such as DNS are not suitable. This session discusses the do it all over again with more predictability and efficiency. options for changing the topology or location of existing This session is the day two keynote for the Lifecycle deployments and discuss the facilities to enable it. Solutions track. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE48 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 50. Lifecycle SolutionsTuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pmLS-1512 ⅷ Southern Hemisphere III LS-1381 G Southern Hemisphere IVPlanning and Deploying Large High-Performance Case Study: IBM Rational Team Concert™—Replacing ®IBM® Rational® Jazz® Collaborative Lifecycle Microsoft Team Foundation Server and IBM® Rational®Management Systems ClearCase®/IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®Grant C. Covell, IBM, Sr. Development Manager; Gabriel F R Lima, Itaú BBA, Development ManagerDaniel Toczala, IBM, Jazz Jumpstart Manager Itaú BBA is the wholesale, investment, and institutionalAlthough a company may love agile and use IBM® Rational treasury banking arm of the Itaú Unibanco group, one ofTeam Concert™, personnel can worry that the server may the largest financial conglomerates in the world. Last yearnot scale. Or a company may have started to standardize it decided to replace its large Microsoft Team Foundationon IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer, but colleagues Server and IBM® Rational® ClearCase®/IBM® Rational®at remote sites are complaining about slow response times. ClearQuest® deployment with IBM® Rational Team Concert™.And while all test assets are in IBM® Rational® Quality The scope of the deployment included developmentManager, it seems to run sluggishly whenever management process automation, outsourcing development control,runs a report. Two veterans of the most complex IBM and configuration management to support all the MicrosoftRational deployments ever imagined reveal the good and bad Visual Studio developers, as well as change managementof collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) systems. There integrated with IBM® Rational® Build Forge® to supportmay not be a perfect deployment, but the presenters reveal build and deployment. With support from IBM Rational, Itauall the product and environmental aspects that contribute to BBA redefined a new collaborative development standarda high-performance CLM deployment. Bring questions and that integrates development phases and improves thestories, and be prepared to learn how to tune and improve development process governance. Itau BBA has alreadyCLM deployments. chosen IBM® Rational® Quality Manager as the solution to standardize its quality management process that is currentlyTuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm supported by Excel spreadsheets and documents.LS-1542 G Southern Hemisphere IV ® ®Managing IBM Rational Solution Enterprise Rollout Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pmwith IBM® Rational Team Concert™ and Business Agility LS-1024 G Southern Hemisphere III ® ®Paul Bahrs, IBM, Executive Solution Architect; Beth Mannion, IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle ManagementLiberty Mutual, Project Manager for RTC, BF, RAM, RAFW, Solution Deployment Tips and TricksInsight roll out; Jennie Brown, IBM, Senior IT Specialist Ralph Schoon, IBM, Leading Technical Sales Professional; ® ® Fariz Saracevic, IBM, Senior Product ManagerFor anyone who has just bought an IBM Rationalcollaborative lifecycle management solution, the question is Where does a team start, and what do they do next? Thesewhat’s next? How do they plan and manage the adoption are common questions for teams seeking to improve theirconsistently across an organization and enterprise? How time to delivery. This session discusses the patterns anddo they measure the progress, successful outcomes, practices IBM sees working with hundreds of collaborativeand milestones for each team and line of business? They lifecycle management (CLM) installations, along with whatdrink the Kool-Aid. This session is for attendees who are organizations can expect as they develop their own CLMadopting or planning to adopt an IBM Rational solution and solutions. Presenters discuss key measures of success,have some of these questions on their mind. The program strategies for deploying change through an organization, andteam at Liberty Mutual present their lessons learned from techniques to help ensure a smooth deployment.using IBM® Rational Team Concert™ to organize, plan,and manage adoption of several IBM Rational productsacross multiple teams and lines of business. The sessioncovers practices established for core teams and rollouts,including release and iteration planning meetings, translatinginstallation configuration, workshops, code migration, releaseand iteration plans, epics, stories, task work items, andcollaboration techniques.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 49
  • 51. Lifecycle Solutions Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am lifecycle management (CLM). Specifically, it has capabilities to LS-1063 ✶ Southern Hemisphere III manage statement of work to build common understanding Keynote Day Three for Lifecycle Solutions Track: on requirements by outsourcer and outsourcee, to review Unifying Platform = ROI—Rational Is Agnostic various artifacts, and to help the outsourcee deliver results. IBM provides this solution-as-a-service with CLM, and two Sean Kennedy, IBM, Staff Software Developer; Marty software parks have installed it. IBM also has been doing Levesque, IBM Rational, IBM Rational Solution Advisor self hosting to develop the solution. In this talk, presenters Never assume, as the saying goes! This session focuses on discuss outsourcing trends, describe software parks in China discovering how the IBM® Rational® Jazz® platform is being and their challenges, explain the solution with technical leveraged by a varied combination/mix of IBM Rational Jazz details, and share the experience obtained so far. and non-IBM Rational Jazz tools/solutions and how open services for lifecycle collaboration (OSLC) and IBM open Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:15pm technologies, standards strategy, and thought leadership LS-1931 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere IV in this area can help organizations further software tooling An Overview of a Generic Approach to Integration of a investments. Presenters talk briefly about what the OSLC New Lifecycle Management with Application Lifecycle initiative aims to do for the entire software industry Management Using OSLC and why attendees need to get involved as an OSLC Arvind Rangarajan, IBM, IBM Architect; Hiroaki Nakamura, community member. IBM, Researcher Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am The approach has been gathered from the experience of LS-1439 G Southern Hemisphere IV application lifecycle management (ALM)/product lifecycle Enterprise Linked Data, Open Services for Lifecycle management (PLM) integration for the automotive industry Collaboration, and the W3C Standards where no previous open services for lifecycle collaboration (OSLC) specification existed for product type resources. Angel Diaz, IBM, Vice President, Software Standards; Steve An extension to the OSLC specification was developed in Speicher, IBM, OSLC Lead Architect collaboration with the OSLC PLM and Core workgroup, W3C defines a wide range of standards for the semantic then an implementation was successfully realized using web and linked data suitable for many enterprise use Eclipse Lyo alongside ALM and PLM applications. The Lyo cases. One prominent example of using linked data is open framework provides ways to store, parse, and query RDFs services for lifecycle collaboration (OSLC) as an application present in the specific server. The Lyo framework was lifecycle management integration technology. Linked data extended to support new features that can provide seamless has the potential to solve other important problems that integration of aspects of lifecycle management. This session have frustrated the IT industry for many years. This session generalizes the method and provides a reusable approach to examines linked data best practices and discusses linked integrate two lifecycle management aspects. data work at W3C that may influence the evolution of OSLC. Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:15pm LS-1351 G Southern Hemisphere IV LS-1370 G Southern Hemisphere III Cost Savings and Productivity Gains of An Outsourcing Solution Leveraging Collaborative Using a Unifying Platform Lifecycle Management and Experience with Chinese Kenneth Creager, ALM Solutions Group, Software Parks Chief Technology Officer Tsutomu Kamimura, IBM, Distinguished Engineer This presentation provides an overview of IBM® Rational and Rational CTO for Asia Pacific; Charles Yan, IBM, Team Concert™ and how it can be integrated and Program Director implemented in a traditional IBM® Rational® ClearCase® In China, the government has an initiative to help the and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® environment. See how an outsourcing industry and has created so called software organization that has been using these tools and other parks. There are about 100 software parks—the largest has third-party and legacy tools might manage the migration 1,000 companies and 100,000 developers. IBM has worked into IBM Rational Team Concert. See how the additional with several software parks, as well as major outsourcing functionality and capabilities of IBM Rational Team Concert companies, to create an outsourcing solution built as a set of can lead to a 30-40 percent improvement in time-to- additional capabilities to the base capabilities of collaborative market or cycle time reduction. See how this tool helps G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE50 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 52. Lifecycle Solutionsan organization reduce the cost of its IT infrastructure, lower quality. Breaking down these silos can be enabledreduce tool administrative costs, and reduce the time to by providing a collaborative platform where the wholedeploy new processes and software projects. Learn how an organization can prioritize, share, and govern delivery.organization can save thousands/millions of dollars in capital The result is better informed decision making at all levelsexpenditures, plus achieve significant productivity gains in its and greatly improved communications and traceabilitysoftware production environment. The end results, faster time between teams, which drives greater delivery efficiency andto market and reduced costs powered by IBM® Rational® effectiveness and an overall increase in the business valueJazz® and IBM Rational Team Concert. created by delivery teams.Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmLS-1653 G Southern Hemisphere III LS-1991 ⅷ Southern Hemisphere IIIOpen Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Experience Case Study: Adoption of Collaborative LifecycleReports and Roundtable Management at U.S. Department of LaborAndreas Keis, EADS, IW Systems Manager; Cecilia Lindgren, Kent Colwell, ASRC Aerospace, Program ManagerTieto AB, Software Designer; Sean Kennedy, IBM, Staff Over the past year, the U.S. Department of Labor DivisionSoftware Developer (DOL) has migrated from its existing IBM® Rational® lifecycleThe “integration problem” is one faced by all businesses and platform to IBM® Rational Team Concert™, IBM® Rational®is often solved in an unsatisfactory manner. For examples, Quality Manager, and IBM® Rational® Requirementstight coupling makes changes difficult, multiple copies of Composer. This session reviews the migration strategy anddata can increase storage requirements and worse, and best practices developed while working with IBM during theproblem determination and resolution in such systems can implementation. Presenters review the challenges of meetingbe costly. Through open services for lifecycle collaboration customer requirements and migrating existing project assets(OSLC), experts have gathered together for public discussion into the new platform, and how DOL utilizes collaborativeof common problems and solutions, and have published application lifecycle management common services,open specifications to make software integrations easier and project and process templates, and integration into existingmore robust, and expose more lifecycle data so that it can application lifecycle management products, including IBM®be effectively used. Learn from the experiences of OSLC Rational® Software Architect, IBM® Rational® Applicationcommunity members who have participated in specification Developer, IBM® Rational® Functional Tester, and IBM®development, implemented a specification, and realized Rational® Performance Tester. Integration and compatibilitybenefits from doing so. Attendees have an opportunity to requirements over the existing DOL IBM® WebSphere® andask questions of these community members in a panel IBM® DB2® application service infrastructure arediscussion. Get some insight into the technical and business also covered.“what, how, and why” of using OSLC to address the“integration problem.” Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm LS-1078 G Southern Hemisphere IIIWednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Finding Common Ground between Agile and WaterfallLS-1061 G Southern Hemisphere IV for Large EnterprisesDelivery Management: Aligning Software Delivery Richard McMullin, National Bank of Canada, Senior Managerwith Business Strategy – Research and Development Standards; Martin Morgentaler,Marty Levesque, IBM Rational, Market Manager, IBM, Senior Software Technical ProfessionalCollaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) Large waterfall organizations are still wary of the agile“Doing the right things” and “doing things right” are the movement. Complexity, strong architecture commitment,essential ingredients for successful software and systems and political alignment to process that are familiar, all work todelivery. Unfortunately, with distributed delivery spanning breed skepticism of newer agile approaches. While peoplemultiple disciplines, geographies and time zones, many loathe change, disciplined agile delivery (DaD, not dAd) canorganizations struggle with teams working in silos, broken help. Small “a” agile practices can improve and strengthenlines of communication, lack of collaboration, inadequate traditional waterfall practices. This presentation uses a real-traceability, and poor project visibility. This often results in life example of a reasonably large business project (>$15M),organizations “doing the wrong things” and “doing things to demonstrate how agile practices can be introducedwrong,” with associated higher costs, project delays, and within a waterfall organization with the goal of improvingⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 51
  • 53. Lifecycle Solutions disciplined delivery. Presenters look for the commonalities requirements authoring technique, leveraging an existing between the approaches, not the differences. By focusing on investment in lifecycle tools. UML modeling of requirements, common ground, and using common sense, everyone can software design, architecture, and deployment facilitated come out winners. Key practices discussed include: strong by an intelligent web of traceability relationships further architecture, backlog management, whole team, iterations, enhanced CLM while improving reporting across disciplines and time-boxed delivery. Warning: this presentation is not for and end-to-end impact analysis. An interesting process twist agile or waterfall purists. using application flow scenarios added to the collaboration between disciplines and scenario-based testing. Learn Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm how to leverage investments in existing tools and gain LS-1309 G Southern Hemisphere IV CLM benefits. Application Lifecycle Management Imperatives: A Customer’s Implementation Story pre-IBM® Rational Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am Team Concert™ LS-2227 G Southern Hemisphere IV ® ® ★ Andrew Detandt, Lender Processing Services, Resource IBM Rational Reporting Solutions: Turning Manager; Monica Luke, IBM, CLM Strategic Offerings Lead Information into Insight Eric H. Larsen, IBM, Rational Reporting Specialist Are tools getting in the way of development? Hung up on the pursuit of perfect methodology? Are tools configured The IBM® Rational® reporting solutions, including to support territorial turfdom instead of supporting smarter collaborative lifecycle management, IBM® Rational® development? Ideally, pursuit should be the well-known five Reporting for Development Intelligence, and IBM® Rational® application lifecycle management Imperatives: accelerate Insight, enable customers to automate traditionally manual time to delivery with real time planning, improve quality tasks of extracting, correlating, and storing data needed with lifecycle traceability, maximize product value with in- to successfully manage and steer software and systems context collaboration, refine predictability with development projects. This data is then presented in reports, surfaced intelligence, and reduce costs with continuous improvement. within a product’s user interface. However, by leveraging the This presentation proposes cultural change in an organization powerful IBM® Cognos® platform on which the IBM Rational and how a current tool set can support that improvement. reporting solutions are built, users have access to a very Setting tools up to house that single source of project rich and diverse set of alternate visualizations to assist in truth so that organizations can effectively collaborate might analyzing the data for hidden leading indicators and trends. be easier than attendees think. Hear how LPS made the transition to work items, resulting in rapid and adaptable Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am iteration planning, project transparency, predictability, and LS-2298 G Southern Hemisphere III improved collaboration. Is There a Doctor in the House? Diagnose Operational Gaps and Optimize Performance Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am Carolyn Pampino, IBM, Program Director, Strategic IT LS-2181 G Oceanic 6 Offerings for IT Software; Cindy L. Vanepps, IBM, Industry Case Study: Break the Barrier of Process Silos — Offerings Lead Prepare to Achieve Collaborative Lifecycle Management Goals Dr., it hurts when I do this. Then stop doing that. Many customers have been with IBM Rational along the application Subodh Atal, SSA, Technical Project Manager; Anirban lifecycle management (ALM) journey. IBM Rational pioneered Mukherjee, IBM, Senior IT Architect; Dave Remmel, IBM, many ALM and product lifecycle management concepts, Senior Managing Consultant with thought leadership that began over a decade ago with How to break the barrier to improve software development iterative development, unifying development teams, and best using comprehensive collaboration? Existing proven practices that tie them all together. The core ALM capabilities processes were not well integrated so disciplines did not that make up what is known today as the IBM Rational talk with each other. Instituting a comprehensive process collaborative lifecycle management solution hasn’t forgotten covering multiple disciplines broke down these barriers while or written off the past. IBM Rational’s breadth and depth of gaining collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) benefits. tooling, which each in their own right continue to be industry Learn how a standardized document-centric monolithic leading tools, speaks volumes of what the IBM® Rational® requirement elicitation process was replaced with a modern Jazz® platform can do for all customers. IBM Rational is once G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE52 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 54. Lifecycle Solutionsagain demonstrating thought leadership by executing on its kick-off migration to IBM Rational Jazz across the governmentlong-standing vision to ensure customers’ existing software agency. Project kick-off started with intensive planning,investments have a place in the future. This session is the analysis, design, and configuration of the IBM Rational Jazzday four keynote for the Lifecycle Solutions track. architecture, followed by data migration. During this journey, a number of hurdles were successfully overcome, resultingThursday, 9:45am – 10:45am in project teams that have embraced the new solution andLS-1365 G Southern Hemisphere III increasing client support for an enterprise solution.The Successful Adoption and Integration ofCollaborative Lifecycle Management Technology Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45aminto the Existing IBM® Rational® Platform within LS-2203 ⅷ Southern Hemisphere IVGrupo Elektra Power in Hand—Building Lifecycle Project TemplatesEricka Bertado, Banco Azteca, Software Development Kai-uwe Maetzel, IBM, STSM; Jared Burns, IBM, TechnicalMethodology and Platform Director; Alejandro Nunez, Banco Lead for Jazz Team ProcessAzteca, Software Configuration Manager Lifecycle projects are at the core of the IBM® Rational®Grupo Elektra is part of Grupo Salinas that is involved in collaborative lifecycle management solution. In this talk,various industries such as banking, TV, telecomm, retail, presenters explain what lifecycle projects are and how usersmotorcycle sales and financial services. Its success is based can extend the IBM Rational solution with their own lifecycleon a hundred years of experience, and its contribution has project templates.improved acquisition level and living standards of millionsof families through the access to world-class products and Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45amservices. The company operates in more than 2,000 points LS-2323 G Australia 2of sale in eight countries in Latin America. It also has more Add Sync to Open Services for Lifecycle Collaborationthan 1,500 developers working 365 days a year using an Link: Large-Scale Application Lifecycle Managementin-house banking methodology and the automation using Integration for IBM® Rational Team Concert™IBM Rational tools. Grupo Elektra has more than 1,000 IBM Mik Kersten, Tasktop Technologies, Founder and CEORational licenses. It has just successfully adopted the IBM®Rational® Jazz® platform integrated with IBM® Rational® The collaborative lifecycle management support in IBM®ClearCase® and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® to improve Rational Team Concert™ is key to many agile transformations.its development process so it can build better and faster But many customers deploy this tool into heterogeneousapplications without losing change control and supplying application lifecycle management (ALM) environments thatproject progress information to senior managers. include third-party tools such as Microsoft TFS, HP Quality Center, and Atlassian JIRA. To productively use this productThursday, 9:45am – 10:45am requires integration among the disparate ALM tools toLS-1630 G Oceanic 6 provide real-time data visibility and reporting. While a growingMigrating Legacy IBM Rational to the IBM Rational® ® number of systems support open services for lifecycleJazz® Platform, from Planning to Deployment collaboration (OSLC)-based linked lifecycle data integration, many do not. This session demonstrates how an integrationKenny Lew, 30-602-5800, Consultant; Paresh Gajjar, approach based on data synchronization using Eclipse MylynPrimescape Solutions Inc., Program Manager connectors can co-exist with and leverage OSLC integrationsMigrating from legacy IBM Rational to the new IBM® Rational® and how OSLC interoperability can be provided for multipleJazz® platform can be complex when there are project teams systems even when they don’t natively support the OSLCof varying size, complexity, and maturity. This presentation specification. Attendees leave the session with practicalreveals the strategy, processes, techniques, and methods integration strategies in real-world heterogeneous scenarios.that were used to successfully migrate project teams ata large government agency. Challenges and successesof the IBM Rational Jazz 3.0 solution and comprehensivedata migration from legacy tools are provided. A numberof organizational challenges were successfully navigated tosecure management support and government funding toⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 53
  • 55. Lifecycle Solutions Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm LS-1371 G Oceanic 6 LS-2169 G Southern Hemisphere III Leveraging Service Development Lifecycle with Design and Collaborative Lifecycle Management IBM® Rational® Jazz® Integration Egemen Kurdoglu, AVEA, Senior IT Director; Tansu Dasli, Don Yantzi, IBM, Product Line Manager, Collaborative Design AVEA, Middleware Development Manager; Halil Bahadir, Management; Vishy Ramaswamy, IBM, Design Management IBM, Subject Matter Expert for Application Lifecycle Server Architect Management At Innovate 2011, IBM Rational announced collaborative Avea wants to discipline all software development life design management (CDM); a new IBM® Rational® Jazz® cycle steps using the IBM® Rational® Jazz® platform. This capability for collaborating on software and systems designs. presentation covers the solution delivery lifecycle (SDLC) Innovate 2012 brings new enhancements that integrate implementation within the Middleware Department, which collaborative lifecycle management and CDM. This session has had the most challenges and where many amazing uses the “money that matters” scenario to cover all aspects applications are developed. During this session, presenters of this integration, including incorporating designs into cover the IBM Rational Jazz platform, the integration of IBM® lifecycle traceability, leveraging designs across the lifecycle WebSphere® Registry and Repository and IBM® Rational® and with Agile development, in-context collaboration on Asset Manager, and usage areas with IBM® DataPower®. In designs, and cross-domain document generation. addition, presenters outline how to implement plug-ins for IBM® Rational Team Concert™ and how to address release management capabilities in IBM Rational Team Concert. The session also includes short videos about usage. Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm LS-2129 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere IV To Migrate Is Human, to Integrate Is Divine: Lessons Learned Deploying Application Lifecycle Management Products into Infrastructures and Processes Roger Dunn, SCM Solution, Inc., Chief Scientist; Samit Mehta, IBM, Senior Software Engineer; Dan Rasmussen, SCM Solution, Directory of Product Development Today’s development organizations rely on a variety of application lifecycle management (ALM) products. Many of these products have been in use for significant time spans, building up an important body of information that chronicles the trajectory of products, projects, and contributors. Organizations are likely to have established policies and procedures for access and usage, and enlistment into the systems often involves many roles and departments/ divisions. Presenters discuss the key decision points involved in introducing new ALM technology into an existing, mature development infrastructure. Industry examples from financial services, healthcare, and others provide real-world examples, and a live demonstration, showing how IBM Rational customers have solved these problems, and the lessons learned from those experiences. The session outlines the use of a decision matrix that helps solve the “migrate versus integrate” question, accelerating adoption of contemporary ALM tools. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE54 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 56. Mobile Application Development Mobile Application Development Mobile computing is and will continue to grow at exponential rates. The explosion in mobile data and applications growth is a phenomenon that touches many industries. Although some aspects of mobile applications development are the same as that of traditional software, mobile development has many unique aspects. Development organizations need to deal with the large diversity of platforms, different models of programming models and the scarcity of skills associated with mobile development. Furthermore, security and compliance requirements present important new challenges in developing mobile applications. This track will focus on software engineering issues that are associated with mobile applications, and how to adapt existing tools and skills to mobile application development. This track is targeted for mobile application developers, business analysts, development managers, executives, product managers, QA managers, requirements managers, team leads, testers, architects, and strategists.Tuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmMAP-1628 ✶ Oceanic 7 MAP-1125 Ⅵ Oceanic 7Mobile Application Development Keynote IBM Mobile Foundation: Introduction toJeffrey S. Hammond, Forrester Research, Principal Analyst; IBM’s Mobile PlatformLeigh A. Williamson, IBM, Distinguished Engineer; Wing Dirk Nicol, IBM, Program DirectorHong Ho, IBM, Program Director, Mobile Computing With the explosive growth of mobile devices, enterprisesMobile computing is one of the most important topics in now have an imperative to extend their existing businesscomputing today. The demand for mobile applications and capabilities and to transform their businesses by creatingdevices is explosive, and new paradigms are emerging new opportunities with mobile applications. However, therapidly in this fast-moving space. It is a tremendous fragmented and rapidly changing mobile landscape bringsopportunity for differentiation and even an imperative to act significant challenges that must be overcome. The IBMfor companies to meet customer or employee expectations. Mobile Platform is aimed at addressing these challenges byWhether for a general enterprise in any industry or for a offering an open platform that speeds the delivery of existingmobile software or hardware vendor, mobile computing and new mobile applications to multiple devices. This sessionhas an impact that one ignores at their peril. This session explains the components and capabilities of the platform.discusses recent trends in mobile computing and a brief Presenters show how it can help enterprises build mobilesurvey of the different mobile computing paradigms. applications that connect to backend systems, as well asPresenters discuss the challenges in delivering value via how it can be used to manage and secure mobile devicesmobile computing especially around mobile application and applications.development. They also discuss Rational’s and IBM’s point ofview and strategies for how to help customers resolve thesechallenges as well as provide an overview of the solutions.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 55
  • 57. Mobile Application Development Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am MAP-1782 G Oceanic 7 MAP-1824 ࡗ Oceanic 7 Driving Innovation in the Banking and Insurance Mobile User Interface Development Challenges Industries with Mobile and Trade-offs Richard Field, IBM, Rational WW Financial Services Jon Ferraiolo, IBM, Distinguished Engineer, Emerging Market Manager Technologies; Alexander Muse, ShopSavvy, CEO and Co-Founder Since the release of the Apple iPhone, there has been a dramatic adoption of smartphones across the globe. The Mobile application developers face many challenges release of the Apple iPad is leading to a similar dramatic and trade-offs. Users expect great user experiences, adoption of tablet computers. The mobile market is changing but achieving this involves many learning curves, new rapidly—driven by consumer demands, new technologies, development challenges, and inevitable quality/efficiency and new entrants to the market. In order to keep up with trade-offs. This session highlights the usability challenges in this rapidly changing market space and technology pace, development mobile users interfaces and then introduces a integrated tools are required to help quickly plan, design, set of tools (Dojo Mobile and Maqetta) that leverage HTML5 build, and test mobile applications. This presentation to deliver cross-platform mobile applications, but with a describes the key mobile opportunities for banks and device-native look and feel. insurance companies in developed and growth markets. See how IBM® Rational® has extended its integrated Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:45pm application lifecycle management capabilities to support MAP-1571 G Oceanic 7 bank and insurance organizations’ mobile application Accelerate Construction of Mobile Applications with development to help meet the strong customer demand IBM Worklight Studio for more sophisticated and integrated mobile banking/ Jay Cagle, IBM, RAD Development Manager; Jim Zhang, insurance capabilities. IBM, Senior Architect, IBM Mobile Development Tools and RAD/WDT Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm MAP-2020 ⅷ Oceanic 7 For organizations that must develop mobile solutions for Know What to Do Today: From Mobile to Middleware, Android, iOS, or BlackBerry, whether as Web or native Agile Development Scaled to Multi-Tier Consumer applications, IBM offers a range of products to meet their Application Development at BMI needs. Come learn how these products enable organizations to accomplish work fast and easily. See features to develop M.K. McHugh IBM, Managing Consultant; Jim Harvey, with PhoneGap, visually construct user interface with Dojo Broadcast Music, Inc, SDLC Process Owner, BA/ Mobile, test code in a browser-based simulator, build the QA Manager; Jeff Davis, BMI, Sr. Director, Enterprise native packages for both Android and iOS, and test them by Applications using device emulators. The session includes a live demo so BMI and IBM Rational collaborated to define an agile attendees can see how easily it all works. process and best practices for development of a complex multi-tiered architecture. Agile methods have been adopted throughout the entire collaborative application development process at BMI where development extends from mobile device applications through services. The IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) solution is addressing the greater need for collaboration, traceability, and automation at BMI. The presentation addresses the best practices and lessons learned for adopting both an agile and CLM-based approach for quick turn consumer application development. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE56 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 58. Mobile Application DevelopmentWednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pmMAP-1120 G Oceanic 7 MAP-2248 G Oceanic 7How to Select the Right Mobile Testing Solution for an Panel Discussion: Accelerating Mobile ApplicationEnterprise—Best Practices and Case Study DevelopmentCharles Rankin, IBM, Rational CTO Team – Mobile Jim Zhang, IBM, Senior Architect, IBM Mobile DevelopmentDevelopment Strategy; Eran Yaniv, Perfecto Mobile, CEO Tools and RAD/WDT; Leigh A. Williamson, IBM, Distinguished Engineer; Wing Hong Ho, IBM, Program Director, MobileThe mobile market is extremely dynamic and maintaining Computing; Charles Rankin, IBM, Rational CTO Team –application quality across multiple platforms and networks is Mobile Development Strategya difficult task. This is exacerbated by the shorter cycle timesthat are common on mobile projects and the increasing need Join a panel of experts to discuss how organizations canfor continuous quality assurance. Having a solid test strategy accelerate mobile application development.that includes device-agnostic automation and access toa wide variety of devices is key. In addition, teams wantan application lifecycle management solution that enablesthem to leverage their existing quality assurance tools andknowledge. This session explores the complexities of themobile testing landscape and discusses various ways to helpensure a mobile test project is a success.Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmMAP-2404 Ⅵ Oceanic 7Real-World Experiences Developing Multi-ChannelMobile AppsSean Wyrick, Ascendant Technology, Vice PresidentArchitecture; Matt Pomroy, Ascendant Technology, VicePresident, Software EngineeringWhen delivering multi-channel applications for mobiledevices, Web browsers, and platforms like kiosk, anapplication lifecycle management (ALM) strategy should bewell planned and scalable. With IBM technology and IBM®Rational Team Concert™, organizations can take control ofthis process by orchestrating multi-platform delivery throughintegrated planning, software configuration management,and build and deployment capabilities. In this session,presenters walk through a project that leverages IBM RationalTeam Concert to develop applications for IBM® Worklight andIBM® WebSphere® Portal. Presenters explore a strategy forintegrating ALM best practices into mobile development andprovide a demonstration of how IBM Rational Team Concertcan be used to manage the build, change, deploy, anddistribution of multi-channel applications.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 57
  • 59. Packaged Applications Packaged Applications It’s time for a change! Change is critical to business success and innovation. Discover how you can reduce costs, manage change and improve quality across the enterprise applications lifecycle within your SAP, Oracle and custom development or legacy implementations ... and at the speed your organization demands. In particular, IBM Rational solutions for SAP brings together the very best of SAP and IBM Rational’s combined application lifecycle management market leadership. This track will cover key insights into how IBM Rational and SAP are collaborating to help ensure the integrity and quality of SAP solutions with comprehensive end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management. Discover the approach and technology available to achieve collaboration between business stakeholders and IT teams and the ability to manage the lifecycle of packaged & in- house application projects. Ensure your business processes are deployed & tested with increased quality and speed within ever decreasing budgets and resources. Attendees will leave this track with practical insight into strategies and technology that will help them achieve an enterprise applications lifecycle that drives higher quality changes faster and at a lower cost. Monday, 11:00am – 12:00pm Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm PA-1570 G Oceanic 6 PA-1993 G Oceanic 6 The Economics of Automated Testing for Packaged Application Lifecycle Management for SAP Powered by Enterprise Applications IBM Rational Warren Kaufman, Colgate-Palmolive, Director of Governance; James Hunter, IBM, Segment Manager, System Integrators Shoeb Javed, Worksoft, Inc., CTO and Package Applications; Evan Stoddard, SAP, Senior Product Manager Testing packaged enterprise applications (software that people buy, use, configure, and extend) is fundamentally To successfully implement and maintain SAP, organizations different from testing custom developed applications need to act not only faster and more efficiently, but smarter. (software that companies build themselves). The overall This session will introduce the IBM Rational capabilities for approach, starting points, and success criteria used for SAP and the collaborative partnership that exists between automating the testing of packaged applications are entirely SAP and IBM Rational. It’s all about helping to speed up different from those used for testing custom developed the implementation of SAP solutions, process changes, applications. This session discusses practical approaches enhancements and support packs by using the tools and for tackling the test automation of packaged SAP enterprise insights needed to make optimal, fact-based business applications at Colgate-Palmolive, as well as some important decisions. Find out why using IBM Rational together with economic measures for delivering true return on investment SAP and SAP Solution Manager brings together the best to the business through operational efficiencies and time of ALM market leadership to help you reduce your costs, and cost savings. manage change, and improve quality across your SAP application lifecycle. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE58 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 60. Packaged ApplicationsMonday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmPA-1372 Ⅵ Oceanic 6 PA-1197 G Oceanic 6Change Impact Analysis Using SAP Business Process What’s Next for IBM Rational and SAPChange Analyzer and IBM Rational Tools Rajeev Gollapudi, SAP, Senior Product Manager; BerndRajeev Gollapudi, SAP, Senior Product Manager Eberhardt, IBM, Product ManagerSAP solutions are continuously changed to meet the This session explores the deep dive technical offerings of IBMchanging business environment and to take advantage of Rational’s collaboration with SAP. The presentation coversnewer innovations and updates coming from SAP. Whenever the current offerings and integrations with SAP solutions andSAP solutions are changed, customers must identify the test introduces the new and extended integrations between thescope for regression testing to ensure smooth deployment of IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle management platformthe new changes. SAP Business Process Change Analyzer and the SAP Solution Manager.(BPCA), a functionality in SAP Solution Manager, helpsidentify a risk-based test scope for any kind of SAP-related Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pmchanges. This tool is now also integrated with IBM® Rational® PA-1216 Ⅵ Oceanic 6tools for seamless management of tests. This session A Project Portfolio Management Solution to Manageexplains how the tool works and how it is integrated with the Demands of Various Countries and CustomersIBM Rational tools. Anderson Luis De Paula Silva, IBM, Rational IT Specialist; Gustavo Sirol, Isban, IT Project ManagerTuesday, 10:30am – 11:30amPA-1234 G Oceanic 6 Isban is the banking IT services subsidiary belonging to theIntegrated Application Lifecycle Management Using Santander Group, an international banking and financialSAP and IBM® Rational® Tools services group. It operates in three large geographic areas: Continental Europe; United Kingdom, and Latin America,Steven B. Pitschke, IBM, Senior Software Engineer and mainly in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico,Architect; Joseph Derr, IBM, GBS SAP Testing and Testing Venezuela, and Colombia. Isban Brazil is responsibleTools SME for ensuring IT alignment with the business needs of theIt is a multi-disciplinary, multi-team, multi-vendor effort to Santander Group not only in Brazil, but also in other Latincustomize and deploy a packaged application. Business American countries. It adopted IBM® Rational® Focal Point™analysts specify requirements and test scenarios in SAP as a solution for managing IT demands, with some specialSolution Manager. Testers use IBM® Rational® Quality requirements such as customized proposal generation forManager to organize test plans, test cases, and test results. each company in Santander Group, financial traceabilityAdministrators manage problems using SAP Service Desk with SAP, the ability to manage the demands of variousincidents. Developers track activities/defects using IBM® companies from Santander Group, and a multi-country/multi-Rational® ClearQuest®. Blue Harmony is the project at customer demand manager at the same workspace. IsbanIBM to deploy SAP packaged applications across the IBM will be expanding the installation of IBM Rational Focal Pointback office. GBS relies on the IBM® Rational® Connector to Chile using the same methods used in Brazil.for SAP Solution Manager to help develop and deploythe largest SAP packaged application in the world. Thispresentation explains how the IBM Rational Connectorfor SAP Solution Manager ties together the developmentenvironments of SAP and IBM to create an applicationlifecycle management development and deployment processfor packaged applications.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 59
  • 61. Automation, Deployment & Asset Management Automation, Deployment & Asset Management In order to optimize software delivery, organizations must focus on streamlining the flow of information and removing critical bottlenecks. One way to achieve this is through automation and the use of a trusted asset library. As virtualization and the cloud make IT environments increasingly complex, and the pressure to be agile accelerates the pace of software delivery, the key to enhanced productivity, repeatability, and reliability lies in solutions and best practices covered in this track. IT managers, practitioners, and operations teams will learn how the IBM® Rational® Automation Framework, IBM® Rational® Build Forge®, and IBM® Rational® Asset Manager, as well as integrations with IBM WebSphere and IBM® Tivoli®, can help to provide “a single source of the truth”, automate processes, and dramatically improve efficiency and costs. Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm ADAM-2141 G Northern Hemisphere A3 ADAM-1023 ⅷ Northern Hemisphere A3 Advanced Middleware Management Using IBM® IBM® Rational® Asset Manager’s Impact and Use on Rational® Automation Framework and the MidVision NASA’s Orion Program Extensions Teresa Rose, ERC (NASA JSC), SCM/Rational Tool Support David Brauneis, IBM, STSM, Rational Software Delivery The challenge for NASA was clear: how to share assets Automation Chief Architect; David Sayers, Midvision, between organizations in a controlled manner while ensuring Technical Services Director access rules are closely followed and an audit trail created. Ever thought why it takes so long to create new middleware Assets also needed a lifecycle to ensure retirement of environments? What is the difference between system test obsolete assets, verification-level tracking, and identification and integration test environments? Why isn’t a middleware of flight-ready assets. This session outlines how IBM® configuration managed in the same say as application Rational® Asset Manager helped NASA meet this challenge code—checked into source control; changes audited in and includes lessons learned. a controlled way; build processes to extract, version, and baseline; changes promoted through environments in a Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm consistent way? This session focuses on the process and ADAM-2245 G Northern Hemisphere A3 methodology used to manage middleware with examples Automation, Deployment, and Asset Management of how to achieve this using IBM® WebSphere® Application Track Kickoff Server, MQ, IBM® WebSphere® Message Broker, and other John Banks-Binici, IBM, Director of Change and non-IBM application servers such as Oracle WebLogic and Configuration Management; Ashok Reddy, IBM, Director, Red Hat JBoss. Offering Strategy & Delivery, Cloud In today’s high paced, high delivery world, the ability to automate effectively with trusted, reliable, and reusable assets is more important than ever. The truth is that the greatest development efforts can only bear fruit if organizations are able to successfully deploy them. Come learn how IBM® Rational® is leading the way in providing world-class solutions to address automation, deployment, and asset management needs. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE60 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 62. Automation, Deployment & Asset ManagementTuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmADAM-1476 G Northern Hemisphere A3 ADAM-1469 G Northern Hemisphere A3 ® ®Panel Discussion: Field Experiences with IBM Rational Asset Manager—The Collaboration HubIBM® Rational® in Cloud Solutions Between Business, Technology, and OperationsJohn Liu, IBM, Senior IT Specialist; Keith Robinson, CTSI, Karin Thornbrough, Citigroup, Infrastructure TechnologySenior Engineer; Ross Edwards, US Navy, Engineering Specialist; Guy Sereff, Citigroup, SVP – Sr. EnterpriseManager; Paul Bahrs, IBM, Executive Solution Architect Architect; Bruce M. Besch, IBM, Rational Managing ConsultantCloud technologies are a major driving force for costreduction and innovation in organizations today, particularly Today’s complex distributed business, technology, andfor ones that have adopted agile methodologies. Cloud operation units are challenged to effectively collaborate andservices can include many layers of capabilities, including objectively measure the impact of their deployed solutions.platform, technology, and subject matter expertise. IBM This complexity is further compounded as teams try toRational and its clients provide compelling solutions to help communicate and coordinate across disparate informationcustomers leverage cloud to accelerate software delivery repositories. They need to successfully link businessand reduce cost. Come learn more in this session where capabilities, processes, and components together withpresenters openly discuss with clients case studies and corresponding technology solutions to form a holistic valuescenarios encountered when implementing cloud services chain. This session demonstrates ways to leverage IBM®with IBM Rational solutions. Rational® Asset Manager beyond the role of a traditional technology repository by linking assets to critical businessTuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm drivers, rules, and operating constraints. The presentersADAM-1094 G Northern Hemisphere A3 provide innovative techniques that span the areas of aligningAgile Transformation at Leveraging technology vision with strategic business planning, linkingIBM® Rational® Build Forge® and IBM® Rational® technology capabilities to deployed technology assets, andAutomation Framework applying an asset-based reference architecture roadmap to drive enterprise architecture initiatives.Randall S. Langehennig, IBM, Senior IT Specialist; AntonioPulice, Classified Ventures –, Senior Release Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pmManager; Kayne Grau, Classified Ventures –, Vice ADAM-2271 ⅷ Northern Hemisphere A3President of Technology Just What Is the IBM Rational® Automation ®This session explores how leveraged IBM® Framework?Rational® Build Forge® and the IBM® Rational® Automation Anujay K. Bidla, IBM, Client Technical Professional;Framework to support its transformation from a waterfall Paul Meharg, IBM, Client Technical Professional;product delivery framework to an agile product delivery David Brauneis, IBM, STSM, Rational Software Deliveryframework. The presentation includes real-life examples, as Automation Chief Architectwell as metrics and benefits derived from the solution. IBM® Rational® Rational Automation Framework continues to expand on its automation mission for IBM® WebSphere®. With the new addition to the portfolio of supported middleware and new user experience, IBM Rational Automation Framework is now the industry leader with the broadest and deepest support for automation of IBM WebSphere administration, deployment, and build-out operations. Come to this session to learn these and other exciting new developments in IBM Rational Automation Framework and how they can help address critical business needs.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 61
  • 63. Automation, Deployment & Asset Management Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm ADAM-1386 ⅷ Northern Hemisphere A3 ADAM-1436 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A3 Automating Deployment Based on the IBM® Rational® Transaction Processing Facility Build and Deploys Automation Framework and IBM® Rational® Build Using IBM® Rational Team Concert™, IBM® Rational® Forge® Application Programming Interface Build Forge®, and IBM® Rational® Asset Manager James Stachelek, Citi, Vice President; James J. Sullivan, Andy Phillipson, IBM, IT Specialist; Dale Nilsson, IBM, IBM, Client Technical Professional; Mario Valeri, IBM, Managing Consultant; Greg Arbon, Travelport, Senior Vice President Product Manager The Citi Business Transition (CBT) team supports the Citi This session covers the architecture and solution used to business by managing the deployment of customer-facing integrate IBM® Rational Team Concert™, IBM® Rational® business applications to the pre-production and production Build Forge®, IBM® Rational® Asset Manager, and IBM® environments. In order to manage the workload, the CBT Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) Toolkit at Travelport. team has constructed a system based on the IBM® Rational® The solution automates the build and deployment of code Build Forge® and IBM Rational Automation Framework API. for both TPF version 4.1 and zTPF on the mainframe. The This system integrates with a ticketing system call IBM® session covers the solution architecture and a discussion Tivoli® InfoMan. This solution supports a customer self- of the integration application programming interfaces (APIs) service model relative to the target application and release used to link the tools, including the IBM Rational Team date. This solution has been very well received by many Citi Concert REST API and the IBM Rational Asset Manager development teams. It supports a smooth process and helps Ant interface. The solution uses remote IBM Rational Team reduce errors. Concert workspaces utilizing the IBM Rational Team Concert daemon integrated with the TPF Toolkit. This solution Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:45pm configuration and integration is discussed, along with its ADAM-2270 ⅷ Northern Hemisphere A3 benefits and requested enhancements. Getting the Most Out of the IBM® Rational® Automation Framework Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm ADAM-1444 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A3 Andrew D. Hans, IBM, Senior Development Manager; Barton Akeley, IBM, Rational Automation Framework Team Deploying a Cloud Test Environment with IBM® Lead; Anujay K. Bidla, IBM, Client Technical Professional; Rational® Build Forge®, IBM® Rational® Automation David Brauneis, IBM, STSM, Rational Software Delivery Framework, and IBM® Workload Deployer at Automation Chief Architect; Paul Meharg, IBM, Client Nationwide Technical Professional Dale Nilsson, IBM, Managing Consultant; Jeff Imholz, ® ® ® Nationwide, Senior Architect The IBM Rational Automation Framework for IBM WebSphere® is an extremely powerful framework for The session covers the architecture and solution to automate managing IBM WebSphere family product installations, a test cloud at Nationwide Insurance using IBM® Rational® maintenance, configuration, and application deployments. Automation Framework, IBM® Rational® Build Forge, This session shows how, IBM Rational Automation and IBM® Workload Deployer (IBM® WebSphere® Cloud Framework provides an incredibly broad set of functionality Appliance). The solution automates the creation of IBM to effectively leverage IBM Rational Automation Framework WebSphere servers and deployment of applications to a to manage IBM WebSphere environments with more than test cloud. The solution leverages IBM Rational Automation 1,000 actions. The scenarios include backing IBM Rational Framework support for IBM WebSphere VE (Virtual Automation Framework configuration and action data with a Enterprise). This effort was used to reduce the number of source control system, importing applications from existing physical servers used in test. environments, custom environment templates, and extending IBM Rational Automation Framework. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE62 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 64. Automation, Deployment & Asset ManagementThursday, 8:30am – 9:30am Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pmADAM-1649 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A3 ADAM-1745 ⅷ Northern Hemisphere A3Enhanced Collaborative Lifecycle Management with Innovate with IBM® Rational® Asset ManagerEnterprise Reuse and Application Release Automation James Kocins, Deloitte Consulting, Director; Bruce M.David Darby, IBM, Certified IT Consultant; Edward Besch, IBM, Rational Managing Consultant; Babu Narayan,Neubecker, IBM, Certified IT Specialist Deloitte Consulting, Senior ManagerDo all the collaborative lifecycle management (CLM), Deloitte Consulting purchased and implemented IBM®Enterprise Reuse, and Application Deployment Automation Rational® Asset Manager a couple of years back to meet theinnovations coming out of the IBM Rational labs have you needs of a fast growing technology practice. IBM Rationalquestioning how they integrate for an end-to-end adoption Asset Manager is being implemented under the name ofscenario? Then attend this session to see how to import Deloitte Solutions & Asset Management (DSAM), and thea set of requirements from Excel into the CLM platform, primary objective is to provide for a knowledge repository toalign requirements with a development plan to enhance store and reuse technical assets. With the increased usagetraceability, and incorporate an open source component of DSAM for storing pre-configured solutions, the users havefrom the enterprise reuse repository and understand the begun to expect more advanced functionalities like massadvantages of this approach. Also learn how to run an download of assets based on meta model criteria and oneapplication build and publish the generated application into click publication of group of related assets and to provide fora definitive software library managed by the release team. unique version numbering. While these functionalities wereAlso hear how the release management team manages the not available out of box or configurable in IBM Rational Assetapplication through a governed process and automatically Manager, these were customizable with the usage of customdeploys to the respective environment (development, quality Java policies and with innovative design. This presentationassurance, and production). Finally see how to reflect on the discusses the innovative approach utilized to meet theaudit trail left behind from this scenario. challenges of the requested functionalities.Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45amADAM-1822 G Northern Hemisphere A3IT Knowledge Management, Design, and ImpactAnalysis with IBM® Rational® Asset Manager at BlueCross Blue Shield of NCDana Gantt, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina,Principal Architect, IS Business ApplicationsThis presentation provides an overview of Blue CrossBlue Shield of North Carolina’s implementation experiences,successes, and challenges using IBM® Rational® AssetManager for IT knowledge management, design, andimpact analysis.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 63
  • 65. Change & Configuration Management Change & Configuration Management Change and Configuration Management (CCM) is a core foundation in every development and delivery organization. Rational CCM capabilities include Agile, formal and hybrid planning, reporting, source code management, change management and workflow automation, all integrated on the Jazz® platform. This track is for practitioners, managers, administrators, and advanced users who want to learn from the experiences of their colleagues and how to apply what they learn in their own organizations. Additionally Rational product managers and developers will discuss new features, roadmaps and technical best practices. The CCM portfolio of products include: IBM® Rational® ClearCase®, ClearQuest, Team Concert™, Synergy™ and Change™. Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm Rational® ClearCase® and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® CCM-1123 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere E4 by introducing new capabilities that are available with the Customizing Change by Adding Project Specific IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) Features and CGI Scripts products, including IBM® Rational Team Concert™ and IBM® Rational® Quality Manager. IBM Rational provided a success Robert Doerr, L-3 MPRI, SW Configuration Manager story of how the IBM Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational Rather than use IBM® Rational® Change™ as just an ClearQuest teams evolved their development practices to integrated Web-based, change control and management include the CLM products, along with the business benefits solution, make it an integral software development tool achieved. This talk continues the evolution with how the by adding CGI-based forms, reports, and scripts used IBM Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational ClearQuest by software developers, quality assurance personnel, teams built version 8.0, and provides considerations for and managers. For example, using a CGI-based quality how a company’s IBM Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational assurance test log, quality assurance marks a task as having ClearQuest deployments can be extended leveraging the failed a test and email is automatically sent to the responsible variety of available integrations. engineer. At any time, managers can refresh either the quality assurance test log or any other related report, including pie Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm charts to see the current quality assurance status of the CCM-2255 G Southern Hemisphere II weekly build or overall project codeline. Or an engineer at a What’s New and Next with IBM Rational® ClearCase® ® test event on the other side of the globe can pull up the latest and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® build reports, see what tasks and objects were included, Howie Bernstein, IBM, ClearCase & ClearQuest Product and clink on an object and immediately see a “diff” listing Manager; Sreenivasan Rajagopal, IBM, Product Manager between that object and its predecessor. Join this session to see the latest innovations in IBM® Monday, 11:00am – 12:00pm Rational® ClearCase® and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®, and CCM-1892 G Southern Hemisphere IV get a sneak peak at what’s coming up next. The Business Value of using IBM® Rational® Collaborative Lifecycle Management with IBM® Rational® ClearCase® and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® Kim Frederick, IBM, WW Development Manager – Rational ClearQuest During Innovate 2011, IBM Rational introduced the concept of extending a company’s significant investments in IBM® G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE64 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 66. Change & Configuration ManagementMonday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pmCCM-2256 G Northern Hemisphere E4 CCM-1236 G Southern Hemisphere II ® ® ™What’s New and Next with IBM Rational Synergy Nuts and Bolts: How IBM Uses IBM® Rational®and IBM® Rational® Change™ Collaborative Lifecycle Management with IBM®Darcy Wiborg Weber, IBM, Program Director; Ujjwal Sinha, Rational® ClearCase® and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®IBM, Product Manager Eleonora Ludin, IBM, Senior Software Engineer; Yuhong Yin, IBM, Sr. Development Manager, Sr. SoftwareThis session offers an update on the latest developments Engineer; Richard Rakich, IBM, Architect – Rational Solutionwith IBM® Rational® Synergy™ and IBM® Rational® Change™. Developers PlatformLearn all about the new capabilities in the recent releasesand get a preview of what’s coming next. This presentation takes a real IBM Rational internal project as an example to explain some of the deploymentMonday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm considerations integrating ClearCase/ClearQuest with CLMCCM-1806 ࡗ Northern Hemisphere E4 (RTC/RQM/RRC) products. These considerations include,10 Teams, 4 Sites, 1 Project—No Problem Using but are not limited to, load balancing/clustering, singleIBM® Rational® ClearCase® to Succeed in a Global sign on (SSO), server sizing, setting up, migrating, andMultisite Environment renaming. It introduces the basic concept of OSLC (Open Service for Lifecyle Collaboration) and how to leverage it toRobert Duffy, Siemens, Software Engineer; Duzgun Aral, link assets in different repositories and domains together,Siemens, Software Engineer; Mike Pawlowski, Siemens, using Friendships, in one-way or two-way linking fashion,Software Engineer and how to leverage the OSLC interface through scriptingSiemens has taken IBM® Rational® ClearCase® as its to automate Lifecycle processes outside of these tools. Thisprimary software configuration management tool. One presentation focuses on technical discussion on integratingimplementation of IBM Rational ClearCase is a development ClearCase/ClearQuest with CLM, how it works, how toeffort that has 10 teams spanning four countries using configure it, caveats to look out for, and what it feels like asIBM Rational ClearCase. The goal was to move this global an administrator and as an end user.project from a unified change management-based approachto a more flexible IBM Rational ClearCase implementation. Monday, 4:15pm – 5:15pmSiemens had to create flexibility for each site to work on CCM-2258 G Northern Hemisphere E4its own without impacting any other sites’ ability to build/ Implementing ITIL Process for Problem Managementtest code and to avoid mastership issues when setting the Using IBM® Rational Team Concert™strategy. Siemens attained a solution utilizing a combination Robby Elliott, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts,of branching and labeling to keep sites separate and Business Analyst – Specialistignorant of one another during the Agile developmentcycles. It devised a simple, yet elegant, solution for dealing Walt Disney said: “Around here, however, we don’t lookwith “common” files that each site needed to modify during backwards for very long. We keep moving forward,development. Ultimately, Siemens created an environment opening up new doors and doing new things, becausewhere teams in multiple locations can work independently yet we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down newstill achieve the end goal. paths.” At Walt Disney, developing a process with a purpose and keeping that process separate from a tool allows forMonday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm continuous process improvement. These principles guideCCM-2254 G Southern Hemisphere II the evolution of the problem management process whileWhat’s New and Next with IBM Rational Team Concert™ ® using the global ITIL foundation strategy for guidance and continued success. Utilize IBM® Rational Team Concert™Rolf Nelson, IBM, Product Manager to integrate and enhance the process making informationCome learn about the latest enhancements in IBM® Rational accessible and dynamic.Team Concert™ 4.0, including enterprise deployment,scalability and reliability, deeper enterprise integrations,and new features for systems customers. Included is ademonstration that highlights some of the more visibleenhancements of IBM Rational Team Concert RTC 4.0,along with a preview of what’s coming next.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 65
  • 67. Change & Configuration Management Tuesday, 10:30am – 11:30am and the migration of development projects from other tools. CCM-1619 ࡗ Northern Hemisphere E4 Presenters discuss the migration to the latest version of the Protecting Your Critical Software and Hardware IBM Rational Team Concert 3.0.1 environment and share Intellectual Property Using IBM® Rational® ClearCase® experiences with creating integration between IBM Rational Security Solutions Team Concert environments in Prague, Czech Republic, and Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Presenters also outline the importance Peter Hack, IBM, ClearCase Architect; John Kohl, IBM, of user enablement and trainings that are significant for Senior Software Engineer successful user adoption, as well as summarize the financial Security requirements may vary for different subsets of benefits that were reached by implementing this solution. files or subsystems in software and hardware projects; some subsets can be shared within an organization while Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm others require strict access control. We explain how to CCM-1400 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere II use ClearCase features, operating system features, and Case Study: How Motorola Solutions Is Migrating additional tools to manage and audit access to elements IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Servers to IBM® System x® in your VOBs. You will learn about ClearCase’s security and Virtualization model, using file system access control lists to further restrict Rich Burgin, Motorola Solutions Inc., Director of Software access to versioned data, how IBM monitors source access Tools and Technologies; Grant C. Covell, IBM, Sr. patterns, and more. Development Manager; Mike Donati, IBM, Software Engineer Tuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm IT managers are under pressure to consolidate and centralize CCM-2204 G Southern Hemisphere II data centers in an attempt to reduce cost and maximize Cross-Project Planning, Tracking, and Monitoring performance. Virtualization is at the center of implementing this task. IBM Rational has teamed with Motorola Solutions Sharoon Shetty, IBM, Developer; Kai-uwe Maetzel, to continue the exploration of IBM® System x® hardware and IBM, STSM virtualization as customers are upgrading servers hosting In this talk, presenters give an in-depth overview of the IBM Rational products. In an effort to understand the best planning capabilities in IBM® Rational Team Concert™ and practices of migrating physical servers to virtualized servers how to make the best use of them in agile development while maintaining and improving performance, IBM Rational projects. Presenters go from the simple prioritized backlog to has teamed up with IBM’s Systems and Technology Group planning and tracking large cross-project efforts. They also to provide a proof of concept using the latest IBM System show how to utilize the ideas of Kanban. Combining planning x hardware. This presentation shows how migrating an with the extensible reporting and dashboard capabilities in enterprise-level IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Environment IBM Rational Team Concert puts a tremendously powerful to one physical or virtualized IBM System x machine can planning tool at users’ disposal. outperform multiple servers—and help save money and data center footprint. Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm CCM-1387 G Northern Hemisphere E4 Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm DHL Agile Transition with IBM Rational Team Concert ® ™ CCM-1578 ⅷ Southern Hemisphere II Daniel Pfeffer, DHL, Software Development Center The Enterprise Engagement Model for IBM® Rational of Excellence Manager; Jan Stastny, DHL, Software Team Concert™ Adoption at Citi Development; Jan Svoboda, IBM, Rational Technical David J Arnone, Citi , SVP/Chief ALM Architect, Specialist; Ales Teska, DHL, Software Development Citi Global Technology Team Leader In 2011, Citi Global Consumer Technology began an This presentation describes the process of building and enterprise deployment of IBM® Rational Team Concert™ maintaining a global development infrastructure platform with across its lines of business. In order to achieve uniform IBM® Rational Team Concert™ at DHL. IBM Rational Team adoption, an engagement model was developed that Concert is at the center of the DHL tool chain implementation defines the way transformation will work within Citi. This and is used for orchestrating worldwide software paper describes the engagement model; the process of development and resource allocation. This session explains how Citi engaged development teams; and the goals, any implementation difficulties DHL had to overcome during scale, and approach to on-boarding developers onto IBM the deployment of the IBM Rational Team Concert platform Rational Team Concert. It leads the audience through G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE66 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 68. Change & Configuration ManagementCiti’s reference architecture and Citi’s standard process the effort included making the day to day for developers andtemplate, defining roles, work item types, and work item project managers easier, establishing consistent softwareworkflow. The presentation closes by portraying a number development processes, building and deploying code moreof different transformation experiences describing how reliably, and reducing multiple and redundant IT tools.Citi is moving teams from homegrown custom softwaredevelopment environments to a future-state application Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pmlifecycle management/collaborative lifecycle management CCM-1452 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere E4implementation built upon standard tooling and the Tips and Techniques for Installing and Configuringchallenges associated with such efforts. IBM® Rational® ClearCase® 8.0 and IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® 8.0Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Mark Guertin, IBM, Staff Software Engineer;CCM-1832 G Northern Hemisphere E4 ★ Martina Riedel, ReleaseTEAM, Inc., Senior Consultant;An Evolutionary Approach to Improving Development John Ibsen, IBM, Software Developer; Gustavo Tejeda, IBM,Traceability with IBM® Rational® ClearCase® and Advisory Software EngineerIBM® Rational® ClearQuest® at WellPoint The decision to install all IBM tools with IBM® InstallationMark Schwartz, Wellpoint, Inc., Principle Architect, SDLC and Manager and to decouple the IBM® WebSphere® installSystems Management Tooling with the 8.0 versions has brought a change for long-timeWellPoint has been using base IBM® Rational® ClearCase® IBM Rational tools administrators in that they must learnfor many years to ensure a well-automated and reliable a new methodology and change well-known and usedchange and configuration management process. It supports procedures and now need IBM WebSphere knowledgethousands of active users and hundreds of applications as well. Newcomers to IBM Rational tools also often facegeographically distributed across the world. In order to challenges with deploying the IBM Rational tools. Whatfurther optimize the value of the change and configuration good is it if a team can’t get it installed and rolled out inmanagement tooling, WellPoint recently performed a a timely and reliable way? This talk leads attendees fromthorough investigation of the value projected and trade-offs early on architecture decisions that vary depending onof using IBM® Rational® ClearCase® and IBM® Rational® the environment and needs through bits and bytes piecesClearQuest® unified change management compared to of information important for a successful and reliable toolIBM® Rational Team Concert™. This session discusses deployment. The options address win and *nix environments,the requirements, constraints, findings, and evolutionary ranging from completely IT controlled to full developerapproach to enabling a recommended large-scale enterprise control, and also touch on the challenges that securechange management roadmap. environments without Internet connectivity face.Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00amCCM-1450 G Southern Hemisphere II CCM-1288 G Northern Hemisphere E4Case Study: Liberty Mutual IBM® Rational Team Case Study: Multi-Terabyte IBM® Rational® ClearCase®Concert™ Implementation Data Storage Management and PerformanceMark Diamond, Liberty Mutual, Application Portfolio Improvement at Philips HealthcareManager; Richard Knaster, IBM, WW Practice Manager, Rich Newlon, Philips Healthcare, Manager TA CASE;Agile & RTC Marc Therrien, IBM, Accelerated Value Leader at IBM Rational SoftwareLiberty Mutual Agency Corporation is undertaking a journey,focusing on its project management, source control This session outlines how Philips Healthcare, working withmanagement, and build and deploy software disciplines the IBM® Rational® Accelerated Value Program, performedto build an IT organization that works more cohesively and an assessment of its existing environment and implementedconsistently to deliver results to the business. This session configuration changes to significantly improve performancereviews the approach Liberty Mutual Agency Corporation and backup time of the multi-terabyte IBM® Rational®took to design and implement new tools, focusing on IBM® ClearCase data. When an organization is required by federalRational Team Concert™ processes and practices to move regulations or internal processes to preserve very largethe organization toward a future state vision. It addresses amounts of data, IBM Rational ClearCase databases canthe approach the company took in managing organizational become very large. Managing extremely large amountschange, training, and communication. Major objectives of of data pose a problem in any environment, for storage,Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 67
  • 69. backup, and timely retrieval. In an IBM® Rational® ClearCaseChange & Configuration Management Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:45pm MultiSite® environment, proper architecture and configuration CCM-1584 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere II of a data storage solution can significantly improve Using IBM® Rational Team Concert™ to Achieve performance and backup times. Successful, Sustainable, and Scalable Source Code Management Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am David J Arnone, Citi, SVP/Chief ALM Architect, CCM-1334 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere II Citi Global Technology Business Intelligence for Business Process Compliance with IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® In 2011, Citi Global Consumer Technology began an enterprise deployment of IBM® Rational Team Concert™ Alexander Ng, Alcatel-Lucent, IT Business System Analyst across its lines of business. One of the goals is to Business processes is an integral part of any company. In migrate all the development teams from their current the telecom industry, many companies follow ITIL for their software configuration management tools to IBM Rational service delivery model. As such, to comply with ITIL and Team Concert to achieve greater transparency into how other standards, business processes are designed. Using development teams are collaborating. To employ the software IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®, business intelligence can configuration management of IBM Rational Team Concert be implemented to enforce the compliance of business effectively, it is important to understand the mechanics of processes defined in a company. how it works to implement sustainable strategies for parallel development using effective stream, component, and team Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:45pm structures. The presentation offers a brief overview of how CCM-1389 G Northern Hemisphere E4 IBM Rational Team Concert works; provides examples Change and Configuration Management Performance of parallel development at several levels of abstraction; for the Enterprise and Backup/Recovery Strategies discusses system architecture and its relationship to teams, streams, and components; and explains several stream Mike Donati, IBM, Software Engineer; Darcy Wiborg Weber, strategies that support access control, separation of duties, IBM, Program Director; Agnes Jacob, NetApp, Partner and release management patterns. Engineer; Grant C. Covell, IBM, Sr. Development Manager This session helps attendees get the most out of their IBM® Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Rational® change and configuration (CCM) management CCM-1366 G Southern Hemisphere II deployments. Attendees hear tips from the IBM Rational Organization Are Never as Prepared as They Think— Performance Engineering team that will help them optimize Surviving a Natural Disaster CCM products, including IBM® Rational Team Concert™, Richard Sheehan, BAE Systems Electronic Systems, System IBM® Rational® ClearCase®, IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®, Admin Senior Principle IBM® Rational® Change™, and IBM® Rational® Synergy™. Learn best practices and techniques for virtualization, various In the early morning hours of September 8, 2011, BAE data storage protocols, and centralized administration System’s Johnson City facility in upstate New York was and deployment. Presenters discuss the methodology for destroyed by a catastrophic flood. Nearly 1,400 employees analyzing configurations and then optimizing them, and were displaced. The centralized IBM® Rational® Change™ reveal secrets about networks, virtualization, and platform- and IBM® Rational® Synergy™ server for geographically specific settings. They also discuss backup and recovery dispersed sites within the platform solutions line of business strategies to protect the crown jewels of a company’s was submerged beneath several feet of water. This session intellectual property. Preserving and protecting the data that offers details on the disaster recovery efforts, including IBM Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational Team Concert what worked and what didn’t, what was planned for and manages is critical to overall development productivity what wasn’t, what the company did right, and what it will and efficiency. do differently going forward. Attendees can take this unique opportunity to adapt and improve their disaster recovery plans based on real-world events that hopefully they will never have to experience. The presentation offers steps organizations can take to prepare for a natural disaster, steps organizations may have to take to recover from a natural disaster, and advice about how to prepare for these worst case scenarios. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE68 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 70. Change & Configuration ManagementWednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pmCCM-2316 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere E4 CCM-1064 G Northern Hemisphere E4Agile Development and Application Lifecycle Lessons Learned from IBM® Rational Team Concert™Management with the IBM® Rational® ClearTeam and Lean ITExplorer™ Markus Sprunck, UniCredit Global Information ServicesEleonora Ludin, IBM, Senior Software Engineer S.C.p.A., Head of Global Competence Center SW Engineering & Quality Mgmt.IBM® Rational® ClearTeam Explorer™ is becoming the clientof choice for distributed teams developing multi-platform Unicredit Group is one of the leading banks in Europe,applications using IBM® Rational® ClearCase® for software with a highly distributed IT in eight countries. In 2010,configuration management. This solution can be integrated the company started a lean IT transformation programto many other tools, including Visual Studio, Eclipse, and the to optimize its software development and infrastructure.IBM® Rational® Jazz® family of products. Lean IT is a still young approach to bring principles of lean management and production into IT companies. This changeWednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm lasts typically three months for a single team in a holisticCCM-1410 G Southern Hemisphere II approach. The main purpose of lean IT is to reduce wasteCentralized IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®/IBM® and create more value for the customer. A lot of methodsRational® ClearCase® Unified Change Management and techniques of classical agile approaches are used. Leanin a Distributed Environment IT looks similar to agile, but because of its roots, lean IT follows an industrialized approach. For example, lean IT isMajdi Asaad, Fujitsu, Principal Software Engineer not about democracy in development teams. The companyThis presentation talks about experiences in implementing customized the IBM® Rational Team Concert™ to support thea LAN IBM® Rational® ClearCase®/WAN IBM® Rational® collaboration needs of the teams that apply lean IT methodsClearQuest® unified change management process utilizing in their daily work.the IBM Rational ClearQuest open services for lifecyclecollaboration REST application programming interface in a Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pmdistributed development environment. CCM-1804 ⅷ Southern Hemisphere II Keeping Customers Informed and Keeping Projects onWednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Task Using IBM® Rational Team Concert™—AutomotiveCCM-1689 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere E4 Experience ReportUsing IBM® Rational® Synergy™ Over a WAN Robert Baillargeon, Sodius, Director; David Rush, PanasonicTodd Alden, Delphi, Sr. Software Strategist Automotive, Process, Methods, and Tools Leader; David Ryan, Panasonic Automotive, Group Manager – SoftwareFor many, software development has become a cross- Engineersite, globally collaborative environment. With more than20 sites developing software and a majority of software In this presentation, a collaborative team that has beenprojects having teams that span multiple sites, coordinating working at Panasonic Automotive describes a simplechanges can be a challenge. In the past IBM® Rational® method garnered from their real-world experience usingSynergy™ DCM (distributed code management) was used IBM® Rational Team Concert™ to manage large global cross-to synchronize changes between separate databases and functional development teams to deliver multiple productsservers at each location. IBM Rational Synergy 7.x has and variants to a broad expectant customer base. Usingopened up the viability of working over the WAN with all three critical planning items and combining a consistent setteam members working out of the same database. This of plan/work item patterns with some thoughtful queryingcreates a better team dynamic and addresses collaboration and dashboards, enabled Panasonic to keep its team onissues such as timely sharing of code and immediate visibility track and its customer informed. The real-world experiencesof parallel development. In addition, entire servers can be of managing global customers and the evolutions of workingconsolidated, saving IT and support costs. This session looks with multiple customers are detailed. The information isthe successes and roadblocks to using IBM Rational over the critical to those organizations that manage multiple complexWAN and consolidating servers. Presenters also discuss the programs, with staggered timing, the need to managehurdles overcome and hurdles still to be addressed. resources, and different customer work management and reporting practices. All of this work has been executed within the IBM Rational Team Concert package.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 69
  • 71. Change & Configuration Management Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am CCM-1363 G Northern Hemisphere E4 CCM-1446 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere E4 Mobile Application Development on Mac OS with Building Cool Extensions with the IBM® Rational Team IBM® Rational Team Concert™ Concert™ SDK Jesus Devesa, JDW, President; Carlos Ramos, MMM Geoffrey Clemm, IBM, Distinguished Engineer; Ralph Healthcare, Inc, Senior Programmer Schoon, IBM, Leading Technical Sales Professional This presentation is a case study of how MMM Holdings, Using the IBM® Rational Team Concert™ application a healthcare company based in Puerto Rico, utilizes the programming interface (API) has a significant learning curve. benefits and collaborative IBM® Rational® Jazz® environment Part of learning how to use the API effectively is knowing to develop mobile applications on Mac OS. See how the how to find the right APIs for specific needs, including those organization collaborates in producing software products that are not documented, and understanding how APIs are with IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer, IBM® Rational combined to achieve specific objectives. This presentation Team Concert™, and IBM® Rational® Quality Manager. discusses how to get started using the API and illustrates See how to integrate IBM Rational Team Concert into the typical areas for extensions, as well as strategies for finding powerful Titanium® eclipse IDE (by appcelerator), specifically the necessary information and examples. created for mobile application development. See how the overall engineering processes are supported by the tools, Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am resulting in fewer errors, better project visibility and status, CCM-2077 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere II and enforceable processes in the highly regulated medical How Accenture’s Application Outsourcing Environment industry. See how project management, quality, configuration Uses IBM® Rational Team Concert™ and Open Services management, systems engineering, software engineering, for Lifecycle Collaboration and others work within the same tools, seeing context Gary Dang, Accenture, Technical Architect; David E. Bellagio, specific, meaningful data, helping them do their work as IBM, Integration Architect efficiently as possible. Accenture is a world leader in application outsourcing. It Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am has created an environment and process to manage and CCM-1388 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere II host development and maintenance of client assets around ® ® IBM Rational ClearCase 8.0 Performance and ® the world. Accenture recently adopted IBM® Rational Administration Features for Full Client and Web Views Team Concert™ to evolve this environment to support the IBM® Rational® Jazz® collaboration framework based on Mike Donati, IBM, Software Engineer; Mark S. Zukowsky, open services for lifecycle collaboration (OSLC) for work IBM, Software Developer; John Kohl, IBM, Senior item management. There were two integration points Software Engineer that initially needed to be supported: integration between IBM® Rational® ClearCase® 8 offers numerous feature IBM Rational Team Concert work items and a help desk and performance enhancements, including the new IBM support system to manage work request changes, and Rational® ClearTeam Explorer™ and improved capabilities integration between IBM Rational Team Concert work enabled through a VOB schema change. Presenters describe items and a project time tracking system to manage effort the enhancements and administrative impact and outline and due dates. This solution helped Accenture deliver its the performance improvements for Web views in release next generation application maintenance and development 8. The session highlights how to configure a caching proxy platform to customers. This talk outlines the challenges and server (from IBM® WebSphere® Edge Components) to further effort involved in implementing the integration between IBM improve Web view load performance. Rational Team Concert and these systems using OSLC. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE70 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 72. Change & Configuration ManagementThursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pmCCM-2054 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere II CCM-2082 ⅷ Northern Hemisphere E4Case Study: Transitioning from IBM® Rational® Effective Management of Streams and Builds withClearCase® to IBM® Rational Team Concert™ IBM® Rational Team Concert™Michele Pegoraro, Nexen S.p.a., Business Consultant; Christophe Cornu, IBM, Jazz Source Control Client Lead;Alessandro Sartori, Banca IntesaSanpaolo, Change Nick Edgar, IBM, RTC Build Component Lead,and Configuration Manager; Emilio Salierno, IBM, Senior RTC Systems LeadIT Specialist IBM® Rational Team Concert™ provides the capabilityIntesaSanpaolo Group Services (ISGS) is a company of tracking an individual stream of changes very closely.providing ICT solutions to the IntesaSanpaolo Group, a major However, when dealing with multiple variants of a productItalian banking group. ISGS has standardized its release and multiple releases across these variants, the storymanagement (RM) process for the distributed IBM® Rational® gets quite a bit more complicated. This talk demonstratesClearCase® and mainframe applications CA Endevor. In the features and best practices that can be used to2010, ISGS reviewed its RM process, defining a reference enable workflows for teams that must manage numerousarchitecture to improve process performance, reduce development and maintenance streams concurrently. Thesemaintenance costs of the infrastructure, and extend the RM demonstrations are shown using the IBM Rational Teamprocess to disparate development teams. In the review, ISGS Concert Eclipse clientdecided to transition from IBM Rational ClearCase to IBM®Rational Team Concert™. In January 2012, the migrationproject was started. During the first half of 2012, the goal isto migrate 10 percent of the applications managed in IBMRational ClearCase—about 600 applications with 250 IBMRational ClearCase licenses. In this session, presentersdiscuss the overall architecture, the migration strategy,lessons learned, and the benefits of standardizing on IBMRational Team Concert.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 71
  • 73. Direct from the Jazz Developers Direct from the Jazz Developers This is where the people who design the products and write the code will be hanging out! You told us what you wanted and we listened. This track is for anybody interested in hearing from our Jazz subject matter experts directly. No fluff, no marketing, no hype, just the expertise of a world class, globally distributed, agile, scaled up, self-hosted, clustered, development team. Learn what the experts already know. Get great tips, tricks, and techniques, master cool features quickly, breeze through startup, wrestle your unwieldy source code to the ground with ease, and create reports that will get you promoted! We don’t let these guys/gals out of our sight too often, so don’t miss the chance to get up close and personal with the people who wrote the book on developing great software. Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm developers and learn from the exports how to get control of DJD-2313 G Northern Hemisphere E3 source code. Getting Started FAST with IBM® Rational Team Concert™ Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Martin Aeschlimann, IBM, Senior Software Engineer DJD-2312 G Northern Hemisphere E3 Heard all about IBM® Rational Team Concert™? This session Systems Development with IBM® Rational Team is a must for developers who don’t have time to waste Concert™: Advanced Capabilities getting started. Attendees should drink up their Red Bull Sreerupa Sen, IBM, Software Architect; John Camelon, IBM, and come in ready to see how fast and easy it is to get Jazz Source Control Architect started with IBM Rational Team Concert and boost their team’s productivity. This session is developer lead and is for Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. If that’s what attendees developers who want to get on the fast track. make, then they need to come see the IBM® Rational® Jazz® experts demonstrate the advanced capabilities geared for Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm the big guys (or gals). DJD-2310 G Northern Hemisphere E3 Mastering Agile Planning for Developers Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm DJD-1989 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere E3 Kai-uwe Maetzel, IBM, STSM; Sharoon Shetty, IBM, Developer IBM® Rational® Jazz® Dashboards: Tips and Tricks to Maximize Their Full Potential This session is for developers, project managers, and scrum Dejan Glozic, IBM, Manager, Jazz Application Frameworks masters who want to kick their planning into high gear. Learn Web UI all the tips, tricks, and techniques to becoming a master planner for a team. IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) Dashboards are part of all IBM Rational products built Monday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm on the IBM® Rational® Jazz® Platform. They provide a DJD-2311 G Northern Hemisphere E3 powerful, dynamic, and interactive Web solution that The IBM® Rational® Jazz® Source Control System allows organizations to track the state of projects, gain a clear picture of where they are in the cycle, help alert John Camelon, IBM, Jazz Source Control Architect; them to possible impediments, and allow them to drill into Christophe Cornu, IBM, Jazz Source Control Client Lead details. CLM Dashboards are highly configurable, and This session is for developers who want to get serious this presentation provides a practical guide for ways to about their code. Come and see the IBM® Rational® Jazz® customize the dashboards to make them fit an organization’s G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE72 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 74. Direct from the Jazz Developersneeds, particular processes, and the way it has deployed to define these customizations once and reuse them acrossits IBM Rational Jazz products. It shows how to use new project areas. This presentation explores the mechanics offeatures available in version 4.0, including the ability to make putting these changes into place and the reasons why testdashboard widgets appear in Wiki documents and export organizations might want to adopt them.Dashboard widgets as OpenSocial gadgets for inclusion incontainers such as iGoogle. Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm DJD-2315 G Northern Hemisphere E3Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm IBM® Rational® Jazz® Requirements Management forDJD-2312 G Northern Hemisphere E3 System EngineersSystems Development with IBM® Rational Team Devang Parikh, IBM, Software Architect; George DeCandio,Concert™: Advanced Capabilities IBM, Distinguished Engineer, Requirements ManagementJohn Camelon, IBM, Jazz Source Control Architect; Sreerupa This session dives into IBM® Rational® DOORS® NextSen, IBM, Software Architect Generation, the newest project based on IBM® Rational®Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. If that’s what attendees Jazz® to be hosted on Learn how IBM Rationalmake, then they need to come see the IBM® Rational® Jazz® DOORS Next Generation extends IBM® Rational®experts demonstrate the advanced capabilities geared for Requirements Composer to add features that are criticalthe big guys (or gals). for the high compliance requirements management that systems engineers demand. The session overviews andWednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am demonstrates how signature features of the market-leadingDJD-2202 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere E3 IBM Rational DOORS product have been re-imagined onBlack Belt Work Item Customization for Developers IBM Rational Jazz. This includes familiar concepts like requirements modules, write access controls, and multi-levelMartin Aeschlimann, IBM, Senior Software Engineer; Kai-uwe traceability, as well as new innovations like requirementsMaetzel, IBM, STSM reuse, reusable types, and ReqIF support. These featuresThis session provides a detailed look at some of the and more are overviewed and demoed by the designerspowerful, advanced work item customization features of and developers. Both the Web and rich clients are shown.IBM® Rational Team Concert™. These include external data Don’t miss this exciting preview of the next generation ofsources for attribute values (HTTP value set providers), IBM Rational DOORS.scripts as data sources for attribute values, dependenciesbetween values of multiple attributes, dynamic computation Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmof which attribute values a user can modify, and variables DJD-1938 ⅷ Northern Hemisphere E3in queries. IBM® Rational Team Concert™ for Microsoft Visual Studio DevelopersWednesday, 11:15am – 12:15pm Sreerupa Sen, IBM, Software Architect; Krishna L Kishore,DJD-1956 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere E3 IBM, Engineering Manager RTC, Developer/Lead VisualProcess Customization in IBM® Rational® Studio Client for JazzQuality Manager In this session, presenters talk about and demonstrateJohn Whitfield, IBM, STSM, Rational Automated Software some of the new capabilities of the IBM® Rational TeamQuality Products; John Nason, IBM, Senior Software Engineer Concert™ Client for Microsoft Visual Studio. They also spendIBM® Rational® Quality Manager 2012 provides enhanced time discussing how the IBM® Rational® Jazz® Sourcecapabilities related to test process customization. This Control system integrates into Visual Studio, and bestsession outlines the capabilities provided, shows how to practices around how IBM Rational Jazz concepts such asconfigure them, and illustrates how to effectively use process components and sandboxes can be mapped to the Visualcustomization to define a testing process. Presenters show Studio world of solutions and to leverage team areas to scope test assets to a specificteam that will be working with them. They illustrate how touse common time lines and iterations to define release plansfor a testing effort that can be reused across test plans.They also explain how to define a custom workflow for testassets to match an organization’s testing process and howⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 73
  • 75. Direct from the Jazz Developers Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am DJD-1802 G Northern Hemisphere E3 DJD-2131 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere E3 What’s New in Collaborative Lifecycle Management Non-Stop Development: High Availability Using Solution Reporting Clustering and Automatic Failover James Moody, IBM, Technical Lead, CLM Reporting, Matt Lavin, IBM, Software Engineer; Philippe Mulet, Rational Insight, RRDI; Petroula Pantazopoulos, IBM, Senior IBM, STSM, Jazz Application Frameworks Lead and Software Advisor Jazz Product Architect 2012 will bring many enhancements to the integrated As deployments of the IBM® Rational® Jazz® products grow reporting capabilities in IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle and support a larger community of users, and the delivery of management (CLM) solution products. New reports, new software and systems becomes more critical to enterprise data available for reporting, and support for document- success, demands for availability of the collaborative lifecycle style reports to complement the existing graph- and table- management (CLM) systems increase dramatically. Globally based reports are among the new features. IBM® Rational® distributed development teams require 24x7 uptime of Reporting for Development Intelligence (RRDI) features an their servers, with little to no outage times. Integral to this improved installation and setup, 64-bit platform support, and requirement is the need for automated failover capability in many other improvements. This presentation offers a high- the event of a server crash. This session discusses the newly level look at what is new in the world of reporting, as well as added support for clustering the CLM 2012 applications, a demonstration of some of the capabilities. automatic database failover, and useful information and pointers for administrators planning for high availability. Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am DJD-2206 G Northern Hemisphere E3 Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm ® Using IBM Rational Team Concert in Large ™ DJD-1412 G Northern Hemisphere E3 Enterprise Deployments IBM® zOS® Development with IBM® Rational Team James Stuckey, IBM, Development Manager, Rational Team Concert™ Enterprise Extensions Concert; Kai-uwe Maetzel, IBM, STSM Robin Yehle, IBM, Advisory Software Engineer; David M. Chadwick, IBM, Technical lead, Jazz Jumpstart Team This session explains and demonstrates enhancements to IBM® Rational Team Concert™ that allows organizations to IBM® Rational Team Concert™ provides support for mainframe work more easily on large flat components, work across a development through a set of powerful Enterprise Extensions. large number of streams and workspaces and not lose the In this session, explore these features, including: build, overview of where changes have been delivered to, and promotion, deployment, the ISPF client, and integration with perform permanent delete operations. IBM® Rational® Developer for IBM® System z®. Along the way, presenters highlight many of the exciting new capabilities in plan for collaborative lifecycle management 2012. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE74 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 76. Modeling, Architecture & Construction Modeling, Architecture & Construction Turning vision into reality! IBM’s Modeling, Architecture and Construction solutions and technologies help best-in-class companies to architect and build applications that drive market advantage and deliver solid returns on their software investment with lower cost and improved quality. Sessions uncover numerous methods and practices, customer successes, and the latest solution demos used to design reliable, reusable, and maintainable architectures and software for business applications. The latest development technologies for Web2.0, JEE, SOA, BPMN, Cloud and mobile are discussed in the context of real-world, business-critical situations. In addition to exploring cutting-edge visual and code-centric solution delivery, the track covers innovative software development processes and tools that assist agility and collaboration across diverse teams made up of internal and external stakeholders, architects, developers, and operations. This track, featuring Rational Software Architect and Rational Application Developer is for development managers, solution and software architects and software developers interested in the latest innovations and best practices from IBM supporting solution architectural design, discovery, control, construction, assembly, and governance.Monday, 11:00am – 12:00pm the last year. Interactive demos of the new features highlightMAC-2278 G Asia 1 the benefits and value of each feature.Modeling, Architecture, and Construction Kickoff—Next, Now Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm MAC-1498 G Asia 1Daniel Leroux, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer;George LeBlanc, IBM, Program Director Architecture What’s New with IBM® Rational® ApplicationDesign & Construction Developer and Development for IBM® WebSphere® Application ServerBusinesses depend on software. This presentation examines Nik Teshima, IBM, Product Manager; Jay Cagle, IBM, RADthe critical technologies that are impacting solution and Development Managersoftware architecture, design and development, and theability to deliver on business objectives. Presenters review IBM® Rational® Application Developer is the award-market trends and drivers, what is available today, and what winning IDE for developers building applications for IBM®is coming in the future. This session sets the stage for more WebSphere® Application Server and IBM® WebSphere®detailed presentations to follow. Portal Server. IBM Rational Application Developer provides developers with capabilities for end-to-end applicationMonday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm development—from enterprise Java services to Web 2.0 andMAC-1042 G Asia 1 mobile Web clients and to everything in between. Come and ®What’s New in IBM Rational Software Architect ® hear about what’s new supporting the latest releases of IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere PortalDusko Misic, IBM, Senior Software Development Manager; Server that can simplify and accelerate development andMichael Hanner, IBM, RSa Product Lead improve application quality.This session provides an overview of the new features andcapabilities added to IBM® Rational® Software Architect inⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 75
  • 77. Modeling, Architecture & Construction Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm MAC-1109 Ⅵ Asia 1 MAC-1526 Ⅵ Asia 1 Service-Oriented Architecture Governance— Best Practices for Using Apache Maven for Agile A Collaborative Design Story in Six Acts Development in the Enterprise Carson Holmes, Fourth Medium Consulting, Inc., Vice Bob Fields, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, President of Service Delivery; Guislain Lagron, Costco Sr. Application Architect Wholesale, SOA Architect Apache Maven seems to be everywhere in the world of Proper service-oriented architecture governance requires software development today. Disney Parks and Resorts has a well-established service lifecycle, simple governance established the infrastructure and processes to effectively precepts, and team collaboration among project team utilize Maven in conjunction with many IBM® Rational® tools, members using various tools. This presentation shows a as well as many open source tools and software frameworks. service oriented modeling and architecture (SOMA) based Presenters explore Disney’s experience through this collaborative design story and demonstrates the usage presentation and use a demo to show how to use the Maven of IBM® Rational® Method Composer, IBM®, IBM® Team Eclipse plugin with the Rational Developer tools. Whether BlueWorksLive™, IBM® Rational Team Concert™, IBM® one is wondering what it is about or already using it in current Rational® Software Architect, IBM® Rational® Software software projects, explore the many best practices that make Architect Design Manager, and IBM® WebSphere® Service this a very effective development environment. Registry & Repository. Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Tuesday, 10:30am – 11:30am MAC-1405 ⅷ Asia 1 MAC-1474 Ⅵ Asia 1 Test-Driven Development with IBM Rational ® ® Designing and Developing Smarter Business Solutions Application Developer Claus T. Jensen, IBM, STSM; Nick J. Norris, IBM, Solution John Pitman, IBM, Rational Application Developer Architect Release Architect Attendees have heard all about OSLC, CLM, BPM, SOA, Finding issues in applications as early as possible in the CBM, SCA, UML, SOAML, and BPMN2. Learn how IBM development cycle represents a real cost savings to IT uses this alphabet soup to improve an organization’s ability organizations. In this session, presenters introduce an agile, to design, develop, and deliver smarter business solutions. test-driven approach to software development using IBM® This session describes how combining IBM software and Rational® Application Developer, describe the various phases industry models promotes business and IT collaboration of test-driven development, and how to use IBM Rational for designing, building, and delivering solutions spanning Application Developer efficiently at each stage to support this business, software, and data domains. IBM industry models agile process. contain evolving, industry-specific content based on working with leading institutions and captured as a set of inter-related Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm models, best practices, and common vocabulary spanning MAC-2196 Ⅵ Asia 1 business and technical domains and layers of abstractions. Healthcare Management System Reference Just like collaborative lifecycle management enables better Architecture: Model-Driven Architecture, TOGAF, collaboration, reuse, and results across requirements, and Collaboration Key to Advances in Healthcare development, and test disciplines, organizations can link Ecosystem IBM business process management content to collaborative Arman Atashi, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina, lifecycle and design management, business glossary, and Senior Application Architect data architecture content. In today’s economic environment, health plans and healthcare providers are facing major challenges due to the market demands and a host of technological issues. Regional health information organizations, providers, insurance plans, and consumers need to engage in a shared information accountability model addressing both internal and external exchange of eligibility, claims, and electronic health records across the healthcare ecosystem. This G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE76 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 78. Modeling, Architecture & Constructionsession presents an extensible reference architecture for experiences designing SOA solutions by exploring the usethe development of standards-based integrated healthcare of IBM® Rational® Software Architect, IBM Rational SOMA,management solution by combining TOGAF (The Open and automated best practices. Highlighting successes andGroup Architecture Framework), a method for developing lessons learned. Presenters cover interpreting businessenterprise architecture, M3 (Modeling at 3 levels), an needs, designing technically sound solutions, and ways toenterprise modeling framework based on model driven overcome enablement and skill challenges. This session alsoarchitecture guidelines and unified modeling language looks at the team perspective of getting everyone aligned,notation, and utilizing IBM® Rational® Software Architect for working together, and ensuring adherence to standards andmodel construction and IBM Rational Software Architect best practices.Design Manager for model sharing and collaboration. Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmWednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am MAC-1205 G Asia 1MAC-2272 Ⅵ Asia 1 Building Finance Industry Solutions with Model-DrivenLarge-Scale Solution Engineering with IBM® Rational® Architecture/Model-Driven Development, LG CNSSoftware Architect and Deployment Planning Case StudyDavid Cruley, IBM, Senior Software IT Architect Heejin Kim, LG CNS, Senior Consultant; ★ Jeong-il Choi, LG CNS, Senior Consultant; Mi Young Hong, IBM, BrandEngineering large-scale, mission-critical systems requires Specialty Architectrigorous architectural planning and execution. Leveraging amethodology and toolset that enables traceability to ensure LG CNS, a leading systems integrator (SI) in Korea, appliedthat the business requirements are implemented in the a model-driven architecture/model-driven developmentresulting solution, provides templates for consistency and (MDA/MDD) approach to about 50 large-scale SI projectsreuse, and creates a catalog of existing assets to leverage based on IBM® Rational® Software Architect—achievingenterprise wide are important factors to ensuring quality and outstanding improvements in development productivity andimproving organizational efficiency. This session describes quality. Development productivity is improved by automatinga pilot effort at a U.S. government agency leveraging IBM® the model and code generation (automatic generation ofRational® Software Architect to develop architectures for more than 68 percent of models and code, as well as 76mission-critical systems by leveraging concepts including percent of development artifacts). Applying continuoususe case realizations, and deployment modeling. Lessons model verification resulted in achieving a 0 percent error ratelearned and areas where the solutions engineering team was through the requirement-based modeling and identificationable to gain efficiencies and facilitate interaction with multiple of defects from the analysis stage. Based on this provenstakeholders are explored. A future vision of incorporating success cases, LG CNS is targeting global customers in thewider scale reuse and additional integrations to the finance industry. This session presents LG CNS MDA/MDDproduction infrastructure are also discussed. strategy of large-scale IT projects and the success stories of how LG CNS has innovated productivity and quality inWednesday, 11:15am – 12:45pm finance industry solution development by adopting IBMMAC-1296 Ⅵ Asia 1 Rational Software Architect.Real-World Service-Oriented Architecture SolutionDesign with IBM® Rational® Software Architect Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm MAC-1564 G Asia 1Pascal Mattiocco, Kaiser Permanente, SOA GovernanceArchitect; Lee Ackerman, The Emphasys Group, VP Products Collaborative Development—Unleash a Team with IBM& CTO; Todd W. Dunnavant, IBM, Principal Solution Architect Rational Software Lisa Barclay, IBM, Program Director, Rational ApplicationService-oriented architecture (SOA) is supposed to provide Developer & WAS Developer Tools; Dana Boudreau, IBM,flexibility and adaptability to the business. However, Program Director; Chris Brealey, IBM, Senior Technicalsuccessfully designing SOA solutions can be a challenge. Staff MemberSOA solutions can fail in many ways, ranging from businessmisalignment and misinterpretation to investing in the Delivering high-quality business applications with speed andwrong services to delivery of services that do not adhere to agility is a team sport. Teamwork, communication, agility, andbest practices. As a result, the solutions are not flexible or transparency are critical to the success of today’s fast-paced,adaptable, and IT misses an opportunity to be an enabler geographically dispersed software development projects.for the business. Presenters share Kaiser Permanente’s Having the right practices and tools at hand can make orⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 77
  • 79. break a development effort. Come learn how IBM® Rational®Modeling, Architecture & Construction Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am Application Developer integrated with IBM® Rational Team MAC-1480 Ⅵ Asia 1 Concert™ on the IBM® Rational® Jazz® platform can raise Modeling Collaboration at WellPoint with IBM ® development team efficiency to new levels. Rational® Software Architect Aaron Rusty Lloyd, WellPoint, Solutions Engineer Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am Executive Advisor MAC-1565 G Asia 1 Will the Real Service Please Stand Up – Building Modeling is for more than just software. This session Reusable Services with the Open Service Component explores how to use IBM® Rational® Software Architect to Architecture design and instantiate models of collaboration. This has been extremely helpful in creating and developing communities Chris Brealey, IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member; Mike of practice at WellPoint, particularly in understanding how Melick, IBM, Performance Analyst; Agueda Martinez people collaborate, as well as different levels of collaboration Hernandez Magro, IBM, SW Development Manager within an enterprise. Reusable services are the core of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach. They are pivotal to business Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm and IT alignment, efficiency, and agility, but how do MAC-1347 G Asia 1 organizations bring them to life? How do they harness the Developing Multi-Channel IBM WebSphere Portal ® ® power of the diverse IT assets running a business and make Applications Using IBM® Rational® Application them available as services that are easily reusable by diverse Developer consumers? How do they future-proof their enterprises? Gaurav Bhattacharjee, IBM, Technical Lead – Portlet Web2.0 In this session, learn about the open service component Tooling, RAD Portal Tools architecture (SCA), a programming model made for the SOA style and built to answer these questions. Hear how IBM® Gain insider tips, tricks, and best practices from IBM’s Rational® Application Developer and IBM® WebSphere® development experts. This session helps attendees Application Server can help organizations tap into SCA and understand the capabilities and latest features of the IBM® build truly reusable, diverse, flexible services ready to grow Rational® Application Developer Portal Toolkit, including with their enterprises. mobile portal site development, Portal vNext support, and JSF 2.0 portlet development. Presenters explore what they have learned from experiences working with a multitude of customers. This session focuses on how to develop best practices solutions that will reduce risk of maintenance issues and will include development and migration of JSF portlet applications. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE78 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 80. Quality Management Quality Management A collaborative, integrated, and optimized quality management process is essential to a team’s ability to deliver quality systems and software. This track focuses on quality management and testing solutions that support such a process—enabling quality professionals to deliver strategic value to their business. Attendees will gain in-depth guidance while collaborating with IBM experts as well as IBM customers and partners on a wide range of quality related topics. Learn about innovative techniques and benefit from others’ experiences in improving the quality management process—manage your existing resources, overcome schedule constraints, and increase your team productivity. This track is for quality professionals and others on the project team—analysts, architects, developers, and project managers—looking for valuable, actionable information that can aid in creating and delivering high quality systems and software.Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm management solution. At the same time Brocade made theQM-1435 G Northern Hemisphere A4 decision to embrace the entire IBM Rational collaborativeBoosting Software Quality and Development Agility lifecycle management (CLM) solution, it also decided to make IBM® Rational® Quality Manager the cornerstone forThomas Murphy, Gartner, Research Director; Peter Cole, deploying CLM. This session highlights the innovative toolingGreen Hat, an IBM Company, CEO the Brocade deployment team has created to quickly migrateThe increasing cost of quality and development complexity Brocade test artifacts into IBM Rational Quality Manager.while balancing quality and speed has become extremely These innovative tools make use of CLM’s rich applicationchallenging for software projects. These challenges are programming interfaces and demonstrate the capabilitymaking today’s approach to delivering quality impractical. that IBM Rational Quality Manager offers to quickly onboardDevelopment teams are delivering applications faster, which Brocade’s product driving a need for change in the world of testing. Businessis now looking for innovative ways to improve software quality Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmand development agility. Technologies such as virtualization QM-2234 G America’s Seminarand the cloud enable continuous integration testing much Quality Management Track Kickoffearlier in the development cycle. Attend this session to Serge Lucio, IBM, Quality Management and Securitylearn how the world of testing is changing and what is Segment Leadavailable to help. This session focuses on the quality management arena.Monday, 11:00am – 12:00pm Presenters examine recent industry trends, outline IBM’sQM-1725 G Oceanic 7 current direction and strategy, and look ahead to future ®Deploying IBM Rational Quality Manager as® endeavors from the IBM Rational quality management team.Cornerstone for a Full Collaborative LifecycleManagement Transformation at Brocade Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm QM-1285 G Northern Hemisphere A4Wayne Belshaw, Brocade, QA Manager; Mark Cesario, IBM,Client Technical Professional IBM® Rational® Quality Manager Makes Life Easy at EverBankBrocade Communications Systems, Inc. engages in the Danny Leung, EverBank, QA Engineer IIIsupply of Internet protocol-based Ethernet networkingsolutions and storage area networking solutions. Brocade IBM® Rational® Quality Manager (RQM) has made life muchrecently chose IBM® Rational® for its next-generation quality easier at EverBank. Before implementing an IBM RationalⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 79
  • 81. Quality Management quality management solution, documents and spreadsheets Monday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm were used to capture test assets. In IBM Rational Quality QM-2264 G Northern Hemisphere A4 Manager, test artifacts are readily available and can be Requirements-Driven Quality Management — exported to other formats. EverBank also uses test suites to IBM® Rational® DOORS® and IBM® Rational® manage regression tests of varying size depending on the Quality Manager execution time available. Before test execution, an analyst Edmund J. Mayer, IBM, Rational Systems Practice Lead; performs a review of the test scripts, ensuring proper test Brian McCall, IBM, Client Technical Specialist coverage will be met. As reuse is important, the quality management solution allows test scripts to be easily copied Come and see the latest innovations for IBM® Rational® to the user acceptance testing (UAT) project area. Once DOORS® integrating with IBM® Rational® Quality Manager. available, these proven artifacts provide UAT teams with Using a new integration based on open services for lifecycle a reference. Because of the efficiencies and benefits IBM collaboration (OSLC), the test team using IBM Rational Rational Quality Manager provides, both EverBank’s quality Quality Manager can easily view the test requirements and assurance and UAT teams are able to easily share their qualification criteria created by the requirements team using knowledge, resulting in time savings of 60 percent. IBM Rational DOORS. And testers can easily add trace links from test artifacts to requirements, simplifying impact Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm and coverage analyses by the requirements team. Defects QM-1930 G America’s Seminar raised by testers can lead to requirements change requests ® What’s New in IBM Rational Quality Manager? ® processed within IBM Rational DOORS. This presentation describes the benefits of the latest OSLC-based innovations Christophe Telep, IBM, Product Manager; John Whitfield, between IBM Rational DOORS and IBM Rational Quality IBM, STSM, Rational Automated Software Quality Products Manager and demonstrates their application using a Traceability and test execution views, process customization, typical workflow. and fine-grained requirement traceability are some of the new capabilities of IBM® Rational® Quality Manager. This session Tuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm provides an overview of what is new in IBM Rational Quality QM-1517 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A4 Manager and its integrations with software development An Enterprise IBM® Rational® Quality Manager Usage tools. See the benefits of putting a collaborative quality Model with IBM Rational Tools and Collaborative management solution in action for delivering on time high- Lifecycle Management quality IT applications or embedded systems. Welborn Scott Smith, WellPoint, Inc., Desktop Management Advisor; Brett Bohnn, IBM, Accelerated Value Leader Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm QM-1322 G America’s Seminar This session shows how WellPoint implemented collaborative Testing Is Dead, Long Live Quality lifecycle management (CLM)/IBM® Rational® Quality Manager following lean IT principles and best practices. Presenters Ewald Roodenrijs, Sogeti, R&D Engineer examine a lean solution delivery lifecycle methodology; IBM Why do teams test? They want quality delivered in their Rational Quality Manager project process templates and software applications. More simply put, testing finds administration methods; and test management planning, defects—defects that must be resolved. But as Boehm told including IBM Rational Quality Manager usage models with us in 1979, solving defects later in the software development integrations to IBM® Rational® ReqPro®, IBM® Rational® lifecycle is expensive. So why is testing still done primarily ClearQuest®, and IBM® Rational® Functional Tester. See at the end of the lifecycle when 50-70 percent of defects the requirements and processes used to support test are attributed to requirements and design flaws? These management procedures, project reporting, and enterprise are defects that could have been found much earlier and metrics from IBM® Rational® Insight that combine standard prevented before they are embedded in the requirements. and custom IBM® Rational® ReqWeb/IBM Rational Wondering how one identifies defects early to improve ClearQuest ETLs. A demo shows the use of new IBM quality throughout the whole lifecycle? Attend this session Rational Quality Manager 3.0.1 features that help manage to find out. large IBM Rational ReqPro projects by leveraging its attribute matrix views as requirement collections in IBM Rational Quality Manager test plans and test suites. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE80 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 82. Quality ManagementTuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmQM-2003 ⅷ America’s Seminar QM-1229 ⅷ America’s Seminar ® ® ® ®IBM Rational Quality Manager Best Practices IBM Rational Performance Tester Tips and TricksJohn Nason, IBM, Senior Software Engineer; Katherine A. Kevin Mooney, IBM, Advisory Software EngineerEndres, IBM, Rational System and Integration Test Architect Do more and be more productive with IBM® Rational® ®This session overviews best practices for using IBM Performance Tester. This session is packed full of expertRational® Quality Manager as implemented and advice and best practices that allow teams to use IBMrecommended by the IBM Rational System and Integration Rational Performance Tester to its fullest. The presentationTest team. It explores topics on administration, governance, covers topics such as team collaboration, configuringproductivity and usage tips, test planning and construction, for maximum performance, report customization, andand test execution. It also demonstrates how the evolving troubleshooting. Live demonstrations show first hand how tofeature set in IBM Rational Quality Manager is addressing the take advantage of the tips provided and are made availablemany common challenges faced by real-world test teams. for attendees to take home. Get an insider’s view of IBM Rational Performance Tester from one of its developers.Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmQM-1945 G Northern Hemisphere A4 Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmGlobal Challenges Implementing IBM Rational ® ® QM-2157 G Northern Hemisphere A4Quality Manager on a Tight Budget Navigating the Road to IBM Rational® Insight: An ®Ian Cannings, Danfoss Power Electronics, Administrator’s Journey Implementing IBM RationalLead Process Specialist Insight at BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan James Roach, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan,This session outlines the global challenges that were faced Technology Specialistwhen Danfoss decided to replace its existing home-growntest management system with IBM® Rational® Quality Developing true performance metrics that are quick toManager and how the company was able to do it with a produce can be a challenge. Blue Cross Blue Shield oflimited budget. Michigan (BCBSM) was already capturing test defects with IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®, but it lacked the abilityTuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm to quickly summarize the rich information being capturedQM-2288 G America’s Seminar and generate the powerful metrics needed to makeIntroducing IBM Rational’s New Integration Testing and strategic decisions. Working with IBM, BCBSM installedVirtualization Solution and integrated IBM® Rational® Insight with IBM Rational ClearQuest and IBM® Rational® Quality Manager. MetricDennis Moya, IBM, Product Manager, Automated reports that took days to produce by painstaking extractionSoftware Quality and manipulation of spreadsheets became Web-basedAs development teams continue to embrace agile, new reports available at the click of a button. This sessionchallenges are causing delays and inhibiting the test team’s explains the old process used to produce these metricsability to deliver quality solutions to market faster and within and how BCBSM reduced this process from more thanbudget. Today’s development teams now realize that quality two days down to the click of a button. In addition, theis a shared responsibility. However, with testing costs rising session describes some of the challenges that BCBSMand the increasing interdependencies of the software being encountered installing and configuring IBM Rational Insighttested, companies are looking for new ways to balance with IBM Rational ClearQuest and how these challengesquality and speed across the development lifecycle: new were overcome.techniques and solutions must be considered to reducequality debt. This session introduces IBM Rational’s newcapability that enables the test practitioner to delivercontinuous integration testing earlier in the cycle andvirtualize hardware, software, services, and databases.Come hear how this new approach to testing can help teamsincrease test velocity and avoid late stage integration issues.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 81
  • 83. Quality Management Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am QM-1691 G America’s Seminar QM-2158 G Northern Hemisphere A4 Innovative Ways to Reduce Time to Revenue When Rapid Lift: Manual Test Automation Best Practices Launching New Communications Products and from Design Partner Program Services Larry Holm, Lender Processing Services, Sr. Test Analyst; Brian Buege, Spirent Communications, Director of Zhe Leonard, IBM, IBM Certified Senior Project Manager Engineering; Martin R. Bakal, IBM, WW Offering Manager, This session presents an important new manual test Electronics Industry; Moshe S. Cohen, IBM, QM Makt automation feature that helps test teams obtain greater Manager/Offering Manager lift and test velocity—manual test automation (MTA). In Reduced time to test and increased test coverage are IBM® Rational® Quality Manager 2012, this important new the top testing priorities for both network equipment feature writes scripts in plain English, describing the user’s providers (NEPs) and communication service providers mouse and keyboard actions while taking screenshots of (CSPs). Reduced time to test directly affects time to market the application under test. This allows testers to fast-track and revenue, while test coverage directly affects service legacy script conversion, plan rapid original tests, and quickly quality and cost to operate. There are three primary areas develop robust exploratory tests. Come see MTA in action, where both NEPs and CSPs can together improve their learn how to get the most lift, and find out how to influence competitiveness: effectively linking requirements to testing, this features design and development effectively starting at regression testing and collaboration with each other, and this early stage. Learn how LPS benefits from partnering with tracking service quality and launch readiness. Hear how IBM through the Design Partner Program (DPP). Attendees leading CSPs and NEPs have reduced time to market and come away with emerging best practices in MTA and learn improved service quality by working closely with IBM Rational how to use MTA to design tests and get ready for IBM and Spirent Communications. Rational Quality Manager 2012. Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am QM-2195 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A4 QM-2230 Ⅵ America’s Seminar Establishing a Positive Return on Investment with an When Is Testing Done? Offshore Testing Model Michael T. Lundblad, IBM, Program Director, Rational Jim Trentadue, Gerdau, Sr. IT Testing & QA Manager; Rae Offering Strategy & Delivery Enablement; Murray Cantor, Guilfoile, Gerdau, QA Team Lead IBM, Distinguished Engineer, Rational CTO Council Engaging in an offshore testing model is a considerable Enhancing the ability to avoid financial disaster from a late investment. This session reviews the trends with offshore and/or failed-in-production software innovation project companies and how U.S. companies are investing in them requires going beyond the standard technical metrics for growth of their businesses. Additionally, impacts for the for software and systems release. Millions of dollars are top countries involved in outsourcing are examined and spent yearly on software testing. IBM’s direct experience how it affects the U.S. The presentation outlines a couple and data gathered by researchers working with hundreds of different models for setting up and running an offshore of companies show that most firms invest 25 percent testing model. Some key principles and practices are how to or more of their development lifecycle time and cost create a baseline to track from for sustaining your operations, in quality assurance. A key point in any development including the use of IBM® Rational® Quality Manager as a test process, therefore, is the point at which testing ends and management solution for enhanced collaboration. Finally, the the organization moves ahead with deployment. This is presentation discusses future topics on how to grow offshore the time in the life of every development project when the testing offerings and opportunities for retaining the testers program manager has to ask the very practical questions that companies have invested in. like “Is the software ready for release?” or “How do we know when we’re done testing?” This presentation (also an IBM whitepaper) is an innovative framework for measuring the business risk of release versus the cost of continued testing. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE82 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 84. as soon as they arise. IBM® Rational® Quality Manager Quality ManagementWednesday, 11:15am – 12:45pmQM-1213 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A4 delivers a powerful reporting solution that addresses theIBM® Rational® Functional Tester Scripting needs of various development roles. It is designed to scalewith Python and integrate from a single installation of IBM Rational Quality Manager to an enterprise-wide deployment ofMichael Freeman, Lender Processing Services, Application many fully integrated IBM Rational lifecycle solutions. LearnDevelopment Analyst; Sean McAdams, Lender Processing about reporting—from running readily available reports andServices, Applications Development Analyst dashboards directly from IBM Rational Quality ManagerIBM® Rational® Functional Tester is a powerful automated to scaling with IBM Cognos. The presentation shows howtesting solution offering test scripts based on Java or VB.NET IBM Rational Quality Manager utilizes the common datasyntax. However, not all developers are familiar with the style warehouse of the powerful IBM Rational reporting solutionof programming associated with Java and VB.NET. Using to combine data from various integrations. PresentersJython, an implementation of Python, testers are able to provide a deep dive for report admins around performancecreate a layer extending the typical IBM Rational Functional optimization, deploying standardized reports and templates,Tester methods and classes so that scripts can be created and customizations.using the Python programming language. Extending IBMRational Functional Tester to use this flexible and easy- Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmto-learn language enables users of different programming QM-1515 G America’s Seminarexperiences to create robust automated test scripts—even Collaborative Quality: Putting Agile Perspectiveswith limited knowledge of the classic tools available through in MotionIBM Rational Functional Tester. Russell Stanley, Trinity Software Solutions, RationalWednesday, 11:15am – 12:15pm IBM Rational enterprise customers in the federal sector haveQM-2235 G America’s Seminar significantly embraced the new IBM Rational infrastructureApplication Virtualization: Breakthrough Approach for tools. After one year of collaboration piloting the IBM®Reducing Cost and Improving Quality Rational® Quality Manager and larger collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) solution, teams now are takingPeter Cole, Green Hat, an IBM Company, CEO; Donald W. advantage of agile perspectives while maintaining projectThomas, IBM, GBS AMS Cloud Offering Manager milestones. This story details how one pilot IBM RationalApplication virtualization can produce dramatic results when Quality Manager server evolved into an enterprise topologydriven by governance and process, including cycle time deployment for test asset transformation from legacyreduction, quality improvement, and cost reduction. When infrastructures. Examples of deployment and operationcoupled with cloud, it allows organizations to rapidly create shifts, scaling project configurations, and lessons learnedsandbox environments for development and test teams from the administration of CLM, IBM® Rational® Insight,that maximize resource utilization and remove availability IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine™, and Eclipse-based testconstraints in the environment. It eliminates the need for automation solutions are discussed. Come hear about thislaborious stub programming and allows organizations to agile legacy asset transformation in action.perform more complex testing, like integration, system andeven performance testing early in the software development Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmlifecycle. The session covers an in depth customer case QM-1305 G Northern Hemisphere A4study and the new IBM Green Hat technology. The Benefits of Automated Testing Using IBM® Rational® Functional Tester with Third-Party SoftwareWednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Thinh Le, EverBank, IT QA Engineer; Brian Bungubung,QM-1177 ⅷ Northern Hemisphere A4 EverBank, IT QA EngineerThe Right Reports for Planning, Testing, Recording,and Managing a Testing Effort: A Deep Dive into At EverBank, one of the uses for IBM® Rational® FunctionalReporting with IBM® Rational® Quality Manager 2012 Tester is to execute third-party software, aiding automated testing and overcoming some testing challenges, includingPeter Haumer, IBM, Sr Software Engineer verifying data from PDFs, CAPTCHA, images, and FlexA key success factor in quality management for agile objects. Presenters share how the capabilities in IBMdevelopment projects is the ability to continuously assess Rational Functional Tester can be extended to execute otherthe current status and latest trends of tests to identify issues software, like Sikuli and ABBYY, for the validation of AdobeⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 83
  • 85. Quality Management Flex applications. Sikuli is a free open source automation right answer for the right reason. The RBT process does tool that performs actions on images, whereas IBM Rational not assume that the requirements specifications are good Functional Tester performs actions on objects. ABBYY and aids in driving out ambiguity and driving down the level FineReader is a paid OCR tool that can convert images to a of detail. document or spreadsheet. However, IBM Rational Functional Tester is the test engine used to execute these programs, Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm capture images, and compare the execution results. Going QM-1059 G America’s Seminar from manually comparing data to automated testing and Scaling Up Load Testing Capacity On and Off the Cloud sharing this new capability with development groups has Jim Pietrocarlo, CloudOne Corporation, Director of offered more reliable results and deliver huge time savings. Business Development; Kent D. Siefkes, IBM, Lead Architect, Rational Performance Tester; Moti Demri, EverBank , AVP – Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm QA Manager QM-1968 Ⅵ America’s Seminar Effective Test Planning and Execution Tracking Using Companies delivering software are challenged to produce IBM® Rational® Quality Manager 2012 defect-free and responsive products while cutting costs. Performance testing should be a priority for many John Nason, IBM, Senior Software Engineer organizations but where does one begin? Know how As software systems become more and more complex, it to properly size an IBM® Rational® Performance Tester is an increasing reality that teams will not be able to get the deployment running on physical hardware, in virtual images, 100 percent coverage of all testing that they desire. IBM® or on the cloud? During this session, sizing guidance is Rational® Quality Manager 2012 includes new capabilities provided in the form of general rules-of-thumb and from around test execution planning that allows users to track the real-world workloads. Learn new tips and techniques to priority of tests relative to one another, as well as the cost of get the highest possible scalability out of an IBM Rational execution of particular tests. Learn how to use requirements performance test environment. Not ready to create a test from business stakeholders and work items from environment or simply need to increase load levels? An development to better plan and prioritize test efforts. Teams alternative is to utilize cloud-based testing and quality can use this data to effectively plan test coverage. Discover management services. Traditional test lab management and how to use new views within IBM Rational Quality Manager load generation can be expensive. Using Testing as a Service to track the progress of testing and adjust test plans “on the (TaaS) offers benefits of cost savings, agility, and the ability to fly” to react to business reality. Finally, see how to accurately quickly scale up capacity. Attend this session to learn more. report on testing gaps and areas that are not covered in an overall quality plan for transparency. Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am QM-1130 ⅷ America’s Seminar Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm Test Data Management in a Software QM-1013 ࡗ Northern Hemisphere A4 Development Lifecycle Requirement Based Testing—A Different Approach Kimberly Madia, IBM, IBM InfoSphere Product Julen Mohanty, Citigroup Technology Services, Manager Marketing Manager A requirements-based testing (RBT) process describes a Testing is a critical part of any software development lifecycle. strategy to integrate testing throughout the development Creating realistic and consistent test databases is the first lifecycle and focus on the quality of the requirements step in delivering reliable applications. But with multiple specification. The result is early defect detection and database clones to configure and manage, costs can prevention, reducing costs by finding and fixing defects quickly spiral out of control. Testing cycles are extended, and earlier in the development process. The RBT process releases are delayed. So, what is the way to deliver Agile addresses two major issues: validating that the requirements applications while controlling costs? During this session, learn are correct, complete, unambiguous, and logically how to speed iterative testing cycles by creating right-sized consistent; and designing a necessary and sufficient set of test environments, including automating the comparison of test cases from the requirements to ensure that the design baseline data against successive test run results to quickly and code fully meet those requirements. In designing the identify application errors. In addition, learn how to speed associated tests, two issues need to be overcome: reducing delivery of applications while reducing cost by enabling the immensely large number of potential tests down to a testers and developers to access and refresh test data. Test reasonable size set and ensuring that the tests deliver the data management starts with creating realistic right-sized test G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE84 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 86. Quality Managementdatabases and effectively protecting confidential test data by Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45ammasking streamline test data delivery. QM-2136 G Northern Hemisphere A4 Field by Field, Row by Row…Automating Data TestingThursday, 8:30am – 9:30am Using IBM® Rational® Functional TesterQM-1340 G Northern Hemisphere A4 Kirk Juhas, CDPHP, Quality Assurance ArchitectLarge-Scale Deployment of IBM® Rational®Quality Manager in STG for Hardware and Software This session outlines how CDPHP, a provider of healthcareSystem Test products, extended IBM® Rational® Functional Tester to create a modular test automation framework that focusesDavid W. Mehaffy, IBM, STSM STG System Assurance on data testing and validation, something every companyThis presentation discusses the use of IBM® Rational® Quality that processes large amounts of data should have. ThisManager in a large enterprise organization managing both automation was applied to large test projects such as majorhardware and software testing. In addition, this session system upgrades, changes in federally mandated datacovers the integration of IBM Rational Quality Manager with formats (HIPAA 5010 & ICD-10), annual healthcare productautomation tools and the business value being realized by enrollments, data warehouse balancing, and more. Some ofIBM’s STG organization. Attendees also receive insight into the implemented types of data-centric testing techniques arehow STG is using the next version of IBM’s collaborative database schema comparisons, fixed width and delimitedlifecycle management solution while learning about best file validations, environment change detection, cross serverpractices and recommendations based on more than three file directory comparisons, and log file error detection. Withinyears of IBM Rational Quality Manager use in production. CDPHP, the use of IBM Rational Functional Tester data validation has increased the total test coverage for dataThursday, 9:45am – 10:45am tests from 5 to 100 percent and decreased regressionQM-1080 ⅷ America’s Seminar testing time by 97 percent for manual data validation effortsAgile Test Management Practices with IBM® Rational® once implemented.Quality Manager Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pmChip Davis, IBM, Accelerated Value Program Leader QM-1686 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A4Agile development has numerous benefits to a software IBM® Rational® Quality Manager Deployment anddevelopment effort, including improved quality in the software Migration: The REST Interface Is a Friendthat is produced. However, in order to gain these benefits, William W. Owen, IBM, Sr. Software Engineercorrect and effective agile practices must be followed.Likewise, software testing in agile has many benefits, but also The IBM® Rational® Jazz® framework provides a numberrequires a thorough understanding of how to successfully of REST-style interfaces for working with application data.apply it. Without comprehensive planning and insight, one This presentation focuses on the IBM® Rational® Qualitymight not reap all the rewards of agile software testing. Manager REST interface and how it can be used to aTest management practices are central to driving quality team’s advantage. Topics covered include an overview ofimprovements in agile development, as well as any other the IBM Rational Quality Manager object model, interactingtype of software development effort. The concurrent testing with REST from Poster and interacting with REST usingpractice in agile projects is different from more traditional the python scripting language. Examples include tools thattesting approaches, and may require a change in testing import IBM Rational Quality Manager objects from externalattitudes and culture. Both test management and concurrent files like Excel or Word, a tool that migrates IBM Rationaltesting practices together, in an agile effort, will lead to Quality Manager objects from IBM Rational Jazz V2 to V3significant and measurable improvements in the quality of the systems, and a tool for automating the creation of IBMresulting product. Rational Jazz TeamServer users.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 85
  • 87. Quality Management Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm QM-1825 G America’s Seminar MSO2RQM Import Utility: The Customizable Solution for Migrating MS Word and Excel Test Assets into IBM® Rational® Quality Manager James Lorusso, IBM, Software Support Engineer When companies purchase IBM® Rational® Quality Manager, they often have a large quantity of quality assurance test data in Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents. If only there was a smooth way to migrate all of that data into IBM Rational Quality Manager, fully centralizing testing efforts. With the MSO2RQM Import utility, there is. Come learn how to effectively map and import data that was seemingly orphaned from IBM Rational Quality Manager and turn it into dynamic, integrated, and centrally managed IBM Rational Quality Manager artifacts. Test scripts, test cases, test plans, and requirements are just a few of the records that can be effectively migrated using the utility. With this tool, businesses can take full advantage of a truly collaborative approach to quality assurance testing. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE86 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 88. Requirements Definition & Management for IT Application Development Requirements Definition & Management fo IT Application Development Requirements Definition and Management (RDM) for IT application development encompasses all of the activities in software delivery that revolve around eliciting, defining, elaborating, understanding, organizing, reviewing, communicating and tracking business, user, and software requirements. These activities help to ensure that the applications developed truly solve the real business and customer problems. This track explores the experiences of organizations with tools, techniques, and processes used to effectively define and manage requirements. This track is for analysts, architects, developers, project managers, and others interested in methodology and tools for defining and managing requirements for IT application development. From a tools perspective, this track will focus on Rational® RequisitePro® and Rational® Requirements Composer (and its role as a key element of an ALM solution).Monday, 11:00am – 12:00pm integration with IBM® Rational® Requirements ComposerRDM-2251 G Southern Hemisphere V now helps in other phases of the solution delivery lifecycle.What’s New with IBM® Rational® Requirements It gives users a simple way to associate these iRise visualComposer? requirements artifacts to other types of artifacts required to describe, implement, and test applications, includingJared Pulham, IBM, Senior Product Manager, Requirements business process, flow diagrams, and use cases. SuchManagement Tools; Jeanette Deupree, IBM, Program associations improve software quality and user experienceDirector, Rational Requirements Composer by describing requirements and behavior visually andCome and see what all the excitement is about for IBM® dynamically, rather than verbally or with static images. SeeRational® Requirements Composer. This session gives an an example of customers that use iRise and IBM Rationaloverview of what is new in IBM Rational Requirements Requirements Composer to achieve shorter times to marketComposer 4.0 and explains the vision of the requirements than organizations had thought possible.capability for application lifecycle management. Meet the tooldesigners and developers and hear how the new capabilities Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmimprove an organization’s ability to manage product from RDM-2249 G Southern Hemisphere Vstart to finish. What’s Now and Next in Requirements Definition and Management for ITMonday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm George DeCandio, IBM, Distinguished Engineer,RDM-2159 G Southern Hemisphere V Requirements Management; Jared Pulham, IBM, SeniorAfter Wow—Integrating iRise with IBM® Rational® Product Manager, Requirements Management ToolsRequirements Composer to Speed Time-to-Market Requirements definition and management methodologiesMike Hughes, iRise, Director, Customer Solutions and tools continue to improve the way organizations deliverWhat happens after teams wow users with mobile products and services better, faster, and cheaper. Andsimulations that are so real some users think they are the IBM® Rational® provides the market-leading solutions forfinal application? Many organizations undergo extremely driving requirements-driven processes through the lifecycle.positive transformations when they start using iRise Come and learn about IBM Rational’s strategy and visionvisualizations to document the look, feel, and behavior for requirements definition and management tools (IBM®of applications before coding begins. The recent iRise Rational® Requirements Composer, and IBM® Rational®Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 87
  • 89. RequisitePro®). Understand what trends and patterns IBMRequirements Definition & Management for IT Application Development attempts to answer these questions and more. Learn how Rational is responding to and how the vision of requirements Disney partnered with IBM to identify a framework whereby definition and management tools help solve today’s most teams could effectively elicit, elaborate, and validate difficult development problems. requirements, as well as provide better visibility across the lifecycle—from business need to solution, from requirements Monday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm through development and test. RDM-1141 ࡗ Southern Hemisphere V Iterative Requirements Analysis: Implementing Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Lean and Agile Principles for Software RDM-2031 G Southern Hemisphere V Requirements Analysis Visual Definition in the Requirements Lifecycle: Hari Narayanaswamy, Nationwide Insurance, A Conceptual Framework Director, IT Analysis Daniel T. Moul, IBM, Rational Sr. Offering/Market Manager The advantages of applying lean and agile techniques to This session provides a framework for evaluating the best design and development activities of software development uses of text and various visual notations in the requirements is now well established and known widely in the IT industry. process. Presenters highlight this in reference to IBM® IT organizations that have implemented agile techniques Rational® Requirements Composer, simulation vendors such have either continued to do analysis activities as practiced as iRise, and UML modeling. in waterfall approaches or skipped upfront analysis as advocated by agile purists. Nationwide Insurance’s IT Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm is currently executing a few pilot projects to assess the RDM-1503 G Southern Hemisphere V feasibility of an iterative analysis approach that will augment DHL Aligning Business and IT with IBM® Rational® the currently established Agile software development Requirements Composer practices. The approach could be highly beneficial to large Jan Stastny, DHL, Software Development; Ales Teska, DHL, organizations that are transitioning to or executing agile- Software Development Team Leader; Jan Svoboda, IBM, based development. This paper explains the iterative analysis Rational Technical Specialist; Daniel Pfeffer, DHL, Software approach that is being piloted and discusses results, lessons Development Center of Excellence Manager learned, and plans for further deployment, including using IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer and IBM® Rational DHL is a requirement-oriented organization. Each project Team Concert™. starts with a complex set of requirements that must be organized and managed. Presenters describe their Tuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm experience deploying IBM® Rational® Requirement Composer RDM-1658 G Southern Hemisphere V to the DHL IT services chain tool infrastructure. They Case Study: Moving from Organized Chaos to introduce this technical environment and how IBM Rational Standard Process and Tooling—Disney’s Experience in Requirement Composer fits in. They show real benefits of Deploying IBM® Rational® Tools integrating IBM Rational Requirement Composer with IBM® Rational Team Concert™ as one platform and review technical Brianna M. Smith, IBM, Delivery Engagement Manager; obstacles that appeared during the deployment. Attendees Caroline Musgrove, Walt Disney World Resorts, Manager, hear how IBM Rational Requirement Composer helps Business Technology; Yan (Tina) Zhuo, IBM, RM Project connect the business with the DHL development process Management Council Lead and what the real user experience with common projects Organizations often experience challenges eliciting, feels like. Presenters also outline different reports and trends elaborating, tracking, and tracing requirements and change they are able to produce with this tool. The presentation requests that impact multiple projects and programs. finishes with a discussion of DHL’s experience with the They feel hampered by an inability to conform to multiple enablement process and how IBM Rational Requirement development styles while yet attempting to implement a Composer is promoted inside the DHL organization. common framework. They have challenges tracking multiple projects with varying release schedules and dates. And they need better operational effectiveness, including better collaboration, better traceability, and the ability to infuse visual techniques and improve visibility across the lifecycle. For attendees who face similar challenges, this presentation G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE88 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 90. Requirements Definition & Management for IT Application DevelopmentTuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:45pmRDM-2171 G Southern Hemisphere V RDM-1144 G Southern Hemisphere VRequirements and Design Works Together Reporting and Generating Documents in IBM®Don Yantzi, IBM, Product Line Manager, Collaborative Design Rational® Requirements ComposerManagement; Devang Parikh, IBM, Software Architect Christopher W. McKay, IBM, IT Specialist; Randy Haven, IBM, Architect; Muhtar Burak Akbulut, IBM,Requirements management and software design are closely Development Managerrelated and complimentary to aspects of application lifecyclemanagement in which artifacts and practitioners need When requirements are captured and managed in IBM®to work closely together. With IBM® Rational® Software Rational® Requirements Composer, reporting can answerArchitect’s new IBM® Rational® Jazz®-based collaborative the questions that provide both broad and in-depthdesign management capabilities, requirements analysts perspectives about requirements that go beyond just aand software architects can collaborate on designs and set of requirements. Common reporting in IBM Rationalrequirements and designs can be integrated using open Requirements Composer includes document generation,services for lifecycle collaboration. This session provides metrics, and cross-product reports. In this session,details on using IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer and presenters introduce the reporting architecture and showIBM® Rational® Software Architect together to collaborate on how to produce out-of-box reports and customized reports.designs, visualize traceability relationships, perform impact The session also gives real-world examples of how to use theanalysis, and generate documentation. new IBM Rational Requirements Composer module concept together with Rational reporting for document generationWednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am (RRDG), to automatically generate requirement documents.RDM-1353 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere VImplementing IT Service Management with IBM® Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmRational® DOORS® by NJ Manufacturers (NJM) RDM-2252 G Southern Hemisphere VInsurance Group Ask the Experts: IBM® Rational® RequirementsIvan Handojo, NJ Manufacturers (NJM) Insurance Group, Composer and IBM® Rational® RequisitePro®Sr. IT Process/Support Specialist; Suparno Biswas, NJ Robin R. Bater, IBM, WW RDM CoP Architect; JeanetteManufacturers (NJM) Insurance Group, Administrator Deupree, IBM, Program Director, Rational Requirements Composer; Devang Parikh, IBM, Software Architect; YanIBM® Rational® DOORS®, as it fits into the overall life cycle/ (Tina) Zhuo, IBM, RM Project Management Council Lead;service management implementation has allowed NJM to Muhtar Burak Akbulut, IBM, Development Manager; Briannainstitute continuous service improvement; end-to-end audit M. Smith, IBM, Software Solutions Architect; Daniel T.requests; and integrate with project planning, requirements Moul, IBM, Rational Sr. Offering/Market Manager; Georgemanagement, system test and deployment. IBM Rational DeCandio, IBM, Distinguished Engineer, RequirementsDOORS implementation (in conjunction with IBM® Rational® Management; Jared Pulham, IBM, Senior Product Manager,Reporting Engine, IBM® Rational® DOORS Web Access™, Requirements Management Toolsand QCI) has been in place for almost one year at NJM.The organization learned, first hand, the real-life experience Come and talk to the product owners, developers, andof adapting this system and evolving the solution over time testers who work on IBM® Rational® Requirementsto deliver results that satisfy the needs of users. In this Composer, as well as the consultants and services peoplepresentation, attendees learn how IBM Rational DOORS who support the product in the field. Participants can askfits into the overall life cycle/service management vision, the questions they would not normally ask support or maybereal-life experiences of adapting this system, and how the cannot ask support. They can also ask about the roadmap,solution evolved over time to deliver results that satisfy the best practices, how to’s, how things are done in IBM, andneeds of our users. anything product related.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 89
  • 91. Requirements Definition & Management for IT Application Development Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am RDM-1031 G Southern Hemisphere V RDM-1656 Ⅵ Southern Hemisphere V IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer Development: Collaboration For Innovation—The Requirements Drinking Our Own Champagne Engineering Maturity Model (REMM) Kirk Grotjohn, IBM, User Experience Engineer: Rational Aideen Cardiff, IBM, Rational Software Brand Manager for Requirements Composer; Muhtar Burak Akbulut, IBM, Ireland; Tim Hodkinson, Liberty IT, IT Applications Manager; Development Manager; Robin R. Bater, IBM, WW RDM Mark Kane, Mainstreamrp, IT Applications Director; Darragh CoP Architect Delany, Curam Software, IT Applications Director; Joseph Dunleavy, Prudential, IT Applications Manager; George Clulow, This presentation and demonstration shows how the IBM® IBM, IT Applications Manager; Vincent Mcelwain, Aer Lingus, Rational® Requirements Composer team is developing IT Applications Manager; David Anderson, Liberty IT, IT the next product version, using V3 of the collaborative lifecycle management solution (IBM Rational Requirements Organizations appreciate that requirements engineering (RE) Composer, IBM® Rational Team Concert™, and IBM® capabilities are critically important to their businesses but Rational® Quality Manager) on find that the associated practices are not always as well- defined, agile or as useful as they need to be. They need to Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am quickly gauge their levels of competence in RE and identify RDM-2046 G Southern Hemisphere V where improvements must be made in existing practices? Tips, Tricks, Performance Tuning, and Best Practices In 2011, a group of senior cross-industry information for IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer technology practitioners in Ireland decided that the status quo was unacceptable and formed an innovative community Benjamin M. Silverman, IBM, SWAT Engineer (ReqPro/ of practice to begin collaborating on improving their software Insight/RRC); Deise Côrtes, IBM, IT Specialist; Wagner development abilities. The group was keen to take advantage Lindberg Baccarin Arnaut, IBM, IBM Certified IT Specialist; of industry collaboration through peer learning and the Maintaining the performance and availability of systems definition and sharing of good practices. The first area of is a business-critical function of an IT department. Before focus for this Irish initiative was RE, and with assistance executing the deployment, it is critical to gather non- from IBM, this group developed what became known as the functional requirements to ensure that the infrastructure requirements engineering maturity model (REMM). is prepared to meet the defined usage model. Many IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer deployments face Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm challenges on the environment specification, installation, RDM-2253 G Southern Hemisphere V and deployment. This presentation explains how to define User Competition: Who Is the Best IBM® Rational® and monitor an IBM Rational Requirements Composer Composer User? deployment and usage model in order to the improve end- Jared Pulham, IBM, Senior Product Manager, Requirements user experience. The presentation features best practices Management Tools identified by IBM Support while evaluating and tuning customer deployments of the tool. It highlights utilities that IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer experts put assist in monitoring performance and troubleshooting. their skills to the test to compete in a variety of different Presenters discuss a set of best practices and guidance on tool challenges and prove who is the best requirements using IBM Rational Requirements Composer, IBM® Rational tool champion. Preselected challengers have a chance to Team Concert™, and IBM® Rational® Quality Manager, as well compete to solve some common and difficult requirements as tips and tricks. management problems using IBM Rational Requirements Composer while competing against other IBM Rational Requirements Composer tool experts and developers. The competition ends when a champion is found by winning the most points from each challenge. Come and see who the 2012 winner will be and learn a few tips and tricks along the way. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE90 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 92. Model Driven Systems Development Model Driven Systems Development Your position in the market depends on your ability to deliver innovative systems and products on time, with the right features and quality. A unified approach to development across the key domains of mechanical, electronic, and software disciplines will help ensure you hit your timelines and deliver with confidence. Model Driven Systems Development (MDSD) is this approach and delivers the critical capabilities systems engineers and software developers need to create products, systems, and software. The latest industry standards and technologies for safety critical systems (ISO26262, DO-178B/C), automotive (AUTOSAR), model-based systems engineering (SysML), mobile platform design, and many others are among the topics to be discussed in the context of real-world, mission-critical situations. In addition to exploring cutting-edge visual and code-centric solution delivery, the track covers innovative software development processes and tools that assist agility and collaboration across diverse teams made up of internal and external stakeholders, architects, developers, and operations. This track is for systems engineers, product development managers, embedded software developers, program managers, and other stakeholders interested in the latest innovations and best practices from IBM supporting the design and development of software- intensive systems and products.Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmMDD-1819 G Oceanic 1 MDD-2236 G Oceanic 1Track Kickoff: The Many Faces of IBM® Rational® IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® Next and NowRhapsody® Rick Boldt, IBM, Senior Product Manager; Nili Tshuva, IBM,Rick Boldt, IBM, Senior Product Manager; Bill Shaw, IBM, Senior Manager & Project ManagerProgram Director Systems Foundation Learn about the latest features and preview upcomingSystems Engineering. AUTOSAR. Embedded Software. capabilities for IBM® Rational® Rhapsody®. Whether beingUPDM. Agile. Do-178B. MBSE. DDS. Unit Test. ISO 26262. used by systems engineers or software engineers, IBMIEC 62304. IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® is used for a wide Rational Rhapsody allows users to create DoDAF- andrange of disciplines, industries, and standards—too many to MODAF-compliant architectures using UPDM, systemslist here. This session examines the IBM Rational Rhapsody specifications using SysML or AUTOSAR, and softwarestrategy for addressing the needs of the various types of designs using UML or AUTOSAR. IBM Rational Rhapsody’susers across industries. Presenters review market trends key enabling technologies provide support for processand drivers, capabilities available today, and future plans. integration; team collaboration; design trade studies;This session sets the stage for more detailed presentations document and report creation; behavioral and functionalto follow. analysis; systems, software, unit, and integration testing; and C, C++, Java, Ada, and C# application development.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 91
  • 93. Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Tuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pmModel Driven Systems Development MDD-1176 Ⅵ Oceanic 1 MDD-2257 Ⅵ Oceanic 1 Performing Systems Engineering Requirements Roadmap for Model-Based Systems Engineering Analysis with SysML Parametrics in Aerospace Yvonne Bijan, Lockheed Martin, Software Engineer Randy Skelding, Pratt & Whitney, United Technologies, Staff Engineer Poor requirements engineering is a common cause of failure in system development. Not only are text requirements This session offers a long-term vision for applying model- ambiguous, the domain conditions under which they are based systems engineering techniques in the development of to be satisfied are vague. Until operating conditions and complex cyber-physical aerospace systems. This discussion requirements are formally captured, they will continue to be is followed by a practical example of functional modeling, vague with ill-defined verification criteria. SysML used in a one of the techniques discussed in the roadmap. The use model-based systems engineering (MBSE) development of IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® for this purpose is shown in a process can help mitigate these errors. Requirements can be demo of “How to Start a Jet Engine.” formalized in a precise manner by representing the system under design and its operating environment as a composite Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm SysML model with parametric diagrams. Formalization of MDD-1373 G Oceanic 1 requirements and constraints with parametric diagrams Development and Testing of Safety-Critical Software enables them to be verified and flowed down during the Dr. Marc Lettrari, BTC Embedded Systems AG, VP development process. An example is used to illustrate how Rhapsody & Statemate Testing Products; Dr. Udo IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® parametric diagrams can be used Brockmeyer, BTC Embedded Systems AG, CEO to develop requirements and constraints. The development of safety-critical software requires Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm implementation of rigorous process with strong emphasis MDD-1486 G Oceanic 1 on risk analysis and safety requirements. Such process Pushing the Boundaries of Architectural Design of frameworks are described in standards like ISO 26262 for Complex Safety-Critical Systems at EADS the automotive domain or IEC 61508 for electronic systems. End users have to cope with the challenge of ensuring Andreas Keis, EADS, IW Systems Manager; Nir Mashkif, the safe usage of tools used to support the development IBM, Researcher and testing of safety-critical software in the context of the The complexity of contemporary systems causes systems given processes. This presentation describes a reference engineers great pains during early architectural design workflow for development and testing of safety-critical phases. Architecture optimization is a tedious manual process software that provides concrete guidance for end users requiring a mathematician to work with the systems engineer. to efficiently develop safer products while complying with The process is error prone, difficult to manage, and often safety regulations. yields worthless results. In a joint initiative, an IBM/EADS team has developed a generic methodology for taking the Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm architectural design to a different level. Using an en example MDD-1164 Ⅵ Oceanic 1 from a future Airbus jet, EADS engineering leaders share their Top 10 Tips for Practical Model-Based insight on the value of applying an alternative way to formalize Systems Engineering requirements, define design alternatives, automate design Bruce Douglass, IBM, Chief Evangelist space exploration using code generation, and advanced optimization techniques supported by IBM® Rational® Systems engineering is all about developing systems-level Rhapsody® Design Manager for managing the process. specifications to appropriately guide downstream engineering activities. With the advent of SysML, systems engineers are moving from traditional document-based approaches to model-based approaches. This talk provides the top 10 keys for successfully developing specifications that are clear, unambiguous, correct, and useful for the recipients of the specifications to meet project requirements. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE92 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 94. Model Driven Systems DevelopmentTuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm Wednesday, 11:15am – 12:45pmMDD-2327 Ⅵ Oceanic 1 MDD-1067 Ⅵ Oceanic 1Experiences from Jaguar Land Rover in Delivering Integrated Development of Architecture and ControlNext-Generation Infotainment System Based on Genivi Systems with the MathWorks IntegrationsUsing IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® Eldad Palachi, IBM, Systems Engineering lead RhapsodyManprit Singh, IBM, Market Manager for Automotive Development; Takashi Sakairi, IBM, ResearcherIndustry; Matt Jones, Jaguar Land Rover, Vice President The integration between The MathWorks and IBM® Rational®Infotainment systems keep users connected to information Rhapsody® helps for early validation and collaboration onand entertainment while in the car and are a key architectural design, closed loop control design, or signaldifferentiator in the automotive industry. The need for more processing to help produce an integrated design. Learn howcomplex functions and data requirements drives code to apply the main integration points of MATLAB/Simulinksize and processing power, and in turn, brings escalating integration with IBM Rational Rhapsody: joint simulations ofdevelopment and validation cost for the software effort control and plant models, solving mathematical constraintsof these new-generation infotainment devices. The goal defined in SysML parametric diagrams, and collaborating onof GENIVI, an open standards-based consortium, is Simulink using IBM Rhapsody Design standardize the non-differentiating elements of theInfotainment solution stack. In this session, learn about DNA- Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmchanging industry trends of the lucrative, yet challenging, MDD-2098 G Oceanic 1automotive Infotainment space and how IBM Rational Better Co-Development for Real-Time Saves Realsolutions help control costs and complexity by helping Time in a Project—Timing and Performance Modeling,organizations comply and embrace these industry-wide Simulation, and Analysis Along the Lifecyclestandardization initiatives. Manprit Singh, IBM, Market Manager for Automotive Industry; Tapio Kramer, INCHRON GmbH, MarketingWednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am Manager; Martin R. Bakal, IBM, WW Offering Manager,MDD-1698 G Oceanic 1 Electronics IndustryHardware/Software Co-Design Using SysMLand SystemC With the increasing demands on the functionality of embedded systems, the challenges in developmentSandeep Desai, Sodius, Engineering Director grow seemingly exponentially. This is due to the growingSystem-level design has become quite complex. Time-to- complexity and need to still have reliability. By optimizingmarket pressures; multiple dimensions of design tradeoffs; the collaboration among developers, the challenges inand issues in quality, safety, and reliability all factor in, as well project management and development can be overall cost. SysML-based methodologies have emerged This takes strong collaboration tools. A growing demandas the preferred choice for high-level system description for optimization lies in the dynamic real-time behaviorand collaboration in the system engineering domain. In domain, since rising functionality generates complexityaddition, the electronic design community is coalescing from interconnections leading to challenging interferences.around SystemC and TLM 2.0 to raise the abstraction Starting with requirements, over to systems design, andlevel. Therefore, it is critical and natural to leverage SysML finally throughout configuration and defect management, themodel artifacts further down in the flow, including hardware timing and performance aspects have to be well manageddesign, verification, and implementation. SysML-to-SystemC by an integrated development platform for product lifecyclesynthesis technology from Sodius bridges the automation management. Addressing the dynamic behavior continuouslygap between these tool chains through automated synthesis will result in higher quality and faster time-to-market.of SystemC models from SysML. This presentation providesan overview of the technology, as well as case studiesdescribing the success of this approach.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 93
  • 95. usage of the IBM Rational Jazz® platform for integratedModel Driven Systems Development Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm MDD-1950 G Oceanic 1 requirements management and model-based development Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach-Based is discussed. IBM® Rational® DOORS® and IBM Rational on SysML in a Multiple-Team/Multiple Site Environment Rhapsody information is now shared through IBM Rational Jazz with linked engineering artifacts such as requirements, Dietmar Pfeiffer, Cassidian, Systems Engineer acceptance test plans, and engineering change requests. Based on the IBM® Rational® Harmony® best practices, a This session also explores the hand-over from system multi-team, multi-site approach is presented allowing the engineering to software development. definition of the system use cases by independent teams at different sites. The approach has been defined and Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am exercised in a case study by an integrated team of Cassidian MDD-1908 Ⅵ Oceanic 1 system engineers and IBM consultants. After appropriate Intelligent Smartphone Development: Requirements tailoring, it is currently being introduced into a Cassidian and Systems Engineering for Mobile Devices Using UAS project utilizing IBM® Rational® DOORS® and IBM® IBM® Rational® DOORS® and IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® Rational® Rhapsody® with SysML. The approach starts with Barry Steer, SteerConsulting, CTO the definition and prioritization of the system use cases. Each of the use cases is then elaborated as a black box model Delivering smartphone and mobile telecommunications and the functionality is allocated to the system elements products to market faster is important in succeeding in the (“sub-systems”). For each sub-system, a separate model burgeoning mobile market. This session shows an agile is generated that can be worked at independently by a approach for the telecommunications industry using IBM® separate team. After completion of the sub-system models, Rational® DOORS® and IBM® Rational® Rhapsody®. It covers they are integrated again and tested against the black box the steps in applying a model-based approach following a model behavior by running the respective sub-system state hybrid V-lifecycle from customer requirements to subsystem charts concurrently. handoff. Attendees see how the workflow, tasks, roles, and work products along with the use of SysML can all be used Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm to validate requirements, design structures, and behaviors MDD-1943 Ⅵ Oceanic 1 with well-defined interfaces that form the technically sound Case Study: BMW’s Migration of a Legacy In-Vehicle systems architecture of telecommunication products. Software Component to an AUTOSAR Platform Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm Raz Yerushalmi, IBM, Senior Development Manager, Systems MDD-1160 G Oceanic 1 and Automotive Applications Model-Driven Development for Mobile Applications In this session, presenters outline how a cross-vehicle Leigh A. Williamson, IBM, Distinguished Engineer; Beery application was migrated from a traditional automotive Holstein, IBM, Senior Manager environment to an AUTOSAR compliant platform. They show how BMW employed the IBM® Rational® Rhapsody®/ With embedded product designs becoming more complex AUTOSAR Implementation Block (RIMB) to quickly deploy and product lifecycles shrinking, development efficiencies the application on the new platform. An overview and lessons are essential. The emergence of model-driven development learned is also presented. (MDD) has provided the opportunity to accelerate the development process. With MDD, software engineers can Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am more clearly understand and analyze requirements, define MDD-1114 G Oceanic 1 design specifications, test systems concepts using simulation, Systems and Software Engineering Gets Collaborative and automatically generate code for direct deployment on the target hardware. This session presents several aspects Sasha Rekhter, IBM, Development Manager; Eran Gery, IBM, where using MDD can help developers quicken the delivery Distinguished Engineer of Android-based devices and applications. Integration and collaboration is critical for success in systems and software engineering. Learn how IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® Design Manager can enable engineers across disciplines and teams to collaborate on complex designs managed on the IBM® Rational® Jazz® server itself. The G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE94 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 96. Requirements Management for Systems Engineering Requirements Management for Systems Engineering Requirements Management for Systems Engineering encompasses all of the activities in systems engineering that revolve around eliciting, defining, elaborating, understanding, organizing, reviewing, communicating and tracking market/customer, product, and system requirements. These activities help to ensure that the products/systems developed truly solve the customer/ market need. This track explores the experiences of product development and systems engineering organizations with tools, techniques, and processes used to effectively define and manage requirements. This track is for systems engineers, requirements engineers, engineering managers and others interested in methodology and tools for requirements engineering. From a tools perspective this track will focus on Rational DOORS (and its role as a key element of a systems and software engineering solution).Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm standard attributes, standard views, and a set of workingRE-2246 G Asia 3 DXL scripts for generating metrics and graphics. BecauseWhat’s Now and Next in Requirements Management requirements span many levels, JPL has developed a toolfor Systems Engineering for visualizing IBM Rational DOORS requirements database linkages and quickly navigating links.Bill Shaw, IBM, Program Director Systems Foundation;Richard Watson, IBM, Product Manager, DOORS & DWA Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmThis is the kickoff session for the Requirements Management RE-1282 Ⅵ Asia 3for Systems Engineering track. Implementing Integrated Application Lifecycle Management Using IBM® Rational® DOORS®,Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm IBM® Rational® Rhapsody®, and IBM® Rational®RE-1182 G Asia 3 Publishing Engine™ ® ® ®How IBM Rational DOORS Helps JPL Get to Mars Cliff Sadler, Brockwell Technologies, Inc., Senior Systemsand Beyond: Best Practices in Metrics, Verification, Engineer – Rational Deployment Professionaland Traceability Walking the walk of application lifecycle management isMargaret Smith Holzmann, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, always a challenge of compromises, existing tool capabilities,Technical Group Supervisor and user adoption. Redstone Arsenal has adopted aJPL has used IBM® Rational® DOORS® for 15 years to minimalist approach of implementation by introducingcapture requirements and plan and track verification for additional capabilities as schedule and understanding allows,projects ranging from deep space missions to Mars rovers. for both the creators and consumers of project data. To thatThrough trial and error, JPL identified and codified a set end, the company has developed a support environmentof best practices centered on the use of a set of standard that leverages the best practices of IBM® Rational® DOORS®,attributes. Uniform usage of these attributes has allowed JPL IBM® Rational® DOORS Web Access™, IBM® Rational®to develop a robust metrics reporting capability that gives Rhapsody®, and IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine™ toproject teams quick and easy access to a snapshot of their enable clear understanding of systems and rapid responserequirements maturity and verification progress. New projects to changes for all stakeholders. Come see how a little bit ofprovide a requirements tree and JPL’s IBM Rational DOORS technology can leverage a lot of trust and accuracyadministrators generate a turn-key system with the JPL for projects.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 95
  • 97. Requirements Management for Systems Engineering Monday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm RE-1551 G Asia 3 RE-1276 G Asia 3 ® ® ® ® Achieve High-Quality Technical Requirements Integrating IBM Rational DOORS with IBM Rational Using IBM® Rational® DOORS® with INCHRON’s Team Concert™—Lessons Learned at Raytheon Real-Time Capabilities Kenneth Williams, Raytheon, Software Configuration Tapio Kramer, INCHRON GmbH, Marketing Manager Management; Jo Alamares, Raytheon, Requirements Management Capability Lead; Edmund J. Mayer, IBM, In the development process, requirements need specific Rational Systems Practice Lead; Stephen S. Grossman, IBM, semantics for different domains and design levels. The Client Technical Professional IBM® Rational® Jazz® platform enables domain-specific tools to provide refined requirements to IBM® Rational® The management of change is a complex problem that DOORS®. System level requirements for the real-time includes the management of hardware, software code, and behavior of embedded systems are often defined informally requirements. One way to simplify change management is using weak phrases like “in time” or “fast enough.” To to use IBM® Rational Team Concert™ to manage all types derive formal technical requirements for the system’s of change requests. Raytheon’s existing implementation of implementation, a translation into formulas with precise an integrated requirements management solution (IRMS) events and physical time units is needed. By coupling the includes the use of IBM® Rational® DOORS®, IBM® Rational® INCHRON Tool-Suite with IBM Rational DOORS using open Change™, IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine™, and the services for lifecycle collaboration (OSLC), the semantics Raytheon Network Centric Systems (NCS) DXL script library. of a system-level requirement can be redefined to formal These tools are deployed in six locations across the U.S. The timing and performance requirements for the design. The presentation discusses the steps taken to migrate from IBM relationship between the refined INCHRON Tool-Suite Rational Change to IBM Rational Team Concert and outlines specific requirement and the original IBM Rational DOORS the lessons learned in the conversion of an IBM Rational requirement is kept. That guarantees traceability between DOORS/IBM Rational Change integration implementation design steps and across tools. to the setup and integration of IBM Rational DOORS with IBM Rational Team Concert. The IBM Rational DOORS/IBM Tuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm Rational Team Concert workflow for requirements change RE-1481 ⅷ Asia 3 management is demonstrated. ® ® ® Getting the most Out of IBM Rational DOORS : Architect for Success, Track Progress, Find Defects Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm Early—Tips and Tricks from Raytheon RE-1702 Ⅵ Asia 3 ★ Alex Ivanov, Raytheon Company, DOORS SME at A CareFusion Case Study of Integrating IBM Rational® ® Raytheon, IBM Champion DOORS® and HP Quality Center for Use in an FDA Environment Learn how to architect an IBM® Rational® DOORS® project Kartik Venkatesh, Carefusion, Director QA; Federico Merino, to truly leverage the power of the IBM Rational DOORS tool. IBM, Rational Brand Architect Gain from the best practices gathered over more than 10 years on programs large and small at Raytheon for allocating The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires requirements, creating links, easily tracking progress using manufacturers of class II and class III medical devices daily metrics, fixing issues found using dynamic traceability to establish and maintain procedures to control product views, and much more. design and ensure that specified requirements are met. A critical aspect of design control is the establishment and maintenance of traceability from requirements data to test cases and test steps. CareFusion, a leading supplier of Medical Respiratory Products, uses IBM® Rational® DOORS® integrated with HP Quality Center to manage requirements, specifications, and tests for its products in a highly-regulated and extremely competitive environment. This session introduces the audience to some of the issues encountered and overcome by the CareFusion team in integrating IBM Rational DOORS and HP Quality Center for its use. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE96 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 98. Requirements Management for Systems EngineeringTuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm With the use of advanced requirements management andRE-1738 G Asia 3 document publishing tools and methods, there has beenUsing IBM® Rational® DOORS® to Support Systems a huge payoff in product development process efficienciesEngineering and Release Management Across Multiple at Westinghouse (Nuclear) as the new generation AP1000Programs at Trane common power plant platform (gravity-fed shutdown) is deployed around the world. The company uses smartSean McCoy, Trane, Systems Engineer; Rick Learn, IBM, automation that begins at the transformation of customerCertified Consulting IT Specialist – Rational – Mid Atlantic needs and requirements into structured IBM® Rational®Developing large-scale, highly-customized systems that DOORS® modules and includes automatic visualization and/integrate multiple components? Trane shares its experiences or export of changes, advanced tool menus displayed in theand approach using IBM® Rational® DOORS® as part of its context of the user’s role, and “single-click” publishing ofsystems engineering, program management, and release large numbers of documents for multiple customers usingmanagement efforts. Trane develops large-scale HVAC only a few supporting IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine™(heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems that require templates. The positive impact on the development processthe integration of multiple embedded controllers developed in has been quite remarkable.multiple locations and by multiple vendors. Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmWednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am RE-2059 G Asia 3RE-2406 G Asia 3 ® Ask the Experts—IBM Rational DOORS ® ®Integrating Requirements and Models with IBM® 9/8/7 StreamRational® DOORS® and IBM® Rational® Rhapsody®: Ian Green, IBM, Chief Software Architect – RequirementsLessons Learned at Lockheed Martin MS2 Definition and Management; Dominic Tulley, IBM, RMThan Lam, Lockheed Martin, Lead Member Engineering Staff Software Architect; Mandy Livingstone, IBM, Program Director, DOORS, DWA and DOORS Next GenerationLockheed Martin MS2 uses IBM® Rational® DOORS®and IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® as its primary systems Come and ask every query regarding IBM® Rational®engineering tools. One of the main challenges Lockheed DOORS® versions 7.x, 8.x, or 9.x. This annual forum is whereMartin faced was how to best synchronize requirements IBM Rational DOORS and IBM® Rational® DOORS Webderived and refined in the IBM Rational Rhapsody model Access™ customers can ask a panel of IBM experts anywith the IBM Rational DOORS archives. The workflow questions they want.described in this presentation shows how the team modelsrequirements from IBM Rational DOORS imported into Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmIBM Rational Rhapsody for further analysis, refinement, RE-1622 G Asia 3and derivation. The derived requirements in IBM Rational Writing Verifiable Requirements Is Not Easy—Rhapsody are pushed back into the IBM Rational DOORS Experiences from Raytheonrequirements module, allowing new derived requirements Arnoldo Flores, Raytheon, Principal Systems Engineerto be placed into the module for the deliverable. Thedemonstration shows the practical way Lockheed Martin is This session discusses how to empower engineers withusing the IBM Rational Rhapsody Gateway on production the knowledge and methods to write requirements thatprojects to synchronize and manage requirements in IBM can be verified, as well as help them write requirementsRational DOORS and IBM Rational Rhapsody. more easily, efficiently, with less rework, and with greater success. Common traps in writing requirements, tips toWednesday, 11:15am – 12:15pm prevent requirements defects, and how to write verifiableRE-1714 G Asia 3 requirements are discussed in this session. Attend and gainInnovative Requirements Management and Document from the best practices and methodologies.Publishing Approaches Create Dramatically ImprovedCost, Schedule, and Morale Across the EnterpriseBob Parro III, River North Solutions, RequirementsManagement Consultant; Tom August, WestinghouseElectric Company, Principal Engineer/DOORSAdministrator/TrainerⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 97
  • 99. Requirements Management for Systems Engineering Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am RE-2334 G Asia 3 RE-2226 G Asia 3 Mega-Scale Product Line Requirements Engineering Deep Dive Investigation and Feedback about IBM® at General Motors Rational® DOORS® Next-Generation Beta Rick Flores, General Motors, Product Line Engineering Richard Watson, IBM, Product Manager, DOORS & DWA Practice Lead; Charles Krueger, BigLever Software, CEO Come participate in a demonstration and panel discussion General Motors faces probably the most complex systems around the IBM® Rational® DOORS® next-generation beta. and software product line requirements engineering Panel members include customers, IBM management, challenges ever, in terms of product complexity, richness of and members of the IBM Rational DOORS next-generation variation, size of organization, and an unforgiving requirement development team. to support over a dozen simultaneous development streams geared towards different new model years. To meet Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm this challenge, GM turned to an advanced product line RE-2052 G Asia 3 requirements engineering solution, including IBM® Rational® Annual DXL Script Exchange Competition: This Year DOORS®, IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine™, BigLever’s With A Twist Gears, and IBM Rational DOORS/Gears Bridge. This solution Patrick Roach, Honeywell, Principal Engineer – Tools Lead; provides the rigorous foundational support needed in all Mandy Livingstone, IBM, Program Director, DOORS, DWA of the downstream phases of the lifecycle. This session and DOORS Next Generation; Martin Henderson, IBM, explores the latest advances product line requirements Development Manager engineering at General Motors, as well as the technical and organizational lessons learned so far. This is the 2012 edition of the Annual DXL Script Exchange Competition. This year has a twist and more fun. Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am RE-2405 G Asia 3 ® ® ® Using IBM Rational DOORS in an Agile Environment Kimberly Cobb, IBM, WW Systems Solution Executive Is there a conflict between agile, nimble, and “light” user stories and “real” requirements that facilitate understanding between business and development? Is the idea of requirements as a written contract of sorts, especially in regulated or safety critical systems environments, anathema to agile processes such as scrum? Organizations don’t have to throw out a traditional requirements-driven development model in favor of agile. Learn how to keep a requirements model and use cases with decomposition using IBM® Rational® DOORS® to provide control and deliver the backbone to verify and validate a system against but still implement agile methodologies. See how IBM Rational DOORS allows greater flexibility in managing requirements and linking and tracing them into epics, stories, and sprints. Also learn how IBM Rational DOORS attributes allow for significant flexibility in filtering and sorting managing requirements backlogs and how requirements flow into implementation and test. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE98 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 100. Software for Systems Development Software for Systems Development Software increasingly drives innovation and differentiation in smart products and embedded systems. Software for Systems Development encompasses all of the activities within the software design and delivery lifecycle for complex and embedded systems. Attendees will gain in-depth guidance from IBM experts and customers on applying best practices and collaborative tooling to bring software intensive products and systems to market faster and with reduced cost and risk and improved quality, whilst meeting industry compliance objectives. This track is for engineering managers, software architects, software developers, project managers, and others concerned with delivering high quality, innovative software for smart products and systems.Monday, 11:00am – 12:00pm business success factor for companies to better manage theSSD-1775 G Oceanic 3 risk and cost associated with systems development meetingAn Integrated User Experience for Software and safety regulations. This presentation describes the challengesSystems Development faced by systems development organizations and highlights best practices to automate and streamline traceability acrossJin Li, IBM, User Experience Lead the product lifecycle to meet safety regulations, enablingEnd-to-end development of complex software and systems effective collaboration among the various stakeholders in thetypically requires multiple tools. Yet the integration among development teams.many of those tools is often brittle and the user interface isinconsistent. Companies have recognized the importance Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmof integrated tool suites, and customers are asking for SSD-1485 G Oceanic 3well-designed solutions to help them become productive Transforming Product Line Engineering Approaches:quickly. The presentation walks through a sample scenario A Case Study at Rafaelto highlight user experience improvements for integration- Udi Sherf, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., Seniorfocused tasks in the IBM® Rational® tooling solution for Software Development Leadersoftware and systems development. The improvements areaimed at accelerating the integration of engineering methods The benefits of developing systems in a way that enablesand tools, making teams more productive from the outset. reuse and configurability are well known. Product line engineering (PLE) aims to manage variability to provideMonday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm efficient ways to develop new product derivatives. PresentersSSD-2017 G Oceanic 3 describe the challenges in practicing PLE in Rafael, an IsraeliBest Practices for Systems Development to Meet firm that specializes in the development and productionSafety Regulations of multi-disciplinary systems. They focus on transforming existing product line implementations into more effectivePaul S. Urban, IBM, Market Manager; Jin Li, IBM, User option-oriented representations that include identificationExperience Lead of reusable functional components, derivation of specific“We’ll land after the computer reboots” is not what common and variable interfaces, and establishing featurepassengers want to hear a pilot say. Systems engineers and traceability through the development process. This isembedded software developers of safety-critical systems supported by governance processes to ensure alignmentare challenged to deliver increasingly complex, integrated with business within shrinking market windows while meetingstringent safety standards. It is becoming an outrightⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 99
  • 101. Software for Systems Development Monday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm example of how users can benefit from tool pre-qualification SSD-1280 G Oceanic 3 performed by a tool vendor. Bringing Software Configuration Management Benefits to the Electronic Design Automation World Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm SSD-1012 Ⅵ Oceanic 3 Michael R. Nellis, IBM, Software Engineer ® Developing Electronic Components with IBM With the release of IBM® Rational® ClearCase®/Cadence Rational® from the Cloud: A Customer Case Study integration, IBM brings its enterprise configuration and ★ John McDonald, CloudOne, CEO change management solution to analog, radio frequency, or mixed signal designers using Cadence Design Framework. Panasonic Automotive is one of the world’s largest producers This allows users to take advantage of core capabilities of of in-car audio, video, and navigation systems. A long- IBM Rational ClearCase without leaving their familiar design time user of IBM® Rational® DOORS®, IBM® Rational® environment. The integration offers a rich set of integrated Rhapsody®, and recently IBM® Rational Team Concert™, the menus, toolbar, and custom user interface for designer company recently moved much of its development process productivity; instant on workspace support; the ability to to the cloud. Learn about how the company did this, what instantly access any large sets of data through IBM Rational it learned, what to avoid, and what the results were of ClearCase workspace (dynamic views) without having to pre- embracing the cloud. populate information; the ability to freeze workspace content; the ability to perform version control operations from within Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm a design environment; support for co-managed sets and SSD-1501 Ⅵ Oceanic 3 atomic check-in operations; and the ability to manage design Product Lifecycle Engineering of Embedded Software input inside Cadence DFII from open access data objects at AB Volvo to SKILL, Circuit Design language (CDL), PSF, PSF XL, Anders Henriksson, Volvo Group Trucks Technology, and others. Manager, Embedded Software Development; Jens Svensson, Volvo 3P, Senior Technology Specialist Embedded Tuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm Software SSD-1374 G Oceanic 3 ISO 26262—Model-Based Approaches and Tool The management of feature variation in a commercial vehicle Pre-Qualification for Compliance in Safety-Critical platform, used in different ranges and products, is a great Software Development challenge. For a truck to be competitive, all customers’ requirements must be supported, leading to a high variant Graham Bleakley, IBM, Solution Architect; Ron Felice, IBM, diversity that can have significant impact on the embedded Client Technical Specialist; Dr. Marc Lettrari, BTC Embedded software. AB Volvo is a global company with products that Systems AG, VP Rhapsody & Statemate Testing Products; include trucks, buses, construction vehicles, and drivelines Dr. Udo Brockmeyer, BTC Embedded Systems AG, CEO; for boats. The range of products, together with different local Darrell Schrag, IBM, Solution Architect requirements, drives the diversity. This session describes ISO 26262 (derived from IEC 61508), is a functional safety the approach taken at AB Volvo to implement a flexible and standard for automotive that describes how to manage scalable systems design approach that encompasses product the safety lifecycle. This session outlines a model-based line engineering and supports the AUTOSAR platform. lifecycle approach to ISO 26262 compliance governed by IBM® Rational Team Concert™ and using process content Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm managed by IBM® Rational® Method Composer. Users are SSD-1722 G Oceanic 3 guided through the process and managers get an overview Goldfish Bowl Discussion—Applying Agile Techniques of the project progress, while engineers can learn on the to Software Development for Systems job. A key element of compliance relates to the reliability of Scott Ambler, IBM Rational, Chief Methodologist for IT; Bruce the software tools used to develop safety-critical software. Douglass, IBM, Chief Evangelist; Chris Rommel, VDC Research, For each tool used to develop and test software, a use Vice President – Software and Hardware Research case-based risk assessment must be performed and the tool may require qualification to provide confidence that it This discussion, hosted by Chris Rommel of VDC Research, does not add additional risk into a development process. explores the benefits and challenges of applying agile techniques This is not only applicable to ISO 26262 but also IEC 61508. to embedded and safety-critical software development. The session uses IBM® Rational® Test Conductor as an G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE100 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 102. have been managed by IBM® Rational® DOORS® and the Software for Systems DevelopmentWednesday, 10:00am – 11:00amSSD-2238 Ⅵ Oceanic 3 design has followed a model-based development approach ®IBM Rational Team Concert in a Disconnected/ ™ using IBM® Rational® Rhapsody®, allowing the design to beClosed-Lab Environment ported to both real-time and non real-time environments. Software configuration management and traceability of theSeth Marks, Raytheon, Principal Software Engineer requirements to the design was a critical success factorIBM® Rational Team Concert™ provides a collaborative for the project, achieved through the close integrationenvironment that development teams can utilize to increase IBM Rational DOORS, IBM Rational Rhapsody and IBM®productivity and decrease tool integration overhead. The Rational® ClearCase®.many strengths of IBM Rational Team Concert are only fullyrealized when teams have direct-linked communication Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmnetworks. In the day of the Internet, this is generally a SSD-1324 Ⅵ Oceanic 3reasonable assumption. However, there are certain industries Applying Agile Development to a Large-Scale Systemsthat for various reasons, such as security, do not have fully Engineering Project Using the IBM® Rational® Jazz®connected networks but still need to maximize collaboration Platformamong teams. This presentation describes some of the Kerim Cakmak, IBM, Client Technical Professional –challenges that arise and methods to enable the effective Rational; Serap Bozbey, ASELSAN Inc., Senior Expertuse of IBM Rational Team Concert in these disconnected Software Engineerenvironments. This presentation looks at the application of agileWednesday, 11:15am – 12:45pm methodologies using IBM® Rational® Jazz® for softwareSSD-1231 Ⅵ Oceanic 3 development for a large scale electronic warfare system.Developing Software Under DO-178b/c with the Scrum and extreme programming were successfullyRational Solution for Aerospace and Defense integrated with the overall system development program using IBM® Rational Team Concert™, IBM® Rational®Timothy McKemy, 321 Gang, Senior Solutions Consultant; ClearCase®, IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®, and IBM® Rational®Bruce Douglass, IBM, Chief Evangelist DOORS®. An iterative approach with continuous feedbackDeveloping software that must be certified under DO-178 facilitated greater collaboration with quick and effectiveis a challenge on two fronts: getting a development decision making compared to traditional methodologies.environment qualified by a regulatory agency and conducting This enabled the delivery of higher quality software systemsthe appropriate degree of testing. This presentation looks in less some of the changes in the upcoming revision C of thestandard and addresses the issues of applying modern Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pmsoftware development practices and tooling to the creation of SSD-2023 Ⅵ Oceanic 3DO-178 certified systems. It discusses how to leverage value Raytheon Implementation of IBM Rational Jazz® for ® ®from IBM® Rational® solutions for aerospace and defense Systems Embedded Developmentand includes tips and tricks for getting a development Jim Donovan, IBM, Client Technical Professional;environment validated. Debra Weimer, Raytheon, Software Engineering Tools Admin; Mike Shears, Raytheon Technical Services, SeniorWednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Software EngineerSSD-1283 G Oceanic 3Model-Based Development of a Command and Raytheon’s selection of engineering and logistics tools hasControl System been driven by a company-wide initiative for improving development team capabilities in the areas of agile processes,Kerim Cakmak, IBM, Client Technical Professional – Rational; continuous integration, and collaboration. In concert with thisBora Uysal, STM AS, Senior Software Engineer initiative, Raytheon’s Indianapolis, Ind., facility embarked onThis presentation looks at the development of a command a journey to implement IBM® Rational® Jazz® collaborativeand control system where a service-oriented design has lifecycle management tools in a production environmentbeen implemented using a model-based development on two pilot programs. This presentation highlights theenvironment. The main purpose of the system is to provide experiences and lessons learned with Raytheon’s installationC3 and situational awareness capabilities for armored and the use of IBM Rational solutions in a fast-paced softwarevehicles and infantry units. In this system, the requirements development and test environment.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 101
  • 103. Software for Systems Development Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm SSD-1716 Ⅵ Oceanic 3 SSD-1753 Ⅵ Oceanic 3 ® ® ® A Case Study of Integrating IBM Rational DOORS Agile Software Development in Medical Devices: and IBM® Rational® Quality Manager for Use in an Managing Traceability, Planning, and Tracking FDA Environment Francisco J. Lopez Minaya, IBM, Rational Client Technical Brian Lahaie, IBM, Client Technical Specialist: SW.Core; Professional; Xavier Montesinos, Diagnostic Grifols, SA, David E. Bellagio, IBM, Integration Architect; Federico Software Development Manager Merino, IBM, Rational Brand Architect; Paul Spalitta, The FDA’s General Principles of Software Validation guidance Accuray, Mgr., Development Quality Assurance Tools and document defines the software development process Automation; Brad Ebert, IBM, Client Technical Specialist: for medical devices and allows iterative and incremental SW.Core; Augusto Nieva, IBM, Application Consultant: development approaches to be used. The adoption of Rational Process and Best Practices agile methodologies—such as scrum—in FDA-regulated The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires environments introduces the problem of how to maintain manufacturers of class II and class III medical devices traceability between requirements and source code and how to establish and maintain procedures to control product to ensure that all planned activities are performed at each design and ensure that specified requirements are met. iteration. This presentation describes how these challenges A critical aspect of design control is the establishment were tackled through the customization of IBM® Rational® and maintenance of traceability— from specifications to Change™ to allow the traceability from requirements in verification and validation (test) cases and steps. Accuray IBM® Rational® DOORS® to source code in IBM® Rational® Incorporated, a leading supplier of robotic radiosurgery and Synergy™ and to allow the planning and tracking of iterations. radiation therapy systems, uses IBM® Rational® DOORS® and IBM® Rational® Quality Manager to manage specifications and tests for its products in a highly-regulated and extremely competitive environment. This session introduces attendees to some of the issues encountered and overcome by the Accuray team in integrating IBM Rational DOORS and IBM Rational Quality Manager for its use. Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am SSD-2190 G Oceanic 3 Gear Up for Speed: A Case Study in Medical Embedded Systems Development at Covidien Adopting Agile Processes and IBM® Rational® Development Solutions Matt Clinton, Covidien, Systems Engineer; David James, Covidien, Systems Engineer This presentation describes the lessons learned at Covidien when replacing document-centric waterfall processes with agile processes based on IBM® Rational Team Concert™, IBM® Rational® Quality Manager, IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine™, and IBM® Rational® RequisitePro® to support product line engineering. Benefits of the approach include reduced time-to-market, design re-use, improved project management, compliance document generation, and source code collaboration in an FDA-regulated industry of embedded systems development with heterogeneous technical frameworks. Engagement with IBM beyond the point of sale was critical, and the company is beginning to see accelerated gains. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE102 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 104. Systems Engineering Systems Engineering Systems engineering is the key to driving innovation in the product development process, helping organizations deliver smarter products by enabling collaboration and integration across the product lifecycle. This track is focused on leveraging the discipline of systems engineering to successfully manage innovation of software intensive products, product lines, and systems. Attendees gain in-depth knowledge from experienced IBM experts and customers on the tools, methods, and best practices that can be leveraged to deliver smarter products in less time and with higher quality. The track focuses on integration of engineering disciplines, alignment of business and engineering objectives, innovation management, and “systems of systems.” This track is for systems engineers, product development executives, engineering executives, embedded systems developers, program managers, and other stakeholders concerned with developing market leading products and systems.Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmSE-1071 G Asia 2 SE-1882 G Asia 2Engineering a System of Systems: Improving Tunnel Deploying Model-Based Systems Engineering into anSafety with IBM® Rational® System Architect and International CompanyRequirements Management Andy Howells, MBDA, Capability Improvement ManagerAndre van de Velde, IBM, Client Technical Professional What if a design team could work across national bordersBuilding a system of systems is a complex endeavor. It is to simulate complex processes and identify potential issuesan architectural challenge with many interdependencies, early in the development cycle? This presentation providesdealing with multiple disciples, RAMSHE (reliability, an insight into how a missile developer deployed a model-availability, maintainability, safety, health, environment), based systems engineering approach into an internationallyphysical and other constraints, trade-offs, and a given set distributed engineering environment. The presentation coversof building blocks. Add to this a dramatically changing set how the company has improved its ability to define, test, andof requirements due to new legislation during the course of verify all the complex requirements of each missile system,a project and all ingredients for disaster are present. This allowing them to correct errors much earlier in the develop-session shares how an integrated approach and tooling ment phase and accelerate the entire development lifecycle.helped in delivering one of Europe’s safest tunnels on target, Every phase of development is now documented and acces-on budget, and ahead of schedule. The focus is on electrical sible to every design team, improving time to market,and software engineering with touch-points to mechanical eliminating redundancies, and reducing development The “Westerschelde Tunnel” is a 6.6-kilometre(4.1 mi) tunnel in The Netherlands under the Westerschelde Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmestuary. It is the longest tunnel for highway traffic in The SE-2085 G Asia 2Netherlands and a sample project for large-scale, integrated The Virtual Product Development of Complex Systemsengineering projects. Ronald Valles, Raytheon Missile Systems, Principle Systems Engineer; Matthew Cribb, Raytheon Missile Systems, Sr. Principal Systems Engineer; Barclay Brown, IBM, Global Solution Executive The demand for smarter products is clear. ConsumersⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 103
  • 105. Systems Engineering of all kinds want their products to interact with others to As the new generation of product line engineering (PLE) provide new services and features. These smart products tools and methods expand into mainstream practice, across increase system complexity. Systems engineering is an different industry segments such as aerospace and defense, interdisciplinary approach to grapple with this increasing automotive, electronics, energy, logistics, and e-commerce, complexity and to delight customers. Aerospace and DoD innovative new techniques are being discovered and applied applications have long used systems engineering to manage that adapt PLE to the unique challenges in each of these complexity, but are under increasing pressure to reduce segments. This session offers insights into how Lockheed costs and product development cycle time. The vision of Martin Mission Systems & Sensors and Mission Systems virtual product development (VPD) in systems engineering Engineering have applied second-generation PLE methods is to be able to specify, architect, design, build, and even based on the BigLever Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework, test an entire complex system in a virtual design space. integrated with IBM Rational tools such as IBM® Rational® Are companies there yet? No, but the Virtual Solutions DOORS® and IBM® Rational® ClearCase®. Lockheed Development team at Raytheon is pushing the envelope. Martin was able to overcome the traditional contracting Using a combination of specification, modeling, work and procurement bias that encourages siloed engineering management, collaboration, and testing tools, many based and clone-and-own techniques to keep programs and on the IBM® Rational® Jazz® platform, VPD is proving the deployments isolated and distinct. feasibility of this innovative approach. Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm SE-1487 G Asia 2 SE-2070 G Asia 2 Internet of Systems Engineering—a Joint Initiative by Panel Discussion: The Convergence of Engineering IBM, EADS, and IAI to Create a Collaboration Platform Disciplines in Modern Systems Engineering Based on IBM® Rational® Jazz® Brian Wells, Raytheon, Vice President Corporate Engineering; Andreas Keis, EADS, IW Systems Manager; Henry Broodney, Tony Baer, Ovum, Principal Analyst; Gregory W. Gorman, IBM, Manager, Systems Engineering Technologies; Daniel IBM, Program Director, WW Systems Solutions; Randy Wadler, Israeli Aircraft Industries, Systems Engineer Skelding, Pratt & Whitney, United Technologies, Staff Engineer; Complex systems development cannot be done by one team Mark Holt, IBM, Program Director, Rational Systems in one location, and so the development and production of Strategy; Charles Krueger, BigLever Software, CEO components for a modern airliner takes place all over the In the age of smarter products, systems engineering world. Thus the first time that all components come together requires an increasingly complex amalgamation of hardware is at late-stage integration, where discovered issues are most and software engineering on a product line portfolio of expensive to fix. Presenters demonstrate a collaboration similar products with variations in features, finely tuned to platform for distributed systems development based on IBM® support a spectrum of different customer stakeholders. As Rational® Jazz®. Experts from IAI and EADS share their views a result, systems engineers must cope with the complexity on remote collaboration and its benefits. They cover the of delivering multiple systems, with multiple variations in three pillars of the Internet of systems engineering (IoSE)— features and functions, through multiple lifecycle phases, designers, models and physical devices—showing how synchronized across hardware and software development the three merge to create a continuously integrated design lifecycles, on multiple overlapping development streams, effort. Lastly, presenters share a future vision and practical targeting different delivery dates. This panel brings together approach for integration of models originating in disparate experts from the three product development disciplines tools, a key ingredient of a truly valuable IoSE. that contribute to the complexity challenge and that must collaborate to create converged solutions. Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm SE-1255 ⅷ Asia 2 Tuesday, 10:30am – 12:00pm How Danfoss Managed and Improved Its Distributed SE-2047 G Asia 2 Systems Development Using IBM® Rational® Jazz® Advances in Product Line Engineering for Aerospace Products and IBM® Rational® DOORS® and Defense: Featuring Lockheed Martin and the Aegis Brian. Riemer, Danfoss, Software Director Product Line Hear Danfoss’ Food and Retail’s Software Director Brian Susan Gregg, Lockheed Martin MS2, Engineering; Paul Riemer explain how using IBM® Rational® Jazz® products Clements, BigLever Software, VP of Customer Success and IBM® Rational® DOORS® helped the company gain G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE104 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 106. Remote Deployment Manager, IBM® Rational®, and IBM® Systems Engineeringseveral benefits. These benefits include collaboration acrossits globally distributed teams in three different continents, Rational® Rhapsody®) has shown valuable results in ensuringinsight into the work and current task status of its third-party system engineering best practices monitoring and effectivesoftware developers, complete traceability throughout the task automation, leaving the team to focus on the value-development cycle from requirements to implementation, and added business activities.quality principles from mechanical development to heightenthe quality of its software development. Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm SE-1764 G Asia 2Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm The COMAC System Engineering Journey with IBMSE-1783 ࡗ Asia 2 Hao Min Li, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd,What’s New with IBM® Rational® Systems Engineering Director of System Integration Group, General Configurationand Software Development for Systems and Aerodynamic; Hua Yu Zhu, IBM, Senior IT Specialist;Gregory W. Gorman, IBM, Program Director, WW Systems Xing Wu, IBM, CTP Technical LeaderSolutions; Nick Crossley, IBM, Architect To deliver C919 as a safer, cost-effective, comfortable, andThis session provides an overview of upcoming technology environment-friendly civil airplane, the Commercial Aircraftsupporting systems engineering and software development. Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) needs to enhance itsThe presentation highlights core technologies, new products, key system engineering capabilities to capture the full historyand industry-specific accelerators. of all the development process and decisions in order to certify the aircraft as “air worthy.” This session introducesWednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am how COMAC and IBM work together to increase systemSE-1032 G Asia 2 engineering capabilities. After assessment, requirementAgile Systems Engineering: What Does It Really Mean management was identified as a top priority. A requirement- based engineering process was established that includesDoc Brown, IBM, Chief Architect requirement engineering, verification and validation, andThis presentation explores the myths and realities of agile configuration management. Presenters talk about thesystems engineering and provides practical guidance on process and how it is implemented and automated bythe approach systems engineers can apply to successfully IBM® Rational® tools. The session also introduces thesupport agile development efforts. efforts in integration the IBM Rational solution and product lifecycle management/product development managementWednesday, 11:15am – 12:15pm tool. A successful pilot in model-based engineering isSE-1544 G Asia 2 also introduced. ® ® ™Case Study: IBM Rational Harmony/SE and AgileMethodology Working Blend at Alenia Aermacchi Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm SE-1946 G Asia 2Bruno Di Giandomenico, Alenia Aermacchi, Avionics on ® ™Board SW Development Responsible; Alessandro Di Bari, Implementing IBM Rational Team Concert atIBM, Software Architect Siemens Building Technologies Daniel Diebolt, IBM, Consultant; ★ Guido Schneider,This presentation shows the mix of model-driven system Siemens, CTO Toolingengineering and agile methodologies in an aeronauticalcontext. The case study outlines important hurdles that the Siemens Building Technology has used a palette of IBMteam addressed through a new approach of adopting a Rational tools for many years, including IBM® Rational®blend of best practices from IBM® Rational® Harmony/SE™ ClearCase®, IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®, and IBM® Rational®and IBM disciplined agile delivery. The process enables an DOORS®. And as all customers looking at IBM® Rationaladequate stakeholder requirement decomposition leveraging Team Concert™, Siemens wants to slowly but surely move toa typical agile level of abstraction like epic and user stories the latest tools technology available. But migrating all the ex-and is supported by a seamless implementation based on isting processes over to IBM Rational Team Concert is nearlythe principles of dynamic planning, modeling, continuous impossible: projects are still running and data cannot just befeedback, and other practices. In this context, the adoption migrated. The toolset must first be integrated in order to gainof the integrated IBM Rational platform (IBM® Rational® support to full workflow over the application life cycle: IBMDOORS®, IBM® Rational Team Concert™, IBM® Rational® Rational DOORS to integrate to IBM Rational Team Concert,Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 105
  • 107. Systems Engineering and IBM Rational ClearQuest to IBM Rational Team Concert. Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am The challenges are multiple, so come to see how to manage SE-2176 G Asia 2 this complex world. Systems Engineering, Software Development, and Product Lifecycle Management Using OSLC for Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm Cross-Disciplinary Systems Lifecycle Management SE-1879 G Asia 2 Hisashi Miyashita, IBM, Senior Manager; Hideki Tai, IBM, Reverse Engineering Design Decisions Defining Researcher; Hiroaki Nakamura, IBM, Researcher Apple iPhone Because of growing client requirements, a need for regulatory William Miller, WDM Systems, Consultant compliance, and product differentiation pressure, engineering The power of IBM® Rational® Focal Point™ to gather, requires a wider range of disciplines than ever. For example, prioritize, and visualize information in order to make great a drive system to control interaction of electric motors and product decisions is illustrated in how it could have been gasoline engine demands increased usage of electronics applied to the selection of capabilities, features, design and embedded software. Thus, achieving collaborative attributes, technologies, and supplier relationships for the development among engineers and organizations from Apple iPhone. Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ vision was of one different disciples is an important challenge in the modern device integrating iPod, cell phone, and WiFi-enabled PDA systems development. To achieve this goal, IBM provides a capabilities for music, video, pictures, email, web browsing, set of technologies for adapting existing non-open services and telephony. Achieving the integration of these capabilities for lifecycle collaboration (OSLC) tools to OSLC interfaces. in a compelling consumer product with a small form fit Using the capabilities of OSLC, users can create associations required an aggressive set of trade-offs in requirements, between any pair of tools and to edit data from multiple tools design, technology, supplier, cost, and schedule. This simultaneously, using existing development tools and office presentation exploits the capabilities of IBM Rational Focal tools. The resulting integration of product data and process Point to integrate and balance the divergent needs of also allows users to generate holistic views of products and marketing, engineering, manufacturing, financial, sales, to analyze impact of design changes. and services stakeholders in the extended enterprise to innovate a great product. Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm SE-2407 G Asia 2 Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am On the Critical Need for Utilizing Model-Based System SE-1976 Ⅵ Asia 2 Development Methods and Tools for the Development Integration, Collaboration—The Key to Improve System of Complex Army & DoD Systems Development Capabilities Kerry Wagner, U.S. Army Research, Development, & Wan Sheng Miao, Avionics Technology Company, Director; Engineering Center, Chief Systems Engineer, AMRDEC SED De Jun Ning, IBM, Senior Certified IT Specialist; Xin Sun, DoD and Army systems are exponentially increasing in IBM, CTP software, firmware, and overall complexity, while time-to-field System development across hardware, software, and requirements are shrinking. Requirements for validation and manufacturing is becoming more and more complex. And certification for system performance, interoperability, safety, how to deal with that complexity is becoming a big challenge reliability, security, and information insurance are growing to most organizations. This presentation outlines how an and becoming prohibitively difficult and expensive. All the Avionics development team improved system delivery while, available funding to support the development of new capabilities by implementing IBM Rational system accelerator systems and maintaining existing systems is decreasing. This based on the IBM® Rational® Harmony/SE™ methodology. session characterizes the associated issues and explores This methodology helps improve team collaboration the use of modern model-based methods and tools as the capability and productivity based on the integrated platform, only effective way to address these problems. Discussed are and brings more visibility to executives. system development constraints unique to the DoD sector and how modern model-based system engineering methods and tools can be integrated and utilized to make systems development effective. Technology gaps are discussed and what is needed in the form of necessary Army S&T efforts to address the problems. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE106 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 108. Enterprise Architecture for Large Scale Systems Enterprise Architecture for Large Scale Systems An enterprise architecture approach to large scale systems, particularly those using defense- related architecture frameworks, can help you manage operating costs, increase efficiency, and assure that your complex connected systems will work well together. Further, it can support improved governance, compliance, auditing, and risk management. This track focuses on defense- related as well as large commercial and government enterprises that can be viewed as large systems-of-systems. Sessions highlight best practices, real-life experiences, and guidance to help you throughout your enterprise architecture journey.Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm Monday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmEAS-1058 ࡗ Northern Hemisphere A2 EAS-2276 G Northern Hemisphere A2Case Study: Architecture Planning Integrated with Enterprise Architecture for Large-Scale SystemsCollaborative Model-Driven Development and KickoffOperations Enabled by Relentless Automation Scott Darlington, IBM, Product Manager, IBM RationalTolla C. Soto, IBM, Enterprise and Solution Architecture; System ArchitectChristine Watts, Discover, VP Business Technology, This session presents the strategy and roadmap for IBM®Consumer Banking and Lending Rational® System Architect®.In collaboration with a large banking institution, IBM’sSoftware Group and Services created end-to-end Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmarchitectural, development, and runtime documentation EAS-2072 G Northern Hemisphere A2and a meta data repository that supports IT across multiple Integrating IBM® Rational® System Architect® in abusiness units. In this session, presenters illustrate how Federated Enterprise Architecture Global Organizationbusiness architectures, development, and operations Abraham Komattu, Chevron, Enterprise Architectlink business capabilities to the underlying technologyand infrastructure that enables them. The business and The session focuses on a global organization’s journeySDLC team access the repository through an interactive towards integrating IBM® Rational® System Architect® into itsuser interface that displays information about functional federated enterprise architecture governance model. Topicscapabilities supported, business transactions required to cover details of the governance model in use; how IBMprovide those functions, systems that enable the business Rational System Architect supports this model; decisionstransactions, services invoked through end-to-end execution around the number of encyclopedias, workspaces, andof systems, and dependent infrastructure including network content management; and some of the lessons learnedcomponents. Additionally, presenters discuss how IBM during this integration designing a solution that provides the mechanism forautomated retrieval, population, and refresh of deployed Monday, 4:15pm – 5:45pmenvironment information. EAS-1872 G Northern Hemisphere A2 Implement DoDAF 2.0 Architectures with IBM® Rational® System Architect Workspaces Lou Varveris, IBM; Franki J. Schafrik, IBM, Sr. Enterprise Architect By implementing workspaces, organizations can model multiple versions of an architecture in IBM® Rational® System Architect®. This session explains the different versions thatⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 107
  • 109. Enterprise Architecture for Large Scale Systems can be created for the following scenarios, along with the and reusable industry assets can be used to facilitate benefits for each: implementing an enterprise architecture, public sector planning and budgeting and performance implementing an as-is and to-be architecture, integrating a management. These techniques evolved through system of system architecture, and trade-off analysis. It also collaboration between IBM and the City of New Orleans describes four software tools that can analyze workspaces. during a Smarter Cities Challenge in September of 2011. Tuesday, 10:30am – 2:00pm Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm EAS-1617 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A2 EAS-1948 G Northern Hemisphere A2 ® ® ® Using IBM Rational System Architect and TOGAF DoDAF 2.0—Making the Leap from DoDAF 1.x Architecture Development Method Kendall Young, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Chris Armstrong, APG, President Chief Architect This session discusses how to use IBM® Rational® System Many organizations are struggling to find the path to Architect® to support execution of the Architecture success with DoDAF 2.0. The beginning of that path is Development Method (ADM) in The Open Group Architecture determining what constitutes “success with DoDAF 2.0.” This Framework (TOGAF). Beginning with the Preliminary Phase, presentation covers a high-level approach for migrating from the speaker shows how IBM Rational System Architect DoDAF 1.x, which is founded on employing the DoDAF Meta supports the foundation of an enterprise architecture Model (DM2) as a key enabler. Concluding remarks focus on practice by capturing architecture principles and leveraging several pointers for migrating from DoDAF 1.x. existing reference models. Then the session continues with describing how to use the tool to capture the request Tuesday, 4:15pm – 5:45pm for architecture work that triggers the beginning of the EAS-1175 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A2 ADM. The session also covers how to represent critical Build a Central Repository that Houses Reference deliverables of Phase A: architecture vision. The speaker Architectures for All Enterprise Domains to Reuse and discusses how the tool can model the viewpoints identified Improve Predictability in Architecture in TOGAF for business, data, application, and technology Brian Ho Sing Loy, Computer Science Corporation, System architecture (ADM Phases B-D). The session concludes with Architect, Office of the MSS Chief Architect; Tolla C. Soto, how to leverage the consolidated gap analysis in Phase E: IBM, Enterprise and Solution Architecture opportunities and solutions and Phase F: migration planning to create an architecture roadmap. Computer Science Corporation (CSC) has been building a repository that houses reference architectures for Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm security, data protection, and many other domains. These EAS-1972 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A2 reference architectures are reused by as many as 2,000 Public Sector Planning and Budgeting globally distributed architects to improve the efficiency and predictability of CSC-delivered solutions and services. James R. Amsden, IBM, Government Industry In this session, presenters illustrate how each architect Solution Architect accesses IBM® Rational® System Architect® published For public sector organizations to address decreasing HTML repositories that contain CSC’s solutions and services revenues, the inability to create new revenue sources, architectural assets. These assets are leveraged for bid, increased mandates, and greater citizen needs, they must transition, run and maintain phases of the CSC lifecycle. find ways to do more with less. That means they need Additionally, presenters discuss how they are improving to optimize not only what they do, but also how they do CSC’s architectural processes by linking requirements to it. Optimizing what a public sector organization does is a architectural assets, track changes, create documents planning process to determining how to deliver the most from disparate solutions, and centralize assets by utilizing high-priority outcomes with available revenue. Optimizing the capabilities of IBM® Rational® DOORS®, IBM® Rational how those outcomes are realized is a performance Team Concert™, IBM® Rational® Asset Manager, and IBM® management process to determine how to close Rational® Publishing Engine™. performance gaps to provide service levels that deliver the expected outcomes at acceptable costs. This talk explores how enterprise architecture and portfolio planning techniques G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE108 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 110. IT Portfolio Strategy & Management IT Portfolio Strategy & Management The IT Portfolio Strategy & Management track will address disciplines that both inform IT strategy, and enable the translation of IT strategy to actionable delivery by enabling executive and cross- functional business-IT teams to make better-informed strategic and tactical decisions. In addition to treating enterprise architecture, portfolio management, and delivery management as discreet topics, the track will also bring together these topics to showcase the latest techniques for managing IT from strategy to delivery in order to resolve more complex IT challenges, including, for example, application portfolio management. Sponsored by:Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmPSM-2283 G Northern Hemisphere A1 PSM-2015 G Northern Hemisphere A1Portfolio Strategy and Management Kick Off Smart Business Transformation InformationClaudia Mueller Thomson, IBM, Portfolio Strategy & Technology Solutions Tools ManagementManagement Segment Manager Cheryl Rabenstein, IBM, Manager, BT/IT Process Management Services; Bradford J. Sandler, IBM, ExecutiveThis is the kick-off session of the Portfolio Strategy and Project Manager; Jimmy Whalen, IBM, Senior ProjectManagement track. Manager – BT/IT ToolsMonday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm In 2010, IBM presented a five-year plan to shift its businessPSM-2328 ⅷ Northern Hemisphere A1 to higher growth areas, investing in acquisitions, focusingEnterprise Architecture: A Systematic Approach to on growth markets, and driving enterprise productivity.Maximizing Business Value from IT Investments Toward the goal of driving enterprise productivity, the Business Transformation/Information Technology (BT/Jamshid Vayghan, IBM, Distinguished Engineer & CTO Sales IT) team has undertaken the task to evaluate the variousTransformation processes and tools that IBMers use to do business, thenHow does an organization know that it needs an enterprise to streamline those processes by updating, consolidating,architecture (EA) program? How do top performers and integrating the tools required to do that work acrossimplement a successful EA program one project at a time? the enterprise—all in accordance with the standards andWhat are the consequences of not implementing an EA guidelines the company has established. The result willprogram when one is needed? Which EA framework should be a set of enterprise-wide business processes that arebe used? How should IT investments be used to enable more productive, efficient, and cost-effective. And therebusiness transformation? Learn how to identify the need are important advantages to IBM to use its own softwarefor an EA program and initiate, implement, and govern technology: Lower cost, making BT/IT a more highlya practical EA program that transforms a business and productive organization. Also, IBM becomes a key referencedelivers business value from the people who have done it for account to many external clients that are potential users ofthemselves. Learn about tools and methods to implement what IBM EA framework selected by an organization, and link andtrace EA and solution architecture and design activities andwork products.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 109
  • 111. IT Portfolio Strategy & Management Monday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Tuesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pm PSM-1037 G Northern Hemisphere A1 PSM-1107 G Northern Hemisphere A1 Strategic Planning for IT: Creating a Framework to Align, Plan, and Execute Projects with Confidence Embrace Organizational Change Neil Leblanc, IBM, Product Manager; Gregg Sporar, Jamie Knowles, Corso, CTO; Martin Owen, Corso, Planview, Product Manager Managing Partner How do organizations ensure that their teams work on the How does an organization embrace market- and business- business’ highest impact initiatives and that projects are driven change? Some organizations turn to their enterprise planned and implemented efficiently and that resources architecture (EA) or IT architectures for answers. Others use are available? How do they ensure that team members program boards to evaluate options based on lightweight are working on the correct tasks? Different parts of the business cases that lack a broader context. In most cases, organization answer those questions, and each has its own IT is a follower, not a leader, in the strategic planning and tools and processes. So how do organizations manage the transition process. What’s needed is a systematic, flexible full lifecycle of a project or product across those communities approach for strategic planning for IT. An approach that helps and tools? Integrating those disparate applications is the the organization unite the business and architecture view into key to success. Planview Enterprise integrates with IBM® a central platform and leverage existing tools and the Web to Rational® Focal Point™ and IBM® Rational Team Concert™. share information and decision-making across IT, EA, and the Portfolio managers use IBM Rational Focal Point to prioritize business. The strategic planning platform (SPP) framework initiatives. Project managers use Planview to plan and track is the next evolution in IT management. It is designed to all projects and resources. Development managers track systematically manage change across an organization. It detailed coding assignments in the same tool the teams use draws upon new trends in Web technology to facilitate a for development. This session explores customer use cases more decentralized approach to analyzing and prioritizing and demos this comprehensive three-level planning and market changes and business demands. execution solution. Tuesday, 10:30am – 11:30am Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm PSM-2110 G Northern Hemisphere A1 PSM-2042 G Northern Hemisphere A1 Partnering to Deliver Global Innovation Without Falling Case Study: How to Bring and Demonstrate Software off the Edge Development Organization Value IBM® Rational® Tony Grout, IBM, World Wide Software Industry Executive, Insight at Caixa Econômica Software Delivery Improvement Rodrigo Evangelista, Caixa Economica, Gerente Nacional de Arquitetura; Wagner Lindberg Baccarin Arnaut, IBM, IBM Building software in the telecoms sector is dynamic and fast Certified IT Specialist paced. Add in global delivery across more than 20 countries, and customers or delivery partners have their hands full. In Caixa Econômica Federal has a complex software this session, Infosys and IBM share a case study that outlines development environment with more than 1,500 people. It how working together they have successfully managed is a geographically distributed environment in three different the risk of such a complex undertaking while allowing Brazilian cities. The company executives need to gather innovation and keeping cost under tight control by using the metrics and indicators collected automatically to support IBM® Rational® collaborative lifecycle management tools. their decision-making process. Many times software Take away example tools and process usage patterns plus development organizations are not seen as a source of lessons learned around the process of getting the most from business benefits. In general it happens because software delivery partners and IBM. development and IT metrics are not linked to business metrics and dashboards. This presentation highlights how Caixa Economica created a business dashboard using IBM® Rational® Insight to demonstrate the value of the software development organization. This presentation also demonstrates the Caixa Economica metrics pyramid from business metrics to IT metrics to software development metrics. This presentation shows some best practices on metrics identification and modeling using IBM Rational Insight in this complex deployment scenario. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE110 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 112. IT Portfolio Strategy & ManagementTuesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm including criteria that can be used to determine how toPSM-1726 G Northern Hemisphere A1 rationalize and modernize a portfolio, which applicationsIntegrating Resource Management into IBM® Rational® to move to the cloud, which applications would benefitJazz® from streamlining of service level agreements, and which applications need compliance remediation. PresentersCorby James, 2MB Software, CEO; Neil Leblanc, IBM, demonstrate how IBM® Rational® Focal Point™ and other IBMProduct Manager Rational tools can be used to aid in decision making. TheyAs IBM® Rational® Jazz® capabilities continue to grow, walk through case studies showcasing what companies havecustomers commonly ask for more functionality to manage accomplished by adopting APM.staff planning, utilization, and skills. This session showshow 2MB Software has brought this functionality to the IBM Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmRational Jazz and IBM® Rational® Focal Point™ solutions. PSM-1549 G Northern Hemisphere A1 Application Portfolio Management in the Context ofWednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am Enterprise Architecture in a Large Nordic BankPSM-2221 G Northern Hemisphere A1 Morgan Björkander, Danske Bank, Enterprise ArchitectBank of Canada Deploys IBM® Rational® Focal Point™to Drive Its Application Portfolio Management Initiative As part of a newly-created enterprise architecture and strategy function in the bank, application portfolioStefan Zaichkowski, Bank of Canada, Assistant Director, management works in conjunction with project portfolioEnterprise Portfolio Management; Roger Le Blanc, IBM, management to revise and realize the IT strategy. ThisStrategic Offerings Lead presentation describes the setup used to achieve this.Following the 2008 global recession, Bank of Canada Initial steps focus on establishing an architecture overviewrealized it needed to improve its overall efficiency and agility, to ensure a common understanding of the applicationso it decided to launch a strategic application portfolio portfolio across the organization, essentially consistingmanagement (APM) initiative. In support of this initiative, the of an application inventory that highlights critical systembank implemented IBM® Rational® Focal Point™ to create a dependencies. The main goal is to support decision-makingcomprehensive picture of its existing technology roadmap. based on application health assessments, where bothIBM Rational Focal Point provided portfolio management business and technical aspects are taken into account tocapabilities and an integration with IBM® Rational® System help determine the needs for application modernizationArchitect®, which was also being deployed at the bank. and platform renovation, and to manage how investmentsThis session discusses the journey to implement the APM are distributed. A large part of the application portfolioinitiative and highlights some of the key benefits realized. management relies on a set of architecture boards that are allThese included a reduction of supported applications from part of a federated governance model under the oversight of600 to 147 and a reduction in service level agreements from an enterprise architecture council.17 to 4, which dramatically improved IT staff productivity andprovided greater visibility, helping improve long-term planning Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pmand development of roadmaps, budgets, and change PSM-2180 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A1management. Case Study: Enterprise Architecture and IBM® Rational® System Architect® at NationwideWednesday, 11:15am – 12:45pm Zahid Hossain, Nationwide Insurance, Director of EnterprisePSM-1842 G Northern Hemisphere A1 Architecture; Chris Armstrong, APG, PresidentLower Costs and Increase Business Agility ThroughApplication Portfolio Management This session reviews how Nationwide Insurance implemented its enterprise architecture (EA) practice based on The OpenPer Kroll, IBM, Application Portfolio Management Architect Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and created andMost organizations spend 70-90 percent of their funds deployed an EA repository using IBM® Rational® Systemkeeping lights on, making it difficult to fund projects needed Architect®. The speaker describes the context in which theto grow and transform the business. Application portfolio EA practice was founded, including business/IT strategicmanagement (APM) aims at analyzing an operational alignment and IT optimization. The session describes theapplication portfolio to identify initiatives that will reduce EA best practices Nationwide adopted and the essentialthe cost and improve the business agility of that portfolio. foundation to support institutionalization of the EA capability.This session walks through a pragmatic approach to APM, The speaker reviews how Nationwide tailored the TOGAFⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 111
  • 113. IT Portfolio Strategy & Management architecture content metamodel and implemented it in Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am IBM Rational System Architect, including integration with PSM-1719 G Northern Hemisphere A1 custom-built application portfolio and technology standards Serasa Experian Strategic IT Roadmap to Achieve management tools, IBM® WebSphere® Service Registry and Business Goals Repository, and a commercial configuration management Ricardo Gabriel, Serasa Experian, Enterprise Architect; database. The speaker also discusses the success stories, Marcio De Almeida Braga, IBM, Rational Systems Tiger Team challenges, obstacles, and lessons learned. Serasa Experian, part of Experian group, is the biggest Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am credit bureau outside the U.S. It is going through a strong IT PSM-1848 G Northern Hemisphere A1 transformation to assure it can help the corporation achieve How to Plan and Deliver Compliance Remediation its business goals. This includes increased integration between IT and business with definition of common Nick J. Norris, IBM, Solution Architect; Cindy L. Vanepps, concepts, views, and internal communication among IT IBM, Industry Offerings Lead architects, IT governance, and project managers. It was Companies in regulated industries are finding that their decided to set up an integrated planning and management legal and regulatory compliance costs are soaring because process around a central repository with information about they do not have a sustainable and scalable compliance roadmap, architectural views, and projects. It started with management solution. The high cost of compliance is the implementation of IBM® Rational® System Architect® as taking funding and resources away from critical business- the central repository to replace a time consuming process driven innovation initiatives that are needed to increase of research for disperse information from different IT areas competitiveness and drive top-line growth. Come to this and external sources to create a consolidated strategy session to learn how IBM is helping organizations capture, vision. This repository is now kept as an important and organize, and manage Dodd-Frank Act, PCI DSS, and strategic knowledge base to plan, manage, and monitor other legal and regulatory content as part of its compliance success of this roadmap toward corporate business goals remediation planning. See and learn how organizations achievements. use IBM to help them strike the right balance between compliance-driven and business-driven innovation projects, Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm how this project portfolio planning content is used to seed PSM-1540 G Northern Hemisphere A1 and drive project delivery, and how to monitor project CIO Cockpit for Integrated Planning, Controlling, and execution status. Analysis Oliver Lucht, IBM, IT Specialist; Einar Karlsen, IBM, Solution Architect To empower CIOs and IT managers in making correct decisions, insight into the past, present, and future trends of the organization is required. This presentation shows a demonstrator CIO Cockpit that can help CIOs and managers make better decisions by giving them a personalized and customized view of their organization. IBM® Rational® Focal Point™ serves as the “steering wheel” in this cockpit and supports organizations in appropriate planning of the IT portfolio to ensure that it is aligned with business objectives. The other components (i.e., the “instruments” in the form of IBM® Rational® Insight and IBM Cognos BI), provide a 360-degree insight into the organization using key performance indicators for software development, finance, customers, human resources, and IT operations amongst others. G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE112 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 114. Product Portfolio Management Product Portfolio Management Today’s product portfolios must be driven by market analysis, complete stakeholder collaboration, and ultimately, customer and business value. This track will highlight best practices in product management and product portfolio management that can result in a portfolio that balances the needs of the market with strategic goals. The track also will help organizations identify key factors that can impact product and portfolio management performance and client relationships.Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am learned, how it has maximized the functionality available, andPPM-1020 G Northern Hemisphere A2 what plans it has for the future.High Performance Product Management Wednesday, 1:45pm – 2:45pmColin Williams, IBM, Rational Tiger Team for Product PPM-1827 G Northern Hemisphere A2Development Use of a Decision Framework to Drive AlignmentIn today’s business environment, organizations are required Across Critical Business and Engineering Rolesto perform on a global basis, entering new markets, driving Gary DeGregorio, Decision Innovation, Inc.,global operations, and succeeding in creating a portfolio that CTO & Co-Founderis market driven and running at a high return on investment.One aspect of achieving this is through high-performance Currently, enterprises of all sizes have no framework fromproduct management and the utilization of the power of which to organize and manage all the decisions across theinformation and data around portfolio and processes to make business and/or its roles. This makes it extremely difficult toaccurate decisions, govern activities, and optimize actions. understand how any one decision is influenced or impactedOn average, product managers spend more than 50 percent by previously made decisions. In addition, there is an inabilityof their working day gathering, sorting, compiling, and to manage the consequences of key decisions acrosspresenting data and information in the collaborative cobweb the enterprise, and over time, making strategic alignmentof their operations. This information is often business critical accidental instead of by design. Since strategy development,and there is a very large risk that the quality of what is business planning, portfolio management, and engineeringpresented in forums like a product council lacks the accuracy are key application areas that are fundamental to long-termof what is happening in reality. More than often, decisions are business success, improvements in decision managementmade on more guess work than real-time facts. drive superior results in the individual roles and the alignment and leverage of work across the roles. This presentationWednesday, 11:15am – 12:15pm focuses on the key decisions that support and drivePPM-2092 Ⅵ Northern Hemisphere A2 project portfolio management and discusses how strategicBusiness Analytics for High-Performance Product alignment is achieved through the decision framework.Portfolio Management Using IBM® Rational® Focal Where possible, customer examples are provided.Point™, IBM® Rational® Insight, and IBM® Cognos® Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pmCaroline H. Wester, IBM, Program Director – Rational PPM-1333 G Northern Hemisphere A2Analytics; Donna Fortune, IBM, Analysis Developer Feedback on IBM® Rational® Focal Point™ Pilot at VolvoLinking business strategy with technical execution has Groupnever been more important. For attendees to understand Dominique Bontemps, Volvo IT, Senior Business Consultant –their business, understanding the status of their software Product Planning and Project Portfolio Mgmt.development process is critical. IBM Rational has used IBM®Rational® Insight in conjunction with IBM® Rational® Focal The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturersPoint™ and other business applications lifecycle tools to of trucks, buses, and construction equipment; drive systemsmanage its business. Come and hear what IBM Rational has for marine and industrial applications; and aerospaceⅥ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 113
  • 115. Product Portfolio Management components. Key elements of the Volvo Group’s vision to below as follows: arrows mean the changed contents are become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions very long and black line. Table, picture, and paragraph are the creation of value for customers in selected segments; should be reformatted with COMAC standard. The CSV file pioneering products and services for the transport and generated by IBM Rational Publishing Engine should the infrastructure industries; and driving quality, safety, and following information: module name and URL, generated environmental care. Strategic planning, product, and project chapter information, generated baseline information, portfolio management are cornerstone pieces supporting compared baseline information, and differences between two the vision, and it has been decided to strengthen the current baselines. Every module should own one item that contains ways of workings via a flexible common platform existing all of them in the CSV file. on the market. This presentation outlines the results of an extensive pilot with IBM® Rational® Focal Point™, as well as Thursday, 9:45am – 10:45am its conclusions. PPM-1377 ⅷ Northern Hemisphere A2 Competitive Intelligence—A Strategic Business Driver? Wednesday, 4:15pm – 5:15pm Colin Williams, IBM, Rational Tiger Team for Product PPM-1967 G Northern Hemisphere A2 Development Project Portfolio Management for Communications Service Providers Mature markets present a unique set of challenges in terms of delivering better solutions to market. This session Charles Rivet, IBM, Telecom Industry Market Manager showcases how smart software can help businesses gain Communications service providers (CSPs) operate in a new perspectives on their business, the competition, and the very competitive environment and are constantly facing marketplace in order to leverage competitive advantage and the need to provide new, innovative products and services provide strategic insight. to their customers in a timely manner. Also, because of their often siloed enterprises, there it can be difficult to see Thursday, 11:00am – 12:00pm the overall picture to balance the modernization of their PPM-2177 G Northern Hemisphere A2 infrastructures and the need for new product offerings. This Use Case: One Company’s Process and Tooling is often compounded by the need to have various internal Approach to Large-Scale Feature Management in a (IT, network, marketing) and external (partners, system Fast Paced, Time-to-Market Critical Industry integrators, ISVs, network equipment providers) collaborate Mario Garces, IBM, Advisory PPM Specialist; Eric Qin, towards the achievement of corporate goals. This session Qualcomm, Engineering Manager shows how some of the most successful customers use the IBM® Rational® portfolio management and system When a company has hundreds of products and thousands architecture offerings supporting TM Forum’s Frameworx to of features to be implemented, and there are many project improve collaboration between the various teams and the teams involved, how does it manage and track the analysis, efficiency of their operations. review, and the execution of these products and features? The answer is to implement a collaborative process that Thursday, 8:30am – 9:30am involves all stakeholders and subject matter experts in PPM-1901 G Northern Hemisphere A2 order to make swift decisions and then track the execution Automated Document Generation Solution for the automatically, with visibility throughout the development Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. lifecycle. Learn how Qualcomm implemented a features management process to manage its vast product lines, Xie Ming Zhi, IBM, Software Engineering – Manager; Xian features, and variants using IBM® Rational® Focal Point™. Feng Diao, IBM, Software Engineer The speakers discuss how this new process enabled better In the automated document generation solutions for communication across project teams and among different Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC), roles, and how it created a more efficient collaborative there are three main types of usage: compare baseline, environment for the planning and delivery of products. format output, and save data to CSV file. IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine™ generates a document from IBM® Rational® DOORS® and users can specific multi-modules. In every module, there are two specific baselines and many sections to compare. The sections are the output region and the difference areas in the generated document are marked G GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ALL LEVELS ⅷ BEGINNER 0 - 6 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE Ⅵ INTERMEDIATE 6 - 24 MONTHS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE ࡗ ADVANCED 2 OR MORE YEARS PRODUCT EXPERIENCE114 ✶ Denotes Keynote Session. Keynote Sessions are appropriate for all levels unless noted otherwise. ★ IBM Champion Speaker
  • 116. Discover Rational Discover Rational Let us introduce you to a variety of IBM® Rational® solutions that enable businesses to deliver products and services in a more productive, effective, predictable, and prioritized way. Come learn something new, to help improve the way you develop and deliver software and systems and ultimately unleash innovation. This track will run on Sunday as well as during the week.Sunday, 8:00am – 9:00am Sunday, 8:00am – 9:00amDR-2037 ⅷ Southern Hemisphere II DR-2314 G Oceanic 8 ® ®Get Started with Rational IBM Rational Requirements Agile for DummiesComposer: Guide for IBM® Rational® RequisitePro® Users Anthony Crain, IBM, Managing ConsultantDevang Parikh, IBM, Software Architect; Yan (Tina) Zhuo, This session is for attendees that are not using agileIBM, RM Project Management Council Lead methods already or have only been exposed to agile onThinking about migrating IBM® Rational® RequisitePro® small projects—and are wondering how and where to getprojects to IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer? started—or if agile is something that could ever work in theirThis session offers clear guidance on what to consider development environments. Relax, this session helps explainbefore the migration, how to migrate the data, and how and reinforce some of the most successful agile softwareto become productive right away after the migration. It development practices available today. Presenters start withreviews similarities and differences between IBM Rational the agile Manifesto and guide attendees through the fourRequirements Composer and IBM Rational RequisitePro, and agile values and 12 principles to ensure an “agile mindset.”helps attendees implement requirements management in the Next, they cover a brief history of agile, review what makescollaborative lifecycle management environment using IBM agile different, examine the challenges of traditional methods,Rational Requirements Composer. bust the top agile myths, and provide a high-level overview of the various flavors of agile methods. Finally they helpSunday, 8:00am – 9:00am attendees understand what a team needs to do to becomeDR-2301 G Southern Hemisphere III agile, review the core agile practices, agile team roles,Getting the Most Out of IBM Rational® Developer for ® and pitfalls to avoid. The Q&A session helps clear up anySystem z® misconceptions or mysteries.Jonathan Sayles, IBM, EM&C Business Application Sunday, 9:15am – 10:15amDeveloper; Aaron Allsbrook, ClearBlade, EM Business Lead DR-1676 G Oceanic 8IBM® Rational® Developer for System z® is a modern, Rational for PureSystems: Changing the Way YouEclipse-based tool for developing applications that run on Develop, Deploy, and Manage ApplicationsIBM System z® and other platforms. This session arms William T. Smith, IBM, Market & Product Line Manager,attendees with best practices and gives hints and tips for Rational Tools for Power Systems Developmentgetting the most out of IBM® Rational® Developer forSystem z®. This session is for anyone developing on PureSystems combines the flexibility of a general purposeSystem z® today. system, the elasticity of cloud, and the simplicity of an appliance. Join us to learn how you can take advantage of the tremendous value IBM’s Rational Solutions for PureSystems offer in four key areas: consolidation, optimization, innovation, and accelerating cloud.Ⅵ APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Ⅵ EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Ⅵ SMARTER COMPUTING WITH ENTERPRISE MODERNIZATION Ⅵ SECURITYⅥ DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT Ⅵ PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Ⅵ THE RATIONAL NETWORK 115
  • 117. Discover Rational Sunday, 9:15am – 10:15am The result is better informed decision making at all levels DR-2299 G Southern Hemisphere III and greatly improved communications and traceability Introduction to IBM® Rational® Quality Manager between teams, which drives greater delivery efficiency and effectiveness and an overall increase in the business value David M. Chadwick, IBM, Technical Lead, created by delivery teams. Jazz Jumpstart Team New to IBM® Rational® Quality Manager? IBM® Rational® Sunday, 10:30am – 11:30am Quality Manager drives collaboration and productivity DR-2261 ⅷ Southern Hemisphere II across the quality lifecycle, enabling teams to seamlessly Introduction to IBM Rational Team Concert™ ® share information, to use automation to accelerate project Bernie Coyne, IBM, Market Management Market Segment schedules, and to report on project metrics for informed Manager: Worldwide Market; Matthew Holitza, IBM, release decisions. Attend this session to become familiar with Solution Manager the IBM® Rational® quality manag