France pestl analysis


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France pestl analysis

  1. 1. Tanvi GuptaRoll No. :08
  2. 2. Introduction 5th worldwide in GDP, with $3 trillion. Government spends 1% of its GDP on research and development. 22nd in population, with 61 million. France has rejoined NATO.
  3. 3. Political Government is semi-presidential system determined by the French Constitution. The nation declares itself to be an "indivisible, secular, democratic,and social Republic". National government is divided into an legislative and a judicial branch. The President shares executive power with the Prime Minister.
  4. 4. Government: The government is responsible to Parliament. Parliament comprises the National Assembly and the Senate. Government comprises members of three ranks. France is a unitary state with administrative subdivisions. Transferred part of its sovereignty to European institutions.
  5. 5. Economic France has the worlds 5th largest and 2nd largest economy in Europe. GDP-$2.6759 trillion with growth of 1.6% per capita income-$40.710 Revenues-$1.241 trillion Expenses-$1.441 trillion Paris (capital)is the second most important localisation for the worlds 500 biggest companies headquarters.
  6. 6.  Imports-$577.7 billion Import goods: machinery and equipment, vehicles, crude oil, aircraft, plastics. Exports-$508.7 billion Export goods: transportation equipment, chemicals, pharmaceutical products,iron and steel, beverages, electronics France ranks 4th in the Fortune Global 500.
  7. 7. SocialLanguage: The official language of France is French. Besides French, there exist 77 vernacular languages of france. French is the second most studied foreign language in the world . France is a secular country, and freedom of religion is a constitutional right.
  8. 8. CULTURAL: France has been a center of cultural creation for centuries. France receives the highest number of tourists per year. It counts 1,200 museums welcoming more than 50 million people annually. The UNESCO inscribed 37 sites in France on the World Heritage List.
  9. 9. SOCIETY: Second best international reputation. “Best country to live in“. Nicknamed as "the country of Human Rights". The national anthem.
  10. 10. Technology Amongst all inventions, France’s best advancement has been the introduction of the TGV High Speed Rail Network. Leading exporters of Nuclear Technologies . World’s 4th industrial power. Has developed the first plant for the disposal of radioactive wastes. Third largest wind resource in all of Europe. French in Defence Technologies include Barracuda- Submarine.
  11. 11. Legal Employment laws: Hiring: Written contract are mandatory to all grades and levels. It should be in French. Firing: cannot be removed unless the organization specifies one of the claws mentioned in the French law. Taxation: current standard rate is at 19.6%. The reduced rate is 5.5%. A specific rate of 2.1 % applies only to the drugs. Subsidy policy is applicable only to agricultural and green revolution products.
  12. 12. Constitution : French Fifth Republic constitution was approved in 1958. The constitution does contain a bill of rights in it. Its preamble mentions that France should follow the principles of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, as well as those of the preamble to the constitution of the Fourth Republic. The foundational principles of the constitution include: the equality of all citizens before law, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion including freedom of religion.
  13. 13. Thank you