How To Write Engaging Posts On Facebook


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Here is are 10 effective ways to gain more engagement, ie edgerank on your facebook posts, either as a personal profile or a page.

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How To Write Engaging Posts On Facebook

  1. 1. TO
  2. 2. • There are an increase in tools that claim to give you automated content Here are a few tips to help you >> • However, if you just spend a few minutes thinking about your readers and writing short yet engaging content, you’ll get your money’s worth.
  3. 3. Personalize your posts • Personalizing your description allows it to be unique from all the other automated posts. • It gives more of a human connection than the one line and link posts • It is important to take some time to write a descriptive, personal description, one that can emotionally connect with your audience.
  4. 4. Ask Questions & Captions • A sure way to get engagement is to ask your audience a question, people love to give their opinions and participate. • Another way to go about getting engagement on your page is the “Caption this “method. Have an interesting picture and ask your audience to captain it. • You can also have them fill in the blank. Example: If my kids are throwing a fit, I would ______
  5. 5. Post Quotes • If you have writer’s block, find a good and relevant quote that relates to your brand, product or service. • This serves to keep you visible while inspiring people to like the post, and promote engagement. • You can also link to inspiring YouTube videos, movie clips with famous scenes. • It helps to relate the quote to something that is happening in your life, to give the quote some perspective.
  6. 6. Calls to Action • If you want your readers to read your post, click on your link, share your post, or comment on the post, ask them, in a compelling way. Ex: If you really want to learn to boost your self confidence you have GOT to check out this week’s tip. • You can apply the like or share method. Give your audience two options, to indicate they choose the first option ask them to like, to indicate they choose the second option, ask them to share. Ex: Like if you prefer Chocolate chip ice-cream and share if you prefer black current.
  7. 7. Be Natural, Be Yourself • Beyond being authentic about yourself or your brand, it is important to keep your posts natural, not too formal, not too put on. • People use their Facebook time to read up on things that are fun and easy and not super formal or fake sounding.
  8. 8. Be Relevant • Make sure your posts are timely, and relevant not just to the theme of your brand but also to your audience. • Make sure you don’t lose your fans by making posts irrelevant to yourself or their interest in liking your page.
  9. 9. Be Visual • Fun, cute, animal, stunning, unusual images get the most amount of engagement. • Infographics are also widely shared • Create a library of images with quotes with your website on the image.
  10. 10. Link Posts To Your Website • On the sharing tool on your page, posting the URL of your website allows the tool to pull up the thumbnail of your website and display the link as a large image with the caption being the caption of your website. • This makes people more inclined to click on it.
  11. 11. Solve a Problem Tip • These are simple solutions to a problem presented in one simple yet powerful sentence: Ex: One little way to fix a wet phone is to place it in a bowl of rice. • These solutions invite likes, as well as interaction such as “My brother showed me that technique and it totally works!”
  12. 12. Be Short & Sweet • Keep your post within 80-140 characters, longer posts overwhelm the reader and they tend to scroll beyond that. • Make sure it isn’t too short as to keep the audience disinterested and not too long to make them want to avoid reading through it.
  13. 13. And there you have it! 10 sure shot ways to get more engagement on from your Facebook posting activity. Remember, most just post – the wise engage.