Annual report - Dreams - 2009 -2010


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Annual report - Dreams - 2009 -2010

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Annual report - Dreams - 2009 -2010

  1. 1. 2010 Annual Report This document contains statement of accounts for the financial year 2009-10 and brief note on trust’s background & activities. Contents: Details Pg. No. M.T. Desk 1 Background 1 Project Details 2 Financial Details 3 Governing Body 4 Org. Chart 4 Legal Status 4 Dreams 8/22/2010
  2. 2. Managing Trustees Desk Dear Friends Today; while writing this letter I heard about the tragic disaster faced by Leah. It is really shocking and heart-rending. It again raises the same question what are we doing? Are we on the right path of development? If we analyze the statistics of our developments and its results; the numbers are not very encouraging. Still 20% of world’s population is undernourished. Only 20% of the total population enjoys the so called development and rest is chasing the same. If 20% of the so called development can change the climate so much, think what will be the results if the 100% of the world comes under so called developed. I think we need to redefine our definition of development. In last few decades capitalists made a blind run chasing money without thinking about others. This run resulted into dark future. Today when I read and think about this planet’s future, I really go blank. Wake up fast to save our future. Now there is no time to rest, we all need to work hard to reverse the situation. Individuals need to come forward and understand their responsibility towards the society. We all have to work together with more responsiveness and result oriented. I have a great respect for those who work of all not for themselves. Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the friends, philosophers and supporters who supported us. Dreams in its second year had shown remarkable progress in activities. In the last twelve months we have successfully launched few new initiatives, which we believe will create a movement of change in the society. We would also like to specially thank government bodies and media for their positive support in our mission. - Mayank Bapna About Organization: The Dreams is Ahmedabad based not for profit organization working on ground level to create a movement in the minds of individuals for better society by changing the thought process from self centric to society centric. In last two year Dreams had built up a strong foundation for creating a state of art institution. It will support innovative ideas and theories to face the coming up socio-economic challenges. It will also help society in sustainable development by creating awareness about individual’s responsibilities towards society and helping individuals to become more socially responsible. After two years of Journey now we are at a juncture where we need to expand our reach. We are constantly looking for the new channels to reach to larger mass with the help of all the forms of media.
  3. 3. Projects and Activities: Under our three major heads we initiated few sub projects. The details of the same is as under 1) ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) We have improved our reach and frequency of programs from the last year and tried to reach more individuals as well as larger demographic area. We partially succeeded to improve our bandwidth by using new technology with limited resources. During our initial informal survey in the current financial year we received positive feedback on our participants and its results. We feel in coming years it will increase our reach in multi folds. List of Activities Done Date: Details: June’ 09 Educated Individuals on importance of trees, climate change and handed over samplings at ATIRA and Law Garden, A’ bad. Nov’ 09 Created an active group to participate in ISR implementation. The group is scattered in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Mar’ 09 Arranged a road show at premises of SCB A’bad to educate visitors on save energy and climate change. 2) Bhavishya This year we organized our approach and activities more effectively. We have adopted a municipal school informally. This school caters marginal students and is having one of the highest occupancy. We have agreed with school management to work closely to improve the functionality and infrastructure. List of Activities Done Date: Details: Mar’ 09 Donates a television for virtual education to Students. Special Eye Camp for auto rickshaw drivers to reduce road accident due to defective vision 3) Jindgi To make the activities more result oriented this time we did one of the activities as a small project. Date: Details: May’ 09 Eye testing camp for drivers of loader and rickshaws. Dec’ 09 Distributed cloths, sweets and provision to marginal kids and elderly poor citizens. Dirstribution of Plant Saplings at ATIRA
  4. 4. Income and Expenditure Analysis Data is represented in % of total money invested Project wise Expenses Head Amount ISR 25% Jindgi 16% Bhavishya 46% Utilisation of Income Distribution of cloths, sweets and provision Objects of Trust 75.20% Office Expenses 11.68% Reserves 13.11% Income and Expenditure Statement Balance Sheet April 2009-March 2010 Liabilities Amount Assets Amount Current Capital Account 2249.92 Assets 2249.92 Trust Fund s 1100.00 Cash in Hand 16 .92 Reserve Fund s 1149.92 Bank Balan ce 2233 .00 Road Show for energy conservation and climate Total 2249.92 Total 2249.92 Change on world earth day in the premises of Standard Chartered Bank Name and Address of Banker State Bank of India Manek Baug Branch, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380 015 Donation and Facilities We heartily thank to all our donors to support our activities. Our specially thank to Fortis Asset Management Company for Supporting our activity by paying all the expenses and to Standard Chartered Bank for extending their premises as well as employees to execute these activities. Donated a television to municipal run school In Asarwa area of Ahmedabad (Shala No.4)
  5. 5. Associations In support of our vision to create a truly global institution this year we took a step ahead by associating our institution with CREDIBILITY ALIANCE. Credibility Alliance a Mumbai based organization keeps watch on the NGOs register with it and also guides them to adopt international norms of standards. Governing Council Name Designation Address Mayank Bapna Managing Trustee 14, Kashyap Flat, B/h Jain Temple, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380 015 Shelly Bapna Chief Coordinator 14, Kashyap Flat, B/h Jain Temple, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380 015 Ankur Oza Legal counsel & Advisor 402, Shantanu flats, Azad Society Ahmedabad 380 015 Rahul Oza C.A. and Advisor 205, II Flr, Shears Tower Gl bai Tek ra, Ahmedabad Rishi Bhandari Project Coordinator Plot No 11, Anmol, Adarsh Nagar, Mohadi Phata, Jalgaon. (Maha) Organizational – Structure Trutee & Governing Board Mayank Bap na Shelly Bapna Rish i Bhandari We are especially thankful to P roject Project Implementation Finance Implementation Fortis Asset Management Company Standard Chartered Bank Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation General External Ad ministration Commun ication We are also thankful to all the donors, supports, volunteers and all the government Note: The member of Trustee Board are not paid any remuneration agencies for giving us support and encouragement to complete our work successfully. Legal – Status Register Under Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 We also appreciate SCB Staff for Registration No: E/18478/Ahmedabad volunteering specifically Chaitali Surani, Registered Under Sec. 12AA of Income Tax Act 1961 Registered Under Sec. 80G (5) of Income Tax Act Chirag Varma, Vikrant Mehta, Krishanand 1961 Gaur, Monali Shah.