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Marketing and Advertising opportunities for the education and apprentice sector

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Education Presentation November 2012 Ip

  1. 1. BIGCHOICE GROUP RECRUITMENT | EDUCATION | BRANDSEDUCATION SPECIALISTS School Leavers Open Days Masters Bachelors International Students MBA’s Evening Weekend Undergraduates PHD Graduates Post Graduate Study Abroad
  3. 3. OUR VISITORS & MEMBERS INSTITUITIONS WE WORK WITH OUR REACH • Largest opt-in database of over 1 million registered users • Reach over 577,000 course seekers per month • Achieve 4 million page impressions per month • The most visited youth network in the UK • A network of over 700 plus Brand Agents at UK universities AGENCIES WE WORK WITH USER DEMOGRAPHICS• Age: 16 – 30 year olds • 31% Business Graduates & Finalists• 28% First Year A Level Students • 14% Media Film & Performing Arts• 32% Final Year A Level Students • 16% Based in London• 26% MBA Course Seekers• 24% International Students
  4. 4. ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES• Digital newspaper Double Page Spread, Full page, half page, quarter page• Video Max file size 1MB (AVI, MPEG, QuickTime and SWF files accepted)• Online Display MPU, Leaderboard , Skyscraper, banner (expandable available)• E-mail & SMS HTML/Text & Text up to 160 characters• Cost Per Lead Pay for leads from students requesting information on your course. Mobile On Campus Web Display & MPU E-mail Events & Tours MMS / SMS
  5. 5. ONLINE DISPLAY OPPORTUNITIESEnhanced Listing Course Subject Directory Home Page MPU / Skyscraper Background reskin Open Days Calendar University guide
  6. 6. EMAIL MARKETING Our opt-in email data currently stands at 1 million registered users. HTML email is a great way to directly communicate with the youth audience. An email campaign can be highly personalised and targeted. This method of advertising is trackable and gives you clear ROI. The beauty of our database is that you can target candidates by the criteria listed below plus by discipline, location & year of study. The email tracking system has all the features you would expect from an email marketing platform, including: - Number of emails sent - Number of click throughs to website - Number of emails opened/read - Number of undelivered mails (bounce backs) - Which users clicked on which links - Number of users who unsubscribedGCSE Finalist & Graduates (up to 3 years) International Wanting to Study UK 156,000 210,000 305,000Lower Sixth Finalist & Graduates (3+ years) International Studying UK 123,000 250,000 95,000Upper Sixth 200,000
  7. 7. EMAIL MARKETING - CASE STUDYClient Name: Salford UniversityCampaign: International Student Attraction Campaign – Nov 2011
  8. 8. SMS MARKETING - CASE STUDYClient Name: University of BirminghamCampaign: Open Day Campaign – July 2011
  9. 9. MOBILE MARKETING Reach:Short Message Service (SMS) is a communication service allowing the interchange of shot text messages ofup to 160 characters between mobile phones. MMS is a static image or animated multimedia message whichcan include music and voice. SMS marketing is ideal for local and national campaigns and can be 18-21 year olds 245,000personalised addressing each individual by their first name. 21-25 year olds 295,000Our data is cleansed after every send with non-deliveries removed from our database immediately ensuringno wastage. The profile information we hold includes; age, gender, location and university attended.SMS MMS Your Invited to Birmingham ESCP Europe Business Postgraduate Open day 26th School: Open Day 14 May. November! Don’t miss this Make the right choice for great opportunity to further your postgraduate degree! your career 2opt-out Call 020 7443 8826 to attend.. 2opt-out
  10. 10. INTERNATIONAL REACH Here is a selection of some of our most popular countries: 40,592 112,639 97,718 - India: 38,103 - USA: 28,157 43,920 - Italy: 21,786 - Germany: 24,384 10,824 - China: 29,605 434 - Denmark: 18,141 - Taiwan: 15,674 - Canada: 11,606 - Norway: 7,526 - Pakistan: 19,739 - Nigeria: 26,439 - Kenya: 6,365- 305,000 international candidates - Singapore: 5,609- all looking to study in the UK - Argentina: 4,957 - Brazil: 6,118- registered from 160 different countries
  11. 11. Campus Marketing BigChoice Group has a network of 700 plus student representatives across 70 campus’s in the UK and have implemented campus marketing activity on behalf of recruiters, national brands and Institutions. Working directly with the students union, careers departments, clubs & societies, Big Choice Group have unrivalled access to campus. Our experience in implementing such activity and relationships with our brand managers ensures the clients’ marketing messages are distributed in the right areas to the right students.• Flyering • AdWalkers • Bluetooth• Posters • Projection advertising • Data Capture• Careers fairs • Pic Flips • Experiential advertising• Focus Groups • Clean street advertising • Ambient marketing
  12. 12. Campus Marketing Look Walkers Eco Bike Illuminated, wearable Pedal powered billboards carried by illuminated adbikes trained promotional staff. Leafleting or sampling available.Scootermedia Ad Vans Stylish, illuminated Illuminated, 48 double-sided 4-sheet sheet Ad Vans. trailers. Leafleting or sampling available. Music can be played from vehicles. Digital vans Street Skins Rear projection digital screen integrated van. Gaming, live Skin stretched over TV, internet feed, digital shutter doors of stores. content, touch screen. Location specific. Operates day or night Target urban audiences in proximity to city centres.
  13. 13. AdWalkersAdwalkers are interactive, online, wearable media platforms. They offer the ability to spendextended periods of precious “face” time, interacting and engaging with your audience.Adwalkers mobility enables precision targeting, they can be used as a direct sales tool, for playinginteractive games and data capture.Wearable 17 inch screens with multi touch screen technology are ideal for delivering visualmessages, videos, market research, data capture and consumer engagement campaigns.We can also offer custom software and applications running on the AdWalker’s or work with yourexisting digital team to incorporate existing content.
  14. 14. AdFloor – Interactive Floor AdvertisingAd Floor CampaignsWhether you’re planning an exhibition stand, product launch,experiential event or party, AdFloor can provide somethingnew and exciting.AdFloor is a novel and enterprising technology that lets you utilisea traditionally overlooked space – the floor. AdFloor adds a newdimension…• AdFloor captures the attention of guests and visitors, drawingthem into your space.• Visitors can’t help but interact with your brand.• AdFloor is fully customisable with over 100 effects to choosefrom, you can personalise your floor to be in harmony with yourbrand or event theme.
  15. 15. Campus Marketing Service Costs Campus Marketing service costs Campus activity Average cost per university Liaise with careers departments, faculty heads of a relevant department & 2 student clubs / £500 societies per uni Flyering & postering for 1 week per university per person £500 Flyering for 1 week per person £500 Clean Graffiti – 30 prints per campus £3,500 Projection advertising – 1 day per campus (artwork set up not included and ranges depending on From £2,500 how complex campaign is, starts from £500) SMS sent to notify students of activity taking place. Each SMS sent on the morning of each event. From £160 per 1000 2 x AdWalkers + 2 operatives + 1 additional member of staff (technical advisor) to assist in £2,125 campaign. (not included is a one off art production fee approx £800) Ice cream van or food cart (campus permitting / suitability), including 2 staff, approx 800 ice- £2,000 creams / pop – corn cones per day, incl food vending permit. Picture flip books – great fun promotional activity suitable for balls and student parties. Includes 3 staff (2 operatives & 1 promotional staff) £2,500 AdFloor – Excellent way of interacting with your audience (artwork set up not included and ranges From £3,000 depending on how complex campaign is, starts from £500). Above costs are exclusive of: • Artwork conversion and upload • Campus access fees • Administration fees
  16. 16. Testimonials Ksenija, Marketing Coordinator, ESCP Europe Business School. October 2011 ‘I started working with the Big Choice Group in 2009 and since then they have proved to be an effective online solution to promoting our programmes. Targeted emails always have strong and immediate results and our recent activity on Just Courses website, despite a short period of time, has generated a positive response. Working with the team at the Big Choice has always been a great experience – they are professional, proactive, friendly and flexible. Thank you so much!’ Emma, Client Relationship Director, MJD Consultancy November 2011 ‘MJD has been working with the Big Choice group on a number of campaigns, and your products have become an integral part of planning our media activity. Working closely with Gurpreet has been fantastic, she is super efficient and really knows her products inside out - explaining how we can work together without any unnecessary sales waffle. Its great to be able to build friendly and productive relationships with such nice people and Gurpreet is a great ambassador for the Big WWW.BIGCHOICEGROUP.COM Choice group. I would definitely recommend working with you to other clients and well be continuing to include you products in our campaign activity.’EDUCATION SPEACIALISTS Gillian Radcliffe, Marketing Manager, London College of Communications (University of the Arts) September 2011 ‘Jane, we had a good number of people sign up for the early bird clearing sessions so far from our email campaign & we feel it was a good return on the modest amount we spent with you. We will definitely work with you again on future campaigns.’
  17. 17. Conclusion 10 years of education experience means we have the target audience with.. • Network of 98,000 unique users every month • 1 million registered users reachable by email and SMS text messages • Innovative online, display and html email which are far more cost effective than traditional methods For more information contact: Ian Peters WWW.BIGCHOICEGROUP.COM Account ManagerEDUCATION SPEACIALISTS Tel: + 44 (0) 207 3783 3549