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Basic Introduction about Adobe Flex. Adobe flex is a powerful tool used to build web applications.

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Adobe flex

  1. 1. Adobe FlexChaudhary
  2. 2. Adobe Flex, is a software development kit(SDK) for the development and deployment ofcross-platform rich Internet applications basedon the Adobe Flash platformA rich Internet application (RIA) is a Webapplication that has many of the characteristicsof desktop application software,Adobe Flex is now Apache Flex. Initiallydeveloped by Macromedia and then acquiredby Adobe Systems, Flex was donated by Adobeto the Apache Software Foundation in 2011Flex applications can be developed usingstandard IDEs, for example Eclipse, as well asthe proprietary Adobe Flash Builder. The latestversion of the SDK is version 4.9. It is releasedunder version 2 of the Apache
  3. 3. 1. Apache Flex SDK can be compiled for any version of the Flash Player from 10.2 to 11.52. New PostCodeFormatter and PostCodeValidator classes for international postcodeformatting and validation3. New version of the TLF (Text Layout Framework).4. Can use Java 7 to compile SDK5. Many improvements and updates to testings6. An SDK installer has also been created and is the recommended way of installing theApache Flex SDK in an IDE7. Various important bug fixesApache Flex
  4. 4. YouTubeYahoo! Messenger forthe WebBBC iPlayerSites Using
  5. 5. • Flex utilizes MXML to define UI layout and other non-visual static aspects, ActionScriptto address dynamic aspects and as code-behind, and targets Adobe AIR or FlashPlayer as runtime of the resultant application.GeneralMXML is an XML-based user interface markuplanguage first introduced by Macromedia inMarch 2004.Application developers use MXML incombination with ActionScript to develop richInternet applications, with products such asAdobe Flex.<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><mx:Application xmlns:mx="absolute" backgroundGradientColors="[#000011, #333333]"><mx:Label text="Hello World!" verticalCenter="0" horizontalCenter="0" fontSize="48" letterSpacing="1"><mx:filters><mx:GlowFilter color="#ffffdd"/></mx:filters></mx:Label></mx:Application>
  6. 6. GeneralFlex based applications provide real time rich experience to the user which is not possible intraditional html based applications.Currently, Flex is most popular choice because of its cross browser and cross platformfeatures.It runs consistently among all major browsers having flash player installed in it.Developers feels very easy to develop the flex application using Adobe flex builderapplication development tool.Developers can concentrate and spend more time on business logic and work flow ratherthan consuming time on developing User
  7. 7. Benefits of flex:1. Its free and open source framework2. Used to develop cross platform rich internet applications based on flash platform.3. Flex applications provide real time rich user-experience.4. Much more faster than traditional html based applications.5. Loads only the required content from the server hence reduces the load on servers a lot.6. Flex puts very less overhead to the database, and