Gujarat university portal development proposal


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Gujarat university portal development proposal

  1. 1. Portal Development Proposal<br />For<br />Gujarat University<br />Ahmadabad<br />India <br />By<br />center4412615<br /> I n n o v a t i v e E d u c a t i o n S o l u t i o n P r o v i d e r<br />407 – Aditya Plaza <br />Jodhpur Gam Road <br />Nr.Jodhpur Cross Roads<br />Satellite<br />Ahmedabad – 380015<br /><br />Dated: 29 June – 2010, Tuesday<br />The proposal, listed below, is for the development of web portal for Gujarat University, Ahmadabad, India. This proposal is prepared after the requirement analysis of current website for Gujarat University at<br />Triz Innovation ( triz is a Russian word meaning “The theory of solving inventor's problems" ) is designing innovative solutions for education domain. Core services include:<br /><ul><li>Web 2.0 Learning Management System
  2. 2. E-Portfolio
  3. 3. Education Institution Process Management</li></ul>Triz Innovation proposes the following for new web portal for new web portal for Gujarat University, Ahmadabad, India:<br />Final site designs will include three unique portal templates, buttons and navigation, and incidental art. These designs will each be optimized for rapid display on the Internet. <br />The three standard page designs will include a Home Page, Sub-Heading (Topic heading) page, a " standard" page for display of content, and a Gallery page. Additional page designs may be included as needed based on themes introduced in these four template designs, including the Contact Form, Site Map, and Search Results pages. <br />Buttons and navigation graphics will be standardized for all pages, where appropriate for the design. <br />Incidental art will include JPEG and GIF title art, dividing lines, background images, color schemes, and other design elements as required to complete each template. <br />Internet interface pages (" Web page interface" ) for management of 3 templates. <br />All pages will be indexed for full-text searches to the Search Results page. <br />The web site will be submitted to major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and AltaVista, along with other Internet portal and indexing sites. <br />Installation of the full web site on an appropriate Internet Service Provider. <br />The completed web site will be warranted for 1 Year, or for 6 months beyond any maintenance period, against defects in original programming that cause the site to fail to perform basic page display and linking functions. <br />Implementation TimelineThe web site development process we propose would involve six sequential steps:<br />StepsEstimated TimeRequirement Analysis A discussion of goals and portal’s orientation2 WeekSite Design Evaluation of proposed designs for the portal2 WeekImplementation of Design Creation of templates and programming2 WeekContent Installation Content is introduced into the design4 WeekDeployment The portal is placed on Internet1 WeekDocumentation Includes resolution of outstanding issues2 WeekTraining Selected university staff training2 Week<br />Website Components<br />The university web portal development process involves three unique processes to be brought together. These processes are Design, Technology, Content and Training.<br />Article manager<br />- content items are now called articles<br />- only uses one editor to save screen realestate<br />- new image manager enables to insert images on the fly<br />- simplified interface<br />- on the fly-preview (don’t have to save first before previewing changes)<br />- archive functionality has been moved into the article manager<br />- improved pagebreak and readmore handling<br />Menu manager<br />- set a default menu item<br />- three-click process to add a new menu item<br />- easily edit a menu item without the need to remove it<br />- ability to link to anything<br />- vastely simplified interface<br />Media manager<br />- Improved user interface, thumbnail and detail views<br />- Easily upload multiple files at once<br />- Added configuration settings<br />Template manager<br />- Improved template preview, show module positions and names<br />- Support to edit multiple css files<br />Full UTF-8<br />It is able to represent any universal character in the Unicode standard<br />FTP filesystem<br />Allows admins/users to maintain their site without having an ftp server/client<br />around, ease of use and maximum flexibility<br />New PDF library<br />XML-RPC support<br />User authentication<br />Change order of objects including news, FAQs, Articles etc. <br />Random Newsflash generator <br />Remote Author submission Module for News, Articles, FAQs, and Links <br />Object hierarchy - as many Sections, departments, divisions, and pages as required <br />Image library - store all your PNGs, PDFs, DOCs, XLSs, GIFs, and JPEGs online <br />News Feed Manager. Easily integrate news feeds into your Web site.<br />E-mail a friend and Print format available for every story and Article <br />In-line Text editor similar to any basic word processor software <br />User editable look and feel <br />Polls/Surveys - Now put a different one on each page <br />Custom Page Module<br />Contact Mangement<br />Video Gallery<br />Image Gallery<br />Department Pages<br />Proposal Pricing<br />Per this proposal, an initial portal would be completed at following rates:<br />Content compilation per page:INR 1000<br />Designing and Programming: INR 3.0 lac<br />Training: INR 1000 Per User Per Day<br />Payment Schedule:<br />The first payment would be made following the Requirement Analysis phase. The second payment would be made following the completion of the Design Review process. The third payment would be made following the Resolution of Outstanding Issues phase. <br />Summary<br />Web Portals are not static objects, and need to reflect the goals and orientations of the organizations that they serve. It is our intention to present Gujarat University with a compelling presentation that effectively represents it as an education enterprise in front of internet community.<br />