Super bowl xlvii 2013 final


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Super bowl xlvii 2013 final

  1. 1. By: Kevin HansenIowa State UniversityDepartment of Horticulture, SeniorFebruary, 2013
  2. 2.  Toro 2013 Super Bowl SportsTurfTraining Program Application form fromToro Resume 500 word essay Reference letter
  3. 3.  Amazed by the amount of press interest 4T.V. station interviews 6 newspaper interviews Developed great interview skills
  4. 4.  Held in New Orleans, Louisiana 7 days in New Orleans All expenses were covered by theToroCompany The crew consisted of 25 people
  5. 5. DailyTasks• Dragging was aneveryday task• We had a bristle dragand a metal drag• One day we draggedthe entire field byhand 3 times
  6. 6. DailyTasks• Many tasks were notturf related• Must be flexible inthis industry• We did a lot of stagemoving and pressday set up
  7. 7. DailyTasks• Many of my taskswere helping outmore experiencedworkers• Here I am keepingthe paint hose out ofthe fresh paint• Sometimes you don’talways get the mostglamorous job
  8. 8. DailyTasks• This was my favoritepart of theexperience• We spent a wholeday repainting all thelogos• Each logo waspainted by usingboarders so paintdidn’t drift• Boarders also help tokeep straight edges
  9. 9. Practice Fields• There were two practicefields we had tomaintain• One at a local college,Tulane University, andthe other at the Saintspractice facility• A lot of our time wasspent preparing thesefields for practice• This picture is atTulaneUniversity’s syntheticbaseball field where weput a football field inthe out field
  10. 10. Game Day• It was overwhelmingwith amount ofactivity going onleading up to gameday and on game day• We were on thesideline and got towatch up close andpersonal• It was an amazingfeeling seeing somany people enjoywhat we worked sohard to be perfect forgame day
  11. 11. Working with legends• I got to spend a lot oftime with GeorgeToma• He has worked everySuper Bowl• He is one of theFounders of STMA• Truly amazinggetting to meetsomeone with hisbackground; knownto be the Father ofthe Super Bowl
  12. 12. The Crew• I had the opportunityto work with turfmanagers from allover the world, as wellas all of the otherprofessionals thatwork with the SuperBowl to bring thegame to millions offootball fans acrossthe country• All sorts of MLB andNFL superintendents• It was one of the bestnetworkingopportunities ever
  13. 13. Conclusion• You make your ownfuture• I never thought Iwould be chosen forthis opportunity, butI’m glad I applied• Networking is key inthis field• Set goals and striveto achieve them