He who dies with the most toys wins


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About me, my past years since 2007, and my thoughts.
Will be presented in 2012 Yonsei Global Seminar for freshmen over the world.

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He who dies with the most toys wins

  1. 1. Lifelog 2007-2011 Dongwook LeePolitical Science & International Studies, Information & Industrial Engineering, Yonsei University wafflemaker.tistory.com iamdwlee
  2. 2. philosophy• Laotzu (老子) follower • enjoy life despite 空手來空手去(life comes and goes with our hands empty) • check @Laotzu_bot (really good twitter bot of his book, Tao As A Moral Principle, in Korean btw)• ARTISTRY, CREATIVITY, FAME > MONEY → chose Political Science overBusiness• roughly FRENCH lifestyle (just guessing) • emphasis on community and good decision for all • antique > new • do what I want except good decision for all• Believe that there should be no dichotomy between liberal arts background andnatural sciences background
  3. 3. role model LEE JAEWOONG (이재웅) Cofounder of Daum Communications, Current president of Korea Creative Content Agency Neelie Kroes Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe YUL KWON Winner of the reality TV show Survivor: Cook Islands, Former deputy chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  4. 4. youth
  5. 5. I am not genius
  6. 6. 2007spring AAAAAMay 2007 ~ May 2008 Yonsei University Student Advisory Group A•Served as chief of staff•Annual student activities report on 1st year school policy monitoring and consulting•Annual Guidebook publication for freshmen, named Click Yonsei • I skipped Go Sam (3rd year of high school, which is a death valley for Korean students) so I had residual energy. • Since I was 19, I could not comfortably go to pubs, bars, and clubs. • 5 years ago, it was a piece of cake to get a GPA of over 4.00/4.30 in the first semester of freshmen year. However, I’m not sure whether that is true for now. • I got a scholarship after this semester. • Networking for future career starts to outline from the second year • Meet as many people as you can, and be friendly to everybody • Play, drink, have a deep talk, but do not assure you will keep them in touch after 2 years • What you should get is not friends themselves, but things you like most to do with friends (am I too sarcastic?)
  7. 7. 2007fall ACAABAMar 2007 ~ Nov 2008 A EULIM BAND, College of Social Sciences Band Club•Served as class leader in 2007-2008Mar 2007 ~ Nov 2008 SO WHAT, Yonsei University Central Jazz Community•Director of public affairs team, along with drummer youtube.com/iamdwlee
  8. 8. Let’s talk about your culture
  9. 9. 2008springhttp://chunchu.yonsei.ac.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=10529 AAACAA Dear Freshmen, Groom Yourselves. Get out of consumerism, Find your specialty which makes you smart and edgy.
  10. 10. 2008fall ACAABA A• Started taking classes in information & industrial engineering• Project for Probabilistic Operations Research was really fun• I do not regret choosing the second major• study -> stress -> music -> study -> stress -> music -> study• interest in Korean indie rock – making a band score, writing a review• I’ve always had one C in every semester • analysis: I screw classes I don’t like. And when I start to hate the professor, I screw that class. • so: find your trend in your grades, and make a strategy for choosing well-fit classes in the next semester. And, don’t hate professors. • People like I should take classes that go deeper in academic terms but is also enjoyable.• This semester was a bit tough, but THE REAL GAME BEGINS FROMTHE JUNIOR YEAR
  11. 11. 2009Apr 2009 The 1st Mobile OpenNet Service Idea & Essay Competition, Sponsored bySK Telecom and KTF•2nd prize in the service planning track(Hanwoomul, ‘big well’in English, which helps short-periodmobile(2G PCS) survey, data gathering and analysis with basic HTML form style survey-relatedfunctions) Just do the military service. However, in my resume,Apr 2009 ~ May 2011 Technical soldier in information systems management, entitledtranslation-interpretation duty (ROK Air Force)•Management of United States Air Force operational information system(ACC-COIN), ROK Air Forceoperational information system(AFCCS), and the internet•Server maintenance, log analysis and network devices maintenance for data security•Intermittent translation and interpretation missions in the communications sector and for visiting guestsoverseas
  12. 12. 2010Mar 2010 ~ Mar 2011 Reviewer, English translation team (Globalization and Poverty PublicAwareness Project, NGO)•Reviewing translated material of UN publications, treatises by economists and political analysts, andmagazine articles in Newsweek/TIME/National Geographic• Started meeting people working in IT startups• found a group of people in the military to keep in close contact with• ‘You lack a business mind’ was a shock• and time flied really fast – no more comments about the military. You will notexperience it 
  13. 13. 2011May 2011 ~ Aug 2011 Research Assistant (Ipsos Korea)•Submitted the final report on LG Electronics global mystery shopping of 3D, 2D and Smart TV,conducted in 20 countries and 120 retailers•Checked progress of men’s menopause epidemiology study by Bayer, 1-year project with gross margin of90 million KRW A French Market Research Company
  14. 14. 2011Nov 2011 ~ Now Yonsei-Keio-Rikkyo-Fudan Leadership Forum Organizing Committee•Building an official forum website ykrf.asia 2012 @ Yonsei The website will open in end of May
  15. 15. 2011• Applied for Sciences Po Paris, France (results will be announced on Feb 3rd)• Hope to do programming and international cooperation at the same time in Franceand other European countries• If there is a chance, I will visit Tunisia (origin of the Arab Spring) and Rwanda(which has the best IT infrastructure in Africa)College of current two French candidates for the next presidential election
  16. 16. Downloading… complete! Downloading… 90% Downloading… 63% Downloading… 19%
  17. 17. Downloading… 40% Downloading… 32% Downloading… 20% Downloading… 45%
  18. 18. flatlens• preparing an IT startup• initial team members are alwaysconnected by personal network (in Koreaand worldwide, school tie is the No.1factor)• making a political process of gatheringresponses bottom-up in a systematic waywith the help of smartphones andwebsites• planning to make money based on statsfrom those responses, like a marketresearch company• for me as a developer and co-founder,this project is really meaningful because itis an obvious example ofPOLITICS + IT
  19. 19. I want to tell you about accumulation
  20. 20. accumulation• Make a folder to store these, and continue accumulating • resume in English and your native language (or Korean) – one for part timers, one for internship or external activities. Use different format and different content. I will give you my format if you want. • final material submitted to contests or competitions • application forms with your content written • I use Dropbox or Naver Ndrive, whatever ‘cloud’• Make several lists showing these, and continue accumulating • who you are • what you like • who do you want to contact in the near future • personal experiences, lessons, and tips while doing things using the above folder • manual of specific field you are going to master, which consists of URL links and excerpts from the website • I use Evernote, whatever ‘sync’ • To make this presentation, I just scraped texts from those lists. + data uploaded in my social media + a little bit of googling. Nothing new.
  21. 21. continue accumulating
  22. 22. I go on a trip toFukuoka from Feb 10 to 15.I want to make some Japanese friends.
  23. 23. Thank you. wafflemaker.tistory.com iamdwlee