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Dominique Segers - Demand-driven research in Medical Imaging
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Dominique Segers - Demand-driven research in Medical Imaging


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Title slide
  • About Barco => Helicopter View => Facts & Figures
  • Framing Barco => Core Divisions and Flagship Products
  • Framing Barco => High Tech Company => Importance & Impact of Technological Innovation => Healthcare => Life Critical Applications => More Accurate Diagnoses
  • Barco Research Strategy & Activities: Research & Funding Frameworks Regional=Flanders: IWT: O&O European: FP7-FP8, Eureka, ITEA ICON projects
  • Barco @ Work in IBBT ICON Projects: Overview ICON projects
  • MEVIC: Collaboration with Hologic => Resulting in business deals Ongoing discussion with Philips
  • CIMI: Importance of Color => transition from grayscale to color displays for new modalities Collaboration with DSC Labs (color charts), IBA Dosimetry, DCI Labs, Gamma-Medica Ideas , VUB SMIT, U. Antwerp VisionLab, Pathology UGent ICT/Dermatology, UZLeuven Radiology, UGent IPI & MEDISIP, IBCN New market opportunity=> Pathology => CIMI gave us the opportunity to penetrate this new market and gain knowledge on user and technical requirements
  • Telesurery: Link with ITEA MEDIATE project Multidiscipline context: Legal, User Requirements, …
  • What is QA Web
  • Practical: IBCN Test Lab => link with new QA Web
  • Beating innovation heart
  • Title slide
  • Transcript

    • 1. Demand-driven research in Medical Imaging Dominique Segers Project Manager Innovation Projects Barco Healthcare [email_address]
    • 2. About Barco International company Headquartered in Belgium 90 Presence in 90 countries 3,500 Skilled Employees Million euro sales in 2010 897
    • 3. Core Divisions & Flagship Products You will find us where images are critical to professionals Entertainment Digital projectors in movie theaters 14,000+ Control rooms & Simulation Display cubes in control rooms 40,000+ Defense & Aerospace Displays in air traffic control 10,000+ Healthcare Medical displays in the field 500,000+
    • 4. High Tech Company Innovation is of vital importance 43,000 Lumens for world ’s brightest cinema projector 10 million Pixels of grayscale perfection unlimited Number of sources with Barco ’s networked control rooms concept 10x More silent than competition in its class 10 million:1 Contrast ratio in Barco ’s simulation projectors 71°C Our rugged displays can withstand temperatures this high Carlos Yoshihara, Coordinator of the Hospital do Coração PACS program, São Paulo, Brazil ” Using the latest technology enables us to make accurate diagnoses and confident clinical decisions for our patients”
    • 5. Barco Research Strategy
      • Active in various Research Frameworks
        • IWT (O&O Projects, …)
        • EC-FP7
        • Eureka Clusters (ITEA, …)
        • IBBT ICON
      Stimulate Technological Innovation Resulting in better Products & Busine $$
      • Framework projects are an important instrument to co-operate on advanced technology platform development
      • Gain critical mass for technology roadmaps
      • Mastering Multiple Disciplines for Complex Products
      • Collaborate with leading Research Partners
      • Speedup the Leap in Knowledge
      • Identify & Investigate the Newest Technologies
      • Reduce Risks (Technological Choices, Financial)
    • 6. Barco @ Work in IBBT ICON Projects
      • Barco Simulation:
        • iConnect
      • Barco Healthcare
        • ICA4DT
        • eHip
        • Tirpa
        • Mevic
        • CIMI
        • Telesurgery
    • 7. ME dical V irtual I maging C hain
      • Reducing R&D Time & Costs
      • FDA Approval Time is shortened
      • Quicker Validation
      • Reduced Time-To-Market
      • Business Deals with HOLOGIC
    • 8. C olor I maging & M ulti-dimensional I mage processing in medical applications
      • Investigate and optimize use of c o l o r and multidimensional information in medical imaging applications
      Android Gingerbread Image Calibrator client allows remote calibration of images taken with the internal camera using the calibrator web service Telemedicine Demonstrator Need for user Friendly interactions Large Image Viewer making it possible to read very high definition images without any latencies in order to come to digital diagnoses on computers instead of microscope Digital Pathology Demonstrator
    • 9. Telesurgery The Operation Room of the Future
      • Link with the European MEDIATE project (ITEA2)
      • True Multidisciplinary Project
      • Next to technological innovation …
      • Also participating research groups with expertise on User Requirements and Legal
      • Close collaboration with Medical End Users
      • Result are used in linked research & prototyping projects
      • IBBT iLab.t test bed facilities
      Barco Healthcare, CandIT-Media, Unilabs IBBT-IBCN, IBBT-ETRO, IBBT-IPI, IMEC-Smart Systems, IBBT-MICT, IBBT-SMIT, IBBT-ICRI
    • 10. About QA Web Secured online service for Quality Assurance of medical displays Dr. Willy Hummel, Clinical Physicist, Medical Center Leeuwarden, the Netherlands ” The combination of Barco’s clinical review displays with MediCal QAWeb software guarantees us DICOM compliant images at all times”
    • 11. Testing the new QA Web @ IBBT Test lab iLab.t 500 m 2 - Approx. 100 racks
        • Lab infrastructure to evaluate technical feasibility, performance and service quality of ICT innovation
    • 12. Questions & Answers
    • 13. Demand-driven research in Medical Imaging Dominique Segers Project Manager Innovation Projects Barco Healthcare [email_address]