Workshopvin3 Isbo Vin Virtual Individual Networks


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Workshopvin3 Isbo Vin Virtual Individual Networks

  1. 1. ISBO VIN, Virtual Individual Networks Workshop 24.10.2007 IBBT Gent
  2. 2. Content General overview The project in one sentence Overview of all research activities Common user scenario Other application domains Technical demo set-up 2
  3. 3. General overview Virtual Individual Networks (VIN) Interdisciplinary Strategic Basic Research (ISBR), Long-term interdisciplinary pre-competitive research 100% funded by IBBT. Project duration: 01.09.2005 - 31. 08.2008 3
  4. 4. Multidisciplinary team Different research groups are involved: CUO - K.U.Leuven SMIT - VUB MICT - UGent ICRI - K.U.Leuven COSIC - K.U.Leuven UGent - IBCN EDM - UHasselt ETRO - VUB NES - IMEC 4
  5. 5. Project summary Research into the use of computer-mediated audiovisual communication, in order to enrich the participation within open and closed communities. 5
  6. 6. Research overview COMPUTER-MEDIATED AUDIOVISUAL COMMUNICATION 3D viewpoint Video compression AV emotion AV encryption analysis VIRTUAL INDIVIDUAL NETWORK Content regulation Key management Sociability guidelines Automatic data capturing Secure network overlays Online/offline communities Social networks Social translucence Social capital Privacy PARTICIPATION OPEN AND CLOSED ENRICHMENT COMMUNITIES 6
  7. 7. Approach and collaboration within VIN Individual research goals to allow basic research in different domains User Legal Technological One common user scenario in which all research groups participate: to assure the interaction between different research goals, to attain common demonstrators and research results that can be further investigated in GBO projects. 7
  8. 8. Common user scenario 1/4 PARTICIPATION ENRICHMENT OPEN AND Erica, a passionate dancer of salsa and tango, is not CLOSED only a member of a dance-school, but also active in NETWORKS a number of online communities on Latin American Content regulation dances. Online / offline communities COMPUTER- MEDIATED AUDIOVISUAL COMMUNICATION Tonight Erica’s daughter is feeling ill and therefore she decides not to go to the dancing lesson tonight but to stay home in case her daughter needs her. She puts her daughter early to bed and contacts her AV emotion analysis dancing teacher in the dancing school via interactive television. The dancing teacher receives an indication on his screen that the person that is calling is Erica and that she’s feeling sad. Erica tells her teacher that she won’t be able to make it to the lesson and that she will try to attend the Sociability through IDTV class virtually by means of interactive television. Viewpoint interpolation between different camera- inputs makes this conversation with her teacher 3D viewpoint pleasant since they can keep eye contact. Video compression 8
  9. 9. Common user scenario 2/4 PARTICIPATION ENRICHMENT OPEN AND She also informed her best friend with her mobile CLOSED device that she will not be at the dance lesson and NETWORKS asks her if they could meet afterwards in the online community to exchange experiences. Online/offline communities COMPUTER- Online/offline sociability MEDIATED AUDIOVISUAL COMMUNICATION The dancing teacher agrees and tells Erica to configure her webcams. Erica tells the system that only her appearance may be filmed and that the Object tracking system should block out the background. This means that her classmates will see her dance and her teacher will be able to give feedback on her Social networks, social dance moves, but they will not see the private capital and social environment in which Erica is practising. translucence On the spur of the moment, Erica decides to allow her husband John, who is working late, full access to her camera-feed. Security network overlays 9
  10. 10. Common user scenario 3/4 PARTICIPATION ENRICHMENT OPEN AND During class time, Erica changes viewpoints several CLOSED times in order to experience the dancing lesson NETWORKS and choreography in the best way possible. UI usability & sociability Erica’s teacher who can see only Erica and has no COMPUTER- authority to see the rest of the picture (i.e. the room MEDIATED AUDIOVISUAL in which Erica is dancing) congratulates Erica on her COMMUNICATION progress. John’s meeting is finished and takes the bus back Automatic data capturing home. The network automatically detects that John is on the move. While he commutes between office and home he decides to see how his wife is doing in the dancing lesson. While he is on the move, a ‘universal Personal networks communication layer’ provides automatic network connection detection for his PDA. Riding the bus, John watches his wife dancing in Distributed source coding their messy living room and makes a mental note Interface adaptation that they really should start looking for a cleaning woman. 10
  11. 11. Common user scenario 4/4 PARTICIPATION ENRICHMENT OPEN AND When John arrives home, he tells Erica that he CLOSED really liked one of the songs she was dancing to. NETWORKS So, after the lesson Erica asks her teacher if she could have this particular piece of music. Erica’s Secure networks COMPUTER- teacher, who believes that she has the right to MEDIATED AUDIOVISUAL share this material because it serves educational COMMUNICATION purposes, replies that she will put the data on the social software service or the private peer-to- peer network used by the dancing school for educational or at the online community of Offline/online communities which she’s a member. Online/offline sociability The teacher also invites Erica to check her blog on which she will post a few tips and tricks Content regulation and legal regarding the dance that they have been status of virtual individuals practising. 11
  12. 12. Other application domains Improve safety and security monitoring in freely accessible locations like train and metro stations Video Coding, Secure Networking and Encryption safely send surveillance images over a network to the central monitoring location (not necessarily close to the monitored building). Key Management temporary direct access to images can be given to the police or fire department in the case of an emergency. 3D viewpoint interpolation gives access to a virtual “flying camera” that can be navigated freely around the scene, and allows a better assessment of the given situation by the security personnel Microphone Array Technology automatic spatial localization of sounds that may indicate a potentially dangerous situation. pick up sounds that come from these locations for further (automatic) analysis and evaluation. Audiovisual Emotion Analysis automatic assessment of the emotional state of a single person (is (s)he angry or afraid) or even a group of persons (e.g. a happy group of partygoers, or an angry group of hooligans). Based on this assessment, the system can alert the security personnel to potentially dangerous situations. 12
  13. 13. Other application domains Improve efficiency and communication at work A construction supervisor on the road would like to confer with the architects at the office Video Coding, Secure Networking and Encryption Safely send confidential data over a network to the central offices Key Management Only the construction supervisor and the architects at the office can get access to the images 3D viewpoint interpolation Allows the architects to have a excellent view of the situation in the field, looking at the location from different angles The supervisor and the architects can look each other directly in the eyes, improving communication Sociability Offering optimized interaction functionalities like voice communication and virtual drawing boards that enhance communication between the supervisor and the architects 13
  14. 14. Erica Technical set-up @ Home ROI of Erica Husband Teacher @ Mobile @ PC (On the move) Bluetooth Eye gazing solved WLAN - Eye gazing (viewpoint interpolation) - Display/Interface adaptation - Virtual Private Ad Hoc Network - DSC on mobile (complexity issue) - Transcoding from DSC to MPEG-4 3D display - Region of Interest (ROI) tracking - Security Husband sees Erica dancing in living room, Teacher sees Erica dancing without background Stereo cameras 14