Rfid based library management system


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RFID Technology improves tracking of books & documents, significantly reduces management costs and increases the time that librarian spends with the patrons by enabling automated book handling at checkins, checkouts,book sorting etc.

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Rfid based library management system

  1. 1. WHITE PAPER Ver 1.0 (Jan 2014) RFID based Library Management System ©  IAITO  INFOTECH    |    All  Right  Reserved  
  2. 2.   "RFID improves the way librarians manage their collections, streamlining and automating item retrieval, storage and inventory processes," -- Bill Allen, Marketing Communications manager, Texas Instruments RFID Systems Issues faced by Libraries Ø Manual shelving of books, DVDs, audio cassettes and videos is a time consuming task. Ø Misplacement of items, mis-shelving of books. Ø Repetitive re-shelving of items. Ø Increasing theft of library documents. Ø Poor Inventory Accuracy. Ø Poor Stock verification Procedure- Accounting/Stock verification of the materials. Ø Lack of Security control. Ø Improper utilization of the resources like library staff. Ø Difficulty in tracing of books & library members. A library is a collection of information, sources, resources, books, services and the structure in which it is housed. Apart from books many libraries are also repositories and access points for maps, prints or other documents on various storage media such as microform (microfilm/microfiche), audio tapes, CDs, LPs, cassettes, videotapes, and DVDs. Libraries have materials arranged in a specified order according to a library classification system, so that items may be located quickly and collections may be browsed efficiently. Reference stacks are different which has only reference books and only selected members. Basic tasks in library management include the planning of acquisitions of materials, arranging the acquired materials according to the library classification, preservation of materials the de accessioning of materials, patron borrowing of materials, and developing and administering library computer systems. The main problem these ancient libraries face are thefts, non-returns and mis-filed items. RFID is a technology which improves the tracking of books & documents, significantly reduces management costs and increases the time that librarians spend with patrons by enabling automated book handling at checkins, checkouts, collections inventories, book sorting and theft deterrence. RFID plays vital role in redefining the library process, increases efficiency, productivity and enhances user satisfaction. ©  IAITO  INFOTECH    |    All  Right  Reserved   02 ---- 08
  3. 3. RFID based Library Management System Figure 1: Library Management System Figure 1 explains how the RFID technology can be used in library as theft detection system. Also depict how the RFID-based systems move beyond security to become tracking systems that combine security with more efficient tracking of materials throughout the library, including easier and faster inventorying and materials handling. Attaching Tag v The RFID tag is fixed inside a book's back cover or directly onto CDs and videos. v Information pertaining to the document like document ID, author Info, Title, publication year, publisher info etc can be embedded into the tag. ©  IAITO  INFOTECH    |    All  Right  Reserved   03 ---- 08
  4. 4. ©  IAITO  INFOTECH    |    All  Right  Reserved   Smart Card/User Information v Smart Card is issued to the library members/Users. Users are validated through smart cards. v User details, library material details are stored in the centralized library database. The same smart card can also be used for auto fine debit / collection. Inventory check using Handheld Reader v The task of identifying misplaced books can be handled using a handheld RFID reader by sweeping the reader across the spines of the books, CD’s, Videos on the shelves. v A misplaced book sends a special alert to the reader prompting the staff to rescue it. Through handheld reader it is possible to conduct inventory counts without removing books from the shelves. RFID Gate System: v RFID readers are mounted at the exit gates of the library. As the user passes through the exit gate the system reads the tags in the books in the user’s arm or bag and cross checks with the library database that the items have been checked out. v If the materials are not correctly read and checked by the Self Serve Patron Stations then the alarm is raised when the patron tries to leave the library or for any un-borrowed material going through the RFID gate system. 04 ---- 08
  5. 5. ©  IAITO  INFOTECH    |    All  Right  Reserved   Book Return Station/Book Drop Box: v Library materials can be returned through one or more automated book/material drop boxes conveniently located anywhere in the library which makes returning material easy for the members. v The chute of the drop box is locked, preventing unauthorized parties from dropping garbage or other inappropriate items into the box. To access the chute, patrons must first present a library card. Member ID is compared with the database. If it is matched, the system sends a command to unlock the drop-box door so the patron can insert the items being returned. A monitor instructs the patrons to insert items one at a time. v Members need to simply slide their returned materials through the access door and the automated RFID reader will read the materials RFID tag and then update the library system. Then confirms when each item is successfully returned and provides the member with a receipt from the internal receipt printer. This automated drop box improves library returns and borrowing as the staff can determine exactly how many items are in the drop box and members can also see the materials that are available in the drop box from the self serve patron stations. Self Serve Station/ Self Check-in/Checkout: v Self Check-in / Check-out kiosk primarily for self issue and return of books in Library without the assistance of library staff. v Patrons or members simply place their ID card on the RFID reader and then login to a Self Serve Station to borrow materials, browse the library, review their history, return materials, reserve an item that is currently on loan and other patron or member activities. v Members borrow materials by placing them on the RFID reader pad which reads the tag ID allocates the materials to the member. With its inbuilt screen and printer, patrons can view & print transaction related information such as number of books issued, outstanding fine (if any) etc. At the end of the session the patron is provided with a receipt for any items borrowed or returned. 05 ---- 08
  6. 6. Benefits of RFID in Library Management System Ø Fully transparent stock control on all available books and media in the library. Ø Library inventory tracking in minutes instead of hours. Easy Traceability of books and library members as they move. Ø Misplaced books and other materials can be found easily. Ø Improved utilization of resources like manpower, infrastructure etc. Ø Efficient book circulation management due to fully controlled and categorized library stock. Ø Automatic Check-in and Check-out. Ø Multiple books can be read simultaneously. Ø Easy tracking of issued/stolen books and documents. Ø Faster and accurate re-shelving means patrons can find items where they should be, hence quicker and more satisfying service. Ø Better preservation of inventory because of less handling by staff. Ø Flexible staff schedules. Ø Labor saving methods free the staff to help customer’s i.e. higher customer/patron satisfaction levels. Ø Uncompromised security within the library. Ø Quicker service such as payment of fees, fines, etc. Ø Automatic and real-time update of database. 06 ---- 08 ©  IAITO  INFOTECH    |    All  Right  Reserved  
  7. 7. What IAITO can Provide Why you should select IAITO Infotech as your partner • We understand the RFID Technology, Solution and have knowledge of the Industry with the top Notch IIT Kanpur R&D engineers who are having more than 5+ years experience in the same domain. • Our understanding about the RFID Business Values & ROI Realization is with 15+ years experience business people in team. • We provide High Quality Product & Testing process (ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company). • We Have High Techno Commercial viability – ROI. • Indigenous Setup (Design, Developed & Tested in world class RFID lab of IIT Kanpur). • We have Local Support & Strong Partner Network Framework to ensure better support. Business Case DevelopmentSite Analysis Design & System Integration TrainingImplementation Customer Support 1. Defining the software and hardware requirement study (SRS & HRS). 2. Integration of hardware and software in lab environment. 1. Understanding the requirement with end customer/partner. 2. Visiting the end customer/partner site and studying the system & IT Infrastructure with demo. 1. Justifying the business value of RFID in Library Management System. 2. Calculating the ROI (Return on Investment) 1. Full telephonic & Email support. 2. Preventive Measurement Support. 3. AMC & Warranty Support. 1. Fully fledged training conducted by IAITO people to Site operation person. 2. Training will be conducted to the management & Admin. 1. Customer site deployment of the hardware & software. 2. Testing the System. 3.Commissioning the system. ©  IAITO  INFOTECH    |    All  Right  Reserved   07 ---- 08
  8. 8. Conclusion Libraries have become a driving force in the development of RFID for the mass market. RFID in the library speeds up book borrowing, monitoring, books searching processes, savings in labor costs, enhance customer service, lower book theft and thus frees staff to do more user-service tasks. This system enables accurate data collection at various levels and eliminates the inaccuracies that are caused by existing library systems. RFID efficiently manages libraries, provides the ease of use and convenience to the users as well as librarians. About IAITO INFOTECH PVT LTD (ISO 9001:2008 certified) an incubate company of IIT Kanpur provides state of the art integrated traceability, identification and authentication solution. It provides software as well as integrated turnkey solution of both(hardware, software & services) in various technologies like RFID, NFC, GPS, Mobile technologies etc. With the knowledge of experienced professional, we are able to help you to deploy right combination of technology that will maximize your ROI right from start and ensure its expandability as the application grow through the evolution of the technology. With our R & D experienced team, we have developed different integrated solutions for various industries and carry one of the most comprehensive product/solutions. IAITO’s turnkey solutions model covers industries like Aviation, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail, Government, Renewable Energy, BFSI and Mining. For more Information kindly visit our website http://www.iaito.co.in/ IAITO INFOTECH (P) Ltd. LIG 124, Maharshi Dayanand Vihar, Phase 2, Kalyanpur, Kanpur- 208017 Phone: +91-5122570357 E-Mail: info@iaito.co.in Web: http://www.iaito.co.in ©  IAITO  INFOTECH    |    All  Right  Reserved   08 ---- 08