These Small Things - Artist Talk


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Presentation for my "These Small Things" Photography exhibition.

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These Small Things - Artist Talk

  1. 1. A Photography Workshop & Exhibition Splash Eric Denton
  2. 2. Me Eric Denton Graphic Designer & Photographer Tennessee Tech / Cookeville, TN • Bachelors in Marketing McGavock H.S. / Donelson, TN Took first Art class at 23 (2000) • LOVED it • “ I have a creative side?!” First “Pro Camera” at 25 (2002) • Nikon F2 (1971) • 35mm Film, Manual everything Plowhaus Artists’ Coop / Untitled Nashville / SNAP / Connect 12
  3. 3. Blend Engaging and informative community-based art projects created through partnerships between artists and the community. These collaborative experiences develop dialog, awareness and growth for local and global communities . “ Eric. Let’s do a show…”
  4. 4. The Idea The Idea Recruit students that show an aptitude toward creativity , put on a free workshop series with various fields of interest, curate the collection of work alongside participants, and put resulting work together into a gallery exhibition . All proceeds (and donations) go toward photography equipment for the district Art Teachers to share.
  5. 5. The Kids The Kids Haddie Salchow and her family recently moved to Tennessee, where she is a student at Station Camp Middle School in Sumner County. Over the course of this project, she was a very prolific shooter and her results were often fun and full of energy. Caroline Howard attends Merrol Hyde Magnet School in Sumner County. Caroline enjoys many art forms and her art teachers love her for her willingness to always try new things . Caroline is also a very skilled painter. She has created a great body of work with her photographs shooting antique cars among other things.
  6. 6. The Kids 2 The Kids Chad Gocking is a 6th grader at White House Middle School in Sumner County. Chad has a natural talent for being creative, from making unique characters in his art to shooting photographs of army men, and is admired by his peers for his great sense of humor. Chad was never afraid to really work for his “shot.” Ethan Howard attends Merrol Hyde Magnet School in Sumner County. Initially reserved and laid back during the project, it became obvious that there is a creative and humorous side to him as well. He was very calculating in the process of making pictures , and took his time with each one. Ethan also enjoys acting in and filming movies with his friends.
  7. 7. Workshops Workshops We went over the basics of camera operation, and then dove into a few fields of interest: Street Macro Still Life Nature
  8. 8. The Show Nashville photographer Eric Denton has taken four young and promising photographers (ages 10-14) under his wing to share some of his photographic aptitudes, culminating in a collection of photos: “These Small Things.” Featuring new works by Eric Denton, Haddie Salchow, Ethan Howard, Caroline Howard, and Chad Gocking ; the show is curated by all participants, and showcases the variety of styles amongst the participants... The Show Press Release
  9. 9. Results Results • share some of the basics of photography with a group of young people prone to creativity... • step outside of my comfort zone by actually putting myself out there as a teacher/mentor/curator... • raising awareness on the lack of funding and/or loss of funding that is taking place in our public schools... • getting as many digital cameras as I can into my local School District (Sumner) for sharing amongst the Art Teachers and teaching the skills of photography... ...Caroline Howard, Chad Gocking, Ethan Howard, and Haddie Salchow took what they learned over the summer and applied it beyond expectations. ...the workshop proved to be a highly rewarding and educational experience for me. ...awareness on this trend is out there: action, and a conversation on the benefits of art are needed. ...with 5 camera donations, and 2 purchases made from the art show (monetary donations and proceeds) and any future proceeds and/or donations: I am proud of our accomplishment!
  10. 10. Thank you!
  11. 11. Links Blend Studios www. BlendStudio.wordpress .com MagCloud www. Commemorative magazine of the workshop, exhibition and more… All of the proceeds go toward more cameras, memory cards, and other equipment. Only $5.00! Plowhaus Coop www. Plowhaus .org Untitled Nashville www. UntitledNashville .org SNAP Photo Group www. SnapNashville .org Eric Denton www. IAmEricAnArtist .com
  12. 12. Out