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  • NEW THOUGHT IN AUSTRALIA Presented by Dr Ian Ellis-Jones Wellness Instructor and Practitioner Legal Practitioner, Educator and Trainer Minister of Religion, Consultant and Author
  • Introduction
  • The „movement of the mind‟ … ‘The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.’ - James A Edgerton on Thought Day, 23 August 1915. New
  • The „movement of the mind‟ … ‘If there is only one Law, one Power, one Good, Omnipresent, Omni scient and Omnipotent allloving Father, then we shall step into the new day, and so a New Era Is Born.’ – Grace M Aguilar.
  • The „movement of the mind‟ … The roots of New Thought go way back to persons such as … Buddha, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Philo , Epictetus, Origen and Athanasius.
  • The „movement of the mind‟ … However … there is nothing ‘new’ about New Thought, which is as old as humanity …  „This is the 'new' religion; yet it is older than the universe. It is God's own thought put into practical form.‟ - Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
  • The „movement of the mind‟ … Late 19th century ... the 'movement of the mind' … an increased interest in alternative beliefs such as …
  • The „movement of the mind‟ … Unitarianism and Universalism Theosophy Spiritualism Christian Science New Thought
  • The „movement of the mind‟ … … as an antidote to ‘the maddening effect of Protestantism [especially Calvinism]’ (H P Blavatsky).
  • The „movement of the mind‟ … The movement was particularly embraced by women, who were presented with new thoughts about … religion sexuality philosophy.
  • The „movement of the mind‟ … The new organisations and ideas offered opportunities for women to preach … and even lead congregations.
  • What is „New Thought‟? A system of thought which affirms the unity of God with man, the perfection of all life, and the immortality and eternity of the individual soul forever expanding. - Dr Ernest Holmes.
  • What is „New Thought‟? ‘… a movement of philosophicalreligious thought and action originating in the nineteenthcentury United States and emphasizing the attainment of health, wealth, and happiness through the control of one’s conscious and non-conscious beliefs, attitudes, and expectations by means of deliberately practising the presence of a wholly benevolent deity’ – Alan Anderson.
  • What is „New Thought‟? ‘New Thought is a basic attempt to reinterpret the conventional dogmas of historic religion.’ – Martin A Larson, New Thought Religion. ‘What we call New Thought is, of course, only the primitive New Testament teaching restated in modern form. It is essentially a Back-to-Jesus movement.’ – Emmet Fox. ‘… a mental system that holds man as being one with God (good) through the power of constructive thinking.’ – Charles Fillmore.
  • New Thought 'New Thought is an idealism, as are all esoteric philosophies and religions - all religions that do not separate man from God. It is also progressive, because it recognizes by its fundamental principles and teachings that all healthful and normal ideals must change, expand and develop, as the individual gains more light and truth, as he expands and grows.' - Abel Leighton Allen.
  • New Thought 'New Thought is not, as many believe, a name or expression employed to define any fixed system of thought, philosophy, or religion, but is a term used to convey the idea of growing or developing thought. In considering this subject, the word 'New' should be duly and freely emphasized, because the expression 'New Thought' relates only to what is new and progressive.' - Abel Leighton Allen.
  • New Thought 'New Thought is a product of the twentieth century thought and need; it had its birth in human experiences and human unfoldment; it is God’s answer to the now.' - Julia Seton MD.
  • New Thought ‘The name New Thought has been adopted by an everincreasing body of advanced minds throughout the world as being the most appropriate name for that progressive, ever-advancing spiritual evolution going on among all classes of religious and ethical thinkers to-day, and while it is not a sect or even an organisation in the strict sense of those terms, it is a mighty and growing movement among the most thoughtful, both inside and outside the churches.’ – Program Note, New Thought Conference, Adelaide, South Australia, August 1915.
  • New Thought 'the religion of healthymindedness' - William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience.
  • New Thought The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind. - William James.
  • New Thought ‘New Thought … is not so much an organization as it is a point of view.’ – C S Braden, These Also Believe (New York: Macmillan, 1949), p 143.
  • New Thought New Thought is essentially a diverse and non-creedal mind-healing spiritual and metaphysical philosophy and movement … as well as a way of life …
  • New Thought Down Under
  • New Thought Agnes Nesbit Benham (1850-1932)  South Australian socialist, radical and feminist  published booklet First Steps in Mental Science, 1895 • 'Our souls are individualised portions of Spirit-rays (from the Great Sun of Spirit we call God) projected far into matter' - Morning 17 October 1900
  • New Thought Dr James Porter Mills MD (1847-1926) [left] … Chicago physician … gave up his medical practice to promote Christian metaphysics and his wife Mrs Anna W Mills … … from Chicago USA … later based in New York and London … … in Australia: 1896-98 …  system of thinking called 'the Teaching'  each wrote many excellent metaphysical books
  • New Thought Dr James P Mills and Mrs Anna W Mills … • founded Brisbane Christian Metaphysical Association … • 1st edn of Practical Metaphysics (1896) completed in Brisbane home of Mr Henry E Aguilar [left] and his family • visited Adelaide, Aug 1897 … • Christian Metaphysical Association formed … • Joachim M Wendt [right] first president … formerly a Unitarian
  • New Thought Anna W Mills - called herself 'Healer' - among the first to come into prominence in New Thought Movement - New Thought writer … also dabbled in Christian Science - founded ‘The Truth Students‟ Association’ - author of Practical Metaphysics for Healing and Self Culture (1896)
  • New Thought  Henry Cardew, Sydney (Metaphysical Book Company, Jan 1898 onwards: The Metaphysician (later titled Progressive Thought)  By 1899: Mary E Prescott, Sydney (Divine Science practitioner)  By 1901: Sydney: ‘Sydney Metaphysical Association,’ ‘Students of Truth Association,’ and monthly jrnl Thought Waves (Hobart Caunter [ed], Enmore NSW) …  also metaphysical healers in Melbourne and Perth  By 1902: ‘Science of Life Society’ meetings: Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, New Zealand
  • New Thought  Sr [aka Rev/Rev Sr] Veni Cooper-Mathieson ([Mrs] Amanda Malvina Thorley-Gibson) [b. Amanda Melvina Cooper] (1867-1943)  born Maitland NSW Australia  father, Thomas H. Cooper  eccentric but influential metaphysician/‘healer’ and writer/self-publisher  formerly engaged in newspaper work … cont’d
  • New Thought Veni Cooper-Mathieson  the … cont’d classic, archetypal New Thought expositor:  itinerant speaker, teacher and writer  self-publisher  self-proclaimed ‘healer’  self-promoter extraordinaire 3 years (1906-09) in Great Britain & USA, studying metaphysics  married (1) Samuel Matthews Jr (29 Feb 1884), (2) Earlam Joshua Gibson (1902) … … cont’d
  • New Thought Veni Cooper-Mathieson  … cont’d pioneer work in Australia began in 1903 …  Women’s White Cross Moral Reform Crusade …   a society to promote celibacy among young women ... met weekly in the Sydney Domain there was also a companion group for young men---not-so-successful!  The Universal Truth Healing Fellowship  The Truth Centre …  3 years' lecture course in Sydney on ‘The Truth Seekers’  later, The Church Universal … • founded Perth, 4 Oct 1911 (cf Dresser: Apr 1909) • relocated to Sydney, Dec 1914] and Metaphysical College … cont’d
  • New Thought Veni Cooper-Mathieson  … cont’d founded – among several other orders & institutions –      The Esoteric College and Home of Truth The Church of Truth Universal The Truth-Seeker Publishing Company The Universal Truth Publishing Co (of Australasia) [1915] The Order of the Prince of Peace  taught that Australia was the ‘land of the dawning’ and advocated female emancipation  supported Frank Bennett in his attempt to found a lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis (cf Aleister Crowley) in Sydney NSW, 1915 cofounded Australian New Thought Alliance (conferences 1916, 1928) …  Australia’s 1st ‘New Thought Day’ held on 7 Oct 1916  … cont’d
  • New Thought Veni Cooper-Mathieson   … cont’d wrote …  Woman's Emancipation: Thoughts on the Marriage Question (1904)  Australia! Land of the Dawning (c1904)  A Marriage of Souls (1914)  The Soul’s Immaculate Conception (c1923)  The Universal Health Restorer (1929)  The Heart of God ; and Mirrors of the Infinite : (Higher Thought Essays) … as well as short stories, etc also published/edited the Australian New Thought journals …  The Truth Seeker [first published Sydney, Jan 1905 [1905-13]]  The Healer [1911-13]  The Revealer [1915-18] … cont’d
  • New Thought Veni Cooper-Mathieson … cont’d  assisted by Bro Ariel [Ariel Herman Adam] (died 1952)  fined for practising as a physician, Hobart Police Court, Hobart, May 1934 …  claimed she had Divine powers of healing through breathing on patients and could detect inward physical growths that X-rays wouldn’t reveal (dubbed the ‘Living X-Ray’) … as at 1943: was still listed as an INTA District President …  died 6 Jun 1943, aged 75 years;  buried Lunawanna Cemetery, Bruny Island, Tasmania, 10 Jun 1943  Truth Centres: Sydney NSW, Perth WA, Blue Mountains NSW, and (lastly) Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  … cont’d
  • NEW THOUGHT CHRISTIAN MYSTICISM … from A Marriage of Souls: A Metaphysical Novel (1914) by Veni Cooper-Mathieson ‘… But, remember if you are not prepared to go through the entire process within your own souls, then the crucifixion of Jesus and the resurrection of Christ has no real meaning for you. Its sacred symbolism is lost, and the whole tragedy is seen but as the harrowing spectacle of the cruel murder of a good man; while the last act of the drama reveals the overcoming of the world's greatest enemy, the last one to the progress of the race—Death. And that, too, through this chief actor, Jesus, who triumphed over all His foes and showed forth Man's dominion and God's glory: He made it possible to conquer even death, and when we can believe a thing possible for one, the more likely we are to accept it as probable for others and eventually for ourselves, even though this recognition on the part of humanity is necessarily slow. Yet what Jesus did we can also do, if we will. But even this great moral lesson is of no avail if we see it only with the eyes of sense. We must behold it with our inward spiritual vision, and there see the chief actor in that drama as ourself. Each one of us must go through every scene in that life tragedy as the Master did, till we attain to the final overcoming of the Christ-Man, Who is the model for our guidance.’
  • NEW THOUGHT CHRISTIAN MYSTICISM … from A Marriage of Souls: A Metaphysical Novel (1914) by Veni Cooper-Mathieson ‘Then, of course, all things are possible to us if we will but believe it. We shall have dominion and power over all things; indeed, the power is now latent within us, just as the full-grown man is lying hidden within the babe, only waiting to be developed and hence revealed. When we come to this stage of consciousness we naturally are able to do the works of a Son of God, just as His firstbegotten, or eldest son, Jesus, did. He said we were His brethren, and that His Father was our Father, and that Truth is for all eternity and for all Humanity: not only for one people or one age; for God is no respecter of generations or nations any more than He is of persons, He is God of all the earth. This was so … for it came from the Source of all truth, the Spirit within every man that giveth understanding. …’
  • New Thought  Grace M Aguilar (Paul) [1881-1964]  influential Australian New leader, writer and self-publisher …     Thought „[her] work has claimed the attention of the world‟ (The Brisbane Courier, 15 July 1926) … introduced Unity literature to Australia advocated female empowerment father, Henry Elias Aguilar [1857-1940], also an exponent of New Thought & writer (assoc w/Dr & Mrs J P Mills) … … cont’d H E Aguilar
  • New Thought Grace M Aguilar … cont’d  mother’s uncle Sir George Williams (1821-1905) … English merchant & YMCA founder  grandniece of author Grace Aguilar (1816-1847) … The Women of Israel, Records of Israel, Spirit of Judaism, etc … cont’d
  • New Thought Grace M Aguilar … cont’d  attended one of Dr James P Mills’ Brisbane public addresses on metaphysics …  later experienced a dramatic healing (from rheumatic fever)  hon. treasurer, Brisbane Christian Metaphysical Association later studied with Willoughby Connor (Hobart Metaphysical Scty) … while working for soft goods emporium G P Fitzgerald & Co Hobart 1909-10  opened her first Truth Centre Hobart c1910  … cont’d
  • New Thought Grace M Aguilar … cont’d  founded ‘Adelaide Truth Centre’ in 1911 …  paid her tram fare to Adelaide City with a borrowed 6 pence … rented a room … opened the Centre  relocated to Brisbane & then Sydney … opened New Thought Centre NSW (later New Thought Centre[s] of Australia, still later New Thought Centres, (E) Australia) … cont’d
  • New Thought Grace M Aguilar … cont’d  served as leader longer than any other in the movement in Australia … long-serving District President, International New Thought Alliance (INTA)  married dental technician H George Paul (1902-2002), who also became a prominent Australian New Thought leader … cont’d
  • New Thought Grace M Aguilar  … cont’d wrote:      New Thoughts: or Light in Our Darkness (1917) the play Woman’s Power [2 versions: children’s play in 2 Acts/adult play in 3 Acts] (1917) …  1st prodn, INTA Congress, St Louis MO, 4 Aug 1917 (‘New Thought Day’) the children’s story Who is Our Fairy Godmother? (1932) the historic novel The Great Untouched Future (1938) poems, tracts, pamphlets, booklets and other misc. writings  compiled the booklet Thoughts  published and edited leading Australian New Thought journal The Affirmer … in publication for several decades. … cont’d
  • New Thought Grace M Aguilar … cont’d  cofounded Australian New Thought Alliance (conferences 1916, 1928) …  Australia’s 1st ‘New Thought Day’ held on 7 October 1916  New Thought Centres: Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney [CBD & Mtrpltn*], Newcastle, Cowra [WWII] and Blue Mountains NSW …  also lectured and taught in Perth and Hobart. … cont’d * including, at various times and periods, Manly, Chatswood, Burwood, Parramatta, Hornsby, Eastwood and Dee Why.
  • New Thought A „PROTECTIVE MEDITATION‟ „There is only God good everywhere, and Divine protection is in and around each and all.‟ - Grace M Aguilar. ~ „The positive thinker repels disease: the negative thinker invites infection.‟ - Veni Cooper-Mathieson, The Universal Health Restorer (1929).
  • New Thought „As the child of God, I here and now declare my birthright through the living Christ, in love.‟ – Grace M Aguilar. ~ „You have the Majesty of God‟s life, and the creation of your own thoughts.‟ – Grace M Aguilar. ~ „The supreme test of any spiritual understanding is, I think, Does it work? Can it be applied to everyday life experience.‟ – A S Webb. ~ „Man is the offspring of God, and as such, is Lord of the planet. Jesus said, “Ye are gods, children of the Most High.” And he knew what he spoke was Truth. He claimed this for all mankind, recognising himself as a God; and acknowledging his Sonship with God; and also affirmed that his God was our God, his Father our Father!‟ – Veni Cooper-Mathieson.
  • New Thought Other New Thought Practitioners and Teachers …  Emilie A Hulett, Melbourne (‘Melbourne New Thought Centre’, Good Will magazine)  Madame Emilie Sawes, Melbourne ('Science of Thought Centre’)  Christine Laurenson, Melbourne (‘Divine Science Centre’)  A S Webb, Perth (‘Seekers Christian Fellowship’)  Madam Spontini, Sydney (‘Metaphysical Scty of NSW’/‘Unity Success Club’) and Charles Randall, Perth (‘Science of Mind Church and College’)  Willoughby Connor, Hobart (‘Hobart Metaphysical Society’)  H T Glover (‘The Progressive Thought Society’) and P H Nicholls, Adelaide  E E S Earle, Florence Lockyer, Lee Marshall, David W McClure, Elva Holcombe, Midge Berkman, Grace Merrick, and others … Unity
  • New Thought Rev Dr Gordon Powell AM (1911-2005)  much-loved minister of …     Collins Street Independent Church, Melbourne St Stephens, Macquarie Street, Sydney Scots Church, Collins Street, Melbourne Christ Church, Quaker Hill, Pawling, New York  instrumental in forming AA in Melbourne  radio broadcaster, CBA-FM, 30 years  author of many successful books including ..  Personal Peace and Power, Happiness is a Habit, The Blessing of Belief, The Secret of Serenity, Freedom from Fear, Famous Birthdays, etc.
  • New Thought ‘If God is at the centre of our thinking, if we believe that God is good, what a foundation that is! It means that however dark the present may be, ultimately things must work together for good---if we love God.’ - Gordon Powell.
  • New Thought Prominent overseas visiting lecturers have included …  Dr James P and Mrs Anna W Mills 1903 [rtn visit]  J W Colville (The Spiritual Science of Health and Healing)  Annie Rix Militz (Master Mind magazine) 1913-14  Dr Julia Seton (Sears) (‘Church of the New Civilization’) 3 lecture tours incl 1916 and 1926 … also established a New Thought centre in Perth  W G Hooper (field secty, British Section, INTA) 1927  Dr Harry Gaze (How to Live Forever) 3 lecture tours 1914, 1934 & 1937  Dr Nona L Brooks (cofounder, Divine Science) 1930  Prof James R Adams 1936  Dr Joseph Murphy (The Power of Your Subconscious Mind) 1955 and 1962  Bro Mandus [1963] and Bro Conrad [1965] (‘World Healing Crusade’, Blackpool UK)
  • New Thought Dr Julia Seton Sears (1862-1950) Influential New Thought Leader, Lecture r and Writer „We have no more right to put our discordant states of mind into the lives of those around us and rob them of their sunshine and brightness than we have to enter their houses and steal their silverware.‟ – Julia Seton Sears. Dr Harry Gaze (1878-1959) Influential New Thought Lecturer, Writer and Divine Science Minister … „People do not grow old; they become old by not growing.‟ – Harry Gaze.
  • New Thought Dr Joseph Murphy (1898-1981) Bro Mandus (1907-1988) Influential New Thought Leader, Lectu rer and Spiritual Healer Influential New Thought Lecturer, Writer and Divine Science Minister
  • New Thought Australia I seem to hear Australia calling me; I seem to see its sunny lands so free, And from its gleaning heights I often see the lights Of a country that is very dear to me. I seem to see its fields of waving grain, Its wattle bloom all dripping in the rain, And I see with longing eyes Its wide opalescent skies. Australia I’m coming back again! - Julia Seton MD. Written c1925. Adapted to the tune of ‘Honolulu, I’m Coming Back Again’ (music by David S Lindeman).
  • New Thought NEW THOUGHT IN AUSTRALIA Known Current New Thought Centres … NEW SOUTH WALES Sydney (Gordon) - Dr Laurie Levine - Positive Living Spiritual Centre QUEENSLAND Gold Coast (Mudgeeraba) - Dr Barry Pierce - New Thought Centre for Spiritual Living/New Thought Institute of Australia Inc Brisbane - Unity Reflections of Truth VICTORIA: Melbourne (Malvern) - New Thought Study Group Melbourne (Burwood) - Unity of Melbourne WESTERN AUSTRALIA Perth (Balcatta) – Divine Science Centre Perth Perth (Innaloo) - Joan Stam
  • New Thought NEW THOUGHT IN AUSTRALIA  Christian Science  first introduced into Australia by a visitor from the USA to Melbourne, 1891  copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures presented to a Melbourne commercial library  first regular Christian Science Sunday services, Melbourne, 1898
  • New Thought 'The mind exercises a powerful influence over the body. From the beginning of time, the sorcerer, the interpreter of dreams, the fortuneteller, the charlatan, the quack, the wild medicine-man, the educated physician, the mesmerist, and the hypnotist have made use of the client's imagination to help them in their work. They have all recognized the potency and availability of that force.' - Mark Twain, Christian Science.
  • New Thought Copyright © 2012 Ellis-Jones Enterprises Pty Limited (ABN 38 088 534 141). All Rights Reserved. The information contained in this PowerPoint presentation is for educational purposes only. The information is not medical advice, is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical advice, and is not to be used to treat or diagnose any medical condition. If needed, such advice should be obtained from the services of a competent health care professional. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of or reliance on the information contained in this PowerPoint presentation.