Gender workshop (transgender)


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For GMPA Embracing Difference conference 2012.

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Gender workshop (transgender)

  1. 1. EMBRACING DIFFERENCE CONFERENCE 2012 TRANSGENDER HATE CRIME WORKSHOPCatherine PoultonTrans Resource & Empowerment Centre
  2. 2. Workshop Aims• To raise awareness of how transgender people are victims of hate crime; &• The steps that can be taken to reduce their vulnerability & feel safer
  3. 3. Some TerminologyTransgender – Transexual – Transvestite/Cross Dresser – Genderqueer – Androgyne – Bi Gender – Drag King/Queens
  4. 4. Some DefinitionsTransgender: Inclusive term for those whose gender expression is outside typical gender normsTransexual: Identify as members of sex opposite to that assigned at birthTransvestite /Cross Dresser: Cross dresses in clothes of opposite sex
  5. 5. Difference Between Gender & SexGender Identity: Psychological identification as boy/man or girl/womanGender Role: Social role – interaction with others expresses & reinforces gender roleSex: Male/female biological development – the phenotypeSexual Orientation: Trans people may be gay, straight bisexual or asexual
  6. 6. Causes of TransexualismGender Identity is:• Not determined by genitalia or gender rearing (though these are powerful influence)• Sex differentiation of brain is inconsistent with other sex characteristics – can result in self disgust with phenotype• This condition is termed ‘gender variance/gender dysphoria/gender identity disorder’• Sometimes physical sexual characteristics are ambiguous – this is termed ‘intersex’
  7. 7. Diagnostic & Statistical Manual• In current version (DSM IV-TR) Gender Identity Disorder (GID) in Adolescents & Adults is categorised as a ‘Sexual Disorder’ with the sub category ‘Gender Identity Disorder’• There is a view that the term ‘Disorder’ is inappropriate – it is seen as ‘stigmatizing’
  8. 8. OpponentsSome don’t accept the ‘legitimacy’ of thetransgender identity/reject any notion ofgender identity disorder including:– Some sections of the press & media– Some religious groups– Some medical professionals– Some legal professionals– Some politicians
  9. 9. POLITICAL PERSPECTIVE• Gender Recognition Act 2004 enables trans people to apply for Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) - entitles holder to recognition of gender stated (on certificate) ‘for all purposes’• Transgender is ‘protected category’ under Equalities Act 2010
  10. 10. HUMAN RIGHTSHuman Rights Act 1998 provides for:• Protection of life• Public safety• Protection of health & morals• Right of individual to fair trial• Protection of rights & freedoms• Freedom from discrimination
  11. 11. Legal DefinitionsHate crime is any criminal, offence motivatedby hostility or prejudice based upon victim’s:– Disability– Race– Religion or belief– Sexual orientation– Transgender identity(agreed by Crown Prosecution Service & Association of Chief Police Officers)
  12. 12. cont/Transphobic hate crime is: Any criminal offence - perceived by the victim or other person - to be motivated by hostility or prejudice against a person who’s transgender, or perceived to be so.
  13. 13. cont/A Hate Incident is:• Any incident (which may or may not constitute a criminal offence) perceived by victim, or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate• There is no evidential test as to what is or isn’t a hate incident
  14. 14. Physchological EffectsHate crime may have extreme consequencespsychologically as follows:– Effects on people – repercussion on victim’s sense of identity & self esteem– Effect on targeted group – generalised terror in group to which victims belong– Effect on other vulnerable groups – ominous effects over minority groups or groups that identify with targeted one
  15. 15. Transgender Day of RemembranceOccurs annually on 20 November to:• remember those who’ve been killed as a result of transphobia, or the hate or fear of transgendered or gender non-conforming people, &• acts to bring attention to the continued violence endured by the transgendered community
  16. 16. Information/OrganisationsTrans Resource & Empowerment Trust -http://gender
  17. 17. Cont/ for Media