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Assess2012 - Technology Trends update
Abi James - Iansyst Ltd

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  • Technology expectations… What is the students usual way of working What technology have they used in school, at home? Technology enhancements…. How can we used technology to lesson difficulties and overcome barriers? to improve access and ensure equality for all = technology as an assistive tool
  • 2012 student intact have been exposed to these tools at home & school throughout their secondary schools
  • Blippar / Aurasma VR use to provide instructions and memory aids. QR codes to dow nload notes, access materials. placing QR codes on lecture slides or on a physical object quickly allows someone to access a related web page. QR codes could be used to deliver students personalised web pages as part of a learning activity or test.
  • Existing process for adapting formats: The hassle Laborious How to do it? Where to do it? Options to take? Which tool? Time Worst case -- print out; scan/OCR; listen So that often Reading Impaired people don’t bother – limiting their access to knowledge. EXAMPLE: eBooks have been around for a decade but they have only become a commercial success when the difficulties of getting eBooks onto a portable device were removed through wireless syncing and hassle free purchasing with the introduction of the Kindle. Now technology is no longer the barrier. Statistics on improving learner engagement through use of mobiles: Survey of 74 London Met students: 59% think it would be useful to access learning materials from their mobile . These students are also receptive to using their mobiles for learning, compared to 29% who didn’t. 56% of students in the survey thought it was important to have the ability to learn at any time and in any place. (Bradley & Holley, 2010)
  • Assess2012 technology trends

    1. 1. The Technology Landscape in 2012 and Beyond Abi James
    2. 2. What makes up the technologylandscape for DSA students? Technology Technology Vs. Expectations Enhancements
    3. 3. Technology expectations are ledby technology already in use at..  School  Homes  College
    4. 4. Computing developments since2006 in homes & schools
    5. 5. At the end of 2012, students may be using 5 different “operatingsystems” compared to 2 in 2008.
    6. 6. The Here and Now… 2012 The Informal Learning Revolution promised by learning platforms & m-learning is being achieved through  social networking,  cloud-based tools & mobile apps Rise of the Social Reading concept
    7. 7. The Here and Now… 2012 Universities are moving on to the cloud  25,000 students and staff at the University of Westminster now use Google Apps Education Edition Mobile apps are being used in learning & to support students App-ification — From Applications to Apps
    8. 8. What are we doing to ensure….That we support the learners usualway of working?That mobile & cloud solutions areaccessible?
    9. 9. Trends in Technology beyond 2012:
    10. 10. Trends in Technology beyond 2012:New means of controlling tech  Gesture based interface can inhibit or enable access e.g. using web-cams, Kinect devices to recognise sign languages  Speech control becoming prevalent
    11. 11. Trends in Technology beyond 2012:Digital identity for all  being able to transfer accessibility requirements between web-enabled devices  Cloud4All, GPII
    12. 12. Trends in Technology beyond2012: Internet of things Not just text, now multimedia, QR codes, virtual reality
    13. 13. Trends in Technology beyond2012: Mobile Devices Accessibility on mobile devices will only improve  Demand led  Legislation (508 review in US) Expectation that mobile devices will be used in learning  BYOD – bring your own – Android still the most popular SmartPhone in UK
    14. 14. Tablets as an assistive technology - New story or old?
    15. 15. Is a Tablet a replacement for a desktop computer? Yes and no
    16. 16. Assistive Technology migrating totablets e.g. CapturaTalk4Android
    17. 17. The App-ification of software Average shelf-life of an iPhone app is 90 days (2009) OS updates on mobile devices (and Mac) are frequent How can we support apps (including Mac app store purchase) over the length of a degree course?
    18. 18. Migration to web apps Now seeing a movement to develop HTML5 web apps. Platform independent & more opportunity to be accessible. A.T. is already moving this way… Texthelp Web apps
    19. 19. eBooks – accessible tool or hurdle? Expectation of eBooks use now in education ePub3 will offer greater accessibility functions as it takes DAISY functionality mainstream But publishers still rule on DRM & TTS availability Dedicated eBook devices are optimised for ebook stores not the user
    20. 20. What is ePub3? New international standard for eBooks Incorporates DAISY accessible book format & MathML Can provide accessible books with synchronised audio, embedded multimedia & accessible maths formula
    21. 21. Windows 8 expected late 2012 Windows 7 but with a tablet interface For desktop users, maybe no change? Still not known what the full impact of accessibility will be but VI support for touch interface will be built-in. Windows store will mark apps as accessible
    22. 22. Windows 8
    23. 23. Windows 8
    24. 24. Windows 8
    25. 25. Cloud solutions providing betteraccessibility? Content and learning when you want it, where you want it But accessible? Accessible web developments such as the MyDocStore project bring cloud / eBook content to all
    26. 26. Cloud Solutions:The MyDocStore Project: Using the Cloud & mobile devices to produce alternative formats Access & awareness of alternative formats needs to be at the consumer level; Ease of use of technology vital to engagement and up take; MyDocStore is: Azzapt a web service & an App for that!  Cool  Mainstream;  Learner (consumer) led
    27. 27. MyDocStore Project feedback sofar: This opens up a The iPhone app This system will will be so useful whole world tomean I am always when I am me if I can independent travelling download books. Existing technologies anchor Some students who will the user to one computer… want it in a large font, some one PC in the corner and students may want it in you go to the special audio... just uploading one machine. By its existence, it document and everyone differentiates the students else can access it will make from the others life so much easier
    28. 28. Paul loads Tudors101.pdf to AzzaptOn my desktop On my Tablet I On my phone II want to edit it want to read it want to hear it Azzapt creates MyDocStore Word doc creates MP3 Azzapt creates applies colour using Paul’s ePub file and font speed and changes voice choice Paul accesses Tudors101.pdf in Azzapt web / appWord docx with MP3 audio ePub versionfont/colours set downloads & opens opens plays
    29. 29. Register your interest & findout more: Abi James