Online marketing for artists PT2 - social media

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An introduction to content marketing and social media (from a professional marketer and copywriter) to help artists and local businesses extend the reach of their marketing (online) and create active …

An introduction to content marketing and social media (from a professional marketer and copywriter) to help artists and local businesses extend the reach of their marketing (online) and create active communities around their work.

This is part 2 of a workshop covering social media, particularly how social media and content marketing work together.

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  • 1. Online marketing that yourcustomers and Google will L veHow to turn your knowledge and talentinto more profitable business
  • 3. Step 2: Create a communityContent marketing is about story telling.Social media lets you share your story.
  • 4. Social media statsEvery minute of every day:• 684, 478 pieces of content on Facebook• 100,000 tweets are sent• 48 hours of video onto YouTube• 3,600 photos shared on Instagram
  • 5. A little about Facebook….• 845 million users worldwide• 1 in every 13 people is on Facebook• 57% female, 43% male− 46% over 45 years old− 22% 35-44 years old− 18% 25-34 years old− 14% 13-25 years old
  • 6. Personal
  • 7. Business
  • 8. Facebook• 420 characters with images & links• Share updates about :− Your work− Where you’ll be showing− What you’re inspired by− Interesting news, images, articles• When people LIKE your page, they seeyour updates
  • 9. Remember…Social media platforms are big marketingdatabases….Always drive people back toyour websiteSocial media TIP
  • 10. A little about Twitter….• SMS of the internet –− 140 char “tweets”− Real time issues and events− More like a public conversation• 225 million users worldwide• 57% female, 43% male• 54% are 25-44 years old
  • 11. Twitter
  • 12. Twitter
  • 13. A little about You Tube….• 4 billion videos watched every day• 800 million visitors per month• ½ of visits take action• Avg person spends 15mins a day
  • 14. Remember…People learn differently.They want read…They want to listen…They want to see…Social media TIP
  • 15. A little about Pinterest….• Find things they like & share them• 80% of Pinterest users are women− 24-34 yrs old• More referral traffic thanGoogle+, YouTube and LinkedIncombined• Spend 70% more money than visitorsreferred from non-social channels
  • 16. Pinterest
  • 17. Instagram
  • 18. Remember…You don’t have to use everyplatform!Social media TIP
  • 19. Questions?
  • 20. Getting started with Social Media Marketing• Create social media pages[Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram…]• Start connecting with other people• Start engaging with other people• Share your content. Share other content.• Invite discussion• Keep at it 
  • 21. A Case Study…Copywrite Matters• I share tips about copywriting and marketing• I write a blog post about copywriting• I share the blog post across all social media• I create a presentation and video• I share those across all social media• I share pictures of my life and the work I create• I share interesting articles (content) I read• I create a monthly newsletter to summarise
  • 22. Don’t PANIC
  • 23. Remember…Be there to respond to socialengagementSocial media TIP
  • 24. Build some BUZZ1. Start preparing your audience in advance Art buyers, agents, locals, media Tell people what you’re doing > snippets of the work beingcreated, how excited you are Give people time to get intrigued and excited2. Promote your event Talk about it on your blog and social media Network in real life! Contact local pressThink launch MONTH not launch WEEK
  • 25. Relationship building on SM builds anINSTANT AUDIENCEAn audience who are already interested inwhat you’re doing.Social media TIP
  • 26. Hays Jewellery1. Preparation Images of her collection in progress Tools and techniques she’s using What is inspiring her Mixed in with every day posts and updates2. Promotion Promotes the launch – when the items are available to buy Promotes markets she’ll be at Takes video testimonials from people who have purchases Mixed in with every day posts and updates
  • 27. Questions?
  • 28. Subscribe to The Copy Detectiveblog for a new copywriting mysterysolved every week … you want copywriting with personality andaction - drop me a line at … me/copywritematters@copywritemattrsCopywrite MattersCopywrite Matters
  • 29. Subscribe toThe Copy my copywriter’s cheat sheet