Less is More


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GREEN Communications offers advice and insight on how to up your marketing and communications from simple PR to word of mouth to social media. You can get more for less...

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Less is More

  1. 1. Less is More an innovative solution to manage your reputation and public relations.
  2. 2. Think
  3. 3. …a high value, low cost and low risk solution
  4. 4. that’s well within your budget and will exceed your expectations
  5. 5. Choose from the following options or pick and mix for the package that suits your business best
  6. 6. PR Helpline Question the best brains in the PR business. Faced with a PR problem or issue? Want the best quality advice just a phone call away? PR Helpline is a new service from GREEN - by signing up you can call us anytime and we will provide a response. You are never alone with whatever problems or challenges you face. Cost just £100 per month.
  7. 7. Martin Edmondson, Chief Executive of Graduates Yorkshire: “GREEN has worked hard to deliver a fantastic PR campaign generating huge interest in Graduates Yorkshire. They had a very precise and logical plan and delivered perfectly on that as can be seen by the rise in traffic to our service.”
  8. 8. Crisis PR Insurance Bad things happen - a product recall, an accident or emergency involving your business and reputation. Bad press sometimes just won’t go away. What if you had a team of industry PR experts? Let GREEN manage you out of a crisis. Includes a half day crisis planning session, identifying potential issues and establishing a Virtual Press Office to call into action when necessary. Cost just £500 a month
  9. 9. Barbara Laing LINPAC Packaging said: "GREEN really took the bull by the horns in meeting head on the issues surrounding our product. We have never done anything like this before but GREEN gave us confidence the way they argued their strategy."
  10. 10. PR Healthcheck How hard working is your PR working for you? Have you got the reputation you deserve? Does your communications need a healthcheck? GREEN will review your activities to identify where you are doing well and where you could do better. We will provide a full, detailed Healthcheck report with an action plan and recommendations to boost your brand. Cost just £1,500
  11. 11. David Hartley, Managing Director of the Creamery said: “GREEN has worked hard to deliver a fantastic PR campaign generating huge interest in the Creamery. We have been particularly impressed by how many people have supported us and how much goodwill the campaign has generated for our brand.”
  12. 12. Strategy Review Where is your business headed? Is your communications geared up to taking you there? We can offer an effective review of your PR, Marketing and Communications strategies. Critically it can identify areas that you need to address. Give your brand a workout with a five-day strategic review from GREEN. Cost just £750 to £1,500
  13. 13. Jessica Bowker of Warburtons said: “The Loveliest Lollipop has been a very powerful campaign which fits exceptionally well with our brand values. The style and quality of the promotional material has been outstanding and the level of response from the schools and members of the community is something that we are really proud of.”
  14. 14. Social Media Audit How social is your business? Are you making effective use of social media? Are you listening to what people are saying about you? GREEN can provide a comprehensive review of your business online taking in blogs, microblogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media tools. A social media audit is a great way to benchmarck you business set out of plan of action for engaging in the conversation that is social media. Cost just £2,500
  15. 15. Simon Theakston, Managing Director of Theakstons, said: “GREEN Communications was instrumental in re-positioning our business in the eyes of the beer drinkers and the landlords and helped reinforce all the values associated with our brands.”
  16. 16. Thought Leadership Our Thought Leadership programme helps identify where you have a competitive advantage with your intelligence insight. We identify appropriate avenues for connecting with the right people with the right message. From blogs to White Papers we can identify the themes that will single you out as your sector expert. Full support to identify a deliver a thought leadership programme. Costs from £950
  17. 17. Professor David Hillier said: “I just want to say that I think GREEN Communications has done a fantastic job… I’m all over the papers this week and am now working directly with the Daily Telegraph with a commentary on Friday about the interest rate cut today.”
  18. 18. Media Training Can you cope when a camera is pressed in your face? A team of seasoned journalists and broadcasters can prepare you to deal with media direct and with confidence. Our media training programme will walk you through the issues of performing in a radio or TV interview. Each session includes real-life scenario planning and recorded interviews. Media training costs start from £250
  19. 19. ByBox Chief Executive Stuart Miller said: “GREEN Communications promised us real measurable results and they delivered real measurable results not just in coverage achieved but in the buzz they built around our brand.”
  20. 20. Word-of-mouth workshop Word of mouth is your most powerful marketing tool If you’ve just won some new business it’s probably because someone, somewhere recommended you. Most people think word of mouth just happens – it doesn’t. We can help you manage your word of mouth. We will identify relevant transaction stages and devise your messages for your word-of-mouth ambassadors. Pass it on – tell your network about GREEN. Costs from £2,000 - £2,500
  21. 21. Netto Foodstores Managing Director Claus Waedeled: “GREEN have consistently delivered excellent media coverage for Netto and have raised the companies profile far beyond our expectations.”
  22. 22. Brand workshop Your Brand is your most precious asset and key to your business or organisations success but are you managing it? A brand is more than a logo – it is about a set of values that emotionally connect with your customers or clients In our brand workshop we can quickly capture what makes your brand special The brand workshop will deliver clear communications strategy for your business or organisation Cost from £2,000 to £2,500
  23. 23. Miggs Bryan, Yorkshire Housing, said: “GREEN have been outstanding. To have an agency that can come up with something so unique yet appropriate for today's society is amazing.”
  24. 24. GREEN Communications Wakefield Media Centre 19 King Street Wakefield WF1 2sQ Tel: +44 (o)845 4503210 Fax: +44 (o)845 4503211 www.greencomms.com www.greenblog.co.uk www.twitter.com/GREENComms