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The Zapatero Project. Chronicle of an Assault on Society [English]
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The Zapatero Project. Chronicle of an Assault on Society [English]

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Since 2004, the year in which he took office at the Presidential Palace, Rodriguez Zapatero has driven through an avalanche of laws, regulations and policies with a view to demolishing the basic …

Since 2004, the year in which he took office at the Presidential Palace, Rodriguez Zapatero has driven through an avalanche of laws, regulations and policies with a view to demolishing the basic institutions that make up our society and imposing his cultural project on the public as a whole. He has also sought to export his project to Latin America and other parts of the world.

However, Rodriguez Zapatero is not exactly an anomaly in the twenty-first century. Quite the contrary, in fact. He shares a common project with thinkers and politicians who are working in other countries to introduce an archetype of society similar to that proposed by Zapatero. They are the secularists, relativists, radical feminists, abortionists, representatives of the homosexual lobby and totalitarians of all stripes and colors. They have gained considerable ground in recent decades.

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  • From 1996 to 2004, José María Aznar, leader of the Centre-Right Popular party, was the President of Spanish Government. Aznar decided not to run for a third term (Spanish Law does not establish any term limit) when all polls showed that the Popular Party’s candidate (Mariano Rajoy) was going to win. Finally, March 11, 2004 bombs produced a catharsis and a majority of voters made it possible for the Socialist Party to win. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, surprisingly, reached the Spanish Government Presidency. Since 2004, Zapatero has approved and implemented all kinds of laws and policies to advance his “progressive” totalitarian project. Spain became the perfect laboratory of the progressive-secularists. They thought: if we are able to approve certain laws and promote certain policies in a country with a supposedly deeply rooted Catholic tradition but with a culturally weak Right we can be pretty sure that we can go and change Latin American countries through social engineering.
  • «The change we are calling for goes way beyond merely taking turns in office. This change consists of the transformation of society.» The Zapatero project is the same project of the President of many other political leaders of different countries, particularly in Europe. They do not want to just manage Government. They want to change society through the intrusion of Political Power into peoples lives. In that sense, they are totalitarian. They fight the culture war (a great expression pretty much used her in the US) and they believe they are going to win because: 1) They are absolutely convinced that their conception of the world is scientific, it is in fact –they believe – the only really neutral doctrine. 2) There is a Right in politics and the media that has abandoned the culture war (the only exception to this general rule in Western world is the US) Therefore, the progressives-secularists tirelessly work: To impose their ideology in peoples’ minds and in the laws. To expel the Conservative world-view out of public debate, condemning it under the offenses of being “unbalanced”, “anti-equalitarian”, “old-fashioned”, “intolerant” and applicable to just believers (not the whole of society)
  • In my opinion, the “civilization clash” of 21 st Century will not occur among Western World and Muslims, Chinese of Hindus, as Samuel Huntington argued. The “civilization clash” will not confront business-men vs. workers, men vs. women or white vs. black. The separation between conservative vs. “progressive” has already become the reference axis of today’s “civilization clash”. They so-called progressives are already winning the cultural war, specially in Europe. In consequence, their ideology (expressed somehow in this scheme) has become the “prevailing culture” (the orthodoxy) and we, conservatives, have become the representatives of the new contra-culture (that’s why we talk about “the Conservative Revolution”). In this scheme: 1- In the left part of the slide, you find the three main ideological ingredients of the “progressive” movement (and of the Zapatero Project): * SECULARISM: An extreme secular approach whose aim is to introduce a kind of State-based religion. * MORAL RELATIVISM, which is disguised as an «extension of rights». * GENDER IDEOLOGY, which uses an alleged sense of equality and a never-ending battle against discrimination as a rallying cry to impose the progressive’s dogmas. 2- In the center of the slide, you may find some of the main ideas that give support to the social engineering project of the progressives. They are application of the 3 ideological pillars. 3- In the right of the slide, the battle fields where the Zapatero Project has deployed: Life, Family, Education, Religious Freedom and the Nation. We will analyze each one separately.
  • Life is not sacred any more. Every day, human dignity is becoming a more relativistic concept: it depends on the size, the level of development or the individual’s health. In my opinion, this is a consequence of the materialistic dogma of progressives. If there is no transcendent reference, we are nothing more than a developed monkey. Zapatero has approved laws to: Convert abortion in a new human right Allow young girls to buy abortion pills, with no need of parental consent nor medical supervision Make it legal to clone human beings Its last project he wants to approve before March 2012: Law on Dignified Death (to introduce euthanasia in Spain).
  • Socialism (in its classical meaning) has been essentially changed by a kind of “personal liberationist strand”. The “brave new world” (Huxley) sought by the progressives is based in the belief that human beings can find happiness in the realization of their sexual dreams, with no moral, biological, social or reproductive limits. That’s why they promote: contraceptives and homosexuality (to avoid the natural consequences of the sexual relation), abortion (to get rid of its “unwanted” consequences), new types of families (fimilies broken by the 68 “sexual liberation”)… And that’s why the Catholic Church is so attacked: because it maintains that extra-marital sex is not morally licit. Natural Family and Marriage are considered as an obstacle to the expansion of the progressive agenda (it is, according to their view, old-fashioned, machist, repressive). That’s why they keep on attacking the family: The “Express Divorce Law” transformed Marriage in one of the contracts easiest to brake according to Spanish law. When they approved the “gay-marriage” in Spain, they were destroying the legal meaning of Marriage. Gender ideology is all over the content – and the name – of the many of the laws that have been approved: Law Against Gender Violence, Law on Gender Equality, Law on Gender Identity… Despite all the above, contrarily to what the progressives defend, only the natural family can guarantee a society to survive.
  • For the Socialist Project to last during decades, children must assume the progressive-secularist dogmas… And since some of the families do not share such values, the School must be transformed into a device to indoctrinate children… That’s the reason why one of the first measures that Zapatero’s Government approved was a new Education Law that introduced a new subject, compulsory for all public and private schools, called “Education for Citizenship”. These are paragraphs of some of the books of Education for Citizenship: «In 1789 the French Revolution ended the period of absolutist government, returned power to the people and introduced a regime based on equality and individual freedoms known as Liberalism. In 1917, another revolution, in Russia, brought down the tsars, returned power to the people and introduced a regime based on equality and individual freedoms known as Socialism. In both cases, but in different ways, the old idea of democracy invented many centuries earlier by the Greeks, was reborn.» (Ediciones del Serbal) «During the twentieth century, the rights that had been gained were consolidated and extended until they encompassed aspects of private life, such as the right of abortion.» (Editorial Octaedro) «There are cases in which affective-sexual identity does not correspond to biological gender. For example, a transsexual woman is a person who feels like a woman trapped in a man’s body. This conflict sometimes leads to a difficult process of gender reallocation in order to achieve a sense of harmony between the person’s body and psychological identity.» (Editorial Pearson) «There is only one country in the world that features development that is acceptable and universally applicable at the same time: Cuba.» (Editorial Akal)
  • Religion – the Church – is seen as a an barrier for progress… A religious citizen is seen as potentially violent – if he or she dare to question any of the progresssive-secularist dogmas – namely relativism, laicism or gender ideology. In Spain, Catholic Church has become Public Enemy Number 1 (see picture of Zapatero nagging at the Pope’s Ambassador in Spain). In consequence, Religion must not be expressed in the public space (for instance, no Crucifixes). The Church believes are substituted by a new set of dogmas that do not need justification – for instance, materialism or atheism. They are mere “scientific truths” – ideologically neutral – it doesn’t matter if they have been reached though a scientific method or they actually are myths. «As I have evolved and matured, I have come to believe that the most authentic religion is Man. It is the human being that deserves adoration; he is the clear apex of the world as it has revealed itself to be, as we have come to understand it.» José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in conversation with Suso de Toro, Madera de Zapatero. Retrato de un presidente . Barcelona, 2007.
  • The unity of the Spanish Nation presents an added threat to the Zapatero Project: Spain cannot be disassociated from its Catholic roots. In this sense, when Rodríguez Zapatero seeks to deconstruct the Spanish nation, going above the interests of society, he is attempting to eliminate the country’s Christian roots:   «The role of the Catholic religion is one of the great issues. Because, in the end, in the absence of other developments that may have helped define our historical identity as a country, it is the strong impact made by Catholicism that has shaped the country’s identity »And this has also generated significant gaps in our collective being [...] Catholicism in Spain has conditioned and generated enormous gaps.»   José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in conversation with Suso de Toro, Madera de Zapatero. Retrato de un presidente . Barcelona, 2007. Zapatero has tried to deconstruct the Spanish Nation via: 1) Reaching agreements with separatist regional parties to change their Statutes against the content of the Spanish Constitution. 2) Approving a Law of “Historic Memory” to change history, to go beyond the Transition (from Franco to Democracy) and the Constitution of 1978 and search for the roots of our Democracy and its legitimacy in the Second Republic (1931-1939).
  • The only good thing that Zapatero has brought to Spain is a huge reaction of a thoughtful and active group of citizens. The Spanish Conservative Movement has a history of 10 years. Since the year 2000, more and more people take part in the culture war… and do so with no shame. We are learning fro you, the American Conservative Movement. We believe that our proposals are good for society. And we are not Second Class citizens.


  • 1. Chronicle of an Assault on Society Ignacio Arsuaga, April 2010 The New Spanish Revolution: How Socialists are Reshaping Spain
  • 2. A Huge Social Engineering Project to change Spain, with a view to hit Latin America
    • We Socialists have known for a long time, for more than a century, that the greatest force for change, the force that directs and sweeps the world along, the most powerful force for transformation, is the force of ideas.
    “ If there is something that characterises this period of government it is that we have a project. It is precisely because we have a project that we come across such useless but active resistance on the part of the hardest sections of the Right, because they know there is a project. They have realised that there is a project impregnated with cultural values and, therefore, ideological values, which are capable of determining the social and historical identity of modern Spain for many years to come . (José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, “Madera de Zapatero”, 2007)
    • Scorn of Nature
    • Reinvention of what is Human
    • Sole source of sovereignty: Law
    • Exaltation of desire (Hedonism). New rights.
  • 4. 1. Life: The Man who Dreams to be God
    • From April 2010, abortion is a new woman’s sexual and reproductive right, from 16 years old onwards
    • The abortion pills are sold in pharmacies to girls of any age, with no medical supervision
    • Human cloning
    • A new Law of Dignified Death has been announced
    The foetus is a living being, of course; but what we cannot talk about is a human being, because that has no scientific basis (B. Aído, ex-Minister of Equality , 5/5/09). “
  • 5. 2 . The Destruction of the Family
    • Express Divorce Law
    • One of the first countries (2005) to legally consider Same-sex couples equal to marriage, with the “right to adopt”
    • Gender ideology
  • 6. 3. Education Becomes Indoctrination by the State
    • Education for Citizenship, four compulsory subjects to enforce the new «public moral»
    • Sexual Education at all levels, based on Gender Ideology, a fundamental chapter of the new Abortion Law
  • 7. 4 . Throwing Religion Out of Public Space
    • The Myth of the Alliance of Civilizations and support of Islam
    • The project to approve a new Law to eliminate Religion from public space
    • Scorn and assault against Christians
    The more we consent and tolerate the Church, the worse they respond. They only understand the stick (Gregorio Peces-Barba, Socialist leader, 04/10/11). “
  • 8. 5. Knocking Down the Spanish Nation
    • Change the History of Spain: Law of Historic Memory
    • Concurrence with internal separatists
    Since I was a kid, I was scared of categorical and radical assertions (…). Nation is a discussed and relativistic concept. (Rodríguez Zapatero at the Senate18/11/2004). “
    • 210,000 copies of «The Zapatero Project» to unveil how socialists reshapeSpain
    • More than 1 million Spaniards marched in 3 occasions in less than a year to defend the rights of preborn children and protect women from the Post-Abortion Syndrome. Yearly “Marches for Life” (25 March) in 70 cities.
    • More than 500,000 certified signatures oblige Parliament to debate and vote a Project of Law to define marriage as the union between a man and a woman
    • Published: “Not the same: Children Development at Same-Sex Couples”
    • Thousands of parents present their conscience objections to their children participating in the class of Education to Citizenship
    • Massive attendance to the Families Mass and protests against the attacks of the radical secularists
    • First legislature: a huge demonstration every 6 months to ask the Government not to negotiate with ETA terrorists
    • A social conscience in favor of trying to make the State to stay out of our lives