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This is a test slide

This is a test slide

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • We have many different social networking applications for different purposes.
  • The maid features of the current social web: Web 2.0Brad Fitzpatrick – Social Network Fatigue
  • OPO: Online Presence Ontology
  • Example: Link person’s data from messaging board, blog and foaf profile
  • Folksnomy: SCOT (Social Semantic Cloud of Tags), MOAT (Meaning Of A Tag), FolksOntologySemantic Microblogging SMOBFacebook like button to embed external page data with facebook profileSemantic searchSemantic Wiki- Content + Vocabulary
  • - To exchange information and help us to improve our work
  • Information based: IRC channel, Interest based: Messaging board and forumsLocation based: Book club, neighborhood watchExpert based:
  • Linked Data alreadyinrelinked people and their data with interests and friends interests
  • Multidimension network – Network of people, network of data, Overlapping networkNetwork generation  Social network and content corpus◦ Measuring Network Properties  Centrality and clustering coefficient for each actor◦ Time Series Analysis Generates regression model statistics and influence network diagram Shows statistically significant effects between variables
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Network and Semantic Web
      By: Priyanka Singh
      IAM, School of Electronics and Computer Science
      University of Southampton
      Supervisor- Prof. Nigel R. Shadbolt
      Second Supervisor- Dr. Manuel Salvadores
    • 2. Content
      Semantic Web + Social Web
      Semantic Web Social Applications
      Using Semantic Web social data
      Social Networking & Communities
      Role of Linked Data
      Issues with social data
    • 3. Social Web
    • 4. Social Web
      Object centered connection
      Closed network and data silos
      Social network fatigue
      Isolated communities of user and data
      Connectivity and portability between different networks?
    • 5. Semantic Web + Social Web
      Use semantics to describe resources (URIs, RDFa)
      Ontologies to describe concepts (FOAF, SIOC, OPO)
      Share resources across platform and networks
      Interlinking of data
      Search and query
    • 6. Semantic Web + Social Web
    • 7. Semantic Web Social Applications
      Semantic Tagging
      Semantic Microblogging
      Facebook Open Graph
      Semantic Wikis
    • 8. Using Semantic Social Data
      Distributed and decentralized Social Web
      Interoperability and data portability
      Social network analysis
      Enhanced recommendation and data visualization
      Can we quickly create a community according to need or interest or find experts?
    • 9. Medium of Communication
      Personal Network (Facebook, Myspace)
      Professional Network (LinkedIn, Yammer)
      Media Sharing (Flickr, YouTube)
      Blogging and Microblogging (Twitter, Wordpress)
      Collective Knowledge (Wikipedia, Stackoverflow)
      Communication (IRC, Online Chat, Skype)
      Others (Message boards, forums, mailing list, etc)
    • 10. Why form communities?
      Information exchange and self interest
      Symbiotic relation and social exchange
      Recommender system
      Expert finder
      Other Incentives (social recognition, personal satisfaction)
    • 11. Types of Community
      Information based
      Interest based
      Location based
      Expert based
    • 12. Role of Linked Data
    • 13. Role of Linked Data
      Multidimensional Network
      Structured data
      Linking People to People and People to Data
      Smart query
      Social Network Analysis
    • 14. Issues with Semantic Web
      Not all data are open and linked
      Lack of consistent ontologies and data description
      Privacy and security
      Lack of incentive to open and link personal data.
    • 15. Work done
      Crime Ontology
      Interlinking publications data with Dbpedia
      Co-wrote paper for ESWC11- “Distributed Human Computation Framework for Linked Data Co-reference Resolution”
      Create victim support group in a localityand find an expert Psychologist nearby as a mediator?
    • 16. Thank you