The GED Item Sampler


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What does the Item Sampler tell us about the 2014 GED Test?

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The GED Item Sampler

  1. 1. What the Item Sampler tell usabout the 2014 GED® Test David Baker Illinois Community College Board
  2. 2. Goals• Changes to Testing• Understanding of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge• Introduce the Item Sampler• Discuss changes in content• How this affects instruction• Resources
  3. 3. Testing Changes Paper Test 2014 CBT Sign Up for Complete Battery Sign up for Content Area Test Test Takers move in unison through Test Takers move at their own rate test taking experience through each content area Battery of test administered in one Content areas test are taken day or two day session according to test-taker schedule 5 Tests 4 Tests
  4. 4. Testing Timeline 2013 2014 Paper Based and CBT CBT Only CBT based on 2002 Test New Test, including Spanish Paper Test Full Battery $50 $120 + 10 CBT Full Batter $120 + $10
  5. 5. Webb’s Depth of Knowledge• Not about difficulty• Complexity• Not about the verb
  6. 6. Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Level # Title of Level 1 Recall and Reproduction 20 % 2 Skills and Concepts 3 Short-Term Strategic Thinking 80% 4 Extended Thinking 0%
  7. 7. Remember, it’s not about the verb.• Level 1: Describe three characteristics of metamorphic rocks• Level 2: Describe the differences between metamorphic and igneous rocks.• Level 3: Describe a model that you might use to represent the relationships that exist within the rock cycle.
  8. 8. Content• Overview of each Test – Minnesota Guide page 6
  9. 9. Reasoning Through Language Arts• Vocabulary across disciplines• 75% Non-Fiction• 25% Fiction• “Great American Conversation”• Extended Response• Two Short Answers• Let’s look at the Item Sampler
  10. 10. Mathematical Reasoning• 45% Quantitative Problem Solving• 55% Algebraic Problem Solving• Virtual Calculator• White Board• Let’s Look at the Item Sampler
  11. 11. Science Test• 40% Life Science• 40% Physical Science• 20% Earth and Space• Two Short Answer Questions• Let’s Look at the Item Sampler
  12. 12. Social Studies• 50% Civics and Government• 20% U.S. History• 15% Economics• 15% Geography• Extended Response• Let’s Look at the Item Sampler
  13. 13. Strategies• What do you think?
  14. 14. Strategies• Require students to explain their answers• Open ended question format• Apply reading, writing, and math skills from all subject area• Remember 80/20 split.
  15. 15. Resources• GED® Testing Service The educator link has links to the full Assessment Guide for Educators, the Item Sampler and webinar archives.• Excellence in Adult Education Links to content that is developed in Illinois for your use and materials developed by other states.