What about the other half of your customers?


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What about the other half of your customers?

  1. 1. What about the other half of your customers? Alja Isaković
  2. 2. Me.Startups + mobile Women in tech
  3. 3. What other half?
  4. 4. TSstartup signups demographicsTotal sample: 106 people Total sample: 41 teams
  5. 5. Y Combinator “Out of 111 founders in the Winter 2013 YC class, 12 are women — that’s more than 10 percent, an all-time high for the program.”Source: Women Make Up 10% Of Founders In Y Combinator’s Current Class
  6. 6. Real worldPopulation by gender (Slovenia 2002) 51% 49% Female Male
  7. 7. Meaning... Men are shaping the (tech) world for womenSource: Why You Need To Speak To Women | LadyGeek
  8. 8. Source: Women In Tech | MBA OnlineSource: Why You Need To Speak To Women | LadyGeek don’t like technology? Hmm... maybe women just
  9. 9. Women also like mobileSource: BII MOBILE INSIGHTS: Advertising Relearned For Mobile
  10. 10. Women also like mobileSource: The Truth About Cats and Dogs: Smartphone vs Tablet Usage Differences
  11. 11. ... and gamesSource: Women Win Facebook, Twitter, Zynga; Men Get LinkedIn, Reddit [INFOGRAPHIC] - Mashable
  12. 12. Now what?
  13. 13. No problem,we’ll pink it and shrink it!
  14. 14. Products for women,you’re doing it wrong
  15. 15. Women are more than just ... Above 30Below 30
  16. 16. Nerd test
  17. 17. Different women, different stories, all just human.
  18. 18. Simple tips Do: talk to women Do: make women feel welcome Do: get to know the real differences Don’t: make a pink version of your product for her Don’t: use the female bodies to sell your product, you’re better than that* If in doubt: would I do the same with/to a man?* if not, go back to the drawing board!
  19. 19. Good example
  20. 20. What kind of appsdo women want?
  21. 21. Popular categories of mobile apps among womenSource: The Apps Women Want by Handshake media
  22. 22. Women are more committed gamersSource: Flurry: Love, Courtship and the Promiscuous Male Mobile Gamer
  23. 23. What kind of apps do women want? clarity and simplicity to better ways to work the palms of my hands bringing together the various parts of my life juggling busy lives easier ways to do comparison shopping the things I do better ways to coordinate recipes, ingredients and shoppingSource: The Apps Women Want by Handshake media
  24. 24. A girl’s app manifesto Think about me.  I don’t like wasting time.  Make my life better or fun.  Don’t make me feel stupid.  Don’t make me change for you.I’m looking for experiences, not features. Yes, I like pretty, but I’m not a princess.
  25. 25. Bottom lineWomen and men come in 50 shades of gray pink and blue and een all the colors in betwWomen can be great, passionate customersWomen friendly doesn’t mean guys will hate it Don’t forget about the other half of your customers!
  26. 26. One more thing ...
  27. 27. The other part of the equation... Where are the girls on your team?
  28. 28. Why? “We see that a company’s odds for success increase with more female executives at the VP and director levels.” “For start-ups with five or more females, 61% were successful and only 39% failed.”Source: Women at the Wheel; Do female executives drive start-up success?Dow Jones VentureSource
  29. 29. Why? “There’s little correlation between a group’s collective intelligence and the IQs of its individual members. But if a group includes more women, its collective intelligence rises.” P.S.: It’s all about diversity and different perspectivesSource: Defend Your Research: What Makes a Team Smarter? More Women - Harvard Business Review
  30. 30. However...Don’t hire women just because they’re women.Hire them because they rock!
  31. 31. But, but... There are so few women in tech!
  32. 32. Providing the rightopportunities for women
  33. 33. We can change that! Tell (and show) girls and women in your life it’s ok to love tech Start them when they are young!P.S.: Computer Engineer Barbie option. I’drecommend Katniss Barbie, she kicks more ass.
  34. 34. Have you talked witha woman yet today? @iAlja iAlja.com ialja@me.com