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Informal Quiz at IIM Lucknow

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Finals +Answers

  1. 1. General QuizFacts that caught my fancy Finals Ayush Agrawal November 2011
  2. 2. Rules• Infinite Rebound• Pounce +10/-10• 2 + 2CORRECT pounces allowed per team• Double +20/-20• 2 + 2 Doubles allowed• 4 Rounds of IR (6 Qs each) interspersed with 3 Written rounds
  3. 3. • How is this a sports question?• No points for ID.
  4. 4. Answer
  5. 5. • Michelle Pfeiffer lends her name to the 5 wicket haul (Five-for… Get it ??)• So a five wicket haul is now called a Michelle• Cockney Rhyming Slang
  6. 6. Mandatory Google Doodle Q• Recent doodles in the respective countries, celebrating something rare for these countries. Name the countries and the event.
  7. 7. Answer
  8. 8. • Argentina and Tunisia. Both countries held elections recently.
  9. 9. Answer
  10. 10. • David Bradley talking about the ubiquitous “Ctrl+Alt+Del”
  11. 11. • 4 of these pics refer to people, real or fictitious. The dance being performed is the Fandango. (all pics from their respective Wiki pages).• Hint?
  12. 12. Answer
  13. 13. • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen• Galileo, Figaro, Fandango, Scaramouche, and Bismillah
  14. 14. • The New York Times has launched a new India-centric blog. The name of this blog is one that has been invoked before in relation to India and writing, and comes from a product once deeply associated with the country (though there have been claims that the product was first made in China).• Made from soot, what is the name of this product, and thus the blog? (which also enables the logo designers to use a blotchy effect for Indias map and avoid cartographic problems in the North) Credit: J Ramanand,
  15. 15. Answer
  16. 16. • India Ink
  17. 17. • The city of Darmstadt, the scientist Wilhelm Roentgen, and the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus are three recent (and official) additions to a list that numbers just over a hundred. This decision was taken at an institute in Darmstadt (which is in Germany).Other members of this list include such scientists as Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Madame Curie, and places such as California, Copenhagen, and Germany.• What list? Credit: J Ramanand,
  18. 18. Answer
  19. 19. • The periodic table of elements
  20. 20. Written Round 1• 10 Points for each answer• 10 point bonus for getting the entire list• Theme: Female American Icons• Identify the “Icon” being portrayed, not the actress
  21. 21. Example• Emma Roberts As?
  22. 22. • Audrey Hepburn from Pretty Girl
  23. 23. WR1_1• Alicia Keys as?
  24. 24. WR1_2 Lindsay Lohan as?
  25. 25. WR1_3• Hayden Panettierre as?
  26. 26. WR1_4• Elisha Cuthbert as?
  27. 27. WR1_5• Alexis Bledel as?
  28. 28. Answers
  29. 29. WR1_1• Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama
  30. 30. WR1_2 Lindsay Lohan as Madonna
  31. 31. WR1_3• Hayden Panettierre as Amelia Earhart
  32. 32. WR1_4• Elisha Cuthbert as Brandi Chastain
  33. 33. WR1_5• Alexis Bledel as Rosie the Riveter
  34. 34. Back to the IR
  35. 35. Answers
  36. 36. • John Lennon’s Japanese immigration form
  37. 37. • _______ is an acronym and a slang. It was popularized by the 1999 film American Pie, but the concept of a _______ predates the term itself, as exemplified by Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate.
  38. 38. Answers
  39. 39. • MILF
  40. 40. Answers
  41. 41. • Acme!
  42. 42. • Parody Poster• Two parts to the answer. I want both parts.• No half points!
  43. 43. Answers
  44. 44. • Tweet/Limerick by X, for Y• The marriage of poor Y Was krushed like a kar in a krashian. Her kris kried, not fair! why kant I keep my share? But Y fell klean outa fashian." Credit: J Ramanand,
  45. 45. Answers
  46. 46. • Salman Rushdie, tweeting about Kim Kardashian on the request of a fan
  47. 47. • X are _______ that are built with a small pyrotechnic charge in their base. Ignited by the burning powder, the phosphorus tail burns very brightly, making the projectile visible to the naked eye. This enables the _______ to follow the ________ trajectory.• This is also a (very tangential) cricket question.
  48. 48. Answers
  49. 49. • A tracer bullet.
  50. 50. Written Round 2• Part 1: Andy Samberg revisits tennis icons• 4 Pics, 5 points each• Part 2: Celebrity Twitter handles• 4 Questions, 25 points• 5 point bonus
  51. 51. WR2_1
  52. 52. WR2_2
  53. 53. WR2_3
  54. 54. WR2_4
  55. 55. WR2_5• @donttrythis• This isn’t an “arbit” question, if you consider this man’s “claim to fame”.• I don’t want his name, just the claim to fame.
  56. 56. WR2_6• @ Aplusk• In the news recently, for giving up the control of his Twitter to a third party, due to certain controversies regarding his comments.
  57. 57. WR2_7• @ RedHourBen• For the extra 5 points, also give the reason why the handle is appropriate for this celebrity.
  59. 59. Answers
  60. 60. WR2_1Pete Sampras
  61. 61. WR2_2John McEnroe
  62. 62. WR2_3Jimmy Connors
  63. 63. WR2_4Bjorn Borg
  64. 64. WR2_5• @donttrythis• This isn’t an “arbit” question, if you consider this man’s “claim to fame”.• I don’t want his name, just the claim to fame. Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame
  65. 65. WR2_6• @ Aplusk• In the news recently, for giving up the control of his Twitter to a third party, due to certain controversies regarding his comments. Ashton Kutcher
  66. 66. WR2_7 • @ RedHourBen • For the extra 5 points, also give the reason why the handle is appropriate for this celebrity.Ben Stiller, who owns the Red Hour Production Company
  67. 67. WR2_8• @ THE_REAL_’X’• “VERY QUOTATIOUS, I PERFORM RANDOM ACTS OF ‘X’NESS”.• Gimme X Shaquille O’ Neal
  68. 68. Back To IR• Halfway Home• Reboot the Pounce and Doubles count.• Scores?
  69. 69. • This has been called a disaster by many people. Some see it as Lisa Simpson giving Bart a blowjob. Others say it is a stylized version of the word "Zion" and has thus offended Iran. How do we know it better ?• Hint?
  70. 70. Answer
  71. 71. • The 2012 Olympics logo
  72. 72. • Some of his nicknames were “The Great White Hope”, “_____ Legend”, and “The Hick from the French Lick”.• Considered one of the sport’s all time greats, he retired as a player in 1992.• Selected into the All Time Team in 1996, and the Hall of Fame in 1998• He went on to a successful career as a coach as well.
  73. 73. Answer
  74. 74. • Larry Bird
  75. 75. • What hip hop dance form is Kate Upton trying to teach you??• Hint??• (Couldn’t embed video, Q13 in folder)
  76. 76. Answer
  77. 77. • The Dougie
  78. 78. • Someone in London who sits in a black car and has "The Knowledge"• A police department that is found in many countries that the English once ruled• Someone who stays in your house with you but pays for it• What the Indians called the Cellular Jail in Port Blair• A type of textbook that is especially useful just before exams.• The man that Tribhovandas Zaveri and their likes most fear• What you ask for when the police come to arrest you• What Leela Samson does when she is not dancing• The Americans address Dr. Manmohan Singh this way• What the CBI has been busy filing in 2011 Credit: J Ramanand,
  79. 79. Answer
  80. 80. • Dev Anand
  81. 81. • X was an English author, essayist, publisher, and writer of short stories, regarded as one of the foremost modernist literary figures of the twentieth century.• Another reason the lady is pretty well known is the 1966 movie named after her, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.• Nicole Kidman won an Oscar portraying her.• X?
  82. 82. Answer
  83. 83. • Virginia Woolf
  84. 84. An apocryphal story:• One of the founders of the company was Padmshree recipient N.N Mohan. His son Col. V.R. Mohan took over the company in 1969.• While on a trip to Europe, Col. Mohan discovered that the monasteries there had perfected the art of making __________.• Hence, on his return to India, he launched the brand X, and named it in honor of the priests in those monasteries.• The rest, as they say, is history… Credit: Suraj Menon, Aditya Gadre, BCQC
  85. 85. Answer
  86. 86. WR3• Absolutely, Horrendously long FITB.• 5 points for each “blank”, 10 point bonus for getting everything correct.• 50 Points
  87. 87. • A and B are perhaps best known for their roles as a double act with their own sketch show C. They also played the chief characters in the show D, adopted from the works of E. B has had a pretty good run in the UK, hosting his own quiz show F, among other things. A however, has found fame across the Atlantic, as G, on a show of the same name.• The show C is said to have influenced by the show H, which has been compared to the Beatles because of it’s influence on the world of comedy.
  88. 88. • A: Hugh Laurie• B: Stephen Fry• C: A Bit of Fry and Laurie• D: Jeeves and Wooster• E: P.G. Wodehouse• F: QI (Quite Interesting)• G: House MD• H: Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  89. 89. The IR Returns
  90. 90. • A monument in in Horse Guards Avenue, outside the Ministry of Defence, City of Westminster, London has the following inscription:• _______________________ Bravest of the brave, Most generous of the generous, Never had country More faithful friends Than you• What has been blanked out? Credit: Aditya Gadre, BCQC
  91. 91. Answer
  92. 92. • The Gurkha Soldier
  93. 93. • The morning of that day, a Friday, Shankar, Chadda and tabla maestro Allah Rakha huddled with other musicians in a shed, waiting for their helicopter. “There were chickens there, and this guy was chasing the chickens. Then in the helicopter, he sat in front of me and started pulling hair out of his chest,” Chadda says. “I asked Raviji what was going on, and he said: ‘Pagal aadmi hai. Maja dekho.’ (He’s crazy. Just watch the fun).”• So who was this “pagal admi” ?? Credit: Aditya Gadre, BCQC
  94. 94. Answer
  95. 95. • Jimi Hendrix• Source: lived.html
  96. 96. • "The House of Silk" is a new novel by Anthony Horowitz, a novelist who has written several mystery books for children, as well as several screenplays for TV such as Midsomer Murders, and Foyles War.• This novel however, is in the news for the official return of a character back to print.• Which character? Credit: J Ramanand,
  97. 97. Answer
  98. 98. • Sherlock Holmes
  99. 99. • The Story goes as follows..• X using the threat of revealing Y’s "biggest secret".• X proclaimed that Y was a murderer, who as a child had burned down the family funeral home business (where X worked), killing his parents and his younger brother. Y claimed there was no way for X to have that information, but X said that he was told this by Y’s brother Z ,who was still alive but horribly burned and scarred. X raised Z after the fire, having him institutionalized. Now, Z was waiting for revenge after all these years.• Identify X,Y,Z. Credit: Maitreyi Gupta, @Epiphany ‘08
  100. 100. Answer
  101. 101. • X:Paul Bearer• Y: Undertaker• Z: Kane
  102. 102. Mandatory XKCD Question
  103. 103. Answer
  104. 104. • Fiji – Cibi• Samoa – Siva tau• Tonga – Kailao• New Zealand - ?
  105. 105. Answer
  106. 106. The Final Frontier• Long Connect• 6 Questions – Infinite Rebounds• Points after each question given on each slide• Multiple attempts allowed• Pounces/Doubles still valid
  107. 107. +30/-15• X is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in the Arthurian legend. The standard depiction of the character first appears in Geoffrey of Monmouths Historia Regum Britanniae, written c. 1136, and is based on an amalgamation of previous historical and legendary figures. Geoffrey combined existing stories of Myrddin Wyllt , a North Brythonic prophet and madman with no connection to King Arthur, with tales of the Romano-British war leader Ambrosius Aurelianus to form the composite figure he called X.
  108. 108. Answer
  109. 109. • Merlin
  110. 110. +25/-12.5• Actual test scores of X (out of 6):• German 5 Geometry 6 French 3 Descriptive Geometry 6 English - Physics 6 Italian 5 Chemistry 5 History 6 Natural History 5 Geography 4 Artistic Drawing 4 Algebra 6 Technical Drawing 4• Myths about his being a poor student seem to be false. Except English, X did reasonably well in school.
  111. 111. Answer
  112. 112. • Albert Einstein
  113. 113. +20/-10• No one knows what he looks like, because not a single portrait of him exists.• His marriage to Anne Hathaway was probably forced, as she was 3 months pregnant when they got married.• Many authorities believe he wasn’t even the creator of his own works, and no proof exists to prove otherwise.• Who am I talking about?
  114. 114. Answer
  115. 115. • William Shakespeare
  116. 116. +15/-7.5• ________ face a big problem because of the approximation that results due to the flattening. Xs, obviously, don’t face such issues.• A jigsaw X is used as the logo of Wikipedia• Also, a slang here at IIML
  117. 117. Answer
  118. 118. GLOBE!!
  119. 119. +10/-5• Xs have for long been associated with humans, and have been domesticated for almost 10,000 years now.• They happen to be the most popular pet in the world, and almost 600 million are in households worldwide.• Hint: They were domesticated in Africa and Cyprus before Egypt.
  120. 120. Answer
  121. 121. Cats
  122. 122. +5/0• Although it’s primary use is to fasten shhets of paper together, it is also used as a lock picking device.• It was in the news recently, when Kyle McDonald took one red X, and progressively traded it in for a 2 storey house !!
  123. 123. Answer
  124. 124. A paperclip
  125. 125. The Connect
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