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I Minds2009 Dr  M  Claire Van De Velde   Ibbt Valorization Strategy
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I Minds2009 Dr M Claire Van De Velde Ibbt Valorization Strategy


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  • 1. dr. M. Claire Van de Velde Director Valorization & Business Development IBBT
  • 2. Overview How come BD in IBBT context R&D Project types: ICON Living Labs Business Development – iVenture 2
  • 3. General: IBBT - mission Forming highly competent human capital Interdisciplinary demand-driven basic research For ICT and broadband services In collaboration with companies and authorities (local and international) Offering solutions for complex problems Meeting the challenges from society in a better way Research budget: 25 M Critical mass: > 700 researchers in 6 research institutes Proven business track record > 300 research partners 3
  • 4. Demand driven research enabling technologies new media mobility & logistics e-health
  • 5. Demand driven research INTERDISCIPLINARY approach technological clusters • networks of the future • advanced software technology • multimedia & interfaces non-technological clusters • policy & market • Usability •Total +/- 90 projects, 300 partners, some examples hereafter
  • 6. Project types Contract research European projects ICON Living labs 7
  • 7. ICON Projects for Interdisciplinary Cooperative Research 8
  • 8. ICON Characteristics Project initiation bottom-up from: Companies Social/cultural sector Users Customers… Various partners: Large companies Technology providers or services SMEs Multinationals Non-profit organizations Authorities … Demonstrator: Not a pilot ready for commercialization, but a working proof-of-technology set- up that shows the results in an illustrative way. 9
  • 9. Mutable This project aims at creating a new software architecture for multi-touch interaction. This involves creating new building blocks that developers, designers, artists, end-users,... need for creating new custom applications that take advantage of multi-touch technology 10
  • 10. Basic content: Cultural event calendar CUPID What? Where? When? Extensive content: Video, review, background info Facilitating content: Enriched content Weather, restaurant info, transport, … Cultural profiles New Services
  • 11. Living Labs 12
  • 12. setting up and coordinating ICT Living Labs
  • 13. Position of a Living Lab Open innovation ECO system Technology Needs R&D Living Lab Market Feedback Product/Service ISBO Pilot Projects Incubation ICON i-Ventures Flemish Living Lab on X 3rdParty 3rd Party R&D Flemish Living Lab on Y Valorization Instruments Instruments Flemish Living Lab on Z 14
  • 14. Aspects of a Living Lab Concept lab concept design concept idea generation development post launch production launch piloting Evaluation lab Living lab
  • 15. Valorization & Business Development 16
  • 16. Set of tools in the valorization funnel R&D management R&D-strategy and focus areas GBO-consortium agreement GBO becomes ICON Contract research Publication count IP management Raising consciousness: IPR workshop Caveat: Open source IPR Patent portfolio Policy plan Intellectual Property iCUBES Business Development Raising consciousness and training: iSteps iSTEP iNCUBATION Incubation projects Entrepreneurial training: iBoot Camp iBOOT Business Development IBBT Incubator: iCubes Partner Companies Pre-seed financing: iVenture iVENTURE
  • 17. Awareness • iStep training • iBootCamp • IPR-workshops • Special workshops (licensing, OS, standardization, certification, …) Opportunity identification • GBO/ICON demonstrator workshops • Idea generation iBootCamp • Valorization workshops • Living Labs Business Development • Coaching • iBootCamp • Incubation projects (PoC) • Living Labs • Pre-seed iVenture • support iCubes 18
  • 18. IBBT valorization funnel IPR knowledge iCUBES iSTEP iNCUBATION iBOOT Business Development Partner Companies iVENTURE
  • 19. iPR: how? IP searches - landscaping - analysis Close cooperation IP protection with patent attorney IP licensing, IP agreements, Close cooperation with law firm TechTransfer IP awareness - policy - procedures IP management In-house IP valorization
  • 20. iPR: why? Technological advance - improvement Sales & Conceptual change Marketing Business asset Investment banking Licensing Additional income & Partnerships Cross-licensing Scientific reputation Mainly research area
  • 21. iPR: what? Cost Protection Enforceable Content Patent high strong yes Idea Copyright © low low yes Expression of idea Trade secret - - ~no Any Trademark ® moderate moderate yes Name, logo Design moderate moderate yes Drawing i-Depot low low ~yes ICT 2/9
  • 22. iSTEP Why? Broaden the views in our R&D activities Does this kind of ‘other’ activities fit with what you want to do professionally ? Alternative carreer path: turn some R&D people into entrepreneurs ? Anyhow, other professionals working in collaboration with R&D look at it in another way What ? Training modules and excercises, in Business Models, finances, etc, all material related to ICT Combine iSTEP with iPR-workshops How? Yearly course cycle, Enrollment via web application 23
  • 23. Incubation projects Another type of project Why ? take some of the R&D results out of the typical ‘now the next R&D project logics’ and work with a potential business in mind. What ? project with funds for IPR-landscaping, protection, market research, business modelling, … Already interact with your clients, already get your 1st, 2nd,…lead client How? Stage gated process, decisions by an incubation board. 24
  • 24. Stage gate process of incubation projects Technical Market Business Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Stage 1 Investigation Technical Market Venture Analysis Assess Asses Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Stage 2 Feasibility Technical Market Economic Feasibility Study Feasibility Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Stage 3 Development Engineering Market Business Prototype Plan Plan
  • 25. iBOOT camps Why? Focus on the people with a good business idea Creating a business is TEAMWORK What ? Idea-scouting Team formation Selective Teaching and coached Work on your own case How? Competitive, strong ‘cadence’, strong exposure 26
  • 26. Iboot : What is this New Innovation Process External Ideas Venture Dating Entrepreneurial Gate 1 Gate 2 Gate 3 Event iBoot Camp Internal To IBBT Venture Innovation Board Launch Venture Building Business People Opportunity Plan Connecting people and ideas New Project Jan 2009 March 2009 June 2009
  • 27. iBoot Dating Event: Connecting People and Idea Talented people everywhere but ... they are not connected! Engineering Research & Finance Marketing Sales Development
  • 28. iCUBES Why? Business and R&D network Proximity What ? Fully ICT equiped and serviced office environment How? Competitive, strong ‘cadence’, strong exposure 29
  • 29. iCubes: for innovative starters and departments in ICT Basic services Office space Parking place Reception Access control Fotocopier Telecom & internet Meeting rooms Demo-space ‘Flex-office for incubation projects and upcoming spin-offs NV market conformable, together with POM (50%) and PMV (25%) Settlement IBBT - iCubes
  • 30. iCUBES companies
  • 31. IBBT valorization funnel IPR knowledge iCUBES iSTEP iNCUBATION iBOOT Business Development Partner Companies iVENTURE
  • 32. iVenture ‘Small’ preseed IBBT investment fund (2,5 mio euro, ticket max 300 K euro) Such as BI3, Gemmafrs, Baekeland, but model adopted specifically for ICT Collaboration with GIMV, VINNOF On the radar of private VC’s: QAT, Capital-E
  • 33. Sources for projects External proposals with clear synergy with existing projects Spin out of business partner active in research projects iBootcamp projects Spin off IBBT & incubation projects
  • 34. Operational procedure 1) Innovation Letter: eligibility check 2) Innovation Committee (3 IBBT + 3 external experts): due diligence and term sheet proposal 3) Innovation Board: composition innovation committee + decision to invest short decision track: max. 18 weeks
  • 35. Matrix use of IBBT toolbox of pitches R&D iStep iBootcamp iCubes iVenture 8seconds Citylive Geosparc KPIware Siruna Streamovations Tinkertouch Userplus Vodtec Wishbone 37
  • 36. IBBT eco-system IBBT research IBBT Valorization iVenture pre-seed toolbox fund Other VC’s Other innovators Enterprise networks 38
  • 37. ‘Aftercare’ Continued interaction Innovative starters (exchange lessons learned) Interaction with established big ICT integrators Go for international Money (VC, market) 39
  • 38. Q&A 40