Break Out Project Collaboration Tools: intro Matthias


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Break Out Project Collaboration Tools: intro Matthias

  1. 1. BreakoutCollaboration tools WeBBT 2011, May 3Welcome and Check-In
  2. 2. About this breakout• Five speakers: • What do we have? (Matthias Priem, IBBT) • Facts & Figures (Peter Mechant, MICT) • iCocoon preliminary results (Kris Naessens, ) • Coding together (Camille Reynders, ilab.o) • Do’s and Don’t’s (Piet Verhoeve, Televic)• And you… • All though we have asked you many things many times • Please ask questions during panel discussion
  3. 3. About me• Matthias Priem• Responsible for all things ICT at IBBT• Also collaboration offering • MyBBT, ERP • Video & Phone conferencing • More to come…• About this presentation: • What we offer (or do not offer) • Try to touch some of the stuff that was entered at registration time.
  4. 4. “Setting up environments thatallow you to collaborate asefficiently as possible”
  5. 5. “Setting up environments thatallow you to collaborate asefficiently as possible” • What we can do • Listen as much as possible • Answer as much as possible (not necessarily a yes) • Implement as fast as possible • Interface with your existing tools (mail, calendar)
  6. 6. “Setting up environments thatWhat you can doallow you to collaborate asefficiently as possible”  Tools are certainly not everything. We can build you a tank, but you still need to drive it (or hop on).  Requires a bit of discipline  The importance of leadership in projects
  7. 7. Tools available – + EXTRANET Home for all IBBT related projects Focus on ICON, open for any - One stop shop for IBBT related stuff
  8. 8. Tools available – WIKI ideal for: Short Documents (1/2 pages) Quickly available Quickly editable Use case: Documentation Meeting notes
  9. 9. Tools available – Document Library Longer, official documents Version-able (but..) Online preview Workflow possible: - comments - send to people (or ERP, IWT) - advanced user rights Use case: Deliverables Online fileserver++
  10. 10. Tools available – Calendar - Supports invites for meetings with follow-up - You can export this calendar view to iCal or Outlook 2010. - In beta: Doodle support - Coming up: support for Google calendar - Coming up? ‘real’ meeting invites.
  11. 11. Tools available – Discussion board – aka mailing lists -Access control - Mailing list per project - Mailing list per WP - Mail via mail client or via web. -… no attachments though…
  12. 12. Tools available – See who your colleagues are here. Site managers also invite or change user’s roles here.
  13. 13. Tools available – There’s more… - BLOG per project - Link module for bookmark sharing - and please check out the documentation on extranet!
  14. 14. About listening
  15. 15. Roadmap MyBBT• Scheduled to release (pre-summer holiday): • Doodle functionality (finally) • Mailing list improvements • Better external calendar support• After the summer • Optimalisation of all existing features • Large upgrade (alfresco 3.4) • New registration framework • Project dissimination • Publish documents on • Publish on any site via API
  16. 16. 7 access point available.Video conferencing - Reservation via - Great for meetings with people that you see frequently, or know already i.e. follow-up. - Usability issues are there -Do yourself a favor and come a little bit earlier…. - Where’s kortrijk?
  17. 17. Phone conferencing Anyone can be an organiser - We use arkadin services - Billable to project or research group - Easy to use, good support - contact for accounts. - Pay as you use
  18. 18. There’s more• ERP • Financial project data • Administrative data• Lending service • Short term lending of equipment or material • LCD Screens for events, laptops, etc.. • Via• And many more. • …
  19. 19. What we do not do (yet)
  20. 20. Collaborative writing…(yet) What we do not do
  21. 21. Task Management dofollow up What we do not & (yet)
  22. 22. Project we do not do (yet) What Planning
  23. 23. And many more… do (yet) What we do not
  24. 24. Lawyers are different business model What we do not do (yet)
  25. 25. What we do not do (yet) Thanks & questions.