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Social Software - Driving Adoption
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Social Software - Driving Adoption



Enterprise Social Software --

Enterprise Social Software --
Driving Adoption:
Challenges and Implementation Best Practices



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  • At InKat we believe that social business software can make a significant impact on any business. The trick is to understand what are the core features of social business software. What are the primary use cases you should put social business software into. These seem like very simple statements but in most cases, this understanding is what is hindering adaption.

    Seventy percent of respondents to the 2012 global executive social business survey conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte believe social business is an opportunity to fundamentally change the way their organization works. Yet many companies face meaningful barriers to progress.

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  • A quick quiz, show of hand please…
  • A recent study found…
  • Why?
  • Why? Answers build.
  • So we are still well short of the age-old challenge.
  • Makes it easy to tag and collect any and all informal resources from across the enterprise
  • Image © People have been empowered – partially by the TOOLs, but MOSTLY by the underlying philosophies.
  • Image © To rapid, wide-scale information EXCHANGE
  • Enter, Enterprise Social Software Suites like Saba Live.
  • Image © Acando. We have optimized all of the obvious flows ERPs are dial-tone, no longer a source of competitive differentiation Social Software is the next ERP, but the window is closing where it can be a differentiator Social Software will soon be dial-tone – they will become the standard for communication with the Enterprise just as they are outside of it
  • Sources: - BCG Innovation 2010- IDG Social ROI- Aberdeen Research
  • Getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time has never been more challenging. Job responsibilities are highly matrixed. Workers of different ages possess hugely different learning preferences. Employees increasingly switch job roles and companies at the drop of a hat. And there is simply much more to be learned today, but less time to learn it.Saba Learning Suite provides a seamless, unified learning environment to overcome these and other corporate learning challenges by unifying formal and social learning capabilities on a single, industry-leading LMS platform.Mobile (online and offline) is ideal for:SalesTraveling rolesNon-PC EmployeesField Service EmployeesExecutivesHigh volume adoptersEngagement with learning measurably increasesEmployee expectationPeople, places, organizations and things are linked.The feed is the keySnippetsField ServicesOperational accuracyChecklistsOJTAsk questions in contextRuggedized handhelds have been used by Oil & Gas, Utilities, Environmental, and Logistics organizations for a decade. Now, ease of deploy and reliable content reporting make for bottom line ROI
  • Saba DNA makes visible group and individual competencies using dynamic network maps of skills and competencies
  • http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/37472/e-learning_takes_stage_next_killer_app/#closeme Cisco defined e-learning as including: “education, training, communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing”
  • Better answers, less time searching, faster access to expertise.
  • Unlike constant meetings? And email threads that go on for pages? And… Are people getting their jobs done? Micro-sharing gets the message out in 140 characters , to a much wider audience, in real time.
  • Wikipedia story
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffusion_of_innovations
  • Community of Management Innovation Thought Leaders “Hackathons” on Important Topics Discussion Threads Video Channels

Social Software - Driving Adoption Social Software - Driving Adoption Presentation Transcript

  • Enterprise Social SoftwareDriving Adoption:Challenges and Implementation Best PracticesBen Willis - @BenWillisSFDirector, Social Product Strategy
  • Welcome!• START!  Establishing ROI & Building Momentum  Overcoming Common Objections• GO!  Launching• KEEP GOING!  Sustaining & Measuring
  • START!Establishing ROI & Building Momentum
  • The Way People Are Sharing Knowledgeand Collaborating Is Changing • Expanding communities across organizational and geographical boundaries Customers Partners • Increasing collaboration with extended value chain • Rising importance of Employees / Contractors informal networks to share knowledge and expertise and solve Suppliers Personal Network problems
  • U.S. Adoption and Use of Social Media
  • QUICK QUIZ:Would you say that it iseasier to find knowledge:A) On the web, orB) Within your Organisation?
  • The Collaborative Enterprise Recent study shows 71 percent agree that it’s easier to locate “knowledge” on the Web than it is to find it on internal systems. AIIM Industry Watch on Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0
  • Social Learning helps to make sense of the “knowledge runwild experience” through crowd sourcing informal assets
  • Why? The Collaborative EnterpriseBen Willis: @BenWillisSF on Twitter
  • Why? The Collaborative Enterprise Too many places to look And the information is often out of date So people give up And go forward with the wrong info Or begin to reinvent the wheel Or try to ask others, but… They don’t know who to ask And when they do... Experts are too busy or don’t want to share And when they do share… Information gets exchanged & lost in emails And then the process begins all over againBen Willis: @BenWillisSF on Twitter
  • The Value of Collaboration
  • The Collaborative Social SoftwareWith Enterprise EnterpriseSilos are eliminated – everyone has a unified view of all oftheir content across Groups Anyone can contribute new contentNetwork connections act to both surface and filter infoAnd the community governs the content, identifying content that is out of policy or out of date Intranet repositories stay current Experts are easy to findRelevant information is automatically surfaced in context Quality information is preserved rather than forever lost in emailTransparency prevails Teams and experts collaborate effectively and get the social recognition they deserve
  • The Collaborative Enterprise POWERED by “Web 2.0” Capabilities & Philosophies, Public Social Networks are Empowering People like never before
  • The NEXT Revolution:The Collaborative Enterprise Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise Social Platforms will put the power of the social network to work
  • Shift driven partially by New 2.0 Enablers,The Collaborative Enterprise Necessity partially out of Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise Social Software Suites will bring the power of the social network to the workplace!
  • Strong ROI from Social SoftwareUsing social software to accelerate key processes – idea generation,learning, customer validation of requirements – will help us innovate faster Decrease in time to implement business changes 36% 25% 33% 12% 9.5x priceless faster increase faster increased increase in decision in response to engagement shareholder making productivity market return Sources: changes BCG Innovation 2010 IDG Social ROI Aberdeen Research30% of respondents in IDC study cited time savings as a key ROI of Social software
  • ROI of Talent Acquisition (or lack thereof) 20th Century 21st Century Ask HR, “Are you going to be able to attract and retainthe best talent without these tools?”
  • And that applies to Learning as well… Next Generation workers are those folks in the 22 to 30 generation. They want to learn and work differently. - The Learning Consortium “Top 10 for 2007”
  • So might as well align your Learning Investmentswith what we have always known… “Social Media turns learning moments into an ongoing conversation where people can learn nonstop” - Garry Ridge, CRO, WD-40 Company
  • Enterprise Social Software = Social Learning“The accelerating rate of change in business forces everyone in every organization to make a choice: learning while you work or become obsolete.” - Jay Cross“Social learning needs to be underpinned by social and collaboration tools – which are under the control of the individual themselves” - Jane Hart
  • Enterprise Social Software = Social Learning Learning 2.0: The New Blended
  • “Social Learning can‟t can now be measured!”
  • Lessons Learned:Overcoming Internal Objections
  • “Senior Executives will never go for this”
  • ROI of Tapping into hidden Knowledge“ If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times as profitable. ~ Lew Platt, Former CEO of HP ”Ben Willis: @BenWillisSF on Twitter -
  • And the REAL ROI? = Risk of Ignoring“ “The imperative for business leaders is clear: falling behind in creating internal and external networks could be a critical mistake. ” Executives need to push their Organisations toward becoming fully networked enterprises. ~ McKinsey Quarterly “The rise of the networked enterprise”, December 2010
  • Brad Anderson, CEO, Best Buy… “Getting other points of view and other pieces of knowledge into our learning system that might otherwise have escaped is key to our success as an organization.”29 | Saba Confidential
  • “Social Networking is a waste of time, we blockthose sites”Your employees have mobile phones intheir pockets, so if youre blocking Twitterat work, thats probably what theyreTweeting about... @BenWillisSF Consider the weekly status report and our days full of meetings…
  • “We‟re on top of it… we already have a FacebookGroup”And a LinkedIn Group.And a Twitter handle.And… And… And… This *may* mean that you have a Social Media strategy, but this not a Enterprise Social Software strategy…
  • KEY: NOT all “Social Networking” is the SamePUBLIC SECURE/PRIVATESocial Media Enterprise Social Networks
  • “What if someone shares something confidential?”• If you are not providing a private forum you manage, you should be concerned about governance• The truth (and irony) is that it can’t be governed UNLESS you “do” social internally.• Favorite example: The best way to implement new “2.0” tools?
  • The 100% guaranteedeasiest way to do Enterprise 2.0?DO NOTHING And then your bright, thoughtful and energetic staff will do it for you. Trouble is they will do it outside your firewall on bulletin boards, instant message exchanges personal blogs and probably on islands in Second Life and you will have lost the ability to understand it, influence it, and integrate it into how you do business. The second easiest way is to find ways of allowing this to happen inside the firewall which can be as simple as sticking in some low cost or free tools and then making sure your existing organisation can:GET OUT OF THE WAY The third easiest way is to do the second easiest way and then engage those who would have done the easiest way and get them to help you:KEEP THE ENERGY LEVELS UP And the hardest way ....... ....you dont need me to tell you that!
  • “But, anyone could post just anything! What ifsomeone posts something they shouldn‟t?”We’ve heard this song before.Last time it was…?Right, E-MAIL• As with Email, in Private Social Environments, everything you do has your name on it.• These environments are not anonymous and users behave accordingly.• Further, in Social Environments, reputation is everything, so it is carefully guarded and promoted.
  • “But if anyone can contribute anything, how do weensure quality?”• Lessons from Wikipedia  Make it easy! Eliminate & beware of barriers to contribution! – Don’t get in the way of people sharing and learning from peers (reminder: next slide) – Don’t repeat mistakes of 1990 Knowledge Management  Governance 2.0 = “frictionless contribution” + “personal & collective governance”  yields much better results
  • Saba People Cloud enablesSocial Community Governance
  • GO!Launching your Social Environment
  • Pick the right tool for the job, and not too manyJazz Café 4 Q&A andResearch & Development Wiki andNews Hub andBlog Hub andVideo Hub
  • Warning: YOU are an Innovator! (And not everyone is… but that’s OK) “Diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system” - Everett Rogers Start with Volunteers & Early AdoptersSaba Confidential | ©2012 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 40
  • Don‟t Worry! Not everyone has to „participate‟ asyou expect for it to be a big success! Jakob Nielsen explores a phenomenon which affects most online, multi-user communities in his study “Participation Inequality: Encouraging More Users to Contribute”, which found that…User participation generally follows a 90-9-1 Rule:• 90% of users are "lurkers" (i.e. they read or browse but dont contribute)• 09% of users contribute from time to time, but other priorities dominate their time• 01% of users participate very often and account for most of the contributions
  • People will Play Different Roles
  • Run a Small, Focused Project • Sprint 1: Brainstorm on a Problem to Solve • Sprint 2: Select a Problem • Sprint 3: Define it • Sprint 4: Define the possible roots of the problem • Sprint 5: Define possible solutions • Sprint 6: Select and document the best solutions • Sprint 7: Publish the findings The MIX: a Community Focused on Innovation in Leadership & Management Practices http://MIX.sabapeoplecloud.com/http://www.managementexchange.com/
  • Have a Social Media PolicyChoose from the very best… http://socialmediagovernance.com/
  • Tie launch to a Real Face-to-face Event !
  • Celebrate Successes!• Start small…• Shout out success stories!• Publish Best Practices Documents!• Publish Whitepapers!
  • Use it! Teach it!• Have live events to get the ball rolling and let people see the benefits in a hands-on way!• Get your boss Blogging!• Lead by example, share links instead of files!• Quit talking about Twitter, go teach it! 
  • A “Twitter 101” Course anyone?The ultimate serendipity engine…• @ = Username• Status Updates (140char!)• Following• Followers• Re-tweet• Direct Message (Private) More here…• Reply (Public)• # = Subject or Topic Area
  • Use Video• “Watching a mechanic assemble an engine can be more valuable than reading 10 books on the topic” The New Social Learning
  • KEEP GOING!!Sustaining & Measuring
  • Staff a Dedicated Community Manager Source: Dion Hinchcliffe
  • MEASURE Success ! Advanced AnalyticsMeasuring System-wide HealthSaba Confidential | ©2012 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 53
  • MEASURE Success ! Saba DNA: Group EvolutionMeasuring Group HealthSaba Confidential | ©2012 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 54
  • MEASURE Success ! Saba DNA: Group EvolutionMeasuring Group Health Usefulness Growth PopularitySaba Confidential | ©2012 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 55
  • SEE Engagement: Across NetworksSaba Confidential | ©2012 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 56
  • SEE Engagement: For IndividualsSaba Confidential | ©2012 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 57
  • pQ - Gamify Engagement!Add a level of gaming to• increase ENGAGEMENT• encourage PARTICIPATION and• drive open & TRANSPARENT SHARINGSaba Confidential | ©2012 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 58
  • Promote Top Contributors• Promote and Praise your top contributors!• Buy them a beer… literally!
  • Once you‟ve mastered your internal network, openit up to Customers & Partners!
  • In Short• Start small, with a volunteer army• Have a dedicated Community Manager (the benevolent dictator)• Measure engagement and aim for constant improvements• Bit-sized phases when rolling out• Ask us for help!Saba Confidential | ©2012 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 61
  • Q&A
  • Thank You
  • THE SABA PROMISESaba enables the transformative workplace for allorganizations who believe nothing is more importantthan the engagement, development, and inspirationof their people.Saba Confidential | ©2012 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 64
  • MARQUEE LIST OF CUSTOMERS51 of Fortune 100 across all verticals1,600 organizations, 24 million+ users: 30 languages Financial Life High Automotive Retail / Public Energy / Services Sciences Tech and Mfg Hospitality Sector UtilitiesSaba Confidential | ©2012 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 65