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Brokerage 2007 presentation fixed Brokerage 2007 presentation fixed Presentation Transcript

  • Fixed networks Luc Martens
  • Introduction  Competence on all aspects (from physical layer to application/service layer) of fixed telecommunication networks:  Public networks: backbone, PSTN, access networks (DSL and cable)  Private company networks  In-home networks  Technologies under study: IP-V4 / IP-V6 / MPLS, Ethernet, SDH, Optical (packet, burst, circuit), DSL, Cable, Fiber Channel, InfiniBand 2
  • Physical layer  Physical layer aspects of cable and fiber access networks  Propagation, error sources and the impact on signal quality  Measurement methodologies to acquire physical layer parameters Ingress noise in upstream (0-23 MHz) on a cable network over one day 3 View slide
  • Planning and dimensioning  Network infrastructure (single layer, multilayer, multi-domain, overlay, grid, spare capacity, …)  Computing and storage infrastructure (grid, thin client, VoD servers,  Techno-Economic (CapEx, OpEx, Design of next-generation multi-period, BELNET transmission infrastructure uncertainty, …) 25 IRU (15 year) 20 IRU (15 year) + MET& Def. 20 Lease (5 year) Lease (5 year) + MET& Def. 15 WL (1*1G) (5 year) Million euro 15 10 IRU (15 year) cost 10 IRU (15 year) + 5 MET & Defensie 5 Lease (5 year) 0 Lease (5 year) + 0 MET & Defensie 1 big ring double star collector collector rings 3 rings 4 collector collector rings 1 rings 2 WL (1*10G) (5 g ar 1 2 3 4 year) in st gs gs gs gs r g le rin rin rin rin bi ub or or or or 1 do ct ct ct ct 4 le le le le ol ol ol ol C C C C View slide
  • Architectures  Single Layer (IP, Ethernet, Meshed Carrier Grade Ethernet optical, …) Access node Metro aggregation-network (DSLAM, …)  Multilayer (IP/Ethernet/S DH/optical) CPE Access node Residential triple play IP/ MPLS (DSLAM, …) Metro-core network  Partitioning ISPx (home/access/ aggregation/co Business site BRAS re) IP Routing Video  Overlay (IES) (content, VPN ISP 2 WWW routing, ...) VPN ISP 3 Optional BNG  Grid VDSL Ethernet aggr. ISPn  Node (buffer, Business site Carrier grade ethernet switch scheduling, …) VDSL SVID=1 SVID=11 SVID=2 E-LSP for internet access SVID=22 E-LSP for VIDEO E-LSP for E-LINE/E-LAN service Business site 5
  • Protocols  Medium Access (PON, Cable)  Routing (anycast, multicast, …)  Traffic engineering and resource allocation (mobility support, physical layer impact, signaling, …)  Resilience (multi-domain, multilayer, …) Cable Modem Termination System OSS Interface EuroDOCSIS Network Side Interface (CMTS-NSI) (OSSI) Distribution Network MAC Cable Modem specification Cable Modem Termination System O/E On HFC cable Node networks Generic Headend TX Mod Customer Router or O/E Premises Backbone Network Node Coax Equipment Transport Termi- RX Adapter nation Fiber Cable Modem CPE Interface Demod (CMCI) CMTS RF Interface Cable Modem RF Interface 6
  • Services and applications (1)  Internet  VoIP  Video / Interactive TV (DVB/MHP based, IPTV) 7
  • Services and applications (2)  Time-shifted Television  RTP/RTSP/RTCP RTSP RTP cache proxy CSE internal server C CVM RP PH C CVM RP PH client describe <program url> ok + SDP data setup <stream> to clientIP:port x 0 initialize ok play <program url> at <time> RTSPMessage verdict? RTSPSession cache from server! stream PacketBuffer C: Cacher and setup <stream> to proxyIP:port y CVM: CacheVerdictManager 1a cache RP: RTSPProxy PH: PacketHandler ok play <program url> at <time> ok ok update RTP stream to proxyIP:port y cache update cache state RTP stream to clientIP:port x 2a states 8
  • Services and Applications (3): iDTV test platform  Development of MHP applications  Multimedia Home Platform (MHP)  Actual test environment  MPEG-2 HW encoder  Hardware multiplexer  Modulator  ADB Dev Boxes (Osmosys middleware)  Emulated test environments  Osmosys SDK  IRT Reference Implementation 9
  • Services and Applications (4): iDTV test platform  Explore the possibilities of the platform  Social interactions and communication  Content creation  Personalization  ...  Example applications  iDTV photo-album  Messaging  Videoconferencing  eID integration 10
  • Services and Applications (5): iDTV applications  Instant Messaging (IM)  I am watching …  Program recommendations  Social networking  Personalization based on your social network 11
  • Services and Applications (6): iDTV applications  Belgian Electronic Identity Card  Use Cases  T-commerce  Secured IM  T-Banking  T-Government  How?  Latest MHP versions  Security and Trust Service API (SATSA)  Older MHP versions  Open Card Framework (OCF) 12
  • Services and Applications (7): Personalization & Visualization  Problem:  Consumer gets lost in the profusion of content  Solutions:  Offer personalized content  Explore new navigation and visualization paradigms 13