A Network of Networks


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A summary of why social networks are isolated

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A Network of Networks

  1. 1. A Network of Networks Author: Ian Crowther   URL: http://www.infinitefocus.net
  2. 2. Why this presentation? To get this network of people talking and thinking about social networks. How are networks being used currently? What do we want to achieve moving forward? What is stopping us from achieveing these goals?
  3. 3. What is Amplified? A network of people who are looking to expand on an existing network of like minded people within the space of social networking. Their goal is to identify and overcome issues that are stopping us from expanding our own networks.
  4. 4. Social Networking (Now) Its coming out of its infancy!, its beggining to evolve as users understanding and adoption improves. Users have more confidence with the concepts and now have there own requirements, expectations and perceptions.
  5. 5.   As it stands now, there are many networks that exist that have limited connections to other networks, Why?
  6. 6. What is stopping us from extending our networks? Limited Exposure Privacy
  7. 7. Limited exposure Currently the only real way to know about other intersting networks is via: conferences blogs news articles marketing word of mouth
  8. 8.   When we identify new networks, or they identify us, how can we decide if we want to build a relationship?
  9. 9. Currently look at 3 things Trust - This could be a person we trust, a website (brand) we know is good, or from a referal (friend of a friend) which is less known. Context - Is that person / blog about gardening or an IT? Value - Will the knowldge add value, Tech for space is cool but is not really what we need.
  10. 10.   These things are known as adding colour to a relationship and help us to decide whether we want to continue.
  11. 11. Privacy - Are we loosing control of our identities? Personal We need more granular control of the data that makes up our profiles. When you accept a connection to you friends and they then accept 3rd party (pirate) applications, the applications can harvest your profile data. This makes it realativly simple to build up and fake identities. Profile pics from flickr, personal info from facebook, recent discussions from twitter.
  12. 12.   Business Once data, IP or knowledge transfers from your network to another, we no longer have control of it, or how it or hows its used. Yahoo and Facebook are working towards the issue by building privacy measures but they are no way complete