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Contagious Mgazine's Report on the Best Contagious Ideas of 2008

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Most Contagious 2008

  1. 1. MOST CONTAGIOUS / 2008
  2. 2. most contagious / 2008 / p.02 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / 2008 30% CREDIT CRUNCH INTRO DISCOUNT ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION ‘If 2006 was about user-generated content and 2007 about social CHAPTERS / NOW £690 GBP media, then 2008 is about the conversation.’ So predicted 01 / Contagious editor Paul Kemp-Robertson in The International Herald LANDMARKS Tribune back in January. ‘In other words, brands will have to steel 02 / themselves to the idea that marketing is a two-way street, not just a TECHNOLOGY conduit for directing their messages toward pliant consumers.’ 03 / Welcome to Most Contagious 2008. Lasting way longer than a GAMING Christmas card, this is our review of the most talked-about trends and 04 / technologies that have influenced the global marketing industry over ENTERTAIN the past 12 months. Contagious Magazine’s mission is to spread the 05 / gospel of non-traditional media and innovative thinking, so please feel MUSIC free to pass this on. 2008 highlights for Contagious included speeches and consultancy 06 / DESIGN trips to Athens, Bangkok, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dubai, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Madrid, Meribel, Miami, Moscow, New York, Oslo, Paris, 07 / SOCIAL MEDIA Parma, Prague, Seattle, Seoul, Stockholm, Toronto and, er, Dunstable. In June, the Debussy Theatre in Cannes was so packed 08 / WEBSITES before the Leo Burnett/Contagious ‘Wildfire’ seminar, the people with the clipboards had to lock the doors and relay the footage onto 09 / screens outside. And we loved the childlike reaction outside the APPLICATIONS Gutter Bar each midnight when we plonked down four gigantic 10 / Contagious cushions for festival goers to chill out on until dawn. INTEGRATED 11 / Elsewhere, we launched a new series of Special Reports to inject VIRAL expert insight into some of the ad industry’s hottest topics, like the 12 / metrics of Social Media and the ‘Goodvertising’ trend. MOBILE 13 / If you’re an advertiser or agency who would like to receive a bespoke, OUTDOORS Contagious / Magazine / DVD / Online / Special Reports / Consultancy / Events / Feed analytical service from the Contagious editorial team, check out 14 / Contagius Feed,, Special Offer to readers of the Most Contagious 2008 report - PLACES our online intelligence resource that navigates the complex but subscribe before 31 January 2009 and save 30% Normally £985 now just £690. 15 / fascinating climate that brands will have to survive in 2009 and Visit to subscribe now. CONTENT beyond. / E: 16 / Contagious / London T: +44 20 7575 1886 GREEN
  3. 3. most contagious / 2008 / p.03 01 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / LANDMARKS Barack Obama / Presidential Campaign / / Branded utility / Obama's team launched an Result - a collective gasp from an adoring media, CHAPTERS / The New York Times has only ever opted for the iPhone application one month before the election, around 7m views on YouTube, some utterly 01 / use of 96pt font four times in its illustrious history. boasting a 'call your friends' feature which deflated opponents and most importantly, LANDMARKS The moon landings. Nixon's resignation. 9/11. organised contacts by key swing states, allowing renewed hope for 'a more perfect union'. 02 / These gargantuan headlines are reserved for you to hassle them individually. The app also / Celebrity tie-ins / Black-Eyed Pea TECHNOLOGY seismic shifts in the global landscape. All the more provided the location of your nearest polling took Obama's iconic 'yes we can' speech and set 03 / fitting, then, that the fourth incidence of this rarity station, and last minute news from the campaign. it to music, hosting it online, enlisting some A-list GAMING was reserved for the election of Barack Obama, / Radical transparency / You follow Obama on chums and allowing for mobile downloads. 14m 04 / not only the first African-American to take up Twitter, he follows you. You ask your question views on YouTube and a whole new bunch of ENTERTAIN residence in the White House, but a man doing so online, his team responds. More recently, the registered voters later… 05 / on the strength of a campaign predicated entirely informal tone of the Obama campaign has been / Relentless consistency / Obama's warm MUSIC on the concept of epic change. taken to YouTube, where his fireside chats will be words for former opponent Hillary Clinton were 06 / As you can see from this Most Contagious PDF, broadcast, and, from where his dismissed by some pundits as pandering to the DESIGN the Contagious team divides this annual round-up presidential transition period can be followed. female demographic, and a democratic party still of blistering phenomena from the worlds of 07 / / Giving power to the people / Obama's dominated by Clintonian politics. He ignored them SOCIAL MEDIA technology, media, design, pop culture and brand campaign was majority funded by small donations and made her Secretary of State. strategy into sections, in order to make it easier to 08 / from enthused individuals, 65,000 of them And all this whilst shaking hands, holding WEBSITES navigate. However, much like his political newbies to political donation, giving what they babies, fighting off rabid opponents and at times philosophy, Barack Obama's campaign strategy 09 / could afford to bring about the change he flagrant racism, and running the kind of traditional APPLICATIONS refused to be divided. Let's tick them off, shall we? promised. media campaign that would put an FMCG 10 / / A big idea / They don't come much bigger than / An eye for the experts / Obama's chief speech behemoth to shame. INTEGRATED 'Yes We Can'. writer Jon Favreau was 26 years old for most of the For such a perfect understanding not only of the 11 / campaign, yet proved himself more than capable / Use of non-traditional media / From the public mood but of the ways in which the public is VIRAL with the crafting of lines such as: 'It was sung by moment the Obama team hired one of Facebook's now connected - Barack Obama, we salute you. 12 / immigrants as they struck out from distant shores original founders to run, the MOBILE and pioneers who pushed westward against an die was cast. Videos, messages and campaign 13 / unforgiving wilderness. Yes we can.' *shiver* information were posted online and Twittered to OUTDOORS more than 140,000 followers. His team blogged, / Some smart PR / Facing criticism for his 14 / Twittered and YouTube'd their way to the win. They friendship with divisive religious figure Jeremiah PLACES even placed Vote For Change ads in videogames Wright, Obama issued no panicked denials. He 15 / like Madden NFL ‘09. Less 2.0, more 2.0bama. simply waited for his next public appearance and CONTENT gave a speech addressing the reality of racism 16 / whilst acknowledging his own position within it. GREEN
  4. 4. most contagious / 2008 / landmarks (cont.) p.04 Apple / iPhone Apps Store / iPlayer / Links / If the iPhone's sleek design and touchscreen interface The BBC's one-week catch up service was launched weren't enough to convince the Apple cynics, the July later than rivals from ITV and Channel 4 - but with over 20 2008 launch of the Apps store probably did the trick. As million streams a month of BBC programming across TV soon as the iPhone's API was released to developers, and radio, the iPlayer is the first service of its kind to prove CHAPTERS / the store was flooded with apps to tell you how to get a runaway success. Launched with a catchy, simple home. Which train to use. Who was winning at golf. tagline ('Making the unmissable, unmissable') and tie- 01 / LANDMARKS Football. Baseball. Where to have dinner. Who to play ins with BBC stalwarts such as EastEnders and Top poker with. You could be Mario. Record your voice. Find Gear to illustrate exactly what you would be missing, the 02 / TECHNOLOGY out what song you're listening to. Check Google Earth. iPlayer came into its own during sporting events like the GOOGLE EARTH, for God's sake, is now available in 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Wimbledon tennis 03 / GAMING your pocket. Despite Apple being unhappy with the use tournament. Instead of two weeks spent grumbling about of the term 'smartphone' to describe its little miracle, it missing the action, the Contagious team simply plugged 04 / now boasts a 17% share of that particular market, and in their headphones en masse. Thanks, Auntie Beeb. ENTERTAIN as a result, Apple hit 100 million app downloads within 05 / three months of launch, and 300 million by December Hulu / MUSIC (the last 100 million was apparently achieved in a space Lacking the luxury of a licence fee but raking in the cash 06 / of six weeks). Even Microsoft took the plunge, adapting nonetheless is Hulu, which made $148m (€115m) in DESIGN its image software Seadragon for the handset. advertising revenues in its first full year of operations 07 / The iPhone Apps store is the steroid-pumped following its launch by NBC Universal and News Corp SOCIAL MEDIA IPLAYER / evolution of the long standing twin trends of in 2007. Content providers include Fox, Universal, Sony 08 / personalisation and convergence. Now - if only we Pictures Television, Warner Bros. Television, Comedy WEBSITES could use the iPhone to cut and paste. Steve! Featured Central, Bravo, FX, Sci Fi and Sundance, which means 09 / in Contagious 16. shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Daily Show, APPLICATIONS Saturday Night Live and The Office - ratings winners 10 / Online TV / every one. Suddenly, YouTube and all its camcorder INTEGRATED In recent years, several services have claimed to have capers looks a bit wobbly. Research company Screen 11 / cracked the thorny issue of online TV. All of them were Digest has predicted revenues of $180m for next year, VIRAL lying, scuppered by a lack of subscribers, a lack of and recent statistics indicate around 64 million streams 12 / content partners, or simply having no discernible per month. MOBILE business model (not that that ever stopped anyone. Users can also watch Hulu content at many other Twitter, we're looking at you). Now, the combination of 13 / places across the web (eg AOL, Comcast, MSN, OUTDOORS the BBC's phenomenal iPlayer service and the work MySpace, and Yahoo!), and viewers can share episodes done by Hulu in the States on cajoling content providers 14 / or clips via email, or embed them on other sites, blogs PLACES is threatening a sea change. Even short-form video's and social networks. The full service is currently only gone all grown up as Vimeo and now YouTube start 15 / available in the USA. Come on Hulu! The good people of CONTENT providing content in high definition and widescreen. Europe and Asia deserve some free entertainment too. Ladies and gentleman, do not adjust your sets. The era 16 / See Contagious 16. • of online TV may finally be upon us. GREEN iPHONE APPS /
  5. 5. most contagious / 2008 / p.05 02 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / TECHNOLOGY / CHAPTERS / to be an important platform; that the browser wars of Google / Chrome / 10 years ago were right. The browser matters.' Forever innovative, the big giant of the valley declared 01 / LANDMARKS rainbow-coloured war on rivals Microsoft earlier this Despite the fluffy comic strip Google used to market year with the official launch of Chrome, its first 02 / Chrome prior to its launch (see right), there's an evil attempt at a web browser. Ostensibly sticking one in TECHNOLOGY undercurrent to all this. If Google controls people's the eye to the cumbersome Internet Explorer and email and their browsers, not to mention a recent offer 03 / rattling the cage of an increasingly bloated Firefox, GAMING to provide free national wi-fi, they would have Chrome uses Google's own open source 'Gears' tool, unprecedented and unfettered access to a huge 04 / allowing desktop applications and online applications portion of the western world's information. Minority ENTERTAIN to talk to each other. Put simply, this means that the Report was right. The future is chrome-coloured. browser could be the only operating system you'd 05 / See Contagious 17. MUSIC ever need. How many Windows would that smash, do we think…? 06 / DESIGN Of course, it's not without its glitches. No version is currently available for Mac OSX or Linux users, thus 07 / SOCIAL MEDIA depriving Google of the subset of creative and techie visionaries/wannabes who would adopt it in their 08 / droves. Further competition will come in the new year WEBSITES with a new version of Firefox, whose popularity rests 09 / on the plethora of independently created plug-ins APPLICATIONS available for the system. At time of writing, there are 10 / no plug-ins for Chrome but the architecture, along INTEGRATED with Mac and Linux versions, are promised for 2009. 11 / So far adoption has been steady, but by no means VIRAL an overnight success. Web analytics GetClicky 12 / estimates that Chrome boasts a 1% share of the MOBILE market, with IE at 60% and Firefox at 30%. However, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has explained Chrome's 13 / GOOGLE / CHROME COMIC / OUTDOORS importance to the company in no uncertain terms. 'The thing that changed in the past couple of years ... 14 / is that people started building powerful applications PLACES on top of browsers and the browsers that were out GOOGLE / CHROME / 15 / there, in particular in Explorer, were not up to the task CONTENT of running complex applications,' he told The 16 / Financial Times. 'We think that the browser continues GREEN
  6. 6. most contagious / 2008 / technology (cont.) p.06 Cloud Computing / adidas / Bonded by Thread / Google's maneouvrings take us nicely onto another buzz Nanotechnology as marketing? Get outta here. Last phrase of 2008 - cloud computing, or the use of a web year, WhybinTBWA launched their Bonded by network to host information so it can be accessed from Blood campaign, in which the New Zealand All anywhere around the world. Think GoogleDocs, or Blacks gave samples of their DNA to be woven into a CHAPTERS / Gmail. You log in, you have access, thus finally slaying the promotional poster for sponsor adidas. This year, they 01 / irritation of that bastard file being on the desktop at home. used nanotechnology to etch fans' names and LANDMARKS The notion of the cloud lends itself neatly to Google's messages of support onto an 'Adithread' which was 02 / vision of a browser-based future, and behemoths such as then woven into a rugby jersey worn by captain Richie TECHNOLOGY Amazon have allowed third party developers to McCaw. The campaign mantra? 'This is not a jersey. 03 / contribute to their own cloud in order to ensure a slicker This is a legacy'. Two thumbs up for bringing the fans GAMING service. and the players closer together. 04 / See Contagious 16. Not to be outdone, rivals Microsoft have now entered ENTERTAIN the fray with Azure. This service has been described as 05 / Guinness Rugby / RFID / 'Windows for the cloud', and will be offered alongside the MUSIC Over in Ireland, the Guinness team in conjunction with next release of Windows, 7. In a huge shift of policy for a digital strategists Red Urban in London is doing 06 / company which has dominated the desktop since DESIGN some staggering things with RFID (Radio Frequency forever, you'll be able to store your documents/ Identification Technology). The brand's positioning - 07 / photos/files/whatever on the cloud, which will be hosted SOCIAL MEDIA 'It’s Alive Inside' - has been literally and beautifully on countless giant data centres around the world. interpreted by the addition of RFID tags to rugby balls, 08 / WEBSITES It's all a bit Terminator - if you remember, James and an intricate camera monitoring system capable of Cameron's notion of a centralised system through which measuring the speed, power and accuracy of passes ADIDAS / THIS IS NOT A JERSEY / 09 / all beings were connected was called Skynet, and it led APPLICATIONS and player. Ultimately, this world first could give to the near extinction of mankind. Plus, the amount of everyone from coaches to fans access to detailed 10 / money you need to host the information means that only metrics of gameplay, creating the kind of obsessives INTEGRATED big, slightly sinister players with track records in and media coverage currently dominating football and 11 / monopoly need apply. Despite the obvious and exciting baseball. In our humble opinion, this is pretty much the VIRAL potential of the cloud, one of the earliest laws of sport activation to end all sport activations, and 12 / computing states that data doesn't exist unless it's in at definitely one to watch for the year ahead. MOBILE least two places. Microsoft and Google will have 13 / backups - but God forbid your log-in details should ever Plastic Logic / OUTDOORS fail. With media attention focused on the travails of a 14 / wheezing music industry, the publishing industry has Now might be the time for anyone with doubts as to the PLACES been quietly facing its own digital revolution. After future of society to start putting a down payment on that 15 / Amazon's Kindle digital reader and the Sony GUINNESS / RFID / shack in the woods. If anyone will give you a mortgage, CONTENT eBook Reader, the new kid on the block is Plastic that is. 16 / Logic. The size of an A4 piece of paper, no thicker GREEN
  7. 7. most contagious / 2008 / technology (cont.) p.07 than a pad of it and weighing under 1lb, this flexible digital parchment can display newspapers and books as well as other documents from PDFs to Powerpoint presentations. You'll also be able to connect to it wirelessly. Is this the newspaper of the future? CHAPTERS / Featured in Contagious 17. 01 / LANDMARKS Radiohead / House of Cards / 02 / So beautiful we put it on the front cover of our TECHNOLOGY magazine. Complaint rock innovators Radiohead shot a video for House of Cards using 360º laser scanners 03 / GAMING instead of cameras and lights. They also premiered it on the Google code content platform. Shot by James 04 / ENTERTAIN Frost of Zoo Films, the video plus widgets and a making-of film can be viewed here: 05 / MUSIC Featured in Contagious 16. 06 / DESIGN Google Streetview / 07 / Google's Streetview is an additional feature of SOCIAL MEDIA Google Maps and Google Earth that provides data 08 / PLASTIC LOGIC / taken from street level. Forget top down or GPS WEBSITES harassment. Go forth and stalk face to face. • 09 / APPLICATIONS 10 / INTEGRATED RADIOHEAD / HOUSE OF CARDS / links / 11 / VIRAL 12 / MOBILE 13 / OUTDOORS 14 / PLACES 15 / GOOGLE / STREETVIEW / CONTENT 16 / GREEN
  8. 8. most contagious / 2008 / p.08 03 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / GAMING 2008 spawned one of the biggest media launches of all advertising. Instead, revenue was created using more CHAPTERS / time when Grand Theft Auto IV hit the shelves, followed progressive and inventive business models. For 01 / by a second wave of virtual worlds and Sackboy, the example, thanks to a new technology called ZiT, players LANDMARKS cutest little critter from Sony…. can use the main character's mobile phone to dial a 02 / number when they hear a track which they like on the car TECHNOLOGY LittleBigPlanet / radio. Much like the real-world service Shazam, the title LittleBigPlanet launched on Sony's PlayStation 3 in 03 / and artist of the track then gets sent to them via SMS GAMING November. Developed by small British company Media message. If the player has already pre-registered on the Molecule, the game puts players in control of plucky 04 / Rockstar Games Social Club website, they are able to ENTERTAIN hero Sackboy. Facilitated by Sony's online gaming compile a playlist of all their favourite tracks from the service PlayStation Network, players are encouraged 05 / game and by visiting, purchase every one to explore each others' worlds and even collaborate in MUSIC of these tracks for under $1 each. the evolutionary process, making LittleBigPlanet as See Contagious 15. 06 / much a hybrid social network as an ultra-playable video DESIGN game. The beta trial alone - among 24,000 people - saw Spore / 07 / 5,000 levels of the game being created over just three SOCIAL MEDIA The Sims designer Will Wright of Maxis Studio spent days. Despite a sticky launch due to some soundtrack three years creating Spore. The game allows players to LITTLEBIGPLANET / 08 / issues and heavy-handed moderation, the game has WEBSITES develop a character from a single-cell organism fighting since received a 95% rating on against the fluid dynamics of a tidal pool, into a member 09 / Sackboy in spaceman mode also graced the cover of of an advanced civilisation and eventually a space- APPLICATIONS Contagious 17 and page 40 of this report. conquering demigod. 10 / INTEGRATED Grand Theft Auto IV / Prior to the game's release in September, parent 11 / The only title to score higher than LittleBigPlanet on company Electronic Arts made a stripped-down VIRAL is Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto version of Spore's creature creator available for free 12 / IV. GTA IV has done nothing but smash records all year: download. This lets users get to grips with the interface MOBILE in its first week, it shifted six million copies worldwide, and their character by playing with an infinite number of 13 / amounting to total sales figures of over $500m. This body parts, colours, textures and appendages. OUTDOORS eclipses the $300m taken by Halo 3 last year and even Furthermore, an awesome video showing comedian Hollywood's biggest grossing film Pirates of the and actor Robin Willams bungling his way through a 14 / PLACES Caribbean: At World's End which took $460m in the six tutorial of the application was launched online. In San days following its release. Much to the frustration of Francisco, a micro billboard measuring 14quot; x 6quot; was 15 / CONTENT prospective advertisers, Rockstar was vehemently placed on a roof top; a fixed telescope helped passers SPORE / against the emerging trend of featuring in-game by to check it. 16 / GREEN
  9. 9. most contagious / 2008 / gaming (cont.) p.09 controller setup, has also been going great guns The game has not gone without its fair share of supported by its own celebrity collaborations. Guns controversy however. Electronic Arts, which N' Roses released the first single from their long- owns Maxis, recently lost a reported $25m awaited comeback album Chinese Democracy through illegal downloads by consumers who felt ‘ Shackler's Revenge’, via Rock Band. Also, exciting CHAPTERS / that their ownership rights were being abused news for 2009 - creators Harmonix are set to release when they found that the game could not be 01 / a special Beatles edition of the game featuring the registered on multiple PCs… More power to the LANDMARKS entire back catalogue of the Fab Four's hits and fully console, eh? See Contagious 17 02 / endorsed by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko TECHNOLOGY Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison. If this doesn't make Rock Band / Guitar Hero / 03 / your mum want to play video games, we don't know Apart from the emergence of collaborative, online GAMING what will… Featured in Contagious 16. initiatives such as LittleBigPlanet, the other video 04 / game trend which characterised 2008 was ENTERTAIN Ones to watch / undoubtedly the rise and rise of casual gaming. 05 / Football Superstars / Started by the industry-subverting Nintendo Wii MUSIC Created by Nottingham-based CyberSports, console in 2006, the casual gaming market has been 06 / Football Superstars combines the appeal of steadily growing as girlfriends, parents and DESIGN games like EA Sports' FIFA and Konami's Pro grandparents discover the joy of the joystick. The one 07 / Evolutionary Soccer with the virtual world platform genre which has profited most from this trend is that SOCIAL MEDIA found in Second Life and the massively multiplayer of music-simulation - most notably titles such as 08 / online role-playing game (MMORPG) experience Activision's Guitar Hero franchise and Rock Band WEBSITES offered by Vivendi's World of Warcraft. The game from Harmonix. is free to download and once players have 09 / Something of a cultural phenomenon, Guitar Hero APPLICATIONS completed training, they can join a virtual team. invites you to 'Unleash your inner rockstar' - However, as well as playing matches, users are 10 / something which apparently over 23 million people INTEGRATED encouraged to interact off the pitch where they worldwide have done, resulting in $1.6bn at retail. can indulge in a whole host of decadent extra- 11 / Bands and advertisers have clearly recognised the VIRAL sporting activities. So far, over 219,000 have penetration of the franchise; most recently, The registered for Football Superstars and 12 / Killers marked the release of their third album, Day & CyberSports have claimed that a further 3000 are MOBILE Age, with an appearance in Guitar Hero World Tour. signing up every day. 13 / Day & Age was released on 25 November and the OUTDOORS Las Vegas rock quartet is releasing two singles, CyberSports has signed up a number of brands 14 / Human and Losing Touch, as downloads into the for in-game placement including Puma. The PLACES game. 2004 smash hit Mr Brightside will also form revenue model also includes micro-payments, part of ‘The Killers Track Pack’. 15 / with CyberSports estimating that each player will CONTENT spend around £3.50 ($5.4) a month on items Rival series Rock Band, the first game of its type to 16 / such as clothes, locker space and refreshments. add drums and vocals to the traditional guitar- GREEN See Contagious 17.
  10. 10. most contagious / 2008 / gaming (cont.) p.10 LEGO / Universe / Set for a 2009 release, LEGO Universe is another new MMOG. Developed by NetDevil to be a seamless adaptation of the LEGO philosophy, the concept behind the subscription-based LEGO Universe is CHAPTERS / simple – if you can imagine it, then you can build it. The traditional play experience will transfer online, requiring 01 / LANDMARKS a creative and collaborative approach to accomplish in- game goals. Contagious 17 contains a case study on 02 / TECHNOLOGY LEGO. 03 / IFTF / Superstruct / GAMING ARG-guru and gaming genius Jane McGonigal 04 / (formerly of 42 Entertainment) has headed up the ENTERTAIN development of a new online project which could well 05 / save the world. Superstruct, from the Institute for the LEGO / UNIVERSE / MUSIC Future (IFTT), is a future-facing affair which pits players 06 / against a host of daunting new-world threats such as DESIGN disease, global warming and hackers. Championing the 07 / power of gaming as a unifying force, McGonigal also SOCIAL MEDIA believes that companies could benefit from 08 / understanding the role that gaming could play as a WEBSITES business tool. For more details and an interview with McGonigal, check out the link below to an article in 09 / APPLICATIONS BusinessWeek… • 10 / INTEGRATED 11 / links / GTA IV / VIRAL 12 / MOBILE 13 / ROCK BAND / OUTDOORS 14 / PLACES 15 / CONTENT 16 / GREEN SUPERSTRUCT /
  11. 11. most contagious / 2008 / p.11 04 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / ENTERTAINMENT Quantum of Solace / CHAPTERS / Despite the long-cultivated suspicion that the Bond franchise might 01 / be metamorphosing into little more than a series of beautiful, big LANDMARKS budget commercials, the latest effort, Quantum of Solace, 02 / eschewed heavy placements in favour of some impressive tie-ins and TECHNOLOGY product integration around the action. Smirnoff Black, Bond's 03 / original tipple, underlined its placement in the film with an appealing GAMING integrated campaign based around a limited edition bottle of the spirit 04 / with a cocktail shaker, through Edinburgh-based Three Brand ENTERTAIN Design. Coca-Cola also introduced special edition bottles of Coke 05 / Zero, renaming the fizz Zero Zero 7. A global TV campaign through MUSIC Wieden + Kennedy featured music from Jack White, who penned Another Way To Die, the film's disappointing theme tune. 06 / DESIGN Sony's electronic offerings featured prominently. Digital agency 07 / Dare London launched Bond in HD - an immersive microsite to SOCIAL MEDIA showcase High Definition products which saw users set challenges 08 / based around various HD products. Players were required to WEBSITES manipulate content, analyse narrative and test awareness and 09 / memory to succeed, honing their spy skills along the way. APPLICATIONS To celebrate Sony Ericsson's Cyber Shot as Bond's mobile of 10 / choice iris Digital, London, launched Directive C902 - an integrated INTEGRATED campaign based around a rich content microsite hosting an 11 / interactive movie, complete with missions integrated into the plot. VIRAL Each mission completed delivered a code that unlocked an exclusive 12 / mobile phone app and granted access to the next level of the game. MOBILE Microsoft’s Surface technology also found a home in the hi-tech 13 / OUTDOORS offices of MI6, and just to mess with the system, Ford's dominant sponsorship of the film saw not Bond, but Bond girl Camille (Olga 14 / Kurylenko) behind the wheel of its key placement, the new Ford Ka. PLACES Featured in Contagious 17. 15 / CONTENT 16 / GREEN
  12. 12. most contagious / 2008 / entertainment (cont.) p.12 The Dark Knight / online. The characters were given MySpace pages and We were delirious with excitement back in 2007 with anticipation reached fever pitch when fans excitedly anticipation of the release of The Dark Knight. (Just see logged on to only to discover a Most Contagious 2007 for proof.) This was thanks in no couple's wedding invitation site, seemingly unconnected small part to 42 Entertainment's epic alternate reality to the film. Finally, in November, Paramount released the CHAPTERS / game building up over the 18 months prior to the film's official trailer and the film's name was made public, but release. One particularly great stage in the hints surrounding the monster still remained minimal. 01 / LANDMARKS comprehensive ARG was Operation Slipknot, a game Cloverfield's US opening was the biggest ever for January focusing on corruption in Gotham City Police Dept and so the slow burn word of mouth effect came good. Oh, and 02 / TECHNOLOGY the apprehension of 30 fugitives. Commissioner Jim it helped that the film itself was pretty decent. Gordon sent out an email with the assignment and all Featured in Contagious 14. • 03 / GAMING slots in the game were reportedly taken within 45 minutes. The ARG is too monstrous to document in its 04 / links / entirety except with the help of obsessive players / wiki ENTERTAIN contributors. If you fancy a flutter, the smart money’s on 05 / a Cannes Lion or two for the creators in 2009. MUSIC 06 / DESIGN The film's box office takings are edging towards the golden billion dollar mark, where it would join the 07 / SOCIAL MEDIA esteemed releases of Titanic, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's 08 / WEBSITES Chest, the only three movies to date to have achieved THE DARK KNIGHT / such a feat. The Dark Knight will be re-released in the 09 / APPLICATIONS US on 23 January, the day after Oscar nominations are announced. Featured in Contagious 14, 15. 10 / INTEGRATED Cloverfield / 11 / Cloverfield opened the year's box office excitement in VIRAL January after a six-month viral campaign building up to the 12 / opening night. The monster flick follows five young friends MOBILE in New York through their own video footage of the night a 13 / monster hits the city. The fun began in July 2007 with an OUTDOORS unbranded trailer at the end of Transformers, the last frame 14 / of which stated 01-18-08. The first step encouraged PLACES people to search online where they found a website with 15 / nothing but two dazed faces. The next few months saw CONTENT spoof videos and rumours as fans tried desperately to THE DARK KNIGHT / CLOVERFIELD / 16 / unlock clues to the film which were sporadically released GREEN
  13. 13. p.13 most contagious / 2008 / 05 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / MUSIC / In a year when the global music trade body IFPI released figures CHAPTERS / showing that digital music sales now account for 15% of all sales - 01 / 30% in the US - brands became more aware of opportunities that LANDMARKS could link them to artists. Meanwhile, the ratio of unlicensed tracks to 02 / legal tracks sold is about 20:1, so live music and merchandise are TECHNOLOGY becoming areas of focus for the music industry and artists. The UK 03 / festival industry alone was worth about £900m in 2008 - around 700 GAMING festivals. Can this be sustained throughout an unpredictable 2009? 04 / ENTERTAIN 05 / O2 / Live Nation / MUSIC At the heart of the thirst for live music was O2, which linked up with 06 / Live Nation, replacing Carling as the brand behind Brixton and 10 DESIGN other Academy Music Group venues from 1 January 2009. O2 07 / reckons the partnership will reach more than 3.5 million music fans, SOCIAL MEDIA extending across the UK the same priority ticketing benefits that O2 08 / customers currently enjoy with the London-based O2 venue: the WEBSITES chance to buy tickets 48 hours before they officially go on sale. And 09 / despite some ugly rumours to the contrary, the O2 Wireless Festival APPLICATIONS will take place in Hyde Park in 2009. Bring back Daft Punk! 10 / INTEGRATED Nokia / Comes With Music / 11 / Nokia launched Comes With Music (CWM), a download service VIRAL bundled in with a Nokia phone package, most notably the 5310. Any 12 / music fans happy to shell out €199 for a CWM-enabled handset MOBILE could then enjoy unlimited tracks from a catalogue bulging with two 13 / million tracks. Users must buy another CWM-enabled handset after OUTDOORS the year has elapsed. Warner Music, SonyBMG and Universal are 14 / partnering Nokia, which will extend the service throughout Europe PLACES and Asia in 2009. On the back of Apple’s December announcement 15 / that it will be dropping DRM from the content of three major labels sold CONTENT through iTunes, will this caveat-loaded approach be enough to 16 / compete in the download wars? See Contagious 17. GREEN
  14. 14. most contagious / 2008 / music (cont.) p.14 TAG / TAG Records / Miller Genuine Draft / The Mill / TAG, a male body spray owned by P&G that chases the Miller Genuine Draft diverted its entire marketing same young demographic as Unilever's Lynx/Axe, budget into creating a platform for unsigned bands in an hooked up with Def Jam Music on TAG Records. Q, a attempt to reflect the brand's 'genuinely different' rapper from Brooklyn, was the first artist to be signed to positioning throughout Scotland. Via Leo Burnett CHAPTERS / the hip hop label. For more on brands such as TAG, London, the platform gave unsigned acts maximum 01 / Vodafone and Bacardi identifying fresh points of entry coverage and consumers free content. Venues in LANDMARKS into the music industry, read this article from Edinburgh and Glasgow staged live performances from 02 / Contagious 16 by Jack Horner, co-founder and creative a selection of 108 bands. Each act had a unique poster, TECHNOLOGY director of music marketing agency Frukt, London. imagery from which is used on packaging. Gig-goers 03 / download free tickets to their mobiles via the website GAMING where 540 tracks have been recorded and distributed. 04 / Umphrey's McGee / Further mobile content is available via dedicated ENTERTAIN bluetooth units in the venues. Media partnerships Prog rock fans will be counting the days until 19 January 05 / struck with The Skinny magazine and Xfm Scotland, as 2009 when Mantis, the new album from Chicago outfit MUSIC well as with e-newsletters and social networking sites, Umphrey's McGee is released. But how rich an built on the buzz . See Contagious 17. • 06 / experience the album is relies entirely on how involved DESIGN fans have been in the lead-up to its release. In a smart 07 / initiative by Connecticut-based design and branding links / SOCIAL MEDIA agency Plaid, if fans visit a special website and pre- 08 / order the CD, they help unlock a treasure chest of free MILLER GENUINE DRAFT / THE MILL / WEBSITES content which includes alternative studio recordings and remixes. What's more, fans who pre-order Mantis 09 / APPLICATIONS will be drip-fed even more content over 2009 every time they play the CD on their PC. 10 / INTEGRATED 11 / Dr. Pepper / Chinese Democracy / VIRAL Dr. Pepper promised a can of Dr. Pepper to everyone in 12 / the US if the long-anticipated Guns N' Roses album, MOBILE Chinese Democracy, was completed in 2008. Yet the 13 / execution of this marketing masterstroke was shabby: OUTDOORS servers crashed on the brand's website, meaning users were unable to log on and download their voucher for 14 / PLACES the free drink. Guns N' Roses front man Axl Rose then issued legal proceedings against Dr. Pepper, accusing 15 / CONTENT it of tainting Guns N' Roses by association… still, we raise a can of, and to, Dr. Pepper for its audacity. 16 / GREEN
  15. 15. most contagious / 2008 / p.15 06 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / DESIGN / PRODUCTS Speedo / LZR / CHAPTERS / 2008’s most impactful piece of product design is arguably the now 01 / infamous Speedo LZR swimsuit, most famously worn by record- LANDMARKS breaking Olympic Gold Medallist and general human fish Michael 02 / Phelps. Developed by biomechanical engineers in one of NASA's TECHNOLOGY wind tunnels, the suit has had such a profound effect on the sport that 03 / Alberto Castagnetti, coach of the Italian national team, referred to it GAMING as 'technological doping'. How profound, you ask? Since its launch in 04 / March, no fewer than 74 world records have been broken by swimmers ENTERTAIN wearing the LZR. It also caused chaos in the run-up to the Olympics 05 / as several swimmers not sponsored by Speedo attempted to wriggle MUSIC out of their own deals in order to hitch a ride on the bandwagon to medal glory. It's just like Contagious has always said - nail those 06 / DESIGN oxygenating hydrodynamics and the rest will fall into place… See Contagious 16. 07 / SOCIAL MEDIA 08 / Nike / Zoom Victory / WEBSITES Almost as big news as Speedo's LZR has been Nike's Zoom Victory 09 / running shoe. By dispensing with the elements previously needed to APPLICATIONS hold a sneaker together (stitching, material) in favour of a suspension 10 / bridge design with merely a coating of fabric, the shoes weigh in at INTEGRATED less than a chocolate bar. What's more, because the design is so 11 / pared down, the Nike team can use rapid prototyping - computer VIRAL aided design - to manufacture unique versions in a fraction of the time 12 / it would take to knock up a regular sneaker. The cheap production MOBILE process could enable Nike to shift some of its manufacturing out of 13 / China and back to its home in the United States, thus creating jobs in OUTDOORS an otherwise exhausted marketplace. This unexpected side effect is fascinating: a product design innovation, led by technology, with 14 / PLACES immediate, first hand repercussions for a country's economy. Top marks to the Nike Tech Lab. 15 / CONTENT See Contagious 16. 16 / GREEN
  16. 16. most contagious / 2008 / design (cont.) p.16 Electric Cars / vision involves drivers plugging in their vehicles whilst at 2008 has undoubtedly been the year in which home or work, with longer journeys catered for by a stint alternative fuelling and the use of sustainable at one of 150 larger charging stations dotted around the materials in the automotive industry has turned from country. mere novelty into a necessity. With the global CHAPTERS / Financial backing has come from Morgan Stanley economy furiously struggling to keep its head above (yes, really) and, rather ironically, the owner of Israel's 01 / water, and car manufacturers seeking more hand-outs largest oil refinery, Idan Ofur. Clearly these investors LANDMARKS NIKE / ZOOM VICTORY / than Oliver Twist, motorists the world over are looking share Agassi's optimism for a global roll-out, should 02 / for ways to justify and afford their daily drive. Israel prove a successful training ground. This is TECHNOLOGY Obviously, US companies producing traditional gas- supported by the recent news that interest in the 'Better 03 / guzzling beasties have been worst hit, but even the Place' initiative has already spread to the US, where the GAMING smallest are now seeking to change. Step forward mayors of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, parent company BMW and the MINI E. 04 / California have all approved a test period for the ENTERTAIN The German car manufacturer has launched an network of electric cars. See Contagious 17. 05 / electric version of its iconic small British car, but limited MUSIC production to just 500 vehicles. Furthermore, these will Netbooks / ASUS Eee PC / 06 / only be available for lease to drivers in Los Angeles and There’s an odd rule of technology which states that the DESIGN New York who have a lockable garage where the car the price of a gadget is inversely proportional to its 07 / can be re-charged from a wall-mounted unit. All the cars physical size. Therefore it is with open arms (and open SOCIAL MEDIA are silvery grey and come with the distinctive yellow plug wallets) that the PC-buying public has welcomed the 08 / insignia announcing their electric credentials. BMW is new trend for affordable versions of the mini laptops WEBSITES aiming to mass-produce an electric car by 2010. known as netbooks. Statistics published by BMW / MINI E / show that sales of netbooks are 09 / We like this softly, softly approach from MINI. Not only APPLICATIONS expected to rise from one million units sold in 2007 to a are they subtly vetting the initial 500 customers - projected total of 14 million for 2008. Leading the 10 / reinforcing the feeling of joining a select club - but also INTEGRATED charge was Taiwan-based ASUS with its range of oh- securing at least a year of free advertising from these so-cute Eee PC laptops. Available with a screen size as 11 / lucky few as they scoot about in their distinctive silver VIRAL small as 7quot;, these start at under €231, with an almost and yellow cars. By the time the brand does scale up its infinite range of tech-specs to suit every user. 12 / production on the electric MINI, the buzz around the MOBILE vehicle will be at a peak and demand will be high… If this wasn't enough to confirm the product as the PC of 13 / the people, ASUS has recently teamed up with the Intel In other news, entrepreneur Shay Agassi has been OUTDOORS Corporation to launch wePC (see page 19), a website backed by the Israeli government to start 14 / tapping into the crowdsourcing trend to influence the implementing a network of electric cars, apparently PLACES design of the world's first community-designed laptop. resulting in 'sustainable transportation, global energy See Contagious 15 and 17. 15 / independence and freedom from oil'. Using a concept CONTENT developed with French manufacturer Renault, Agassi's 16 / ASUS / Eee PC / GREEN
  17. 17. most contagious / 2008 / design (cont.) p.17 Red / If you haven't heard anything about Red yet, be aware that its amazing hi-tech cameras are shaking up the entire movie industry whilst costing around one third of the price of equivalent big brand offerings. Scheduled CHAPTERS / additions to the range - the sub $3000 Scarlet video camera and the high end Epic model - have been 01 / LANDMARKS delayed, with CEO (and Oakley eyewear founder) Jim Jannard posting enigmatically on the company's forum 02 / TECHNOLOGY that 'we have changed everything about Scarlet because the market has changed and we have 03 / GAMING discovered a lot of things in the process. We have a new vision'. 04 / The forum is buzzing and speculation is ripe; definitely ENTERTAIN a brand to keep an eye on as belts are tightened 05 / worldwide. Director Steven Soderbergh's two recent MUSIC films Guerrilla and The Argentine were shot entirely 06 / using Red cameras, as was Peter Jackson's Crossing DESIGN the Line. All our lunch money is going in the Contagious 07 / piggy bank for one of these (and a communal Speedo SOCIAL MEDIA LZR to share…ewww). 08 / See Contagious 17. • WEBSITES 09 / APPLICATIONS 10 / INTEGRATED 11 / VIRAL links / 12 / MOBILE 13 / aerofly/detail OUTDOORS 14 / PLACES 15 / CONTENT 16 / GREEN
  18. 18. most contagious / 2008 / p.18 07 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / SOCIAL MEDIA / Facebook (again) / CHAPTERS / It will come as no surprise that comScore declared Facebook the biggest and fastest-growing social network: over 132 million people 01 / LANDMARKS visit the site every month, a year-on-year increase of 153%. Smart investment in translation tools saw the site take off in Latin America, 02 / Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and advertisers were quick to TECHNOLOGY develop apps and widgets. Pizza Hut even developed an app 03 / enabling users to order a pizza without leaving the site (although we're GAMING lukewarm on the facility that tells Facebook friends that you ordered a 04 / stuffed crust Hawaiian). And best of all, GetThemIn allowed ENTERTAIN Facebook users to buy drinks via the social network which could be 05 / cashed in for real booze at over 1,500 off licences in the UK. MUSIC Bebo / 06 / DESIGN Teen-friendly social networking site Bebo saw 32% growth in 2008, 07 / from 18m to 24m total unique visitors, and was snapped up in March SOCIAL MEDIA by AOL for the princely sum of $850m. One of the site's stickiest 08 / features proved to be original drama, with Bebo repositioning itself as WEBSITES a media platform and offering a combination of entertainment and social media, providing brands with opportunities to integrate 09 / APPLICATIONS naturally into the plot. Audience approval of placement and the fact that the Open Media platform allows users direct access to 10 / INTEGRATED thousands of hours of premium content has proved a leading strategy so far. KateModern - which attracted advertisers including Toyota 11 / VIRAL and Cadbury - set the ball rolling in 2007, but this year, Sofia's Diary captivated Beboers and advertisers including Unilever's Sure Girl 12 / and Pearl Drops. The show, in five-minute daily segments, was also MOBILE syndicated to the Channel 5-owned digital channel, Fiver. Bebo 13 / followed up with The Secret World of Sam King, a joint venture with OUTDOORS Universal Records, which followed the adventures of the 14 / eponymous hero working at the record label and averaged 600,000 PLACES views a week. Finally, comedy series Chelsey OMG!, the story of a 15 / young American in London, launched in October, backed by the likes CONTENT of fashion website and haircare brand Paul Mitchell. 16 / GREEN
  19. 19. most contagious / 2008 / social media (cont.) p.19 Crowdsourcing / BA / Metrotwin / Crowdsourcing has become a welcome trend among British Airways launched Metrotwin, a social media PC brands, with Asus and Intel joining forces on platform to link Londoners and New Yorkers. The online - 'a place where users like you come community provides expert suggestions on the best together to share ideas, images and inspiration about places to visit, shop eat and drink in both cities, and CHAPTERS / your ideal PC'. The best ideas will shape the design of makes recommendations based on user behaviour à la 01 / what is touting as the world's first Amazon. BBH worked with the London-based LANDMARKS community-designed laptop. came hot on agencies Made By Many on the design, Headshift and 02 / the heels of consumer electronics retailer Best Buy on development and delivery. TECHNOLOGY working with Toshiba and HP on a similar project which See Contagious 17. 03 / invited consumers to contribute ideas for its Blue Label GAMING laptop range. Yet both were influenced by Dell which Penguin / BEBO / UNIVERSAL MUSIC / SAM KING / launched its crowdsourcing concept Idea Storm in 04 / We Tell Stories from UK book publisher Penguin ENTERTAIN 2007. Today, Idea Storm has over 9,000 contributors enlisted six authors including Toby Litt and Nicci who have suggested 10,779 ideas. 05 / French to use a classic Penguin book as inspiration for MUSIC a new work. Created with help from ARG specialist Six Crowdsourcing wasn't limited to IT brands. 06 / To Start, the initiative was part social networking, part saw the coffee chain inviting DESIGN ARG, encouraging book lovers to enhance their suggestions for improvement from its customers. One 07 / experience online with greater connectivity and of the most high profile ideas to be implemented was a SOCIAL MEDIA interactivity. Users could contribute to the texts, free coffee for everyone on US election day. And 08 / evolving their own story, and also follow clues to unlock Splitwheel launched as an online project to design WEBSITES more content. See Contagious 15. and build a new performance car based on collective decision-making. The car is being built by Britain's 09 / BA / METROTWIN / Over at, a partnership between APPLICATIONS Caterham Cars; a full, dedicated website launches in Penguin Books and dating site enabled January. See Contagious 17. 10 / users to start romantic flirtations based on a shared love INTEGRATED of literature. And then buy each other a drink on Twitter / 11 / Facebook, presumably... • VIRAL Twitter's growth was well-documented - up 422% in 12 months, to quote Nielsen Online figures. Brands started 12 / links / MOBILE to jump on the bandwagon, with one of the most memorable campaigns for the Sci Fi Channel's Eureka 13 / OUTDOORS show which saw S.A.R.A.H., the talking smart house from the show, have its own Twitter account in a bid to 14 / PLACES build buzz. More than 1,300 Eureka fans followed _S_A_R_A_H_'s Tweets. Contagious naturally is now 15 / on Twitter too - CONTENT PENGUIN / WE TELL STORIES / 16 / GREEN
  20. 20. most contagious / 2008 / p.20 08 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / WEBSITES / UNIQLO / Since the UNIQLOCK, Projector has continued to CHAPTERS / study the behavioural patterns of internet users - Contagious doesn't write case studies on any old brand 01 / concentrating on that initial moment of uptake and how you know, and our issue 16 was no exception. Whether LANDMARKS content is absorbed. As a result, UNIQLO DRY IN it's clearing up at Cannes, or finding ways to blend CRM 02 / MOTION focused on the way in which neurons fire in with progressive data visualisation, there are few TECHNOLOGY the human brain when we observe the actions of brands that have matched the Japanese retailer 03 / another human on screen. More recently, Projector UNIQLO in 2008. To start, there was the UNIQLOCK, GAMING developed UNIQLO MEETS CORTEO - a campaign created by Projector, Tokyo. This year it has scooped WORLD.UNIQLOCK / 04 / featuring cast members of the Cirque du Soleil the Innova Lotus Gold Award at ADFEST, two Gold ENTERTAIN rehearsing whilst wearing the clothing. Each new Awards and the Grand Prix at the One Show Interactive, 05 / sequence counts down to a live action event called 'The a Grand Clio for Interactive, a D&AD Black Pencil for MUSIC Colour Show'. Online Advertising as well as a Cyber Lions Grand Prix 06 / and the prestigious Contagious-sponsored Titanium The last UNIQLO digital campaign which merits an DESIGN Lion award at Cannes 2008. honourable mention is UNIQLO TRY. All the brand's 07 / digital trademarks are present (quirky interfaces, frantic Designed to build a global community around the SOCIAL MEDIA multiplicity) but rather than displaying any product line, brand, the UNIQLOCK can best be described as 08 / they aggregate customer feedback. For each product, somewhere between branded entertainment and utility. WEBSITES hundreds of small testimonial video clips are arranged The delightfully distracting microsite features a clock UNIQLOCK / 09 / in an assortment of shifting shapes - from spirals, to 3D which marks passing moments with five-second clips of APPLICATIONS spheres and even gigantic words. Users can click and female dancers performing micro-routines clad in 10 / view any individual video, or wait for the sequence to UNIQLO clothing. It operates 24/7 for 365 days a year INTEGRATED finish. At this stage, the advocates are sorted according and will also go to sleep at night, with sequences on the 11 / to their opinion of the product and displayed as hour and an alarm clock function in case you keep your VIRAL percentages. There is even a search option which laptop next to your bed. And a downloadable version is allows you to narrow down your research via product, available as a widget. By viewing WORLD.UNIQLOCK, 12 / MOBILE customer age and body type - so the results of each users can link to all the embedded sites via a global map sequence are tailored to your interests. Not only is this a which lets you see at any given time exactly how many 13 / OUTDOORS mind-boggling data visualisation and metrics tool, but it people are watching the UNIQLOCK and in what displays an extraordinary level of transparency. By countries. This is perhaps the most literal realisation of 14 / PLACES providing users with an engaging way to hear real the UNIQLO global community to date - proven by the opinions from real people, this application places equal fact that so far the site has been viewed 200 million UNIQLO / TRY / 15 / emphasis on the individual and the global community as CONTENT times in 214 countries. a whole. See Contagious 16,17. 16 / GREEN
  21. 21. most contagious / 2008 / websites (cont.) p.21 Doritos / Hotel 626 / Orange / Balloonacy / Goodby, Silverstein and Partners in San Francisco Orange's digital balloon race saw competitors assign created a wonderfully spooky interactive experience their names to one of thousands of balloons racing just in time for Halloween, to celebrate the resurrection around the internet this summer, building awareness of of retired Doritos flavours Four Cheese and Taco. As Orange's animal-represented tariffs. The game had its CHAPTERS / part of Snack Strong Productions, the brand's digital own distribution mechanic: one internet mile was platform, the ghostly online Hotel 626 was only open gained every time websites which had signed up to the 01 / LANDMARKS from 6pm to 6am and engaged consumers in a series of initiative were visited. Bloggers and website owners eerie puzzles. Users navigated their way through the could add their page to the race track via a snippet of 02 / TECHNOLOGY hotel's 13 rooms unlocking plotlines and completing a code. Via Poke, London. series of interactive challenges with a camera, headset Featured in Contagious 16. 03 / GAMING and microphone. Brrrrrr. Online content produced by DORITOS / HOTEL 626 / B-Reel, New York. Becks / Music Mixer / 04 / See Contagious 17. As part of the 'Becks Fusion' ongoing art and music ENTERTAIN initiative, the Music Mixer website was preloaded with 05 / Absolut / Machines / six dance tracks including efforts from Moby, Dystopia MUSIC Absolut Machines combines interactive music making and We Are Rockstars. Each song is broken down into 06 / with a selection of weird and wonderful online rhythm, bass, hooks and atmosphere, and an addictive DESIGN contraptions. Building on Absolut's strong tradition of mixing desk is presented to users, with the timing taken 07 / collaborating with artists, the inventions showcased at care of. Highly addictive stuff via Dare, London. SOCIAL MEDIA were developed by M.I.T. 08 / graduates Dan Paluska and Jeff Lieberman over six Brand Tags / WEBSITES months, including one which shoots rubber balls at the Noah Brier's side project Brand Tags is one for every 09 / keys of a marimba and another which uses robotic planner to keep an eye on. The site asks users for their APPLICATIONS fingers to 'play' a set of wine glasses. A separate impressions of brands using free association. • ABSOLUT / MACHINES / 10 / machine was developed by a Swedish company, INTEGRATED Teenage Engineering, and uses a chorus of ten links / 11 / singing robots, aptly named the Absolut Choir. Visitors VIRAL to the sites could control and compose their own 12 / mechanical musicals, and the end results (both audio MOBILE and visual) can be downloaded, streamed and shared, with the devices themselves touring different cities 13 / OUTDOORS around the world. The campaign was masterminded by Great Works, Stockholm. TBWAChiatDay, New 14 / PLACES York, was responsible for a series of print ads. See Contagious 14. 15 / CONTENT 16 / GREEN ORANGE / BALLOONACY /
  22. 22. most contagious / 2008 / p.22 09 / MOST CONTAGIOUS / APPLICATIONS / Sprint / Now Widget / CHAPTERS / Part of a wave of 'just because-branding' triggered by the 01 / UNIQLOCK, the Sprint Widget by Goodby Silverstein was LANDMARKS designed to reinforce its positioning for the telco brand's Now 02 / Network: the notion that customers can get to whatever they want, TECHNOLOGY whenever they want it on a high-speed mobile broadband service. 03 / The widget itself is a planner's wet dream, offering a mini snapshot of GAMING what's going on in the world right now; from eggs being produced by 04 / the ton, units of energy being used, babies being born, forests being ENTERTAIN cut down, people stuck in elevators and shopping days ‘til Christmas. 05 / An 'internet buzz-o-meter' provides at-a-glance comparisons MUSIC between, say, hip hop and rock'n'roll, or hockey and baseball. With a 06 / webcam, you can add yourself to the impressive data-dense DESIGN dashboard, which also offers live news feeds, facts and stats that 07 / change in real time, and like any self-respecting widget, can be SOCIAL MEDIA embedded and shared in any number of places. See Contagious 17. 08 / WEBSITES FIAT / eco:Drive / As the automotive industry splutters to the end of its annus horribilis, 09 / APPLICATIONS innovation has never been more important. With this in mind, AKQA London took the Microsoft-produced Blue&Me in-car telemetry 10 / technology that comes in the fabulously relaunched FIAT 500 and INTEGRATED Grande Punto and used it to launch 'eco:Drive'. This app links cars to 11 / PCs and evaluates driving performance with a view to reducing carbon VIRAL emissions by up to 15%. eco:Drive uses a USB stick that can be 12 / plugged into Blue&Me and then transferred to a PC. The user-friendly MOBILE app then analyses acceleration, deceleration, gear changes and 13 / speed to score a journey out of 100 for fuel efficiency. Next, it offers OUTDOORS advice on how to improve - possibly more constructive than other drivers 14 / (often in the backseat) yelling 'slow down' or 'speed it up, grandpa'. PLACES Targeting consumers on green issues in terms of self-improvement 15 / as opposed to finger-wagging is a no brainer. Without any media CONTENT spend, some 6,000 unique visitors log onto the eco:Drive website 16 / every day, and 30% of them download the application. GREEN
  23. 23. most contagious / 2008 / applications (cont.) p.23 Featured in Contagious 17. Check out Contagious' forthcoming issue 18 for more on the new 'Chip on Wheels'. CHAPTERS / 01 / Carling / iPint / LANDMARKS A cautionary tale - if you see something that looks 02 / fun and want to make your own version, make sure TECHNOLOGY you get the creator's permission first. Carling's 03 / now infamous iPint was forwarded to friends GAMING 36,000 times in a week, and swiftly became the 04 / number one free game on the apps store. ENTERTAIN However, Molson Coors Brewing and creative 05 / agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay, London, MUSIC now face a $12.5m (£7.1m) lawsuit for allegedly 06 / pinching the idea from a remarkably similar paid- DESIGN for app entitled iBeer created by indie developer 07 / Hottrix. What's more, BMB had allegedly been in SOCIAL MEDIA contact with the makers of the iBeer, and then 08 / opted to make their own free rival version…Ouch. WEBSITES 09 / Trend to Track / Superconnected Products / APPLICATIONS CARLING / IPINT / Connected products are tangible items that are 10 / given a more profound existence through INTEGRATED addresses belong to farmers, growers, pickers, drivers technology - the seamless link between shelf and - real people who own the responsibility for their goods. 11 / web. Think Nike+. It's not just a shoe, or a website. VIRAL The rest of the world would probably stop here, but in It's the way they interact that makes it what it is. Japan, the products also carried one of those new Contagious columnist Martin Lindstrom recently 12 / MOBILE generation barcodes. All you need to do is photograph noticed this trend taken to the next level in a it with your mobile phone to be taken to a website where Japanese supermarket. Writing in Contagious 17, 13 / OUTDOORS the person I'd seen as a cartoon appeared on camera as he said: ‘The majority of products' packages bore a real person. In the video, the guy explained how he a cartoon figure. Next to the head of the cartoon 14 / PLACES handpicked the particular product I was observing. The figure was the name of a person, his title, age and video went on to show me the production line that even the address of where he lived. This 15 / manufactured the item, and to reveal the transportation information fell under a title which stated: quot;I'm CONTENT FIAT / ECO:DRIVE / that brought the product from factory to store. The video responsible for this product.quot; The names and 16 / GREEN