Inge Thijs - Future Health


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Inge Thijs - Future Health

  1. 1. Future Health Decision Support forProfessionals . Patients . Policy Bart De Moor ESAT-SCD-SISTA, ESAT-PSI, CUO, ITEC WeBBT - 03/05/2011 Brussels
  2. 2. Associated research groups• bioinformatics & machine • bioinformatics & computer science learning • education• biomedical data processing • linguistics• digital signal processing for audio & telecom • statistics• Fac. Engineering • K.U.Leuven Dept. ESAT - K.U.Leuven campus Kortrijk • medical imaging• user experience research • Fac. Engineering Dept. ESAT• Fac. Social Sciences K.U.Leuven K.U.Leuven
  3. 3. Structure department Scientific Committee Research Managers
  4. 4. Mission statement create lasting and positive impact on society through IT innovation improve quality and cost effectiveness in health care through computational research and IT developmentHealth Decision Support for Professionals . Patients . Policy • Dialogue with health care stakeholders • Demand-driven & interdisciplinary • Economical & societal valorization reference center for computational research in health care
  5. 5. Societal trends Ageing 60plus age related & Flanders 2012 chronic diseases rise  challenge: reconcile quality with costs Patient empowerment  P4 Medicine • Personalized • Preventive • Predictive • Participatory  challenge: patient-centric & personalized health care
  6. 6. Technological trends IT + internet Monitoring & Biomedical performance & smart systems technologies pervasiveness • Variety of imaging modalities Moore’s Law • Multichannel,  Wireless, Mobile & computing power Real-Time Carlson’s law  $1000 personal genomebroadband capacity & Biobankpervasiveness data access andsharing
  7. 7. Challenge: data tsunami interpretability complexity # data, e.g. genetic analysis bottleneck Price per data point, e.g sequenced base pairIT to the rescue!IT, mathematical engineering and software design fully exploit the opportunities created by advancing technologies
  8. 8. Research focus: Health Decision Supportdata: clinical, biomedical, imaging, omics, health insurance data, • IT & software design medical knowledge … • data processing & mining • data integration & visualization exploit data for more • user experience & e-learning effective medicine Clinical patient-centred care for to extract appropriate empowered patients information Patient smart & data-driven to transfer this information to health care system policies the user: Policy professional, patient and policy makerdecision support to enable better health care
  9. 9. Research focusClinical Decision Support Patient Policy DS DS• interpretation of wide range of data• demand-driven, user-centred, with future vision
  10. 10. Research focusClinical Patient Decision Support Policy DS DS ‘online’ • data mining to telemonitoring identify best practices, … • hospital logistics ‘patient empowerment’: e.g. disease management for patients with chronic diseases using new media
  11. 11. Research focus: positioning Translational 5-10 years ahead of deployment Health Care Health Decision Fundamental Information Support Biomedical Systems Research Clinical Decision Invoicing Support Pathogenesis PACS/CWS Patient Decision Biomarkers Support Health Insurance Target/Drug (e.g. RIZIV) Policy Decision Discovery Support
  12. 12. Research focus: track record in silico drug discovery image quantificationdata handling & miningfor clinical genetics medical image computingsocial interest software home monitoring for (e-)learning solutions epilepsy detectionvision software & hardware Theraplay: ergotherapeutic game
  13. 13. Research focus: track record• 17 PI, 25 postdocs, 88 PhD students• ~ 270 publications /year• ~ € 5 million external financing /year• ~ 15 PhDs /year• ~ 40 patents• 5 spin-offs launched since 2005
  14. 14. Interaction within IBBT
  15. 15. Interaction with stakeholders key to accessible and efficient health care = dialogue between research, technology and health care research universities & research centres strategic research centers: IBBT, imec, VIB, VITO … technology providers & core facilitieshealth care stakeholders dialogue industry patients supercomputing hospitals IBBT medical imaging center doctors Future Health usability lab health insurance sequencing (Genomics Core) health care policy … …
  16. 16. Conclusion improve health care quality andTrends cost effectiveness Decision Support for Professionals . Patients . Policy exploit data for more • Dialogue effective medicine Clinical • Demand-driven patient-centred care for empowered patients Patient • User-centred smart & data-driven Policy health care system policies • Future vision
  17. 17. Future Health Department
  18. 18. Towards evidence-based and personalized medicine IBBT Future Health high personalized access to (based on people like me) patientinformation evidence-based (based on population) evidence clinician based consensus trial and error individual clinical knowledge and experience low low high access to clinical knowledge (e.g. diagnostic tools)