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    Portugal powerpoint Portugal powerpoint Presentation Transcript

    • … a country to discover…
    • - Portugal, is a country located in southwestern Europe;- Portugal is situated in the west of the Iberian Peninsula;- Has a total area of ​92,090 km ²;of Europe.
    • - Is bordered on the north and east by Spain and the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean;- Includes a mainland and two autonomous regions: the Azores and Madeira;- Portugal is the westernmost nation of Europe;
    • - Portugal was continuouslyoccupied since pre-historictimes by manynations, Romans, Barbarians, Arabs and others;
    • - Portugal was formed during the Christian reconquest;- In 1139 was established the Kingdom of Portugal, whose independence was recognized in 1143;- In 1249 the borders were stabilized, that´s why, Portugal is the oldest European nation-state;
    • - After many battles with Spain, and with muslims, we achieved our independence,- Our first King was Dom AfonsoHenriques;
    • - The Portuguese were the pioneers in shipping, establishing the first colonial empire, in Africa,During thetheand South America; Asiafifteenth and sixteenth pioneers in centuries, Portuguese were the the shipping, establishing the first colonial empire, with possessions in Africa, Asia and South America, becoming a world economic- We were a world economic power, political and military power, political and military during the 15th an 16th century;
    • - After a Republican stroke in 1910, the republic was proclaimed putting an end to monarchy.- The unstable First Republic was followed by a military dictatorship;- Oliveira Salazar gave birth to the Estado Novo, a dictatorship that lasted 40 years;
    • - Due to the discomfort in the country by the major casualties in the colonial war, a revolution occurred on April 25 1974;- The revolution, gave birth to a parliamentary democracy, that resulted in the independence of all overseas colonies, Mozambique and Angola;
    • - Portugal is a developed country with aHuman Development Index very high.- It is among the 20 countries with the best quality of life.- Portugal is a member of the the European Union since 1986;- Is a founding member of the Eurozone, the European Union and also a member state of the Schengen area;
    • This is our flag…
    • “A Portuguesa”…this is our national anthem...
    • …our capital is… PORTUGAL
    • …our capital is… LISBOA
    • Portugal is divided into 18 districts and 2autonomous regions, Azores and Madeira ...
    • Our school is situated in the district of Lisboa…
    • …the district of Lisbon is divided into16 Municipal Counties…
    • …our countie is… OEIRAS
    • …our PARISH is… CARNAXIDE
    • Our group of schools, theAgrupamento de Escolas Carnaxide-Portela, is composed of threeschools, the Kindergarten AméliaVieira Luís...
    • … the headquarters of our group ofschools, E. B. I. c/ J. I. Sophia de MelloBreuner...
    • Our school, E. B. 1 c/ J. I. AméliaVieira Luís, is one of the three schoolsthat make up our group of schools.
    • Our school have 2 classes from thekindergarten, 50 students, and 7classes, 150 students, from the 1stgrade to the 4th grade
    • We are waiting for your visit… http://www.aecarnaxideportela.pt/ http://sophiaameliaeosseusamiguinhos.blogspot.com