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Drupalaton - Drupal and iOS



At Drupalaton, Keszthely I held this presentation about Drupal CMS and iOS integration

At Drupalaton, Keszthely I held this presentation about Drupal CMS and iOS integration



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  • Hi my name is Zoli and i’m a software developer at Pronovix. Personally i’m not a Drupal developer, but i’m using Drupal every day as an iOS developer.
  • We have iOS app that we want to power with user authentication, user management, handles content that i can refresh easily. As a developer you’d think of writing a service that does this for you, but this would be really time consuming. We don’t want to do the heavy lifting ourselves by developing our own service at the back. We want something out of the box. Can i use Drupal?
  • Yes you can. We all know the services module. Do we? If not, go on. What is DiOS?
  • Development stared by Workhabit in San Francisco and for the past 6 months i’m also a co-maintainer. It’s going to be 3 years old tomorrow.
  • And is actively maintained. Clone it from gitHub and get it running. Support: User management, node management, entity management, taxonomy management, view management, file management, comment management. Can connect using REST or XML-RPC. And most importantly.
  • Supports Services 3.4. Have you seen the CSRF Token validation? DiOS is already in use. 3 weeks after the services 3.4 came out, the library already supported it and it’s backwards compatible. Can introduce new solutions in Drupal CMS management from an iOS device?
  • Can we add extra value by using iOS? Use the multitouch interface and sensors to trigger complex content management tasks on your site. For example register a user and encode it into a QR code. Scan your this code, and the app will log him to a Drupal site permanently.
  • We did this! What other examples are out there using DiOS?
  • You might have heard about Acquia Gardens Service. It has a mobile app too.
  • Drupal Kiosk makes it easy to build online content management systems that interact with objects in the real world. A combination of QR code scanning, URL pattern filtering (for safety reasons), a built-in browser, and persistent in app authentication, turns any iOS device into an information kiosk or data entry tool for your Drupal CMS.
  • Questions?

Drupalaton - Drupal and iOS Drupalaton - Drupal and iOS Presentation Transcript

  • Using iOS with Drupal @iamzoltanvaradi
  • YES! I could useI could use ServicesServices I could useI could use DiOS SDKDiOS SDK
  • https://github.com/workhabitinc/drupal-ios
  • https://github.com/workhabitinc/drupal-ios
  • https://github.com/workhabitinc/drup al-ios-sdk
  • Anything in addition?
  • Anything in addition?
  • Drupal Gardens
  • Scoreshare -Your social scoreboard
  • Walkthough.it
  • Drupal Kiosk