Why Should You Care About SharePoint Metadata?


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  • Introduction slide
  • Presentation came out of speaking to clients about their governance and migration needs. Started with convincing management to invest in a metadata plan for SP. File Share migrations to clean up and bring in SP. Ongoing governance.
  • Introduction slide
  • Introduction slide
  • Introduction slide
  • Create a vocabulary to organize a subject – your businessTaxonomy is just potential metadata values for documents
  • - Metadata is information in a column of a sharepoint list. Data about data. Explains what that list item is.Hard to attach figures to time saving that metadata providesA lot of your time and money you put into SharePoint relies on metadata being there
  • Metadata provides immeasurable ROI
  • Introduction slide
  • Introduction slide
  • If just using as a document repository
  • Metadata will help you if you answer yes to any of these
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  • Introduction slide
  • Finite list= values are not unique like GUIDs or case numbersSynonyms= help searchHierarchical= office location: North America, statesConsistent= no misspellings, centralized storePreset= have to use term setsDynamic= centrally managed tickles down the update
  • Metadata navigation, column filtering
  • If you have thousands of results, filter it down.
  • Users are guided to enter appropriate metadata and content is automatically organized- not dumped.
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  • Introduction slide
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  • Site collection feature, SP 2010Not necessarily meant to replace folders in all casesRFP, legal cases, hr files for onboarding
  • Shared columns apply metadata to entire document setAll changes will trickle down do all docsSupports managed metadata mass update
  • It’s user drivenRolled out mysites? There are tons of cool social features in 2010.
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  • Free form taxonomy
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  • Web analytics
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  • Committee?Define your goals and use case, start small, keep your audience in mind, control
  • Things change
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  • My goal is to have every farm I work on centralized
  • Records centers are used to granularly define content and apply specific archivalprocessees
  • Why Should You Care About SharePoint Metadata?

    1. 1. Why do I Care About SharePointTaxonomy and Metadata? Steve Goldberg
    2. 2. Steve Goldberg, Sales Engineer at Axceler Software Engineer at Axceler for ControlPoint Prior to Axceler, was a consultant at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), specializing in SharePoint development Current Role:  Talk to 30-40 people weekly about how to govern SharePoint  Metadata is always part of a governance plan but it is rarely executedTwitter: @iamgoldberg Blog: iamgoldberg.com Email: steve.goldberg@axceler.com
    3. 3. Metadata MAKES SharePoint cool
    4. 4. What will help?Metadata is the fundamental building block tosuccessfully surface data to end users  Taxonomy adds structure  Folksonomy refines the model  Apply governance as needed (it always is)
    5. 5. Ugh…DefinitionsIn Biology, taxonomy is the science dealing with description,identification, naming, and classification of organisms. “However, the term is now applied in a wider sense and now may refer to a classification of things, as wells as to the principles underlying such classification.” “Metadata provides context for data. Metadata is used to facilitate the understanding, characteristics, and management usage of data.” Wikipedia.org
    6. 6. So what does that have todo with SharePoint?Metadata provides real business ROI  Improved search  Organize content without using the F word  More usage of platform features  More productivity
    7. 7. How do you measureSharePoint’s success? End user activity rising on sites More content is being added Implemented business critical workflows Houses secure content
    8. 8. Measuring SuccessIt’s easy to put a value on quantitativeimprovements to productivity It is difficult to put a value on qualitative improvements
    9. 9. What’s causing this? Ad-hoc content addition leads to junk in portal Content is in different locations Inconsistent taxonomy across farms and site collections No ownership of authored content
    10. 10. Ask yourself… Do you have content on a network drive? Do you have a deep folder structure in SP? Have you examined your site structure? Are you using the content type hub? Are you supporting social features of SP 2010? Do you need to support multiple languages?
    11. 11. Where do you start?Taxonomies = term store in SP 2010 Accessible through Central Administration or Site Collection
    12. 12. Managed Metadata ServiceCreate an enterprise wide taxonomy that iscentrally managedManaged Metadata Enterprise Keywords Predefined by administrator  Words or phrases Create, copy, reuse, merge, added to deprecate, move, or delete SharePoint terms  Non-hierarchical Created manually or imported through interface Hierarchical Synonyms (labels) Translatable
    13. 13. When to use managed metadata Finite list of potential values Need synonyms Hierarchical Value Add  Consistent, correct terminology  Users are guided to use pre-set terms  Dynamic and consistent (unlike choice columns)
    14. 14. What can I do with all this data?
    15. 15. Search Refinement
    16. 16. The Content Organizer
    17. 17. WorkflowMetadata can be used to drive workflowfunctionality critical to the business  For strategic environments  e.g.: Assign task to certain person based on column values like Approved Y/N, date submitted, date reviewed, department  Custom workflow is often used to apply metadata
    18. 18. Document Sets“Like a folder, but better” – SharePoint admins Groups related content – can synchronize metadata Can be sent to record center to take advantage of content organizer to route entire set Can version individual documents and the document set itself- unlike a folder Document set can be part of a workflow instead of individual documents
    19. 19. Document set settings
    20. 20. How can end users help?Folksonomy The result of personal free tagging of pages and objects for one’s own retrieval: notes, tags, enterprise keywords column. What are you doing to make your end users more productive?
    21. 21. What’s folksonomy’s value? Gives end-users power to derive their own vocabulary and explicit meaning which may have been originally inferred. Users are not categorizing. They are connecting items to provide their meaning in their own context and understanding.
    22. 22. Taxonomy vs. Folksonomy Business Employee Taxonomy Folksonomy SP Object
    23. 23. Promote to Term StoreEvery person becomes an expert
    24. 24. Enabling Enterprise Metadata
    25. 25. What are users searching for?
    26. 26. Why are social tools important? They surface data They provide context They extend the search experience It’s the direction the world is moving in order to communicate with others  Cloud adoption is changing the focus from maintenance towards productivity and performance - making social a layer across the enterprise
    27. 27. SharePoint migrainessolved by metadata Documents in your SharePoint environment are never found Content is put in the wrong lists and libraries Content is duplicated Content is obsolete
    28. 28. Governance! Metadata needs to be a constantly evolving part of your governance plan  Who is going to update and manage terms and content types?  Who is talking to end users?
    29. 29. AxcelerImproving Collaboration Since 2007 – Mission: To enable enterprises to simplify, optimize, and secure their collaborative platforms – Delivered award-winning administration and migration software since 1994 – Over 2,500 global customersDramatically improve the managementof SharePoint – Innovative products that improve security, scalability, reliability, “deployability” – Making IT more effective and efficient and lower the total cost of ownershipFocus on solving specific SharePoint problems(Administration & Migration) – Coach enterprises on SharePoint best practices – Give administrators the most innovative tools available – Anticipate customers’ needs – Deliver best of breed offerings – Stay in lock step with SharePoint development and market trends
    30. 30. Steve Goldbergsteve.goldberg@axceler.com@iamgoldbergAdditional Resources available  11 Strategic Considerations for SharePoint Migrations http://bit.ly/j4Vuln  The Insider’s Guide to Upgrading to SharePoint 2010 http://bit.ly/mIpOBZ  Why Do SharePoint Projects Fail? http://bit.ly/d1mJmw  Best practices for capacity management for SharePoint Server 2010, TechNet http://bit.ly/nvNrig  What to Look for in a SharePoint Management Tool http://bit.ly/l26ida  The Five Secrets to Controlling Your SharePoint Environment http://bit.ly/kzdTjZ
    31. 31. Join us right after the event at Firehouse Grillfor a free drink, kindly provided by AvePointand Rackspace! 1765 East Bayshore Road EastPalo Alto, CA 94303 (Next to Nordstrom Rack). Drinks to be provided by…..