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Clickingevents is an online system (webpage) which enables you to manage, promote and spread your events through the Internet

Clickingevents is an online system (webpage) which enables you to manage, promote and spread your events through the Internet

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  • 1. ClickingEventsIf you have an event, you have a webpage…
  • 2. 01 ClickingEvents What is ClickingEvents?
  • 3. What is ClickingEvents? In short, it is an online system (webpage) which enables you to manage, promote and spread your events through the Internet ClickingEvents It offers, in one only product, everything you need to have your events on the webpage: quickly, easily and cheaply.www.clickingevents.com 3
  • 4. An event on the Internet? verlo en detalle… Nowadays, it is very common that many events have a presence on the Internet, but this often means a huge effort and really high costs to have: • Webpage + blog. • Connection with social networks and online services. • Online log in and payment system. • A good position on the Internet. • Live and pre-recorded broadcast of the event, and storage. With ClickingEvents you won’t have to worry about all this, and you will be able to create your own event in a simple way, only paying for what you need, the time you need it…www.clickingevents.com 4
  • 5. 02 ClickingEvents Why using it?
  • 6. Why ClickingEvents? verlo en detalle… Because it is an online system totally configurable, both functionally and graphically, that has: • A Social Network integrated with Twitter and Facebook. • Comprehensive management of the events’ schedule (speeches, speakers, rooms, etc). • Integration of several 2.0 services (blog, online multimedia, etc.). • Online log in. • Live broadcast of events through Online TV channels (IPTV). • Newspapers library (file + video + photos + presentations). • Online photos and video of the event. • Management of sponsors, etc. • Varied contents. With ClickingEvents you will be able to integrate the functionality you need with no need for great computers knowledge.www.clickingevents.com 6
  • 7. In other words, verlo en detalle… With ClickingEvents you will be able to: • Reduce the costs thanks to the payment per use. • Reduce the times of implantation. • Join the entire CIT infrastructure in just one product. • A personalized product, both functionally and graphically • Expand it according to your needs. • Have three temporal stages, easily configurable: before, during and after. With ClickingEvents you won’t waste time, effort or money in complex developments that you will throw away afterwards. You will have everything you need to spread and promote you event in a comfortable way, only paying for what you need, the time you need it.www.clickingevents.com 7
  • 8. 03 ClickingEvents Who may be interested?
  • 9. Who may be interested? verlo enare a lot of companies working on the organization, spreading and coordination of all There detalle… kinds of events. For them, ClickingEvents will become an essential tool in just a little time… Some examples: • Advertising agencies. • Companies organizing events. • Civil Service and City Councils. • Companies organizing congresses, conventions. • Shareholders meetings. • Companies organizing products demos. • University Senates. • Political Parties. • Popular Festivals ClickingEvents won’t waste time, effort or Money in complex developments that will be thrown away afterwards.www.clickingevents.com 9
  • 10. 04 ClickingEvents Check it and join this experience
  • 11. Check it yourself We have created a demonstration version you can visit to see that: ClickingEvents has everything you need, with the price you want. Visit http://demo.conference.larnaby.net/www.clickingevents.com 11
  • 12. Join the experience… ClickingEvents will very soon present its first version in pay per use format. But for the time being, we will test the tool to improve it day a day. This is the reason why we want to invite you to be part of the experience… We will help you to start using the application with preloaded data, and we will check the progression of its use, with personalized attention and with the aim of improving the tool with your help If you are interested in this application, contact us in info@clickingevents.com and join the test group, totally free.www.clickingevents.com 12
  • 13. ClickingEvents is a product of ©IBCmass 2009. All rights reserved. http://www.ibcmass.comwww.clickingevents.com