Ppt of retail market strategy of pizza hut


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Ppt of retail market strategy of pizza hut

  1. 1. Name: Priyanka .D.velgekar Roll no. 55-2013
  2. 2. Make it great!!!
  3. 3. Introduction Type : wholly owned subsidiary of yum! Founded : Wichita Kansas , USA 1958 Founder : Dan and Frank Carney Slogan : MAKE IT GREAT Franchise owner in India : Rajan Khilachand in Goa Pizza Hut has 2 outlets (Cangulate, Margao) Upcoming project in Panjim .
  4. 4. Logos 1958-1967 1967-1999 1999-PRESENT
  5. 5. MISSION “To be the best pizza for every pizza occasion” “ Alone we are delicious, Together we are YUM!” We are P.E.A.R.L.S PASSION for excellence in Doing everything. EXECUTE with positive energy and need. ACCOUNTABLE for growth in customer satisfaction. RECOGNIZE the achievement of others and have fun doing it. LISTEN and more importantly, respond to the voice of the customer.
  6. 6. VISION  To make the people know that for all the eating items they desire to eat can be made available in minimum time without our effort excluding money.  To improve the well being of our customers, community and people connected to our enterprise. “RUN GREAT RESTURANTS”
  7. 7. OBJECTIVES their goal is to reach 85% recognition of the new product in their target market. As with all businesses, the most important goal of a company is to increase revenue and profits. Customer satisfaction is for most. Practice what we preach: integrity, ethics and open communication.
  8. 8. SWOT Analysis Strengths  Name recognition is the biggest strength.  Full service restaurants as well as delivery service.  Offers large variety of products to their customers.  Marketing of the company is also another bigger strength of pizza hut.  Good quality products at affordable prices.
  9. 9. weaknesses  Dissatisfaction among loyal customers.  Higher overhead costs, due to restaurants.  Good quality and good service results in high prices.  Lack of parking facilities is another weakness.  They mostly operate in urban areas.
  10. 10. opportunities  can increase revenue with their new innovative pizzas, new flavours and recipes.  They can also provide more attractive environment.  They can offer discounts, offers and coupons to acquire market share.  New online ordering system.
  11. 11. threats  Increasing competition in the pizza industry.  Rising prices of cheese  Also faces competition from other international restaurant chains like Kfc,Mc Donald's , dominos.  Local restaurants also provides pizzas at more affordable prices.  Even the grocery stores provide frozen pizzas and makeit-yourself pizzas.
  12. 12. Growth strategies Product Targ et mar ket
  13. 13. Marketing strategies or 4 P‟s of marketing Product Price Promotion place
  14. 14. Marketing strategies 4 P’s of marketing Product Promotion Price Place
  15. 15. Price  Pizza hut has successfully used the high /low pricing strategy when setting the retail price of its products.  Pan pizzas start at just Rs 44/-  Pizza hut is using low price for meal and expensive for high end.
  16. 16. Promotion Advertising through  bill boards  TV ads  Pamphlets  Social media  Sales promotion
  17. 17. Place  outlets are Located in highly crowded places.  34,000 outlets in 100 countries.  It calls itself a family restaurant rather than young generation eating point.  The seats, couches are comfortable to seat.  Usually seen in airports & shopping malls.  Nice music is played at the back.  The bell- tradition of pizza hut.
  18. 18. Location in India  Entered in 1996, opened its first restaurant in Bangalore.  Not included all kinds of pizzas like elsewhere.  Menu as per Indian customer.  Opened its 1st vegetarian restaurant in Surat , Ahmadabad, Mumbai Chow patty.
  19. 19. Pizza hut STP in India STP Segmentation Targeting Positioning
  20. 20. Segmentation  Segmentation refers to identifying the areas where people `have high disposable income.  Pizza  hut works on following segments youth  Dual  Age career families group is 12-30 years.
  21. 21. Types of segmentation geographic demographic segmentatio n behavioral Psychographic
  22. 22. targeting Middle level and upper middle level Based upon lifestyle, life, and spending behavior social Teenagers of school & collage freshmen.
  23. 23. Positioning  Pizza hut has done their positioning in the target market by keeping in view two basic factors:  Quality  Frequency  „customer mania‟ which makes customers unique dining experience.
  24. 24. Customer service  Differentiate in terms of needs & value to the company .  Customer mania a kind of service.  Customization based on income groups, income level, age & life style.  Provides products at affordable prices  Online ordering system  Hot line for complaint redressal.  Unique dinning experience .
  25. 25. References  www.investopedia  Business case studies  Economic times  Business  Visit of India insider journal to pizza hut Margao  Retail Nayar management by Sujit
  26. 26. Competitors of pizza hut