Break out: Project Communication and Dissemination - Koen De Vos

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  • 1. Project Communication Or Why Dissemination is called a „Work‟ Package
  • 2. This is not about Internal Communication• Dissemination is not project management• Get your story straight and coherent• Use collaboration tools …• But do it wisely …
  • 3. Out of Scope:Papers, Articles or Conferences
  • 4. IBBT (=You) does demand-driven research• We have to „channel‟ the demand• Let it be known what we‟re able of• Building a brand name of excellence
  • 5. Who‟s the target audience?• Is it just the Academic World?• How can we reach them?• Online = public?• Online = known?• This is the hard part
  • 6. Determine your strategy• Pick your weapons • Posters & Flyers • Project site • Social media • Publishing tools • Affiliates – Channels !!!
  • 7. Case Study - ApollonWhat works:•• Knowledge Centre• ENoLL Newsletter• Slideshare/Scribd• Local newsWhat didn‟t work• LinkedIn• Twitter• Project Portal Strategy
  • 8. Social Media: Status Update• Be Sensible• Be Relevant• DO NOT start a project Twitter Account• Facebook is for Fun Stuff• Select what works
  • 9. The Importance of Single SlidesPanel Living Lab Prototyping & Simulate Your EuropeanManagement Methodology testing Business Network of Living LabsWe‟ll find and We‟ll show you how We‟ll model a rough Draw, discuss andmotivate your test- to set up a living lab idea into a usable simulate your value iLab.o hosts theusers project app for daily life and chain and business Brussels Office for test it through model on the fly ENoLL A toolbox for any project type: ICON, Living Lab, CIP, FP7, …
  • 10. APOLLON: Advanced Pilots of Living Labs Operating in NetworksCan SMEs use Living Lab networks to test and enter What is needed for cross-border new markets? Living Lab Networks? Common Energy Efficiency Homecare & ILS methodology Common ecosystem approach Common research benchmark eManufacturing eParticipation Common platform guidelines Common integration framework
  • 11. Worst Practices – but common pitfalls• Building a Project “Brand”• Building a Project “Community”• Disseminating = putting it online
  • 12. Best Practices• Publish your results • To the right audience • At the right time • Using existing channels • Explained in simple terms • In an enticing manner
  • 13. for friendsToo much grey Koen De Vos IBBT-iLab.o Operations manager