The tech pieces by BK Birla


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The tech pieces by BK Birla

  1. 1. The Tech Pieces Birla – ZopNow
  2. 2. Agenda• Jokes• Intros• Even more stupid jokes• What is eCommerce• Understand all pieces in desi terms• How to decide what tech to use
  3. 3. Rules• I terrupt e I do ’t ha e a y slides• Sleeping is fine, snoring is not• I do ’t k o all the a s ers so I reser e the right to say I dunno.• I might not be able to reveal lot of data about my company• I am available for follow up discussions outside the hall after the session.
  4. 4. Run
  5. 5. Who am I?• IIT Kanpur ( entered and exited with great difficulty )• Worked with Infosys and Amazon• CTO at Asklaila• Chief Music Officer at Bhoole Bisre Geet• Chief Food Officer at Potluck Restaurant• RJ with a radio station ( )• Poet at large• A PJ artist• The only guy in shorts in this black suit conference
  6. 6. About my company• ZopNow started in Oct, 2011• Our tag line – Be Lazy, Buy Easy• Online hypermarket• We stock over 7000 SKUs• Our customers come to us 3-4 times a month• 25+ SKUs in every order and Rs 1500 as avg basket size• Nandini Goodlife tetra pack milk is the most sold SKU• Fastest eCommerce company - We do 3 hr delivery in Bangalore of daily needs• Mobile orders are bigger compared to web orders
  7. 7. Let us start with a PJ• What comes after e-Commerce
  8. 8. F-commerce• Whe you do ’t get your e-Commerce right, all the F words come to your mind• Why the fruit tech guys charge so much• What the fruit do all these acronyms mean• Is eCommerce fruiting rocket science ( racket science )• I have the best site and price but nobody comes here. What the fruit.
  9. 9. What is eCommerce after all• MISC - Massively Integrated Supply Chain• A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.• Key is optimizing it by controlling various aspects of it.
  10. 10. ZopNow timeslot issue• We operate on 4 slots – 9-12, 12-3,3-6,6-9• Orders used be maximum in morning slot• Since this slot was the first slot for maximum duration of time• Leads to peaks and valleys in workload which leads to bad people utilization• 9-12 has lot of traffic on roads
  11. 11. ZopNow timeslot solution• Introduced 25% more Zoppies for 12-3 and 3-6 slot• The customers behavior completely changed after that• Changed customer behavior for business benefits• In next stage we will make it dynamic
  12. 12. Massively Integrated Supply Chain• Automation of all processes is just the beginning• They key is in understanding their inter play
  13. 13. Inventory Supplier Logistics Warehouse Mgmt Relations Platform MgmtOrdering Content Customer MarketingPlatform Mgmt Service Hosting / BI
  14. 14. Ordering System• AKA – website or phone• Understand what will work in your domain• Understand offline process, if any in that domain• Spend time in shops and see how customers interact with products• If you are on web, SEO is key• Eg. We did a visible shopping basket because number of “KUs is high’• Lot of eCommerce companies are already doing 10% biz on mobile• Swayamvar Shopping
  15. 15. ZopNow Website
  16. 16. Content Management• AKA – Tujh main rab dikhta hai• Needed for SEO• Combine text, images and videos• Sharable content
  17. 17. Inventory Management – Key Aspects• AKA – Yahan wahan, kahan kahan, poonchho mat kahan kahan• Stock correctness• Inventory Analysis• Pilferage management• Auto Purchase Order generation to optimize margins and fill rates
  18. 18. Logistics – Key Aspects• AKA – Mera kuchh saaman, kisi ke paas pada hai• Outsourced vs Inhouse• Kms travelled per order and per Rs• Tell your customer where the order is
  19. 19. ZopNow Order Tracking
  20. 20. Marketing• AKA – Mere Karan Arjun aayenge• Why so many black suits?• SEO is the key but it will fall flat without technical depth• SEO is like walk-ins in off line world• Social – sharability of the content is key – Laziness Contest – Multi Tasking event• Landing Page optimizations• Promotions platforms
  21. 21. BBG Page
  22. 22. Lazy Knight
  23. 23. Supplier Relations• AKA – Arre tu boli thi, pichhle jumme ko• Understand who can supply how fast not just prices• Long run decisions have to combine both the factors
  24. 24. Warehouse Management• AKA – Dhoondho dhoondho re saajna, mere kaan ka baala• Just like mobile – incoming and outgoing• The idea is to stay for shortest period of time
  25. 25. ZopNow Picker Sheet
  26. 26. Hosting• Once upon a time there used to be something alled “er er Roo• Cloud is like bachelors sharing a flat.• The rent gets shared and reduces cost.• All of a sudden some friends land up and you can still squeeze them in – elasticity.• And you hire a maid to manage all the dirty linen.
  27. 27. BI• AKA - Costly Common Sense• Usually used to justify what you think with data• Start with Excels• Excels can be connected to databases• There is a lot you can do with them• Use Google Analytics• Use online docs and forms
  28. 28. ZopNow Customer Map
  29. 29. BI Dashboard
  30. 30. Customer Service• AKA – when the customer gets fruited• Use SAS solutions for tickets• Use cloud telephony – many numbers behind one number• Do it yourself for angry customers• Write personal mails• Do ’t outsour e if possi le
  31. 31. Key to Tech Decisions• Do ’t uild a la e high ay a d ride a i y le on that• The cost of the medicines is dependent on the doctor you choose• You o ’t lear thi gs i o fere e roo s, e out there• Use online docs/forms.• The best code is which is not written.• Spend money as you see revenue.
  32. 32. Four Stages of eCommerce Software• Stage 1 – Market places• Stage 2 – Hosted Solutions• Stage 3 – eCommerce platforms• Stage 4 – Actually write code
  33. 33. Disclaimer• All the characters depicted here are actual people I have met and advised and are not fictional. The people who have followed my advise are still cursing me and I am on the run.
  34. 34. Mrs Arora• Homemaker of 18 year exp• Can spend 5 hrs in a apparel shop without buying anything• Uses FB a lot but does not know much tech• Has very limited budget• Has lots of time as her kids take care of themselves now
  35. 35. Tech solution for Mrs Arora• Build FB community• Use online docs• Get into a niche• Spend time talking to your customers and build relations• Cost - Zero
  36. 36. Nature In a Bottle
  37. 37. Second to None
  38. 38. Mr Gupta• Runs a supari business for years• Inherited from parents• Knows all the suppliers in Rajsthan• Has deep relationship for them for decades• Does not use internet
  39. 39. Solution for Mr Gupta• Check out marketplaces first• Get used to the concept of selling online• Understand how to convey your value proposition• If market place gets traction, get into readymade platforms ( SAS )
  40. 40. The Shah boy• Rich father who has made lot of money• His father loves him enough that he can spend 1-2 cr on it• He knows a little bit of tech jargon
  41. 41. Solution for The Shah Boy• Get a technical partner onboard• Value your dad’s o ey
  42. 42. Abhinav dude• Passed out of NIT• Can generate 5 kgs of code in 5 mins• Knows so many buzz words
  43. 43. Solution for Abhinav dude• Do ’t rite ode• First see if existing options are good enough• Copy DB schemas if you decide to write code from open source platforms• Remember the best code is which is not written
  44. 44. Moral Science• Do ’t uild a te la e high ay to ride a i y le• Techies will convince you that a twenty lane highway is needed• Wrong doctor gives costly medicines• Use online docs/forms• Use SAS – software as a service• Cloud can prevent you from a rainy day• Do ’t take the rap fro te hies. Questio it.• Do ’t aste o ey. It takes a lot of effort to ear it.
  45. 45. ThanksDoors are open now Birla