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Presentación corporativa (inglés)
Corporate presentation

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  • IBCmass 2009 | Taller de innovación educativa: Los materiales didácticos interactivos en el aula.
  • Corporate presentation

    1. 1. We are a team with a passion for Internet and new technologies, Web 2.0 specialists committed with our customers to exciting projects and products. We work with public administration authorities, non-profit organisations and companies in Spain and northern Europe. We are also certified.
    2. 2. How do we work? Certifications Our quality management system is certified by AENOR, based on the UNE_EN ISO 9001:2000 ER-0437/2006 and UNE_EN ISO 27001:2007 SI-0096/2009 Standards. What’s more, we’re an E-business with a level 3 technological visibility certification from the CTIC Foundation and we have a V2C, T4C, L5A administrative classification from the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Approved Suppliers All our suppliers have been previously approved based on our strin- gent quality procedures. Strategic Alliances Business cooperation is one of our strategic principles, and this has led us to establish a series of alliances with major specialised companies that complement our services. 1 1
    3. 3. How do we work? Comprehensive Service and Customer Satisfaction We offer a comprehensive service for all our projects covering the entire production cycle, from initial consulting to develo- pment, implementation and maintenance of each solution. This service has been evaluated by our customers with an avera- ge of 8.9/10 in the satisfaction surveys conducted after each project. * Analysis * Design Development * Internal Review * Validation Meetings with the client Conceptual design Internal testing Customer testing Approved Suppliers (data collection) (wireframes, information Schedule architecture) Production Benchmarking Implementation of Implementation of final Graphic / interface design changes and corrections changes Editing Consultancy Verification of fulfilling the End of project Validation of the design Integration Usability analysis requirements of the scope by the client Strategic Alliances Implementation Detailed definition of the Internal validation scope (technical report) Data loading Validation of analysis by the customer 1 12
    4. 4. What technology do we use? Community of Developers We use Open Source development technology to create our projects and products, and we cooperate with other companies through Open Innovation. IBCmass’s contribution to open sources communities has taken shape with tog (, which manages 2.0 portals and social networks and has been released under the Open Source MIT licence. This commitment to the innovation and business model has brought us together with a world-wide community of tog developers that allows us to meet the challen- ge of large-scale projects. Our annual investment in new products and Research+Development+innovation (R+D+i) totals 12% of our annual turnover. 1 3
    5. 5. Lines of Business Internet Web 2.0 We design and develop websites, in addition to generating and maintai- ning the contents and users needed for each project. Web Applications We design and develop websites, in addition to generating and maintai- ning the contents and users needed for each project. On-line Learning Comprehensive organisation of online courses tailored to any type of content and learning level. E-commerce Centralised shopping systems, payment gateways, etc. Information Architecture and Interaction design, contents architecture, etc. Digital Brand PositioningUsability We advise companies on how to take maximum advantage of information and communication technologies in their businesses by aligning technology with business strategy. 1 4
    6. 6. Lines of Business Multimedia Content Interactive Games For all ages and areas of interest. Operating on- and off-line (web , DVD, in the computer itself…). For one and multiple players. Animations We create multimedia animations with images or drawings that move, demos, tutorials, simulations, etc. Web Content We adapt any content to web format (PDF, audio or video clip, webs- pot...), and organise their structure within websites based on specific studies of architectural content, with a single objective: efficient commu- nication. 1 5
    7. 7. Business Lines Products We have also developed a series of products that provides its users with an affordable way to benefit from all of the advantages created by the Internet and new technologies: ACME* E-LEARNING A full service on-line learning system that includes not just the best technology available on the market, but also content crea- tion, the possibility of virtual tutorials and stimulation of students to ensure effective learning. ACME* MYSPYSPOT A web application for businesses that enables them to find out the positioning, competition and reputation online of their brands. 6 6
    8. 8. Business Lines Products ACME* CLICKING EVENT An on-line pay-per-use system for managing, promoting and webcasting of events. Everything you need to organi- se your own event and social network on the internet is bundled together in a single product. ACME* VIDEOCONFERENCE A solution available on a pay-per-use basis that combines the following into a single tool: an online videoconferen- cing system with three different combinations of audio, video and text with a shared online blackboard that users can use to work together, along with an online system for managing shared files. 1 7
    9. 9. Success Stories Internet Myfamilypedia| tog Users Community | A family-orientated meeting space where families can tog is the foundation of Biomass’s R+D+i, and its users’ share experiences with each other and ensure safe web community is currently our professional network for web surfing for the younger set: blogs, shared links, 2.0 projects. agenda, podcasts, videos, communities, etc. 1 8
    10. 10. Success Stories Internet CLUSTIC | Superesquí| A social network for R+D+i projects where researchers, An on-line shop designed by skiers for skiers, developed companies and investors find a space for communicating, completely using RoR and offering complete and varied interacting and collaborating on different initiatives, via information on ski resorts. blogs, podcasts, multimedia and communities. 1 9
    11. 11. Success Stories Internet ANEABE Portal and Blog| Asitelocuento| The internet presence of the National Association of Web portal for the ASITELOCUENTO companies network. Bottled Drinking Water Companies (Spanish acronym It boasts a very clean design and an ultra-simple structure ANEABE). that provides the maximum exposure possible for the reference products comprising the different business and service lines they offer. 1 10
    12. 12. Success Stories Internet Web 2.0 Conference | ANEABE Portal | The internet presence of the National Association of A portal designed to bring together all of the client’s Bottled Drinking Water Companies (Spanish acronym initiatives tied to social network and Web 2.0 related ANEABE). events. 1 11
    13. 13. Success Stories Internet Salmon and You (Arguiñano) | ICT Consultants' Portal | A portal created for Fundetec that provides a collaborati- Social network dedicated to recipes featuring salmon: ve space for the different ICT consultant networks. The photos, videos, social network, panel of judges, etc. web page features blogs, photos and videos, communi- ties, a social network, consultant management, podcasts, newsletters, an on-line training platform, shared files, 2.0 news, events and agenda, etc. 1 12
    14. 14. Success Stories Multimedia Projects NAO Workshop Exhibitions Welcome to Alcalá de Henares Multimedia games for the NAO (Nutrition, physical Activi- A Spanish course for immigrants (in English and Roma- ty and Obesity prevention) workshop. A specific game for nian) with nine complete lessons that include self-study elementary school children and another aimed at secon- knowledge pills and a 500-word glossary.. dary school/A Level students were developed. 1 13
    15. 15. Success Stories Multimedia Projects Conciliar es facilísimo (Balancing Your Pro- Video for the Directorate-General of Small and fessional and Personal Life is Very Easy) Medium Enterprises (DGPYME) Web and multimedia contents aimed at supporting the Specially-designed video to welcome users and provide a new “Balancing Yor Professional and Personal Life is Very brief introduction to the DGPYME's interactive tools. It has Easy” campaign sponsored by the Castile and Leon regio- been designed to convey as much information as possible nal government’s Department of Family and Equal Oppor- while at the same time not delving into the specifics of tunity. any of the sections. 1 14
    16. 16. Success Stories Multimedia Projects “Do you work or study?” Game Six Videos about Industry-Related Trades A game representing the educational system and how it Six videos about trades related to the Food and Drinks connects to different professions. Players move through industry created by the Spanish Federation of Food and different study itineraries until they enter the world of Drinks Industries. work. 1 15
    17. 17. Success Stories Multimedia Projects Zaragoza 2008 International Expo Pelayo and His Gang Design and development of seven interactive multimedia Design and development of 75 multi-media format didac- programs for the Cantabrian pavilion at the Zaragoza tic units for the second cycle of early childhood education 2008 International Expo. Visitors using these programs for the Asturias NEA (educational browser) platform. can discover in a very dynamic and visually orientated way Access to one of the units. the wealth of natural resources in this autonomous region. 1 16
    18. 18. Success Stories Multimedia Projects Recreational Objets D’Art in Asturias BlackBerry© Promotional Video Design and implementation of three multimedia games A promotional video for the BlackBerry© in Spanish and about Asturian art for the NEA educational platform in English that -- via actual situations involving different Asturias. Aimed at primary school students, they include professionals – demonstrates the different practical featu- a virtual museum featuring painting and sculpture, a time res this tool offers for all different kinds of business fields machine highlighting architecture and a canoe trip focu- sing on bridges. 1 17
    19. 19. Success Stories Multimedia Projects Animations for Fundetec Cogersa Interactive Programs The creation of several animations that promote different The production of five interactive programs aimed at aspects of on-line government services and the use of students for the Interpretation Centre at Cogersa, an new technologies. educational museum about recycling and collecting all kinds of waste. 8 18
    20. 20. Success Stories Multimedia Projects FoodaboutMcDonalds ICT Pills for the EOI A fun adventure-format game that is especially attractive The creation of thirty knowledge pills about using ICT for the younger crowd, where they can play streetball, technologies for SMEs, as part of the Avanza Plan for the take part in a gymkhana, enjoy party dancing and skating Industrial Organisation School (EOI). and evaluate their habits against several standards (health, energy, physical condition, habits and social cohesion). 1 19
    21. 21. Success Stories Multimedia Projects Tax Service Video Multimedia Installation Guide for BlackBerry© A video created for the Principality of Asturias’s Public Tax Professional Software Service Agency informing citizens about the important A four-language (English, Spanish, French and Italian) work this institution does in managing our taxes that tutorial developed for RIM (Research in Motion) showing introduces the different parties involved. step-by-step the process for installing this SME-orientated software program. 1 20
    22. 22. Thank you for your attention! Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional UNIÓN EUROPEA