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Idris 2006 Cprs District I Id2digest Summer06[1] ادريس جاسم العبودي


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Idris Jassim Al-Oboudi
ادريس جاسم العبودي

Idris is a nationally recognized Recreation and Parks professional and public speaker. A Highly motivating, energetic, passionate leader with vision and a pragmatic approach to recreation issues and needs, has been working in the field of Recreation for the Past 28 years. He is currently the Manager of Parks and Recreation for the City of Manhattan Beach California. Idris is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and State / National and International notoriety and acclaim.

In February, 2008 Idris, received the Professional Distinguished Service Award. This is the highest award bestowed by the NRPA Pacific Southwest Regional Council. It recognizes professionals in the Region who have consistently given outstanding service to the park, recreation and conservation movement on the State, National and in the case of Mr. Al-Oboudi the international level. He also received the 2007 NRPA’s Program Excellence Award for Special Event.

In February, 2008 Idris, received Los Angeles County Special Commendation Award form forth District Supervisor Mr. Don Knabe. This Commendation is in recognition of dedicated service to the affairs of the community and for the civic pride demonstrated by numerous contributions for the benefit of all the citizens of Los Angeles County California.

In March- 2006 Idris received The California Park & Recreation Society’s (CPRS Over 4000 in Membership) highest Award and Citation that recognizes outstanding contributions to CPRS and the parks, recreation, and/or human serves profession. This award also recognizes his contributions that significantly affect the parks & recreation profession on a regional, sectional, state & national level. Idris was honored for his contributions to the profession and commitment to the Creating Community VIP Action Plan. Both in 2005 and 2006 Idris received the California Parks and Recreation Society’s President’s Award for outstanding Leadership and dedicated service to the parks and recreation profession in California.

In 2004 Al-Oboudi was the first Chair of California Parks and Recreation Society’s Youth Sports and Fitness Task Force (Initiative) in charge of providing modality, revamping and re-directing the youth sports experience in California municipalities and organizations. This Plan was rolled out in fall 2005 and is being implemented state and nation wide starting in spring 2006. Mr. Al-Oboudi was in the lead as a creator and organizer of the Rally in support of Youth Sports and Fitness at the California State Capital on March-8-2007 during the CPRS annual Conference.

Mr. Al-Oboudi is a 25 year member of the CPRS & a long time member of the NRPA. He has served the CPRS membership in many areas, he was the Education Program Chair of the 2008, CPRS Conference, and served in the same capacity in 2004. He has been and Advisor for the CPRS Director of Education for the CPRS CONF 2003-2005& 2006. He was elected as Southern CA CPRS Administrators Section representative serving from 2003 to 2005.

Mr. Al-Oboudi is a frequent contributor to leadership workshops and meetings on recreation issues in Local Collages, Universities, and California Cities, community organizations, CPRS, NRPA and nation wide organizations. Mr. Al-Oboudi Developed a proto type frame work for Vision Insight Planning and Programming (Purpose Driven Programming). This tool was further developed and adopted in Programming for Community and youth recreation, cultural and social activities (Purpose Driven Programming) for the Islamic Community in the USA and the World. This is the First Vision Insight Planning programming tool developed for Muslim Organizations world wide. This ground braking work is a prelude to a comprehensive Initiative Mr. Al-Oboudi is Envisioning, Espousing and Creating, for the Muslim Community in the USA.

A 25 year resident of the Cal

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Idris 2006 Cprs District I Id2digest Summer06[1] ادريس جاسم العبودي

  1. 1. Summer, 2006 INSIDE THIS MESSAGE FROM ISSUE: Bark ‘n’ Splash Bash 2 THE PRESIDENT Bille Park Expansion 2 I would like to first with Nationwide Allied Insurance as thank the awards an adjustor/investigator in San Fran- committee for all their cisco. Aman represented the aging Catch the Spirit 3 hard work at the Annual Awards and section with enthusiasm, dedication Installation Banquet on March 3, and energy. The District II Board is CPRS Awards 3 2006. The awards and installation was very sad to see her leave. We are a great success and we recognized looking for a dedicated professional Step up to Health 4 over eight outstanding individuals to serve in her place. If you are inter- and gave out two scholarships at the ested in serving as the Aging Repre- Clunie Community Center. Thank you sentative, please contact myself or a Trainings 4 to all the agencies who applied and member of your District II Board of participated in this year’s awards pro- Directors. CPRS Watch List 5 gram. We had outstanding participa- Please join us at our next general tion and representation from the Dis- membership meeting September Golf with Attitude 6 trict II agencies. 8th. We are very excited to an- nounce that Idris J. Board of Directors 6 I would also like to “Please join us at our next Al-Oboudi, Recrea- congratulate the Dis- general membership meet- tion Services Man- trict II Board Members ager from the City who were installed at ing September 8th. “ of Manhattan the awards and instal- Beach will be our NEWS WANTED guest speaker. He lation ceremony in March. Since our installation cere- came highly recommended from Have a program, class, mony, the Board has updated our CPRS and from previous session event, facility or activity three year strategic plan, outlined our evaluations. I hope to see all of you you are excited about? Tell goals for the year as well as formed there. us! Submissions for the our committee assignments. This year I encourage all CPRS members, if Autumn newsletter are due the Board outlined our annual goals you have any suggestions or com- September 1st. including education, training, com- ments for the District II Board, please munication, marketing and fundrais- do not hesitate to contact me. I look ing. forward to hearing from you soon. Please contact: Kelly Gonzalez Sincerely, (916) 405-5322 As of July, we would also like to say Kelly Gonzalez good bye to Aman Kaur the District II Aging Representative. She will be Kelly Gonzalez leaving West Sacramento Parks and CPRS District II President Recreation and will be taking a job
  2. 2. Page 2 CPRS District II Digest Bark ‘n’ splash bash Folsom Park & Recreation’s Bark for the city. Although 60% of at- ‘n’ Splash Bash event was started of the marketing elements. tendees at the ’05 event were resi- in 2003 to recognize and respond dents of Folsom, residents from 30 to the growing household owner- other cities comprised the remain- A partnership with the Sacramento ship rates for dogs in the U.S. and ing attendees. County Animal Care & Regulation the popularity of department is an important ele- recreational out- ment of the Bark ‘n’ Splash Bash lets where owners The 2005 and allows us to promote responsi- can socialize with event was a ble pet ownership. County officers their dogs. huge suc- are on hand at the event to verify cess with current animal licenses (a require- 513 human ment for admission to the event), The Bark ‘n’ Splash a t t en dees , Bash provides a and to provide vaccinations, micro- a 43% in- chips, and to update licenses if unique opportunity crease over for owners to bring needed. ‘04; and 307 their dogs to swim dogs, a at the Folsom Aquatic Center 150% increase over ‘04. The 2005 (after the event – which is held in Bark ‘n’ Splash marketing cam- fall – the pool is drained, sanitized, This year’s Bark ‘n’ Splash paign (a CPRS Award of Excel- and inspected as standard post- lence winner) was designed to in- Bash is scheduled for 2-5 season procedure). This rare op- crease participation through ef- p.m., Saturday, Oct. 14. The portunity for “pet parents” to bring fective communication. Low-cost Folsom Aquatic Center is lo- their canine companions to a fa- but efficient tools were used to cility that’s customarily off-limits is cated at 1200 Riley Street, target an audience of new and an attention-getter that generates returning participants. An on-site Folsom. Please call 355-8308 additional awareness for our registration form and survey served for more information award-winning Aquatic Center as the measurement tool to track and helps create a sense of place attendance data and the success Bille Park Expansion The vision of this project started five decades ago with Paradise resi- dents and the Paradise Recreation and Park District Board of Directors purchasing the property in 1967, and was formally put into action by the organization of an Advisory Committee in 1998 consisting of five com- munity individuals, two Park District board members, and two Park Dis- trict staff members. The Committee worked on this project for twenty- two months and realized the product of their work with the grand open- ing of this twelve acre expansion project in the summer of 2004. Located in the Town of Paradise on a fifty-five acre park site overlooking the Butte Creek Canyon, this project is enhancing an adjacent seven acre passive park site on the same parcel. The project consists of a covered pavilion, restrooms, kitchen, trails, walkways, gazebo, playground, parking facility, new entry road, and detailed landscaping. The District put its financial focus on this project contributing over a quarter of a million dollars of funding and utilizing the resources of Proposition 12, Per Capita Funds, a Roberti-Z’Berg/Harris grant, a Land and Water Conservation grant, and contributions from the Town of Paradise and a private citizen. The total project cost
  3. 3. Summer, 2006 Page 3 Bille Park Expansion Contintued . . . was $1,087,000.00, and for our District was certainly one of the most re- warding and ambitious projects to date. This project has created an avenue for environmental education and appreciation, maximized the beauty of the natural setting, developed a distinctive group meeting area and expanded recreational opportuni- ties for residents of the Paradise area, and is enjoying steady patron us- age. Catch the Sprit On Saturday, were treated to Keynote speaker, provided a breakout session on May 20, 2005 Ian Hill of The Changing Point. Hill is Team Building for Supervisors. over 250 Childcare professionals visited the Comments included: Sierra Collage Campus for the An- This year’s event wouldn’t have been “I learned a lot about what I nual Catch the Spirit Recreation possible without the dedication of the should do to make a differ- District II Supervisor’s Section who or- and Childcare Leadership Training Conference. Breakout sessions ence.” ganized the event and the City of Rose- included, program planning, ville who provided event staffing. Spe- games, behavior, leadership, a motivational speaker, dedicated cial thanks to Ian Hill who donated his more. All the sessions were well to inspiring positive change. In ad- services. received. This year participants dition to the opening session, Hill 2005 CPRS Awards The 58th Annual CPRS Awards & Installation Banquet provided District II Agencies another opportunity to shine. Award of Excellence Award Achievement Agency Showcase Award for Marketing Campaign • Agency Brochure / Activity Guide ~ Elk Grove CSD • City of Folsom ~ Bark ‘n’ Splash Bash • Website ~ The City of Sacramento • Southgate Recreation and Park District ~ Golf with • Economic Development ~ The City of Rose- Attitude ville Agency Showcase Award for Recreation and Com- • Health & Wellness! ~ The City of Roseville munity Services • Youth Development ~ California Sate Park • City of Folsom ~ Get Fit in Folsom Agency Showcase Award for Facility Design and Professional Service Award Park Planning Champion of the Community Award • Paradise Recreation & Park District ~ Bille Park Ex- • Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary ~ Roberta Ratcliff pansion
  4. 4. Page 4 CPRS District II Digest West Sacramento a “Step Up To Health” Community The National Health" community. The NRPA for articulating their stance on Recreation Health Summits provided each physical activity and nutrition has and Park As- staff member with information come out of CPRS' "Leading . . . sociation’s regarding the current level of To Promote Health & Wellness" commitment physical inactivity for Californians, document, available on the CPRS to providing as well as some alarming statistics website. This document connects places to be concerning the obesity epidemic the health and wellness move- physically and the diseases that it can fos- ment to the VIP plan, allowing our active extends beyond parks ter. department to align this Step Up alone. Through its “Step Up to to Health (SUTH) initiative with our Health…It Starts in Parks” initiative, current values and mission. NRPA hosted 32 one-day training West Sacramento is committing summits with more than itself to 2,300 attendees nationwide, help- b e i n g Setting guidelines This summer the Parks & Recrea- ing professionals and advocates to part of for minimum ac- tion Department will begin pro- mobilize their community around the solu- moting itself as a health and well- tion by tivity levels in all ness destination for residents who healthy lifestyle goals. Of those 2,300 attendees, four were articulat- programs want to lead healthier, happier from West Sacramento's Parks & ing their lives. A few examples of actions Recreation Department. Director role in the steps include the use of banners Bob Johnston, Recreation Superin- community and setting guidelines SUTH messages and the develop- tendent Andre Pichly, and Senior for minimum activity levels in all ment of a SUTH training compo- Recreation Supervisors Connie programs, as well as nutrition nent for staff, volunteers, and Leek and Paul Reyes, each at- standards in those programs even commissioners. The goal is tended an informative Health where snacks are provided or to have all Parks & Recreation Summit, thereby making West Sac- made available to the partici- representatives sharing the same ramento a "Step Up to pants. A very valuable resource message about increasing physi- ali- cal activity and improving overall ern C North ment health . . . "It Starts in Parks!" : Th e e ted by anag Trainings Presen Aquatics M istrict II D fornia ation and Associ ate! t he D Save Lifeguardpalooza Equipment Expo District II Fall Recreation Sunday, August 6, 2006 Friday, September 15, 2006 Therapy Workshop Folsom Aquatic Center 10:00 a.m.— 3:00 p.m. Friday, November 3, 2006 1200 Riley Street Elk Grove Regional Park Maidu Community Center 5:00 p.m.—9:00 p.m. If you are interested in present- Contact: ing or have great ideas for a session topic please Tom Hellmann (916) 405-5631 contact Marcy Spina at: Sharon Brooks (916) 625-5224 Additional information (916) 663-2657 or coming soon!
  5. 5. Summer, 2006 Page 5 CPRS Legislative Watch List BILL FISCAL CPRS POSITION AB 798 (Wolk) Water Quality, Watershed Protection and Flood Mang. Watch AB 1783 (Nuñez) Infrastructure Financing Support AB 805 (Chu) Occupational Safety & Health Code Watch ACA 7 (Nation) Local Govt Taxation: Voter Approval Support ACA 13 (Harman) Local Govt: Assessment, Fees & Charges Watch SB 153 (Chesbro) Clean Water, Clean Air, Safe Neighborhood Act Support SB 1024 (Perata) Infrastructure Funding – Bond Measure Watch BILL HUMAN RESOURCES CPRS POSITION ACR 77 (Chan) Parks & Recreation addressing obesity Support AB 864 (Levine) California Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Support AB 1144 (Harman) Playground Safety Support AB 2090 (Lieu) Drug Free Zones Support AB 2696 (Huff) Recreation Safety: Skateboard parks & Scooters Support Signature Initiative Sex Offender Residing Near Parks June 2006 Ballot (was SB 277) SB 362 (Torlakson) Physical education professional development program Support AB 1957 (Maze) Vandalism & Parks Support SB 479 (Lowenthal) Childhood Obesity Mitigation Support AB 1861 (Horton) Aging Programs/Bidding Procedure Watch SB 638 (Torlakson) Changes to 21st CCLA & ACES Watch SB 1179 (Morrow) Recreational activities – skateboarding Support SB 1302 (Ashburn) Changes to 21st CCLA & ACES Watch SB 1407 (Margett) Scootering as hazardous recreational activity Support SCR 73 (Torlakson) CA TF on Youth & Workplace Wellness Watch BILL NATURAL RESOURCES CPRS POSITION AB 24 (Maze) Mt Lions Watch SB 509 (Florez) Pesticide Notification Watch SB 1556 (Torlakson) Great CA Delta Trail System Support BILL NEW CPRS POSITION AB 1779 (Karnette) Physical Education SB 1673 (Kuehl) State Parks Funding SB 1677 (Torlakson) Joint-use facilities Support SB 1774 (Torlakson) After School Education and Safety Program Act Watch
  6. 6. t you did to Tell us wha s Congratulations to the ational Park Southgate Recr celebrate N in eation and tion Month Park District’s and Recrea Golf Club for th WildHawk July! eir award winning Marke ting Cam- paign. Designe d to en- courage more people to discover the be golf, this cam nefits of 2006- 2006-2007 imagery to attra paign used no ntraditional ct a younger ge CPRS District II golfer. Once on neration of the links, WildHa sought to keep wk’s staff Board of cusing on quality their new custo mers by fo- customer servic Directors moving away fro e and fun, m the stuffy and age of many co aloof im- untry clubs. President ~ Kelly Gonzalez (916) 405-5322 Elk Grove Community Services District President Elect ~ Todd Sebastian (916) 966-1036 Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District Aging Section ~ Vacant For more information about applying for this position contact Lisa Rudloff at (916) 725-0167 Past President ~ Lisa Rudloff (916) 725-0167 Education Section—Katherine Pitch (916) 278-6800 Sunrise Recreation and Park District California State University, Sacramento V. P. Programming ~ Teresa Roche (916) 808-3818 City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation Park Operations ~ Roy Schwartz (916) 617-4816 City of West Sacramento V.P. of Public Relations ~ Vacant Supervisors Section ~ Scott Stanley (916) 617-4621 For more information about applying for this City of West Sacramento position contact Lisa Rudloff at (916) 725-0167 V.P. of Ways & Means ~ Zach Jones (916) 405-5316 Student Section ~ Keli Heim (925) 708-2224 Elk Grove Community Services District California State University, Sacramento Therapeutic Recreation Section ~ Marcy Spina V.P. of Communications ~ Barry Trute (916) 653-3495 (916) 774-5975 California State Parks Planning Division City of Roseville Parks & Recreation Dept. Administrative Section ~ Cindy Turner (916) 988-6140 Aquatics Section ~ Tom Hellmann (916) 405-5631 Orangevale Recreation & Park District Elk Grove Community Services District CPRS District II Mission~ “To provide District II members and professionals a vehicle of recognition, support, education and development for services and activities within the district..