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Presentation by Ian McKee, LEED AP, to the Brazil 2014 World Cup stadium architects. Ian explains the opportunity and need of "sustainable" stadiums, and "Green" certification by an internationally recognized certification body such as the US Green Building Council. These Eco Arenas can become the centerpiece of 12 new Green Cities in Brazil and form the foundation of a new Green Brazilian Economy. This can be the great legacy of the "Copa Verde", the "Green" Cup, an event (World Cup is owned by FIFA) that could mark the transformation of an Economy and use the greatest stage on earth to celebrate Brazilian Soccer and the future health of our planet.

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Brazil 2014 - Presentation to Stadium Architects

  1. 1. Ian McKee, LEED AP ...translated Architectʼs Forum September 10, 2009 Brazil 2014 World Cup
  2. 2. What is Copa Verde? A competition for sustainability where everyone wins A movement aimed at leveraging FIFAʼs Soccer World Cup event to transform the Brazilian Economy into a “Green,” Sustainable Economy. Ian McKee, LEED AP
  3. 3. Eco Footprints Brazil electricity mix Source: Plano Decenal 2008/2017 Brazil has the shortest path among large nations, to a “green,” sustainable economy Stephan Harding: Schumacher College Source: New Economics Foundation Ian McKee, LEED AP
  4. 4. Human Impact Stephan Harding: Schumacher College Source: New Economics Foundation Ian McKee, LEED AP
  5. 5. Human Impact Stephan Harding: Schumacher College Source: New Economics Foundation Ian McKee, LEED AP
  6. 6. Current state of the planet Latest reports coming from the International Climate Congress in Copenhagen - March 2009* * “We can forget the 2℃. We are * Global Emissions are growing now facing the situation where we at 3% per year, about 2x faster have to avoid a 5-6℃ rise in than the worst case scenario. temperature.” - Prof. Katherine Richardson, head of International “We are looking now at a future Climate Congress in Copenhagen. climate that’s beyond anything we’ve considered seriously in climate model simulations.” - * Sea levels are rising at rates 50% faster Stanford University Ecologist, than was suggested in the 2007 IPCC Christopher Fields. (International Panel of Climate Change) report. Sea levels should rise by 4-7 meters by 2100 dislocating hundreds of “We are on a path that scares me.” millions of people. Steven Chu - US Energy Secretary, Feb 2009 WE NEED A GLOBALLY UNIFYING EVENT FOR SUSTAINABILITY Ian McKee, LEED AP
  7. 7. 19 9 2: R Pr io ot - U oc N ol C S is ED 20 ust bo - 00 ain in G 19 rn Ky 97 ot o Environment :K O abi am ly lit m y es yo to Su pi Pi Ian McKee, LEED AP cs on Pr sta 20 :S e ot 20 in 05 oc 06 ab id ers ne ili y :K ol in W ty or P (U yo it i at Global Sporting Events ld io SA to ed Cu nee Pr p: rs no o t G in t r oc 20 at ol Ve ifi e er so 09 ed n a 20 r y m cc 08 go an e y r po : ) ct lit En ed ic O od ly & m al ro vi pr nm io pi Ver cs y rit ent y :C b Today hi ad 20 in to b na “C 09 th e lim D e co ec U m 20 S at .S e e :C .A a 10 us Ch o . W t en or tab an pe ld il ge nh D Cu ity is age Irr n ec p: Di ev Su 20 t en So sas 12 su ut ter h 20 er m O ! 12 sib mi le t sta A :P ” ly ina fri m ca pi bil cs ity os World Calendar :L s U t-K on uc +/ .S do ces .A yo n s -2 . s to Br a 01 up W 20 zil in 3 po or 14 G th Fi W ree e rs rt ld w or n A t Ic ith ld Cu rc el Cu p? tic es p: O sS ce um “G an m e o- er re 201 6 -To n G O ad ” io ky am lim rid Ch Future Brazil’s sustainability strategy??? M es pic -R ica s: go Global Sporting events to become “Green” Showcase
  8. 8. Green Building is a Goal for Architecture Growth in Green Building: LEED-NC certifications 1500 Buildings use: • 40% of raw materials globally “New Constructions” • 72% of U.S. electricity through Mar 2009 • 14% of total potable water 1125 • Generate 209.7 million tons of municipal waste per year in the U.S.A (EPA) 750 5 years to 375 2014 2009 1) Brazil is very behind 2007 2008 2005 2006 schedule 2004 2003 2) Public Project Auctions 0 2001 2002 2000 should come with LEED certification Requirement! Source: US Green Building Council - LEED-NC through March 2009 Ian McKee, LEED AP
  9. 9. Copa Verde Plan The largest, coordinated Green Building effort to date: 12 green cities 52% of CO2 emissions worldwide come from Airports the built environment. Hence, we must reduce Hospitals electricity consumption by increasing building efficiency. 12 Arenas ? Health & Productivity costs, along +25 years of infrastructure with environmental impact, must be included in financial analysis. development in Brazil will take place in the next 5 years due to FIFA’s World Cup. Planning for carbon-free transportation is a critical Note: The arenas are typically 7-10% of Hotels the total cost for a city hosting an event. Public Transportation Brazil can show the World Cup traveler and fans around the world that it is possible to create a “green,” sustainable economy. Brazil could become a model for all to follow... CopaVerde Plan: Part 1 Ian McKee, LEED AP
  10. 10. The Brazilian EcoArenas The most advanced stadium portfolio in the world... Sustainable Solar Power & Sustentável 12 LEED Water Heating CO2 Capture technologies White Roofs certified arenas Coberturas Brancas Energy efficient Lighting Iluminação eficiente EcoArenas can become showcase “laboratories” Materiais Reciclados Maderia Certificada for green technologies Vertical Gardens Jardim verticais (com vegetação nativa) Public Transportation Transporte Público Zero Waste 100% Recycling 100% de Reciclagem Geothermal cooling & heating of water Aquecimento e esfiramento geotérmico de água (para A/C) Zero Energy, Zero Water, Zero Waste Ian McKee, LEED AP
  11. 11. Arenas: thinking beyond the cost of construction Green Building Efficiency Gains: in Brazil Maintenance costs drop 9% yielding an ROI of 3-5 years 9% instead of the traditional 7-10 years 30-50% Water consumption Purchasing a 30% Energy refrigerator for +50 years 70-90% Municipal Waste RISK against higher future costs of water and energy Green Building Council Brasil Ian McKee, LEED AP
  12. 12. Sponsors proud to be LEED certified American Airlines Arena with the support of Waste Management This is the path to private investment and it will be even more appealing, to investors & sponsors, if all of the stadiums pursue this same path: 12 EcoArenas Ian McKee, LEED AP
  13. 13. 5 Arenas in the U.S.A already certified 1.Penn State, Medlar Baseball Field is first to become LEED NC certified. 2.Nationals Park, baseball field, Washington D.C. earned LEED NC: Silver 3.American Airlines Arena in Miami earned LEED EB (O&M) 4.Philips Arena in Atlanta earned LEED EB (O&M) 5.TCF Bank Stadium, Univ. of Minnesota “Gophers” - LEED-NC Silver. New American Football stadium: 50,805 seats. Today 31 stadiums around the world are seeking LEED certification Ian McKee, LEED AP
  14. 14. Project Profile Ian McKee, LEED AP
  15. 15. Opportunity in the LEED point-scale Brazilian EcoArenas? Arenas Today “Recommendation” by FIFA, August 4, 2009 Ian McKee, LEED AP
  16. 16. Global Consumer Study The consumer is changing of consumers would rather buy from companies “doing their best” 79% to reduce their impact on the environment. (Leaders: Brasil and China) 66% believe companies, not governments, need to find solutions to climate change. 48% of consumers are willing to pay a 10% premium for green goods The consumer is more willing to use his/her economic power Havas Media (IPSOS) - 11,000 respondents across (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Spain, UK and US) - study conducted in January of 2009 Ian McKee, LEED AP
  17. 17. The private sector is responding Ian McKee, LEED AP
  18. 18. The media embraces green Ian McKee, LEED AP
  19. 19. Avoiding Greenwash! What is Greenwash? Missed Opportunity Beijing’s Olympic Village LEED GOLD Certified - ND The Bird’s Nest is a building with many green technologies, but, it is not consistent in its execution and it is inappropriate for the times. The largest Green Building complex in the world (6 years of environmental planning for only one city) Ian McKee, LEED AP
  20. 20. Unprecedented collaboration among architects Examples of “agreed upon” actions: 1. Use 100% clean and renewable energy; 2. Demand non-fossil fuel based public transportation for all stadiums; 3. Stadium roofs should be white (appropriate SRI), where not a Green Roof or utilized for solar panels; 4. Green space and “indigenous” vegetation; 5. Preferential parking for electric vehicles; 6. Seek natural light for interiors of stadiums, such as “beam-pipe illumination” and attempt to use the most efficient lighting technology available at the time (ie. LEDs, OLEDs or other..) 7. Use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) materials; 8. Use 100% recycled and/or certified wood; 9. Use waterless urinals, dual-flush toilets and low-flow fixtures. Ian McKee, LEED AP
  21. 21. LEED v3 Certification Who are the owners of the USGBC stadium projects? Owner ? Architect Contractor LEED AP Design Team US Green Building Council: LEED v3 Ian McKee, LEED AP
  22. 22. LEED v3 Certification Certification is carried out by a “third party” Document upload is done via the internet LEEDv3 Certification is not guaranteed or easy to achieve ISO17021 US Green Building Council: LEED v3 Ian McKee, LEED AP
  23. 23. A once-in-a-life-time opportunity 1. LEED certification brings international credibility and a “Green” seal of approval for Brazil and FIFAʼs World Cup. 2. The EcoArenas will be the poster children of the Cup and the standard by which the entire eventʼs “sustainability” will be measured. We need the stadiums of the future; we need monuments to the planet; 3. Executed correctly, this Green Building achievement will produce a new brand for Brazilian architecture and help make Brazilian architects a global reference in sustainable, Green Building. 4. The legacy of the World Cup, and we hope also of the Rio 2016 Olympics, will be 12 Green cities and a foundation for a new Green Brazilian economy. This can help create a better future for generations to come in Brazil and serve as an example to the world. A “Green Cup” is the greatest gift that Brazilians can offer the world today. Ian McKee, LEED AP
  24. 24. “The country of the future”, now! Copa Verde Regata International Water Day A mobilization by an entire country that goes way beyond soccer and involves everyone Florianópolis, SC - Brasil March 22, 2009 Ian McKee, LEED AP
  25. 25. Ian McKee, LEED AP Thank you ...translated Architectʼs Forum September 10, 2009 Brazil 2014 World Cup