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After sales care and insurance DSA
After sales care and insurance DSA
After sales care and insurance DSA
After sales care and insurance DSA
After sales care and insurance DSA
After sales care and insurance DSA
After sales care and insurance DSA
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After sales care and insurance DSA


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  • Improve service offering: Customer Services and Support teams have combined to provide a centralised dedicated Helpdesk and telephone response service. We have recruited additional staff to enhance the phone and email service we offer to our students and customers.Call answering within4 rings E-service desk is an ITIL compliant (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) support ticketing system, This will allow users of the E-service Desk to control monitor and have ownership of support tickets, hosting a full complement of reporting options to ensure every ticket is answered and within set timescales. Tickets behave in a manner dictated by the system which is designed to be easy to use and importantly accurate. There are other features within E-service desk that will allow support tickets to be logged but not only externally (End-user) but from anybody within the company using self service software.iansyst is launching a leading Helpdesk and eDesk Ticketing IT System to deliver detailed management of all our customer enquiries and to audit our response times. This will include logging the time and type of enquiries, more detailed nature of support queries, tracking IT assets, repairs, computer loans, and any customer complaints. This will provide us with the detailed management information for us to continually improve our quality service standards. ITIL. 
  • AT software: Updates, critical fixes, incompatibility issues, Operating Systems: Window update issues, viruses, malware, Computer hardware: Warranty and insurance, component failure or damagePeripheralsProviding on-the-spot support to our customers computers remotely via the internet as if we were sitting right in front of it allowing are technicians to providing spontaneous support Recovery software allows for data and entire systems to be restored to their original state, quickly and easily.Technicians take time in explaining problems using plain English, allowing the end-user to understand instructions given.
  • InHouse training programme: ITIL, ECRD, AT software At hardware Disability training etc.... Level 1 must show experience in Customer service handling and call handling/call management. Level 2 on rotation and cross skilled with the Repair centre and new system Build team, this helps keep skills and knowledge up to date across departments. And must have a good knowledge in AT software and OS we supply along with proven experience in hardware fault finding. Level 3 must have all of the above including full understanding of company processes, Advanced knowledge of AT software not only Technically but also at end user usage level. ?Heavy focus on more complex issues and end user resolement.?Onsite assistance where available when student requires extra support not availble through other forms of communication.
  • Apple Pro App certified Microsoft Certified ProfessionalsRTB(Return to base) repair of desktop with in 3 weeks and laptop within 4 weeks following the QAF (Loan provided if required as a swap out)Insurance repair (as above), claim raised (email to insurers) by level 2 at point of call when RTB was arranged.Onsite Repair (Warranty specific) If an on-site warranty has been sold this can be used if there is a recognised hardware fault with a computer that won't compromise the setup of the computer, the aim is to preserve customer data including the AT install. Vendors such as Toshiba and Dell will have their own service level agreements clearly noting customer is to make a full backup of the computer may well be reimaged. So we have to be very sure when using this service that a wipe or reinstall is not on the cards. If level to chooses to use the vendors on-site service if the warranty applies usually this will involve a conference call between ourselves the end-user and the vendor just to ensure compliance to our service level and that the end-user has full understanding of what is about to happen. There is no need to provide a loan laptop during this service as it is usually next business day.Loan laptop will be provided for the duration of the repair we aim to provide this loan as swap out even though QAF clearly states three working days from the collection of an RTB repair. The loan laptop will be of sufficient spec to meet the needs of the student in the assistive technology they intend to run on it. An install of the required AT software will be confirmed with the end-user and installed prior to supply.End user data backup. This applies when the end-user has been unable to recover data from their computer due to the computer being unusable. We will attempt to recover their data for the end-user and store it on our secure servers for the duration of the repair. This will be limited to their coursework, photographs and non-course related data excluding audio and video for legality reasons.We will make the end-user fully aware that is not our responsibility to backup data and will attempt to do so by request we cannot accept any responsibility should we be unable to do so.At the end of the repair data will be restored back to the fixed computer and we will archive the data on our secure servers for a period of three months giving the end-user time to make their own backups moving forward.Out of warranty repair. There are only two circumstances where and out of warranty repair applies, this would when warranty or insurance has expired or if equipment has failed due to wear and tear.In both cases quote would be offered for a technical inspection prior to final quote for repair. This would fall out side our QAF service level and as such not governed by turnaround times and loan provision. This would be a chargeable service to either the end-user or funding body. In both cases quote process applies. Typically wear and tear is a very rare occurrence during the warranty/insurance period this is usually obvious upon inspection of the equipment. It is often only discovered as a wear and tear case after the point of collection and a loan laptop is usually in play by then anyway .Remote or RTB health check, this is largely the same is out of warranty repair in as far as we need to present quotes for inspection the main difference is the health check at this point is just to ascertain state of the equipment this can be for various reasons either SFE along with assessors are reassessing and end-user the need to find out whether the computer is capable of lasting the duration of the course, or for warranty and insurance renewals. As with out of warranty, Note. Loan provision will not be provided during this service. Unless specifically asked for by funding body and charged accordingly, however this is not something we are currently set up for.
  • Iansyst have partnered with Burnett’s since 2004 to provide a fully comprehensive insurance solution for our customers. Burnett’s have specialised in providing insurance for computer equipment since 1980 and are able to provide a professional service, which includes disability awareness training for their claims staff, ensuring they can manage any claims sympathetically and fairly
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    1. After Care Services Insurance Policy Documentation Student Welcome Pack Laptop Care GuideBy Martin Kirkup & Melvin Baynham
    2. Iansyst Help Desk Dedicated Helpdesk and telephone response service.  Customer Services and Support teams have combined. Three tier Technical Support team:  1st line –Answer and log incoming calls, manage expectations, and basic troubleshooting. (Virus, password , license keys, known AT/OS issue resolving)  2nd line – Support technicians answering AT incidents and available to answer level 1 overflow.  3rd line – To deal with Complex AT cases escalated from level 2 and liaise with software manufactures. New E-service Incident Management HelpDesk.  (ITIL compliant)
    3. Support Given One to one Telephone, Textphone, SMS or email support:  AT software,  Operating Systems,  Computer hardware and  Peripherals. The use of remote software aiding technicians in supporting end users. Full system restore software Sensitive and supportive approach
    4. Helpdesk Staff Disability aware (Disability Awareness Training) ITIL service desk Trained Support Level 1:  Experienced in Customer Service and call management.  Access to in-house knowledge base Support Level 2:  Rotation and cross skilled with Technical Services team (Repairs, Builds and development).  Good understanding in all AT software and Operating Systems.  Proven experience in hardware fault finding. Support Level 3:  Dedicated off line team investigating deeper into incidents  Highly developed knowledge of AT.  Onsite assistance where essential.
    5. Iansyst Technical Services Apple Pro App certified Microsoft Certified Professionals Return To Base (RTB) repairs Out Of Warranty repairs Insurance Repairs or Replacements Onsite repairs (Warranty specific) Loan laptop provision. End user Data Backup. Remote or RTB health check
    6. Iansyst Welcome PackIansyst customers receive a Welcome Pack that contains important information regarding the following:  Deliveries  Warranties  Caring for their equipment  How to contact iansyst  How to access technical support  How to organise training  Loan equipment  What we expect from them and  Complaints
    7. Burnetts Iansyst have partnered with Burnett’s since 2004. Specialised in providing insurance for computer equipment since 1980. Provide a fully comprehensive bespoke insurance solution. Hand over to: Garry Moore - Burnetts