30 Day Social Media Marketing Plan


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Social Media Marketing Plan | Social Media Marketing Strategy for the network marketing industry. For more social media marketing tips & tricks head over to http://mlmsuccesscoaches.com/

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30 Day Social Media Marketing Plan

  2. 2. What to Expect Near Instant Social Work Mastery ResultsThis plan is not easy to The Plan is Becoming “Socialkeep up with and it designed to giverequires diligence. What Proof” is one keywill keep you going is you near instant factor in Googlesknowing you are taking results because of Panda update.your learned knowledge, the research you Every day of this 30and immediately takingactivity, and turning will be doing before day plan, will helplearned knowledge into you even start you with your overallactivity knowledge. By creating content. rankings. Rememberdoing this you will see this is just theyour blog gain visitors, You will have a plan of attack that starting point, butlinks, rankings and greatfeedback from your new will have you this will jump startfans. Each day that you you to internetfinish you will be one step motivated to take business mastery.closer to your traffic and action.financial goals.
  3. 3. The first week of the 30 day plan will bethe set up stage, it is hard, it is tediousbut it cant be ignored. Nobody goes to war without a plan; nobody builds anempire without a blueprint. So lay your foundation correctly, don’t build on quicksand....let’s get started!
  4. 4. Day 1: Keyword research Start off with your foundation of keyword terms you will be going after,dont let this stop you. The first blog I launched I didnt even do keywordresearch I just did it, needless to say it failed. Although I took action and learned from it, I wish I had a plan to start with. Until you become a more sophisticated marketer, just be a noob and go through the process. I will give you a few steps that will get you started therefore at least you will have an ideal of keyword terms you can rank for.
  5. 5. Step 1:Download a free trail of marketsamurai and seo power suite
  6. 6. Step 2:Build a large list of keyword terms forthe network marketing industry (orwhatever industry you are in) with seopower suite rank tracker module
  7. 7. Step 3:Choose Google related searches
  8. 8. Step 4:Put in a root keyword, then when you get resultchoose select all and hit next. Do this process over& over again until Google runs out of suggestions,then copy keywords to clipboard.
  9. 9. Step 5:Enter your keywords into market samurai to dokeyword researchChoose these settings... (remember this is just for the beginnermarketers)Choose the keywords with at least 500 monthly searches. Remember ifyou have a lower searched keyword, you can use that keyword as acombination with another similar keyword phrase
  10. 10. Make your choices and click the key next to the keyword so we cananalyze it closer.We will use a simple 3 rule formula for evaluating these keywords.• Rule 1: On page seo, no more than 1 site with all ys• Rule 2: Page Rank, at least 2 sites with pr3 and below• Rule 3: Back Links Per Page, at least 2 sites below 50
  11. 11. This keyword fails the 3 rule evaluation
  12. 12. This keyword passes all 3 rules (Even though it passes all3 rules I would never pick it because it has to low of asearch volume per month, example purposes only)Summary: You are looking for keywords that have highsearch volume and low competition, using our 3 ruleevaluation process. Dig deep because they are out there,new keywords are becoming popular every day.
  13. 13. Day 2: Buy 2 Domains today (only 1 is needed ifyou are not in the network marketing industry)We will start by looking for an aged domain with back links. Ifyou have an aged domain with prior back links built to it, youhave a jump start over your competition. You can start with a constant flow of back links so you can rank in the serps (search engine results page)rapidly.
  14. 14. 1. Go to Godaddy auctions and search for domains with your keywords first, if you dont find any than just search for keywords terms from the industry as a whole. Remember we are searching for a needle in a haystack here, nothing cute and fancy.
  15. 15. 2. Use the search criteria of at least 2 years old
  16. 16. 3. Use a page rank tool or scrape box to look up page rank, if you are using scrape box it is the fake page rank checker add-on.
  17. 17. 4. Use blekko to see if the site has any backlinks, we are using blekko because yahoo site explorer is no longer.
  18. 18. 5. Check the whois domain tool to see if the domain has any drops
  19. 19. 6. Make your pick then Register it whois private, this is key, if you dont register it private you have a chance of losing your page rank on the next pr update. You have now cut time off of your authority goal by getting an aged domain with built in page rank and back links, remember to get two domains because one will be our personal blog and the second will be our mlsp domain. Note: Godaddy auction could take a few days but dont wait. You can move on to the next day and just point your domain when it becomes available.
  20. 20. Day 3: Hosting & pointing your domainBuy hosting for your new blog & install your wordpress blog with the thesis theme.There are many themes out there and one of the top 3 themes, is the thesis do ityourself theme. I am far from a technical guy, but the thesis theme is written in acss code that is cleaner and more seo friendly than any other theme. Remembereverything counts, and if a theme will help your seo so you can rank better, thanthat’s the theme for us. I love using hostgator; they have good customer serviceand having a hosting company with bad customer service and know live people youcan talk to, totally sucks. The slight discount that you receive from these types ofhosting companies is not even worth it when you have a problem thatcomes up and you need help.
  21. 21. Step 1:After signing up for your hosting account, point yourdomain to it, you will find your name server information inyour cpanal area for your host gator account (pic below).
  22. 22. Step 2:Click add-on domains
  23. 23. Step 3:Install your wordpress site
  24. 24. Step 4:Install your Thesis theme
  25. 25. Step 5:Install feed burner feedsmith plug-in(If you don’t know how to install a plug-in just Google "FeedburnerFeedsmithPlug-in Video")
  26. 26. Sign up for feed burner account
  27. 27. Claim your feed(Do a Google search for “best wordpress plug-in” & “Googleanalytics wordpress” &feedburner tutorial video) Im not atech guy remember, I’m just like you, I just know how tosearch Google well.... Hehehe
  28. 28. Day 4: The back end system MLM Lead System Pro(this only applies for the network marketing industry, all other industries justmove on to day 5, I do suggest you start researching affiliate products for yourindustry)Sign up for mlsp and go through the getting started training also sign up foryour mlsp domain. This is a onetime $50 hosting set up fee. The reasonwhy you want your own domain is because when you forward domains,you cant build links. We want to emulate what we did earlier and get anaged domain with page rank that we can build links to.
  29. 29. Step 1:Account Tab
  30. 30. Step 2:Domain Hosting
  31. 31. Step 3:Set up all your affiliateprograms
  32. 32. Day 5: Setting up your Social FootprintSign up for all the sites in ping.fm & only wire (exclude Facebook & Twitter from ping.fm wewill use twitter feed to update them), this will take some time so make sure you set asideenough time to completely fill in the profile information. Choose your username wisely; youcan use your personal name, your keyword, or your domain name. Once you sign up for youraccounts, Start a new spreadsheet in Google docs or Excel to put ALL your RSS feeds &profile links into. Collect them all into one document and begin pinging them with pingler,once they are updated with new content. I like pingler because if you do the monthlysubscription you can set it up to track your rss feeds automatically, so any time your profilesor feeds get updated with new content, pingler will automatically ping the serps for you.
  33. 33. Step 1:ping.fm
  34. 34. Step 2:Twitter Feed
  35. 35. Step 3:Sign up for bit.ly
  36. 36. Tip: Do not ping feeds that have already been pinged - onlywhen they have new content.Tip: Use the same profile picture for all the networks you signup for- I.E Personal Branding
  37. 37. Day 6: Using Google toolsSet up your Google reader and Google alerts. To be a good blogger you must be in tuned intothe blogosphere of your niche. Take all the top leaders in mslp and subscribe to their RSSfeed and set alerts for their names and web properties(apply this to any industry or niche, justfind the key thought leaders and follow them. One will lead you to the next). Every day youshould be making comments on other blogs in your niche. Post a thoughtful, deep, excellentcomment soon after you get an alert that a new post has been made on any of the high traffic,important blogs you are watching. Posting a good question that will invite conversation is alsoacceptable.
  38. 38. Step 1:
  39. 39. Step 2:
  40. 40. Step 3:
  41. 41. Step 4:I use the Feedly app for Google, it takes all the feeds you signed upfor in Google reader and puts them into Feedly. It will display all yourfeeds in a nice magazine format for easy reading. You can tweak it toyour preferences but it is much nicer than reading blog post inGoogle reader.
  42. 42. Day 7: Take slight brakeTake this day and rest a little bit, make it an easy work day. Go back overyour work you have done for the week and make sure there are nomistakes. Check all your RSS feeds, your social profiles, review and finishanything you havent completed from week one. Get your keywords thatyou have chosen and think about the first post you will write becausetomorrow we will be blogging. Note: I have not mentioned anything about blog design, we are going to take an ugly site and make it worthy of designing it later. I would rather you have a ugly blog full of content, comments, and traffic, then a cute blog with no content or traffic. The only thing I do suggest is getting your opt in up and working for your new subscribers.
  43. 43. Day 8: Let’s go BloggingYour set up period is over now it’s time to start blogging. From your keyword research that you have donepick the first topic you wish to blog about. From your Google reader and alerts take a look at the format thatthe leaders are using and copy them. Dont copy the content just copy the format, the structure of their blogpost. Do this to your liking, test aligning a picture on the left side or maybe on the right. Remember youwant to make a blog post scan-able to the reader for fast reading. So that means short paragraphs, bulletpoints, bold text, etc... This might be your first blog post ever so just get it done. Dont worry about how itlooks or how informative it is, just get a post written and get it published. After it is published buzz yourcontent to all your social profiles in ping.fm, pingler & only wire & tribepro. (If you have pingler set up to pingautomatically that is one less thing to worry about) Note: Tribe pro is primarily a network marketing tool for all other industries try socialadr Tip: Use a 9/1 or a 8/2 promotion strategy with ping.fm and only wire, meaning always promote other peoples content before your own
  44. 44. Day 9: Directory Submission DaySubmit your site to directories today. I use a tool called sick submitter. It isan automated tool that does all the heavy lifting for you. I do this on aweekly basis because getting links over time helps your blog in the searchengines; remember we want a steady consistent flow of back links, aka.Link velocity, not an all at once avalanche. A great free resource I used touse before I started using sick submitter is called easy submits
  45. 45. Day 10: Article Marketing Day
  46. 46. Write and submit an article today using the same keyword has your 1st blog post. We will be doing a masspromotion today. 1st write an article that supports the keywords and topic of your 1st blog post. 2nd submit thatarticle to e-zine articles with a link pointing back to your blog post & your mlsp domain. 3rd take that articleand using the best spinner spin it and re-purpose it for a mass submission. 4th Take the new article you havecrated in the best spinner and do a mass submission in article demon or article marketing robot. If you havea hard time writing articles I recommend using instant article factory it makes writing articles a breeze. 5thOnce the article shows up in e-zine articles(whenever they approve it) make sure to buzz the exact pagewhere your article shows up on ping.fm, only wire, and tribepro. So we just took one article and promotedyour 1st blog post and your mlsp domain, also re-purposed it and did a mass promotion for bulk back-links. Tip: Make sure you always spin your keywords, article summary, and the resource box as well. Note: I use article demon just because I like the user interface a little better than article marketing robot, but both products are exceptional.
  47. 47. Day 11: Remote Blogging DaySign up for all these remote blog platforms listed below. A remote blogs are a low cost or afree hosted blogging solution. Remote blogs are great to use because they are all usuallyconsidered authority sites in Google’s eyes. So if you have a keyword that you are going after,you might rank faster for that keyword by using these authority remote blog sites than usingyour own self hosted wordpress blog. The key is ranking for a keyword, you dont care wherethey are coming from, the truth of the matter, having backlinks coming from various places isgood for your overall seo picture over time, also it looks more natural and with all theautomation tools we use in our business, looking more natural is a plus. The #1 goal here is tobuild an authority site that ranks well for multiple keywords over time. After you sign up forthese sites, write an article from 500-700 words using your keywords.Then use the best spinner to make unique versions of that article and postit to all your remote blogs today.
  48. 48. Note: Dont spend all your time building up remote blog sites. They are good for link juice but rememberthey are still not your own sites. Your accounts can be disabled or Google can DE-index your site for anygiven reason. Your primary goal is to build your own blog up to be an authority site.XangaLiveJournalPosterousWordpress Gain followers by posting really cool linksBlogger you find around yourTumblr niche. We come across content all the timeMovable Type that we like but it is nothing we would putDrupal on our main site, remote blogs are perfectSquarespace for posting these types of things. PeopleWeebly will start following and recommending youText Pattern to others on EACH of the microblogLife Type communities you belong to just becauseTerapad you post really cool stuff!BravenetTripodText PatternInclude your mlsp domain
  49. 49. Day 12: Comment Day
  50. 50. Check out your feedly and see what otherbloggers you subscribe to are up to today. Goto the interesting posts and make greatcomments. The more insightful, the morehelpful the better the comment. See if youcan make 20-30 blog comments today ondifferent blogs around your niche. When youare asked for your URL in the commentsarea, choose from your Twitter account,certain posts on your site for deeper links,and your other important social profilesaround the web that you pay the mostattention to, also your feedburner RSS feed.Always mix up your links when blogcommenting so you dont have all yourcomments just pointing to your main domain!Maybe your Facebook page or betternetworker blog. It’s all about being social andgaining exposure, you never know whypeople will tune in, if you are good looking girlor guy, you never know you might get a newsubscriber just off your looks, the key ishaving fun and being social.
  51. 51. Day 13: Press release dayPress releases are a very effective way of blog promotion. Some people are really good atthis and it can work together with some offline efforts you are already involved in. Example:Let’s say your kids play soccer; well your blog can become a sponsor for your kid’s team.This is news worthy information; try to make your press releases semi-news worthy. Let’stake a look at a press release from two angles. One, it’s a back linking strategy and youwill build some great backlinks from your submissions. Two your press release could endup going viral if an actual reporter picks it up and finds it really to be news worthy. Theseare two tools I use for my press release strategy, Duct tape marketing has this really coolfree tool to help write your press releases. Once I have that completed I spin it makeunique copies with the best spinner and use this fivver gig to submit it.
  52. 52. Day 14: Directory Submission Day
  53. 53. The first time we had a directory submission day, we had just two sites to submit. This time wehave our blog, plus our mslp site, plus all of our remote blogs. That is why it is so important tokeep organized. Over time you might have 100-500 sites you are managing and tracking in theserps with seo power suite, it can grow that fast. Use good keywords, different ones for eachsite, some repetition is ok but use the best spinner to help you spin titles & descriptions.
  54. 54. Day 15: Blog Post & Comment Day
  55. 55. Get in a regular routine of blog posting, take the information you are receivingfrom forums and other blogs, make a blog post about them, curate somecontent. Then go back to the forum or blog and leave a link to your blog post,instead of helping one community of people you can reach others by taking theanswer to questions outside of that particular community and putting it on yourblog.CommentsCheck Google reader & alerts for blogs you can post comments on today. Postcomments, good ones, on at least 5-10 blogs today. More if you can. Checkeach blog and if the owner is letting people use keywords instead of just names,use a good keyword. For Instance: Where you put your name in the commentssection normally. Try using a keyword instead. Deep link back to your mainsites posts that are most relevant and dont just link back to main domainunless you dont have a relevant post to link to. Set up a schedule to commentevery day for 30 minutes from today onward.
  56. 56. Day 16: Research Day
  57. 57. Do research on Fivver.com for any top rated gigs that can help you with directory submissions, linkbuilding, and social marketing. I do almost everything myself now, but there are plenty of fivvergigs worth five bucks. Sign up for better networker, if you haven’t already. Better networker is themost popular forum for the network marketing industry right now, start joining in on theconversation. Remember answering question and asking question is how you build your socialproof. Ask a question and see how some of the power users answer you. Then model yourselfafter them and start answering some question from users that you have the answer too. Dont usethe forum for spamming your message; use the forum to increase your marketability.Tip: Look for top rated gigs
  58. 58. Day 17: Blog Post dayGet in a regular habit of blogging and creating content. This is such a barrier for mostpeople, but you have to conquer it. Remember you have three choices write it yourself, payfor it or curate it. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Withthe keyword research you did, on day one, you have subjects to blog about, if you don’t, youdidn’t do it right and you might want to do some more keyword research. You can do a riffpost of a cool blog post you liked. A riff post is when you write an original title & firstparagraph using your keywords, in this paragraph you introduce the post you are riffing &commentate about it. Then you just copy and paste the other persons post with a link backto the author and giving the other author credit for the post. You then write a few paragraphsabout your thoughts & insights of the post you riffed.
  59. 59. Post Example: Step 1: Write intro paragraph Step 2: Link to real post with author credit
  60. 60. Step 3 : <blockquote>Step 4: Write follow up paragraphs Step 5: Post it, that’s it do more or do less. The point is you are blogging, you are giving your readers some valuable content, they can use. You are also link building, by linking directly to the authors post, and it’s also a form of curating content. This post took 5 minutes, of course I spend more time on content I really care about, but I just wanted to show you how quickly you can blog every day. This is a 10 hour a week strategy; we want you to reach your network marketing goals & dreams, by just committing to 10 hours a week.
  61. 61. Day 18: Community Day:Build your social authority! Get into discussions on community sites and other web 2.0properties like Facebook groups on mlsp find good twitter accounts to follow, make aGoogle+ account, etc. and make comments on stories and sites that are relevant to yourniche. Really get into it and make a lot of relevant, helpful, insightful, but short commentsand try to hit everything you can today to improve your social proof on every social site youare a member of. (Showing you are an involved member of the community and not justspamming your own links to game the system.) Use the 90/10 rule, 80-90% of the links youpromote should be others, other people in your tribe, other people you follow, etc.
  62. 62. Day 19: Article submission dayWrite and submit an article to e-zine articles, your goal with e-zine articles is to submit 100articles in 100 days, 1 article a day. Once you have done enough article writing, back linkbuilding, forum marketing, and all the things you need to do online, you hit what is calledcritical mass, you have done so much promotion, your efforts are now growing organically,on its own and no one can stop it. Once your article shows up on the article directories, buzzthe exact page where your article shows up with ping.fm, pingler & only wire & tribe proor(socialadr) and manually on your other social profiles
  63. 63. Day 20: Groups DayStart a new group around your blogs main topic or an mlsp group on sites like, Face book,Google+ etc... I dont promote spending allot of time on social networks. They can be acomplete waste of time. Do not make it your primary source of leads. Use social networksfor buzz traffic to your blog post. Look at it like this; social networks are the big water coolersof the internet. They are the place where everybody hangs out, so you have to go where theusers are, but your goal is to get users out of the social networks and onto your blog or mlspdomain. Not the other way around, you could end up spending hours on end just wastingyour time. Focus on the most popular sites like, Face book, twitter, and YouTube. Joingroups already established on network marketing. Make comments, start off the discussionsand invite your friends and followers to the groups you create or join.
  64. 64. Day 21: Press release & Directory DaySubmit another press release today &Directory Submissions
  65. 65. Day 22: Seo DayUse today and go back over the content you have submitted, make sureit’s written properly with no clerical mistakes. Check your keyword densityand check if it is properly optimized (seo power suite) for your keywordterms you are seeking. See if you are ranking for any terms yet. Do somemore research and see if you can make any quick and easy contentrevisions to rank faster. Also dont forget your daily task.
  66. 66. Day 23: Video DayTubemogul or traffic Geyser? Tubemogul is a very powerful tool with analytics built in, plusit’s free. On the other hand traffic geyser is an extremely powerful tool and it truly has moreto offer has far has video syndication gos. I suggest using Tubemogul until you are ready totake video marketing seriously. When you decide to step your video marketing up, thenupgrade to traffic geyser. Im kind of video shy so this is what I’m doing for my videomarketing, I am using software called article video robot. Simply put it takes your articlesand blog post and turns them into videos. So if you have a bit of a problem with video like Ido, dont let that stop you from producing video content, just re-purpose some of your writtencontent to video, and voila! You are in the video marketing game... (Although I am shy and reluctant to get on camera, I have a video podcast series in production now; you must overcome your fears to accomplish your goals)
  67. 67. Day 24: Remote Blogging DayMake new posts to all of your remote blogs today, research good links and coolpost from your Google reader. You can do three things for remote blog content.1styou can do a riff post or curate some content (explained earlier in day 17). 2ndYou can use an earlier method and create an original article using instant articlefactory spin it with the best spinner to make enough original copies for yourremote blogs. 3rd If you are having trouble coming up with content, use InstantArticle Wizard Proto help you produce some content, very, very powerful tool. Withcontent being king online and having to produce so much of it we have twooptions pay for it or use tools to help us produce it ourselves.
  68. 68. Day 25: Research dayIt’s Time to go fishing, do you want to be icurrent.comthe cool kid that knows about everything alltop.com/that’s going on in your niche. Well in blogcatalog.comorder to be that person you have to be guzzle.it/tuned in. Introducing personalized news, yourversion.compick a few of these sites, the ones you paper.li/like the best and wait for the news to postpost.com/start rolling in. utopic.me/ google.com/blogsearch flipboard.com/ Dont forget your daily task
  69. 69. Day 26: Blog Post DayTake all this research you are doing and start focusing on becoming the thoughtleader in your niche. Make your content just a little different from everyone elsescontent. You have a broad over view of your niche, and you can see all thecontent that is coming in. Take the popular content and make a post about it. Ifyou cant come up with anything, you can do a riff post, nothing wrong with it; atleast your blogging and putting good resources in front of your readers. Anotheroption if you are struggling for content is a guest blogger or guest post . If we alluse these same communities and build the user base up, we will all benefit.
  70. 70. Day 27: Article submission &Directory Submission daySubmit a new article at e-zine articles & use your article demon or articlemarketing robot account to do some mass article promotion. You have aboat load of links to promote by now so just take your pick and promote it.Once your article shows up on the article directories; buzz the exact pagewhere your article shows up with ping.fm, pingler & only wire & tribepro,manually on your other social profiles
  71. 71. Day 28: Remote Blog DayMake new posts to all remote blogstoday. Use the technique from before, tryto use some new keywords that are lowhanging fruit and easy to rank for.
  72. 72. Day 29: Content Development PlanA good content strategy when first starting out is 2 original blog post a week, 2 riffpost or curated post, 2 batch remote blog post a week to all your platforms, 1press release a week. So today sit down and make a content creation strategy foryourself for the following weeks. Take what you have learned in these past weeksand build a program for yourself. Remember this is not about anybody else butyourself and your goals. Do what you can but be consistent, think long term over a12 month period of time. If you create this much content over a 12 month period oftime, you will have reached your goals by the end of the year. Note: Remember I am showing you a plan to do mass submissions, so when I say one press release a week it’s really hundreds using the best spinner
  73. 73. Day 30: Mass Article Promotion &Directory Submission & Press release DayIt’s time to promote all your blog post that has got indexed. Focus today on doinga few submissions, write new articles for keywords you have not produced contentfor yet. Submit your Blog, remote blogs, &mlsp domain to directories today.Submit a press release today with the method we learned earlier. This time let theworld know how much of a winner you are. Let them know that you have justcompleted your 30 day social media marketing plan, and you are pumped up. Letthem know that you will keep producing the type of content they are looking forand that you are here to stay. Remember the only way to win, is to not quit, behere a year from now and keep working your plan.
  74. 74. Time to ReflectSo we are at the end of day 30 social media marketing plan, congratulations. You have done what some willnever do, but always wish they would do. Look at what we have done in this time we have spent together. Youhave learned how to do keyword research; you have set your first blog up. You bought a domain with pagerank and age to it. You have written multiple blog post and articles, you have submitted press releases aboutyour blog. You have done social marketing, forum marketing, blog commenting. You have done directorysubmissions and produced videos, I am proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself. Now ask yourselfif your whole team just did what you did this month would you be successful as an organization? Now takeyour activity knowledge and don’t stop, build momentum from these activities, outsource the activities youdon’t like, but keep moving. Internet marketing never stops, there is always something to be doing, evaluateyour business and keep producing content. In a world of spectators and on lookers, you are just the opposite.You are in the game, not on the side line, set your goals high and keep achieving.
  75. 75. Thank You!