British council project how can we help


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British council project how can we help

  1. 1. British Council Project: Connecting Classrooms Climate Change: “How Can We help?”Escuela 3 DE 15 “República de Costa Rica”, GCBA Teacher: Miss Iberia J. Denegri. October 2012
  2. 2. Contents of the presentation:Characteristics of the project: Duration,methodology, ways to share our work.Planning of the six weeks ahead.Evaluation.Final Outcome.Brief introduction to the topic: Climate Change, HowCan We Help?
  3. 3. Characteristics of the ProjectSix-weeks project: It starts on Oct 19th and finisheson November 29th.Collaborative work .Several tasks during each week.Student’s work shared on the Project Space of theBritish Council.In the Project Space will participate many countriesand we’ll be in touch with schools from all aroundthe world!!
  4. 4. Planning of the six weeks Previously, the teacher took a course on-line to plan the weeks ahead.* The teacher chose the images, videos, activities,exercises and the final product the class will be doing.
  5. 5. Teacher’s Farewell of the course (Popplet App.)
  6. 6. Types of Evaluation 1) Teacher Assessment through a rubric wRubric&rubric_id=2233800&Students will be assessed in: 1) Work done in class, 2) Use of Class Time,3) Developing of Questions, 4) Technologicall Skills, 5) Creativity and 6)Respect for others.* 2) Peer Correction: You will work in pairs to evaluateyour partner about how he worked in class, timemanagment, use of the computer and behaviour.
  7. 7. Final Outcome The final outcome of the project will be a video to be produced on Windows Movie Maker. The video will be about the causes and consequences of Climate Change and the conclusions of “How Can We Help?” You can start thinking about which song you would like to include on the video and also reflect if it is the best for our final product!* Three secretaries will be appointed to help to write downnotes and help to remember all the things that have to beincluded in the final product.
  8. 8. Introduction to Climate Change What do see in these pics? How are this pictures connected?Let’s discuss some ideas about climate change and what you know about it.
  9. 9. Now we are going to watch two videos on the topic: Let’s talk about how can we help. What can we do to save the planet?
  10. 10. 1st task of the project: You will create a Pinterest board and pin the images you think are important to help to save the world.While we are working we are going to listen to this song, which is relatedto Climate Change and our planet. Do you know who the singer is? I hope we all enjoy and learn during this project!!