Latest updates and accommodating the physically challenged


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Technology update from Jackie Harber, iansyst Ltd

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  • Vertical Mouse Anir Pro (small/med, large)PenquinVertical Mouse (small, standard, wired or wireless)Grip Vertical MouseEvoluentVerticalMouse
  • Kensington Orbit EliteKensington ExpertRoller II TrackballRoller Plus TrackballKidTrac (with or without switch interface)
  • HelpiJoy Joystick MouseRoller II JoystickRoller Plus Joystick
  • RollerMouse Pro2 StationSmartNAV 4 (AT or EG)IntegraMouse
  • GoldtouchCherry compactLarge font While on Black KeyboardPosturite Number Slide Arch Keyboard
  • Buddy switchTrigger switchGrasp switchPal Pad switchString switchUSB crick box
  • Designed for use from 6 years to adult
  • The EarlBright eLearning portal is a brand new support tool, designed to assist users in making the most of their Assistive Technology. It has been developed by product and training specialists at iansyst and is the perfect support for anyone needing a refresher on how to use their software, or for those who struggle with dyslexia or poor memory retrieval. It comes with a variety of Multi-media resources for a range of commonly used products. Each product comes with supporting videos, PDFs and MP3s instructing the end user how to use the most useful aspects of the software. Students who have received software through the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA), or have access to AT software, and have had training on how to use itThose who have difficulty with memory retrieval and require additional support when using their softwareThose who wish to enable continued self-learning
  • Latest updates and accommodating the physically challenged

    1. 1. Helping the physicallychallenged and“What’s New”Jackie HarberAssistive Technology Specialist
    2. 2. Agendao Alternative input deviceso Switcheso Communication aidso CapturaTalko AttenGoo E-learning Portal
    3. 3. Who needs an alternativedevice?o Poor motor controlo Physically impairedo Injuredo Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) o Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) o Upper Limb disorder
    4. 4. Who needs an alternativedevice?o Poor motor controlo Physically impairedo Injuredo Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) o Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) o Upper Limb disorder
    5. 5. Handshake - position
    6. 6. Alternative devices Ergonomic - mice Penguin Vertical MouseGrip VerticalMouse Vertical Mouse Anir Pro Evoluent VerticalMouse
    7. 7. Alternative input - TrackballKensington Orbit Roller IIElite Kensington Expert Roller Plus kidTRAC
    8. 8. Alternative input - JoystickHelpiJoy Roller II Roller Plus
    9. 9. Alternative devices - other SmartNAV 4 RollerMouse Pro2 Station IntegraMouse
    10. 10. KeyboardsLarge font While on Black Cherry compact Posturite Number Slide Arch Goldtouch
    11. 11. Switches Buddy USB Crick Box String Pal Pad switchTrigger Grasp
    12. 12. SoftwareGridkeys – the Grid 2
    13. 13. Other options to considero Laptop standso Keyguardso Keyboard and wrist rests?o Break software o Workpace, RSIguardo Word Predictiono Typing Tutors
    14. 14. Ipad with Proloquo2go
    15. 15. CapturaTalk - Android
    16. 16. What is AttenGo? Web-based software for ADD/ADHD Personalised training for all age groups Clinically tested with long lasting results Cost-effective and easy to use
    17. 17. Key features/BenefitsHow does it work? Improves key cognitive skills Enhances Beta brain waves Neuro-cognitive based exercises Real time feedback & scores 25 min/day, results within 3 months
    18. 18. Benefits• Increased attention & concentration• Reduced impulsivity & hyperactivity• Improved planning & organizational skills• Increased self confidence & self- image• Overcome distractions
    19. 19. E-learning portal
    20. 20. E-learning – What is it for?o Companion to the one-to-one trainingo Helps recall information on AT productso videos, MP3’s and accessible PDFs on most commonly used software
    21. 21. E-Learning Portal - Contento ClaroRead o EB Word Bankso Read & Write o Inspiration Gold o MindGeniuso Dragon Naturally o SuperNova Speaking o Zoomtexto Audio Notetakero Olympus Recorders
    22. 22. Visual Sequential MemoryDyslexia Screener