Web analytics, a CARL IT On Air presentation


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  • Press F5 or enter presentation mode to view the poll\r\nIn an emergency during your presentation, if the poll isn't showing, navigate to this link in your web browser:\r\nhttp://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/LTU2MTIyNzQ2OQIf you like, you can use this slide as a template for your own voting slides. You might use a slide like this if you feel your audience would benefit from the picture showing a text message on a phone.
  • helped us with offering a login buttonmay impact research assistance scheduling and chat servicesif we needed to deploy apps
  • Web analytics, a CARL IT On Air presentation

    1. 1. 12/6/2012Web Analytics: what we’re using and howSome examples from the CSUSM Librarypresented by Ian Chan, CSUSMthis program brought to you by CARL ITlearn more at http://carl-it.org
    2. 2. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012A quick pollhttp://diigo.com/0uthx
    3. 3. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012 Why use analytics?  Are users finding what they need?  Do they view items youve highlighted?  Which links are they clicking on?  How do they navigate the site?  When are your users visiting your site?
    4. 4. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Google Analytics Free to use Primarily for analyzing site visits Powerful tools Data lives in the cloud (for better or worse)
    5. 5. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Google Analytics helps us answer thesequestions1. What percentage of our students are using our website from off-campus?2. When are students accessing our resources?3. Which mobile systems do our users prefer?
    6. 6. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Google Analytics: selected features Real-time view Visitor flow Goals and conversions
    7. 7. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Real-Time ViewGoogle Analytics
    8. 8. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Real-Time ViewGoogle Analytics
    9. 9. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Goals and ConversionGoogle Analytics
    10. 10. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Page Load Time AveragesGoogle Analyticschart shows data for 11/5-12/5, 2012
    11. 11. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Piwik Offers many of the report options found in other analytic tools Self-hosted with cloud option Free to use
    12. 12. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Piwik: selected features Visitor Log – visitor pathway through your site Transitions – see how a visitor arrived at a page and where they went Better out-of-the-box reports On-click upgrade via browser Data archiving
    13. 13. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Visitor LogPiwik
    14. 14. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012TransitionsPiwikchart shows data for 11/5-12/5, 2012
    15. 15. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Easy to use reporting widgetsPiwik
    16. 16. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012CrazyEgg Excellent at tracking in-page clicks Data hosted in cloud with download options Easy to configure Relatively low cost
    17. 17. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012HeatmapCrazyEgghotspots show where users click most
    18. 18. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012HeatmapCrazyEgg
    19. 19. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012 List view CrazyEgg
    20. 20. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Web Analytics @ CSUSMOur analytics tools in actionhttp://biblio.csusm.edu/analytics/web/
    21. 21. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012More options Mixpanel Adobe Analytics Application-specific: i.e. Slimstat in Wordpress
    22. 22. poll: http://diigo.com/0uthx 12/6/2012Would you like to present? Please complete the (brief) form http://goo.gl/4o9Ut