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Personality opportunity mismatch
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Personality opportunity mismatch


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This presentation is aimed at underling the importance of assessing one's unique personality to match the right opportunity, so as to reach maximum ease and efficiency in a career of least resistance. …

This presentation is aimed at underling the importance of assessing one's unique personality to match the right opportunity, so as to reach maximum ease and efficiency in a career of least resistance.

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  • 1. PERSONALITYSUCCESS BLUEPRINT PersonalitySuccessBlueprint.comPersonalityOpportunityMismatch
  • 2. PERSONALITYSUCCESS BLUEPRINT• A large number of entrepreneursstruggle to turn their dreambusiness, their venture or their start upinto a successful business.• While many blame themselves forfailing, some blame it on a lack ofresources and others on the plan ormarketing. However, what is oftenoverlooked is the personality toopportunity alignment.• Going by the number offailed ventures, it seems like alarge number of entrepreneursengage in opportunities that donot match or align with theirpersonalities
  • 3. PERSONALITYSUCCESS BLUEPRINT• Ignoring yourpersonality traits resultsin struggle, stress, andchallenges in differentaspects of life, such asfinances, health, relationships etc.•Many entrepreneursfail to assignthemselves a rolewithin their ownopportunity or jobfunction that alignswith their personalitytraits.
  • 4. PERSONALITYSUCCESS BLUEPRINT• Personality is a personscharacteristic thoughts, feelings andbehavior, and the thoughts, feelingsand behavior which is typical of theindividual are his/her personalitytraits.• examples of personality traits- adaptive, analyticalcollaborative, committed, courageous, creative, decisive, detail-oriented, emotionallycompetent, friendly, hardworking, relationshiporiented, trustworthy, visionary, positive, enthusiastic, listener, persistent, self-aware, self-confident and Self-Disciplined.• These are only Some examples. Thecombination of these traits are unique toyou and your personality.
  • 5. PERSONALITYSUCCESS BLUEPRINT• Understanding these traits will give youclearer answers , clearing up the fog inyour success path. Matching your traitsto a role in which you and your traits canfit into with ease, will reduce maximumresistance in your success path as anentrepreneur or anyone. Having a clearerunderstanding of your abilities, skills,interests, personal qualities, values andpreferences will help you make moreeffective decisions when it comes to theopportunities you chose to flow with.
  • 6. PERSONALITYSUCCESS BLUEPRINT• When opportunities arenot matched in alignmentwith ones uniquepersonality traits, then theindividual loses motivation,finds little to no joy in workand since work is such a bigand essential part of ourlives, it generally leaves theindividual feeling unfulfilledand discontent in life.• Understanding yourpersonality reduces thedifficulty you generally feelwhen it comes to careersand allows you to selectand excel at theopportunities with leastresistance , because thecharacteristics required toexcel in a profile is alreadyin built in you.
  • 7. PERSONALITYSUCCESS BLUEPRINT• Personality traits can be hidden and so it canonly be fully assessed if done with the help oftools such as personality assessments.• Personality assessments are designed tohelp you match your uniquepersonality traits to opportunities thatbest align with who you essentially are.They assess your motivators, value,attitudes, interests and behaviors.• The results obtained through personality assessments canbe compared to the specific traits that are required forspecific opportunities and roles
  • 8. PERSONALITYSUCCESS BLUEPRINT PersonalitySuccessBlueprint.comIn conclusion, assessingones personality traits tobest match opportunitiesproves incredibly beneficialfor any individual forrecognizing the best successpath that is most suited toyou… ..where what will berequired of you wouldbe simply to displaytraits that come easilyand naturally toyou, reducing yourefforts in succeedingat what you do!
  • 9. PERSONALITYSUCCESS BLUEPRINT PersonalitySuccessBlueprint.comBeejal ParmarFounder & SeniorPartner, True AimSolutions"The better you know yourself, the greateryou will succeed, the happier you will be!"We help our clients discover what theyneed to know about themselves andothers to achieve greater success andhappiness in their career, business and lifeby providing various personalityassessments and training needs analysis.www.PersonalitySuccessBlueprint.comWe invite you to take ourCOMPLIMENTARY 3-minute test to discover the secrets of yourpersonality and receive the FREE Personality Success Keys Guide.