Keeping Your Internet Business IT Asset Light By Mandar Kulkarni


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Keeping Your Internet Business IT Asset Light By Mandar Kulkarni

  1. 1. Keeping Your Internet Business IT Asset Light for
  2. 2. POINTS WE WILL COVER● Business LifeCycle of an Internet Centric Enterprise (ICE)● IT Challenges for an Internet Centric Enterprise● Technology Investment Options Available● IT Asset Landscape● Impact on Cashflow ● CapEx ● OpEx / ● Pay-per-use● Options● CaseStudies● RecommendationsConfidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  3. 3. BUSINESS LIFECYCLE New Idea Market Develop Feedback and Test Grow and Deploy and Discontinue Expand Market ServiceConfidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGES Dynamic business Use of latest in technology Bottomline and cashflow friendly investments Flexibility to scale up and scale down Faster time-to-market Delivering consistent (but nuanced) user experiences Security threats, compliance requirements Ever-growing pool of technology tools and platformsConfidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  5. 5. CHALLENGES FOR ITHighCost • Insurance • Telecomm • Government • Banks • ERP • Securities and trading • Payment gateways Compliance requirement • Back-office applications • Ecommerce • Education • Online travel and leisure • Manufacturing • Market and Stocks • Services • Media & EntertainmentLow High Performance / without glitch availability CostCost Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  6. 6. IT LANDSCAPE OF RETAILER Robust and Scalable IT Infrastructure (Compute, Storage and Network)Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT MODELS SW / ManagementOption HW Connectivity Licenses ServicesCapEx   X XOpEx    Pay-per-use    XConfidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERSAVAILABLE ManagementOption HW SW / Licenses Connectivity ServicesCapEx OEM OEM NA In-house IT Service Service Service ServiceOpEx Provider Provider Provider Provider (Netmagic) (Netmagic) (Netmagic) (Netmagic) Cloud Service Cloud Service Cloud ServicePay-per-use Provider SPLA Provider Provider (Netmagic) (Netmagic) (Netmagic)Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  9. 9. IMPACT OF ASSETS ON FINANCE Investment inOption EBIDTA Cash Flow Fixed Assets Need upfront funds Good for short termCapEx High and need to service EBITDA the capitalOpEx Nil Impact on EBITDA Good for cashflowPay-per-use Nil Impact on cashflow Best for cashflowConfidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  10. 10. LEVERAGING CLOUDUse Cloud to rationalize new investments● Options:1. Start on Cloud2. Start with connecting to public Cloud for capacity expansion, new service roll out, etc.3. Use Cloud for demand management / Scaling Out4. Provision application servers on public and let the DB on dedicated server.Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  11. 11. INDUSTRY TRENDS 95% of ICE customers prefer the Opex or Pay-per-use model Prefer to outsource IT infrastructure management and keep the application management in-house 80% of ICE customers are moving some piece of their IT Infrastructure on the cloud (pay-per-use) Demand for stringent Service Level Agreements Increasing focus on end-user experience driving SLA demands Hybrid IT Infrastructure Models (Pay-per-use, Opex and Capex)Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  12. 12. Case Study Snapshots MostIndia’sPopular TV onlineTalk Show in managed2012 hosted with us. marketplace inTruth Prevails! India hosts with usAsst light, completely on Dedicated Hosting Asset-light model - Dedicated Hostingcloud - easy setup, scale (OpEx) completely on cloud, (OpEx) model to on demand and reduce migrated from US to India CapEx model Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  13. 13. ADVANTAGE OF MOVING TO ANASSET LIGHT IT SERVICE MODEL Start a company with “0” capex Unlimited Innovation – don’t “select” ideas Manage business not IT Stay ahead of the IT infrastructure refresh curve Flexible throughout the business lifecycle (move to different investment models based on business demand) Control through business focused SLAs Build technology team to manage business applications and not IT infrastructureConfidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  14. 14. WHO WE ARE… 14Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  15. 15. ABOUT NETMAGIC Netmagic: End – to – End IT Infrastructure Solutions Company We own the complete cycle of Planning, Designing, Procuring, Integration,24x7 Monitoring and Management of mission-critical IT Infrastructure hosted out of our state-of-the-art datacenters. We deliver these services on a flexible Opex (Service) commercial models Single Window Access to best practices and capabilities to architect, manage and host your IT Infrastructure. System Integration 24x7 IT Infra Management Managed Hosting  Monitor & Manage the entire IT  Colocation Plan, Design, Size Infrastructure stack  Hardware on OPEX, Procure & Manage Hardware  OS  Internet Bandwidth with Deploy, Consolidate / Migrate / Transition Datacenter  DB domestic/ global peering Infrastructure  Network capabilities  App  Remote Hand Support, Architect / Build / Manage  Managed Security  Cloud (IaaS) – Public / Hybrid Private Cloud Environment  24x7x365 15Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  16. 16. NETMAGIC AT A GLANCEc cConfidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  17. 17. NETMAGIC AT A GLANCE (Contd…)Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  18. 18. NETMAGIC AT A GLANCE (Contd…)Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  19. 19. CLOUD SERVICES PORTFOLIO HighModerate Public Cloud / IaaS Cloud-in-a- Box SimpliCloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud / Cloud SOaaS Custom Enterprise DC Connect Clouds Consolidation and HybriCloud Virtualization DR on Cloud Netmagic Datacenter / Customer Datacenter Netmagic DatacenterHigh Time to deploy / consume services Low 19 Confidential Netmagic Internal Use Only
  20. 20. CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT 15 of top 20 broking firms in India 90% of Mobile VAS 5 of top 10 Indian providers in India media companies Customers Leading International ALL TOP online travel players from the BFSI companies in India vertical Strong presence in the Manufacturing SectorConfidential Netmagic Internal Use Only 20
  21. 21. tmagicSolutions ser/netmagicsolutions