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Beyond  Belief
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Beyond Belief


Published on

If you think about Energy Psychology, you have to think about beliefs! I designed this presentation about the spiritual side of beliefs for an seminar in Exeter. This seminar was at the base of my …

If you think about Energy Psychology, you have to think about beliefs! I designed this presentation about the spiritual side of beliefs for an seminar in Exeter. This seminar was at the base of my development of what was to become logosynthesis.

If you really want to learn to change belief systems, go to

Enjoy! Willem Lammers

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Guided Imagery Lee Pulos Belief Circle in Toronto Conference Book
  • Transcript

    • 1. Beyond Belief
    • 2. Bahnhofstrasse 2, 7304 Maienfeld, Switzerland Telephone +41 81 302 77 03 Fax +41 81 302 77 04 [email_address] i a s I n s t i t u te f o r the application of the social sciences © 2003, ias Willem Lammers
    • 3. This Seminar
      • To change beliefs, people need new thought constellations
      • We will introduce a coherent frame of reference to allow you to think differently
      • To be able to change your beliefs, you’ve got to know them first
      • Therefore we start with an exercise
    • 4. Exercise
      • Split in pairs
      • Decide on roles A and B
      • A asks B “Who Are You?”
        • For 5 minutes, every 15 seconds
        • Repeat question, independently from answer
        • A makes notes
      • Change roles, without discussion
        • B asks A “Who Are You”
        • during 5 minutes, every 15 seconds
        • B makes notes
      • Discuss in pairs for 5 minutes
      • Return to large group
    • 5. Programme
      • Topics:
        • Essence
        • Identity
        • Memes
        • Beliefs
        • Truth
        • Measuring truth
        • Changing our beliefs
        • Changing the level of truth of our identity
    • 6. Essence Identity
    • 7. Essence
      • We are more than our physical bodies
      • We are Essence, Spirit, manifestations of a greater Being, a Higher Self
      • Essence
        • is Love, Generosity, Abundance, Depth, Understanding, Clarity, Joy, Certainty, Compassion, Wisdom, Patience, Courage
      • Essence is the power to manifest:
        • The basic energy to initiate and sustain action translating Intention into Reality
        • Essence is able to move freely in space and time
      • All these characteristics are in the nature of Being
    • 8. Manifestation
      • Our Essence develops permanently, collecting experience while being
      • Essence manifests a human being from a place of Love, with an intention for this life
      • The meaning of our existence can only be understood from Essence
      • When our projected Essence reaches this world, it needs to find human forms:
        • A body, which allows you to move around in space and behave in accordance with your task
        • A mind, a conceptual framework to grasp the world
    • 9. “ Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent” (Ludwig Wittgenstein)
      • The world has a limited capacity to perceive Essence as it is
      • However, many of us know that there is more between heaven and earth
      • With Wittgenstein, many people – especially scientists – have concluded that the proper response to the realm of Essence is to remain silent
      • In our society, the non-mystical, the non-essential, has taken over
      • This has determined our thinking and our beliefs
    • 10. Essence manifests
      • Essence is able to manifest as a human being with a task or a goal
      • Essence itself doesn’t have a three-dimensional, physical form in unilateral time
    • 11. Essence Manifests
      • To manifest as a human being, Essence chooses:
        • a moment in time
        • a location in space
        • a material and social environment
        • a physical body with the DNA fit for the intended task / the chosen experience, with a mind as an instrument to take in and process information from the outside world
    • 12. Essence Manifests
      • Since the world is not able to perceive Essence directly as it is, Essence has to build up an identity as a vehicle in the interaction with the environment – a person
        • per-sonare : sounding through
      • The mind manifested by Essence therefore picks up memes , units of meaning, building blocks of identity
    • 13. Identity
      • To build up an identity, the manifested person can only take in memes from the environment where it grows up
      • From these memes the mind starts to make internal representations of the world and to build coherent beliefs
      • From these beliefs it creates an identity:
        • A consistent and coherent system of beliefs about self, others and the quality of life as a vantage point for feeling, thinking and behaviour
    • 14. The Mind (David Hawkins)
      • “ The mind is contaminated by emotions, feelings, prejudices, blind spots, denials, projections, paranoias, phobias, fear, regrets, guilts, worries, anxiety, and the fearsome specters of poverty, old age, sickness, death, failure, rejection, loss, and disaster”
      • “ In addition to all the foregoing, the mind has also been innocently and erroneously programmed by endless propaganda, political slogans, religious and social dogmas, and continual distortions of facts, not to mention falsifications, errors, misjudgements and misinformation”
    • 15. Genes Memes Viruses
    • 16. Genes (Richard Dawkins)
      • Genes are the fundamental replicating units of biological evolution
      • Dawkins explains how the replicator genes of biological evolution began to construct containers for themselves:
        • "The replicators which survived were ones which built survival machines for themselves to live in. The first survival machines probably consisted of nothing more than a protective coat. But making a living got steadily harder as new rivals arose with better and more effective survival machines. Survival machines got bigger and more elaborate, and the process was cumulative and progressive."
    • 17. Memes (Dawkins)
      • All life everywhere in the universe must evolve by the differential survival of slightly inaccurate self-replicating entities
      • These replicators automatically band together in groups to create systems, or machines, that carry them around and work to favour their continued replication
      • The gene, based on the replication of DNA strings, is not the only replicator on our planet
      • There is another one, copying ideas
      • Dawkins calls this new replicator a meme
    • 18. Memes (Dawkins)
      • As genes are the fundamental replicating units of biological evolution, so memes are the replicators of cultural evolution
      • Examples of memes are “tunes, ideas, catch-phrases, clothes fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches”
      • Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain
    • 19. Memes (Susan Blackmore)
      • Like genes, memes have no foresight and no plans, they just multiply when they can
      • Memes that get onto computers are successful and easily copied
      • Memes that jump from city to city and continent to continent, in multiple accurate copies, do even better
        • Media, the Internet
      • We can’t stop this evolutionary process and we are not – and never have been – in control
    • 20. Contagion
      • Whenever brains are exposed to memes, replication depends on three contagion factors:
        • Frequency
        • Duration
        • Intensity
      • If a meme is accepted by the majority of a population, it becomes a paradigm
      • For individuals, memes can also be very strong if they’re not shared:
        • Shame, embarrassment, secrets
    • 21. Memes & Viruses (Brett Robertson)
      • Memes are very similar to viruses:
        • They are patterned strands of information held together by energy
        • They do not use their energy to replicate themselves, only to organize themselves – and the host
          • in contrast to genes
        • They exchange energy/information with the host and have an action potential to redefine functions within the host:
          • The virus gives the host its form – its power to structure
          • The host provides the function to survive and replicate
          • The energy of the host is used to replicate the form
    • 22. Example: Meme Set 1 (Sanders)
      • The most powerful force in business isn't greed, fear, or even the raw energy of unbridled competition. The most powerful force in business is love. It's what will help your company grow and become stronger. It's what will propel your career forward. It's what will give you a sense of meaning and satisfaction in your work, which will help you do your best work... My experience with Victoria's Secret taught me the three critical drivers of professional success, the three elemental particles of love in business. They are knowledge, networks, and compassion.
    • 23. Example: Meme Set 2 (Kellaway)
      • What is interesting is not whether love is a good business principle but why this daft notion has caught on now. In part it is simply a continuation of the same touchy-feely craze that started with empowerment and progressed through trust and passion to reach “love” as its logical conclusion. The reason this talk of love troubles me is not just that it is inappropriate but it detracts from what is really happening.
      • (Financial Times)
    • 24. The limits of my language are the limits of my world Ludwig Wittgenstein
    • 25. Matter and Essence
      • Dawkins and Blackmore consider natural selection as a completely material process
      • In our frame of reference, memes are self-replicating energy patterns
      • For Essence finding a way to identity, the meme pool offers an ideal environment to manifest and work on its purpose
    • 26. In an energy psychology frame of reference, memes are powerful subtle energy patterns, carrying information and intention
    • 27. Back to Identity
      • The building blocks of our identity are
        • Genes
          • Physical units: the body, organs, cells, DNA
        • Memes:
          • Fundamental and complex emotions
            • Fundamental: fight, flight, freezing
            • Complex: shame, pride, joy, relief, etc
          • Thoughts
          • Beliefs
      • Our identity provides a frame of reference, interpretations and values for the perception of physical, emotional and cognitive experiences in the world of form
    • 28. Essence, Mind & Memes
      • When we’re born as a manifestation of Essence, our minds don’t have information about functioning in the world of form
      • This information is provided by culture – Dawkins’ meme soup
      • Essence learns to utilise its creative, generative energy efficiently by letting the mind take in the memes available in its environment
        • t he meme pool of parents, family, schools, media
      • Once information is taken in, we become a host ourselves and start replicating these memes
    • 29. Sources of Identity
      • Parental Messages
        • Our first meme pool
      • Attributions
        • Statements about oneself made by significant others
      • Blessings and curses
        • The incantation of a higher power to cause good or harm to the person
      • Survival decisions
        • Made in a moment that a person doesn’t have access to all relevant information
      • Vows
        • Promises that limit autonomy, in order to reach a higher purpose
          • to significant others dying or leaving
          • to a Higher Power, in this life or in past lives
    • 30. Development
      • The memes taken in only partially reflect the divine nature of Essence and its intention for this manifestation:
        • The nature and the intention of Essence is not easy to represent in the world of form
        • Memes representing pure Essence may not be available in the context chosen
      • We tend to lose contact with the unconditional Love of our Essence, with Compassion, Joy and the Power of Will and Manifestation
    • 31. Development
      • Instead, we start to believe that others, or circumstances, create happiness or unhappiness in our lives:
        • Mother, Father, partners, siblings,teachers, kids, bosses
        • wealth, health, nature
      • The memes of our culture – in the responses of others– support this development
      • We get caught in beliefs based on memories and desires
    • 32. Development
      • Our identity is confirmed and reinforced through the memes in our memories and desires
      • Memories and desires have in common that they are outside awareness of the now
        • Memories:
          • Longing for what has been in the past
          • Trauma because of what has been in the past
        • Desires:
          • To achieve something in the future
          • To avoid something in the future
    • 33.
      • Yesterday is history…
      • Tomorrow is a fantasy…
      • Today is a gift…
      • That’s why it’s called the present…
    • 34. Memes & Essence
      • Memes are superior in form
      • Essence is superior in function
        • Creation, Intention, Love, Joy, Compassion
      • In life, our task is to perceive and integrate form and function – memes and Essence – and to fulfil our purpose in life
    • 35. The moment you entered this world of form, an escape ladder was put out for you Rumi
    • 36. The House and the Light (James Twyman)
    • 37. Beliefs
    • 38. Man is what he believes Anton Chekhov
    • 39. If you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t: You’re right Henry Ford
    • 40. Beliefs
      • Emotions, feelings, thoughts and imagination are based on beliefs
      • We feed our beliefs daily with the memes of our inner dialogue and with memes from the views of others
      • We view outside reality through the filters of our beliefs
      • Our reality and our bodies mirror our beliefs
      • Life may not follow our conscious desires, but it does follow our beliefs
        • Beliefs are incipient matter
      • The most efficient way to change our behaviour is to change beliefs supporting it
    • 41. Beliefs and Memes
      • Beliefs consist of coherent sets of memes:
        • Being, identity:
          • I’m a good person
        • Potential
          • I can do good
        • Descriptive categories
          • I have grey hair
        • Cause-effect relationships
          • I’m a good person because I do good
          • I do good because I’m a good person
        • Conditional relationships
          • If I do good, I’m a good person
          • If I’m a good person, I do good
    • 42. Beliefs
      • Beliefs that create identity:
        • Self: I am…
        • Others: The others are…
        • Quality of Life: Life is…
    • 43. What memes are the building blocks of your basic beliefs?
    • 44. Truth
    • 45. The Truth of Memes
      • A person’s memes, beliefs and identity are a more or less true representation of Essence
      • We can test the level of truth of a meme, a belief or an identity with the help of a system discovered by David Hawkins
    • 46. David Hawkins’ Discovery
      • David Hawkins developed a scale to calibrate relative truth
      • Intellectual positions, statements or ideologies – all memes – can be rated on a logarithmic scale of one to one thousand
    • 47. Testing Truth
      • In Hawkins’ research, the rating on the scale from 1 to 1000 was determined by muscle-testing
        • Subjects listening to tapes of known deceits universally tested weak
          • Lyndon Johnson perpetrating the Tonkin Gulf hoax
          • Edward Kennedy stonewalling the Chappaquiddick incident
        • While listening to recordings of demonstrably true statements, they universally tested strong
      • With the help of muscle testing, Hawkins developed a map of consciousness
    • 48. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness Destruction Blame 30 Guilt Evil Vindictive Abdication Despair 50 Apathy Hopeless Condemning Despondency Regret 75 Grief Tragic Disdainful Withdrawal Anxiety 100 Fear Frightening Punitive Enslavement Craving 125 Desire Disappointing Denying Aggression Hate 150 Anger Antagonistic Vengeful Inflation Scorn 175 Pride Demanding Indifferent Empowerment Affirmation 200 Courage Feasible Permitting Release Trust 250 Neutrality Satisfactory Enabling Intention Optimism 310 Willingness Hopeful Inspiring Transcendence Forgiveness 350 Acceptance Harmonious Merciful Abstraction Understanding 400 Reason Meaningful Wise Revelation Reverence 500 Love Benign Loving Transfiguration Serenity 540 Joy Complete One illumination Bliss 600 Peace Perfect All-Being Pure Consciousness Ineffable 700–1000 Enlightenment Is Self Process Emotion Log Level Life View God
    • 49. Beliefs & Truth
      • Our identity is based on beliefs about ourselves, others and the quality of life
      • Each of our beliefs consist of a number of memes
      • We can apply David Hawkins’ method on memes, beliefs and identities, our own and those of others
      • They all can be tested for their level of truth
      • The level of truth of our deepest beliefs determines the level of truth of our identity
      • Our goal is to become true as a whole, in harmony with our Essence and its intention for ourselves as a person in this life
    • 50. Test: How true is each of your personal basic beliefs – about who you are – on a scale from 1–1000?
    • 51. Test: What are the truth levels of the memes that create your identity?
      • the highest?
      • the lowest?
      • the average?
    • 52. Essence in the World of Form
      • We can symbolise and represent Essence in many ways, but our frame of reference stays limited
        • Plato’s cave
      • If there is a truth higher than we can know, and if – in our world – we cannot represent or imagine truth at a level higher than 1000, this world must be a place of learning and transition
      • if we know that, we may want to learn from our experience in the world of form
    • 53. Truth, Essence, Identity
      • Axioms
        • Bodily and emotional symptoms develop from the stress caused by the difference between Essence and memes with a lower truth level
        • If we can raise the level of truth of our memes and beliefs, we can raise the level of truth of our identity towards harmony with Essence, and thus work on our purpose, improve our health, let go of our symptoms etc.
        • Therefore, we have to eliminate untrue or less true memes and replace or reframe them with more true memes
    • 54. Truth, Essence, Identity
      • Among the most true memes are Love, Compassion, Trust, Joy and Intention
      • They have creative –manifesting– power
      • This creative power may be hidden or blurred by less true, or even destructive memes we have collected in our memories and desires
    • 55. Disconnection from Essence is the cause of pain and suffering in this world The clogged pipe
    • 56. Truth & Essence
      • A person who has an completely clear, uncontaminated transfer from Essence to identity and vice versa has a truth level of 1000
      • A person whose identity is completely dissociated or separated from Essence has a truth level of 1
      • We are in between
    • 57. Truth
      • Beyond human existence there are higher levels of truth
        • What’s the level of truth of your Essence?
      • There are entities with even higher levels of truth
      • Essence is connected to these beings like we are connected to Essence
      • As humans, we can only access these beings through our Essence
      • They can protect and guide us
    • 58. Beliefs & Truth
      • The Beliefs that create identity:
        • Self: I am…
        • Others: The others are…
        • Quality of Life: Life is…
      • The Truth that is Essence:
        • Self: I am
        • Others: The others are
        • Quality of Life: Life is
    • 59. Change
      • We can only contact Essence in the here-and-now
      • To reinstall Essence in our lives, we must raise the awareness of the here-and-now and reduce the influence of fixated memories and desires
      • These are rigid energy patterns which lock us out of the here-and-now, and thus out of contact with Essence
      • They can be dissolved or scrambled by energy psychology methods
      • This is true for positive as well as negative memories and desires
    • 60. Desires and Intentions
      • There is a difference between desires and intentions:
        • Desires are out of contact with Essence and directed towards gratification of needs in the world of form, to compensate for the loss of contact with Essence
        • Intentions are in tune with the overall task Essence intends to fulfil through you as a person in this world at this time
    • 61.
      • We can reach awareness of the here-and-now in different ways:
        • Nature
        • Art, culture
        • Work
        • Relationships
        • Meditation
        • Dancing
        • Sports
        • Healing, therapy
    • 62. Contact with Essence
      • The same activities can lead to an deterioration or to an improvement of your contact with Essence
      • Each of these activities contains a level of truth
      • If the level of truth is low, continued activity will lead to more suffering and pain
      • If it’s high, pain and suffering will become less relevant
    • 63. A Guided Imagery by Joseph Bennette The purple bag
    • 64. Beyond Belief
    • 65. Exercise
      • The Magic Garden, after Lee Pulos
    • 66. The Belief Cycle (Lee Pulos) Thought Constellation Interpretative Perception Emotions Behaviour Response from Outside Confirmation Core Belief
    • 67. Changing Beliefs Thought Constellation Interpretative Perception Emotions Behaviour Response from Outside Confirmation Core Belief New Thought Constellation New Interpretative Perception New Emotions New Behaviour Different Response Disconfirmation Core Belief Dissolves
    • 68. Changing Beliefs
      • Topics
        • Ideomotor Response and Self-Testing
        • Calibration
        • Addressing Essence
        • Healing Word
        • Identify issues by making a list
    • 69. Contacting Essence
      • You can test
        • with muscle testing
        • with ideomotor signals
        • with a pendulum
      • You can also
        • just listen to what Essence has to say and write it down
        • ask for a sign or a symbol that answers your question
    • 70. Calibration
      • This work generates very slow changes, compared to usual energy psychology treatment
      • Therefore, before doing this work, calibrate:
        • Think of problems you have
        • Think of persons you’re in trouble with
        • Think of goals you have in life
        • Think of the love you feel for others
      • Make clear, exact notes in your diary about your thoughts and emotions regarding these items
    • 71. Finger Muscle Test Methods
      • Make a circle with the thumb and index finger (or any other, if the index finger feels too strong) of your non-dominant hand. Hold these two fingers firmly together. Use the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand as a “beak” which you insert into the hole and the entry to open it up.
      • Make a circle. Make a hook with the index finger of your other hand. Place it in the circle and pull where the two fingers meet to see if you can separate them.
      • Hold your index finger out straight and strong. Use the middle finger of the same hand to push down on it just behind the nail.
    • 72. Ideomotor Response
      • Rest one hand on a table, or your lap
      • Set up that when one finger comes up, it means “yes”
      • When another comes up, it means “no”
      • You can set up one more for “I don’t know” and another for “I don’t want to tell you”
      • It doesn’t matter which finger is used for which response, but once your fingers are programmed, they will lift at the right time
      • If the fingers don’t work right away, lift the “yes” finger over and over while saying “yes”
      • Repeat the procedure for the other fingers
    • 73. Addressing Essence
      • Go into a state of relaxed cocentration
      • Test if your concentration is deep enough to continue
      • Contact Essence, or a messenger for Essence
      • Test if you’ve got contact
      • Ask to give you its name
      • Test if you’ve got it right
      • Ask it to cooperate with you to raise your level of truth
    • 74.
      • A healing word is an anchor that can automatically run any method of energy psychology
      • The technique was developed by Larry Nims
      • A healing word focuses intention
      • You can also focus in other ways, you don’t even need energy psychology
      Healing Words
    • 75. Installing your Healing Word
      • Contact Essence
      • Say the sentence:
      • Whenever from now on I say the word (X) or the sentence (Y) you will automatically run the most adequate energy psychology method (Z) without any effort or concentration for me. It’s enough when I say the word (X) or the sentence (Y) to start this procedure (Z)
      • Thank Essence for cooperating
      • Practice with any issue
      • You can combine the use of the Healing Word with a gesture or a movement
    • 76. Working with Essence
      • Once you have found a way to cooperate, you can use it in three ways:
        • As First Aid
        • To treat more complex symptoms
        • To raise your level of consciousness
    • 77. Treating Symptoms
      • Contact Essence
      • Express gratitude for this contact
      • Find the level of truth that corresponds to your symptom
        • Emotions, desires, thoughts, memories
    • 78. Treating Symptoms
      • Ask Essence, addressed through your Spirit Name, to reframe the memes to the highest possible level of truth for this issue:
        • Essence, X, with the help of the Highest Resources, (and with the help of Christ, Buddha, Kryon, Michael and his army of Angels) find and identify the memes connected to this issue
        • Scramble them, reframe them to the highest possible level of truth or replace them with creative, loving, healing ones
      • Say your healing word, or apply TAT
        • “ Press return”
    • 79. Treating Symptoms
      • You can test for the time needed for the healing process
      • Sometimes you can feel an immediate shift
      • If the work is done, you can recalibrate
      • At first, you may feel confused, because the new memes may not feel like “you” at first
      • In time, you can feel your beliefs and even your identity shifting
    • 80. Recalibration
      • Become aware of the changes in your system after the work:
        • Think of the symptom you treated
        • Compare your thoughts, memories, desires, emotions and bodily sensations with your earlier notes
    • 81. Raising Your Level of Consciousness
      • Ask Essence for cooperation in raising your level of truth and awareness
      • Express gratitude for this contact
      • Test for the lowest level of truth in your system
      • Test if you can raise this number now
      • If yes, test until which level
      • If no, it’s not yet the time for this kind of work
      • You don’t need to know which memes you treat
    • 82. Raising Awareness
      • Ask Essence to reframe or replace these memes, with the formula:
        • Essence, X, with the help of the Highest Resources, (and with the help of Christ, Buddha, Michael and his army of Angels) find and identify all memes with a level of (n) or less in my system
        • Scramble them, reframe them to the highest level of truth or replace them with creative, loving, healing ones.
      • Say your healing word(s) or apply TAT
    • 83. Recalibration
      • Become aware of the changes in your system after the work:
        • Think of problems you used to have
        • Think of persons you’ve been in trouble with
        • Think of goals you have in life
        • Think of persons you love
      • Compare your thoughts and emotions with your earlier notes
    • 84. Raising Your Level of Consciousness
      • You can raise your level of consciousness step by step:
        • If you cleared your identity for all memes with a truth level under 50, test for the next threshold, e.g. 80
        • Always clear your system for all memes under the next step:
          • After a while, you will find that you’ve picked up memes in the lower range again
    • 85. Raising Your Level of Consciousness
      • The higher you get on the truth scale, the slower the steps
        • Hawkins’ scale is logarithmic
      • At some times, raising your level of consciousness is not possible at all
        • Changes take time to process
      • You might need a break of hours, days, weeks or even months in between steps
    • 86. Raising Your Level of Consciousness
      • Your maximum level of awareness is also raised by this technique
      • Your average level of awareness will rise significantly
      • You will become less sensitive to others who invite you to function on lower levels
    • 87. Changing Beliefs Thought Constellation Interpretative Perception Emotions Behaviour Response from Outside Confirmation Core Belief New Thought Constellation New Interpretative Perception New Emotions New Behaviour Different Response Disconfirmation Core Belief Dissolves
    • 88. References
      • Almaas, A.H. Essence .
      • Blackmore, Susan. The Meme Machine .
      • Dawkins, Richard. The Selfish Gene .
      • Hawkins, David R. Power vs. Force .
      • Hawkins, David R. The Eye of the I .
      • Monroe, Robert. Ultimate Journey .
      • Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus