Ad Ketelaars - Services offered over municipal network
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Ad Ketelaars - Services offered over municipal network



Presentation at the Workshop on Municipal Fiber Networks, October 24th 2011 in Ghent, Belgium. The workshop was organised by Ghent University - IBCN / IBBT. More information about this event can be ...

Presentation at the Workshop on Municipal Fiber Networks, October 24th 2011 in Ghent, Belgium. The workshop was organised by Ghent University - IBCN / IBBT. More information about this event can be found at http://



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Ad Ketelaars - Services offered over municipal network Ad Ketelaars - Services offered over municipal network Presentation Transcript

  • Municipality Eindhoven, FttX NetworksAd Ketelaars Programdirector Broadband & innovations with ICT Municipality Eindhoven, Economical affairs +31 (0)40 - 2386031 +31 (0)6 - 20496352 Municipal FttX Networks 1
  • Content• Introduction Eindhoven (Brainport) region.• Policy (vision): “Glasrijk Eindhoven”.• Some FttX programs.• Are we ready?• Next steps!• Learned lessons.• Revenues.• Questions & dialogue.• Background sheets on some FttX projects. Municipal FttX Networks 2
  • Eindhoven region (1) Netherlands Brainport (Eindhoven region)Municipal FttX Networks 3
  • Eindhoven region (2) plaatje High Tech Campus TU/e Campus High Tech Automotive Design High Medical Eindhoven & Campus Helmond Campus Campus** Incubators• A chain of open innovation campuses.• Triple Helix coöperation: Industry – Educational & Knowledge institutes – Government.• Integral socio-economic ambitions: Sustainable Eco-system.• Top economical clusters: High-tech Systems and Materials, Chemical industry, Life Sciences.• Clusters in development: Smart mobility, smart materials, energy (solar & built environment), industrial design, Food & technology, Design, ….• Top organisations with R&D: Philips, ASML, NXP, FEI, Daf - trucks, VDL, TOMTOM, …… Municipal FttX Networks 4
  • Policy: Glasrijk Eindhoven 2003Vision:• ICT & open digital infrastructures are: - axis of innovation & growth. - conditional for sustainable eco-system.• Networks are not open (due to bu-model incumbants & lack of regulation) and limits our ambitions & goals.• Municipality facilitates & initiates. (Network)investments must be marketdriven (sustainable bu-case).• Social challenges are also economic chances.Goals:• Open fiber network for all inhabitants, SME’s, institutes & objects (internet of things).• Stimulation of (innovative) use for socio-economic goals.Strategy:• Seduce investors to invest in “open” FttX networks.• Create initiatives to force openness.• Creation of awareness on: marketfailure & alternatives.• Creation of (thematic): demand-, innovation- and upscaling-initiatives (pain & gain).• Using our own demands (launching customer role).Note: Target NGA coverage Brainportregion: 2011 - 15%, 2015 - 45%, 2020 - 90% Municipal FttX Networks 5
  • Some FttX programsMunicipal FttX Networks 6
  • Some Innovation programs & organisations• Schoolnet Eindhoven & Brabant: - Business-improvement -> cost-reduction -> educational innovation with ICT/broadband.• Security & technology: - Cybercrime research & (public-private) camera security solutions & innovations.• Living Home Labs: - Health/care, Sports, Light*, ……• EIT-Labs: (European, Innovation & Technology) - ICT, Inno-energy, Health*.• Dutch Learning Lab*: - Research, training, education on “topics” Learning (for life).• Local Innovation program (municipality): - Empowerment, social cohesion, E-participation, Open Data, Energy, Health & Well being, Education.• Business innovations & start-up centres: - HTC, HTAC, Incubater 3+, ….. Municipal FttX Networks 7
  • Are we ready?NO not yet, because of:• Infrastructure (& organisations) challenges: - Coverage: geographical & targetgroups. - “openness” issues. - Network services (Managed Service Lane, 2 lane model) for (socio-economic) innovations. - Integration of FttX networks & organisations.• A lot of “innovationprojects & programs” with positive results and enrichment in terms of knowledge, but also challenges on: - Upscaling, valorisation (soci - economic). - Synergy & integration between programs (transsectoral). - Collaboration within and between sectors. - Innovation- & clientcentric- attitude of serviceproviders. Municipal FttX Networks 8
  • Our next Steps: General (1)• Infrastructure: - Synergy & integration different infrastructures. - Open up “closed” structures, incl. managed service lane. - Roll-out to al targetgroups in Eindhoven and region. - Expand use of network by governmental organisations.• Usage & innovation: - (Re)develop integral digital agenda, organise extensive collaboration & innovation clusters for: • Increase of services(providers) for further competition & improving businesscase. • Development & upscaling of innovative socio-economic services. Municipal FttX Networks 9
  • The next Steps (2): Open Closed model Open Model Open (Netwerk determines (Competition of multiple Services & providers) Serviceproviders) Social & Innovation Model Serviceproviders ISP’s Seperated3 Internet, Telefonie, TV Players per layer. Or Regulated layers 2 or more layers Seperated Owned/controlled Players per layer.2 Equipment, management, routing By one Or + entity Regulated layers Social wholesales Underground infrastructure. Services (financed through1 Duct, Fibers. (Dark Fiber) Commercial volume Services) Businessmodel PPS Municipal FttX Networks 10
  • Network model Eindhoven (2012-2014). Regulated “open” Commercial & NUTS for socio & public services & innovation Standard commercial, “Closed, ISP lock-in) Business Consumer Social service organisations Managed ISP: Edutel ISP: Lijbrandt ISP: XS4ALL ISP: KPN ISP: Vodafone “Free” ISP’s Lane (Reggefiber) (Reggefiber) (KPN) Layer 3 Wholesales Social Wholesales Agreement Agreement Actieve Operator: KPN W&O, Neutral Operator: Reggefiber wholesales Aquestora (PPS) Layer 2 Schoolnet Eindhoven ODF-regulation Living Lab Health Passive Operator (NEMe*, 100% Reggefiber) Layer 1Challenges:- Investment climate - ODF for all targetgroups & area’s- Position Neutral operator - BRE/GvE integration- Neutral operator Reselling DF for BRE users - Participation Municipal FttX Networks 11
  • Learned lessons (1)• Clear (public) policy and actionplan on ambition, role & importance. - Use your rights, position, benefits and regional attractiveness. - Know the market (players, bu-models, competion, developments). - Be “pigheaded”, idealistic & follow your ambitions.• Incumbants are only interested in positions (lock-in), standards, volume,…. - Incumbants are not flexible, use them in a constructive way, don’t try to change them but create workarounds on some topics.• Create: sustainable successes, awareness, pain & coalitions. - Act as a launching customer. - Use the force of inhabitants, SME’s, organisations (partners), etc. - Focus on: targetgroups with ambition (willing), problems & realistic solutions. - “Small” stimulating (confronting) sustainable intitiatives.• Creation of Open infrastructures does not automatically lead to “(smarter) use”. - Combine infrastructure & usage ambitions. Municipal FttX Networks 12
  • Learned lessons (2)• Small initiatives are good instruments but, be aware on: - Quality of organisations. - Control (instruments), organisations tend to develop own interests. - Hostile takeovers. - Fragmentation, collaboration between initiatives.• There is not “one” model/solution for all challenges. - Be flexible & creative. - Select best model (per case), keep in mind the overal objective incl. synergy. - In the end it is all about a sustainable businesscase.• Get neutral & creative support, don’t loose control. Fiber (ICT) are means, driving forces are thematical and based on political & economical drivers. Municipal FttX Networks 13
  • Revenues• General: - More attractive for (knowledge) institutes, SME’s, inhabitants, students. - Improved climate for socio-economic innovations and related investments. - Increased triple helix coöperation. - Improved Imago, eg. “smartest region of the world 2011”.• Concrete: - Increased social cohesion (research: I-vision, TU/e). - Increased service portfolio & freedom of choice for customers. - Indications of more business innovation SME’s (research: TU/e). - Increased collective & cohesive parkmanagement. - Improved competition & growth of regional innovative ISP’s. - Educational organisations: ICT cost < 25%, increased SLA’s, collaboration & educational innovation. - Health/Care organisations: functional benefits, costreduction, collaboration & innovation. - Large organisations: ROI < 2 years, increased sectoral collaboration. - Costreduction on public services (camera’s, traffic-lights, etc.). Municipal FttX Networks 14
  • We created a good starting position for an innovative socio-economic future. ENDMunicipal FttX Networks 15
  • Questions & dialogue• Appendix, some background information sheets on: - BRE - EFX - GVE - ONSNET/NEMe - Schoolnet - Living Home Lab Health (fase 1) Thanks for your attention, questions & suggestions Municipal FttX Networks 16
  • Some FttX related programs: BREBRE (Broadband Region Eindhoven):• Institutes required Broadband for own purposes not offered by market (price/prestation).• 23 large institutes decided upon creation of a collective Dark Fiber Backbone & rental of fibers for other (future) users.Achievements:• ROI achieved within 2 years.• Current Use > 200 (large) organisations, centre of Eindhoven region, beperkt vermaasd• Stimulated sectoral use & collaboration for eg regional health organisations, fire- departments, (public) security organisations, knowledge & educational institutes, FttX initiatives, …Challenges:• Use (portfolio) limited for inter-compagnie-institute use, not for “services” to small SME’s and/or inhabitants.• Not usable for smaller organisations.• Growth limited due to marketsaturation Dark Fiber, limited geographical spread and meshed and no collective investmentsagreement between social stakeholders. Municipal FttX Networks 17
  • Some FttX related programs: EFX• EFX (Eindhoven Fiber Exhange, marketplace): (foundation): - Founding fathers: Municipality Eindhoven, TU/e.• Mission: - R&D on Fiber technologies. - Reducing lock-in customers, enhancing competition.• By: - Interconnection of different (competing) infrastructures. - “Opening” closed infrastructures. - Marketplace for ISP’s (towards infrastructures & customers).• Achievements: - Facilitated a lot of regional (local) initiatives and connections for organisations. - Reduced costs for (large) ISPs and stimulated price competition. - Reduced monopoly position of incumbants.• Challenges: - “local” reach. - “exclusion” large ISP’s forced by wholesales pressure incumbants. - Incumbants refusal to corporate limits reach & openness. - Limited awareness (push) from customers. Municipal FttX Networks 18
  • Some FttX related programs: FttH ONSNET• Facts & figures: - FttX Initiative for inhabitants (Triple play, 100Mb/s symetrical) in 25.000 Eindhoven households. - 50% owned by (4) housing associations organised in Lichtrijk and 50% Reggefiber. - ONSNETeindhoven (cooperation) for customerservices & realisation of clientcentric portfolio. - Highest participationlevel in the Netherlands (from 40% up to 80%). - Triple Play offer approx. €50 month. - Free portal & videoconferencing services for inhabitants & organisations. - Facilitating Living Lab programs.• Challenges: - Remaining households (Eindhoven 75.000). - Withdraw of housingassociations. - “Magic” image of coöperation ONSNET reduced. - Portfolio is limited distinctive. Municipal FttX Networks 19
  • Some FttX related programs: GvEGVE BV (Glasvezel Eindhoven):• Facts & figures: - FttB Initiative for large businessparks in Eindhoven (7 out of 9, potential ca.1600 SME’s). - Netwerkportfolio GvE: Layer 1 & 2 services. - Layer 1 owned by parkmanagement organisations (SME’s). - Layer 2 provisioning by BBNED (Tele-2) controlled by GvE - Functional services offered by multiple ISP’s selected by customers. - Backbone BRE, Marketplace EFX. - Financed by SME’s, Bank & guarantee municipality. - Businesscase: participation-level 30%, 5 year contract, €140 E/month.• Achievements: - 400 SME’s and growing, combination with local services like Camera-protection and Cloudproposals for smal SME’s (Starting). - Multiple (smal, regional) ISP’s. - TU/e: investigation shows that innovationlevel of connected SME’s exceeds other SME’s!• Challenges: - Remaining businessparks (region). - SME’s not located on businessparks. - Neutrality Layer 2 party (VLAN, Wholesales limitations ISP’s by BBNED). - Innovative and differentiation of use. - Portfolio development small SME (combinations). - Limited vision & knowledge at stakeholders & SME’s on developments and future gainings. Municipal FttX Networks 20
  • Some FttX related programs: SchoolnetSchoolnet: initiative of Municipality & Educational organisations.• Facts & figures: - Incidental stimuli via municipality by national government for improvement knowledge economie - 3 lines: infrastructure -> businessadvantages -> educational development and usage. - Approx 80% of primairy & secundairy schools connected. - Based on FttH & BRE layer 1 infrastructure, combined with Neutral Layer 2 player just offering interconnection services & internet Access. Services from ISP’s as selected by schools. - Network & Internet (100 Mb) €175 / month (5 year contract)• Achievements: - Outsourcing ICT systems & management, better kwality less costs (> 25% ICT related costreduction). - Collaboration projects started on services: Internet, telephonie, security, platforms for videoservices & educational content sharing. - Number of educational projects: sharing teachers, E-learning, contentdevelopment & sharing, classcombinations, remote teaching, etc.• Challenges: - Formalising “one” facility organisation for all schools. - Remaining schools. - Knowledge & experience sharing. - ICT policies & translation to operations. - Limited resources & knowledge on schools. Municipal FttX Networks 21
  • Some FttX related programs: Living Lab Health, results• Improved health levels, durable Stakeholders intent to: movementpatterns, social contacts, - Adjust services language skills. - Add more fun & socializing• “Basic” services are to rigid and limited and components must enable more social issues and fun. - Introduce services for non-• Service limitations, kills innovative usage. commercial support• Friends & relatives can and will help if - Plan to develop & exploit integral facilitated with proper tools. services together.• Insight information on pricing – value - Started joining forces in order to adding eleminate indicated “tresholds” for• Combination of fysical & virtual approach scaling up. proved to be essential.• Elder people will & can use value adding E-services and especcially not only for “health”. Municipal FttX Networks 22
  • ENDMunicipal FttX Networks 23