Ethical issues in TV & Film


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Brief for writing ethical

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Ethical issues in TV & Film

  1. 1. Ethics in theTV Industry
  2. 2. EthicsI’ve been looking through your legal andethical presentations, and we would allbenefit from doing some work on the ethicalpresentation
  3. 3. What are “ethics”?
  4. 4. What are “ethics”?The moral principles that define how a person or group acts.
  5. 5. Ethical issues & TV producersWhat kinds of issues affect TV producers?
  6. 6. Ethical issues & TV producersWhat kinds of issues affect TV producers?- Trust- Impartiality- Truth- Privacy- Serving the publics interest- And many more
  7. 7. Ethics & the BeebToday we’re going to look at the ethicalstandards that guide the BBC.
  8. 8. Ethics & the BeebHow do the BBC ensure that they are anethical organisation?
  9. 9. Ethics & the BeebWhat policies & procedures do they havewhich outline how their producers should actethically?
  10. 10. The BBC CharterThe BBC Trusts Charter sets out thepurpose & inner workings of the BritishBroadcasting Corporation.
  11. 11. The BBC CharterThe charter states that….“The BBC exists to serve the public interest.” This is the BBC’s prime moral principle.
  12. 12. BBC editorial guidelines
  13. 13. BBC Editorial guidelinesThe BBC has editorial guidelines which tell itsproducers the principles & practices of actingethically, in detail.The editorial guidelines set out how producersshould deal with issues such as impartiality,accuracy, privacy etc….
  14. 14. Eg/ ImpartialityThe principles
  15. 15. Eg/ Impartiality The practice
  16. 16. What if someone wants to make a complaint about the ethical standards of a programme theyappeared in, or which was about them or featured them in some way?
  17. 17. Complaints What was Ithinking, going on The Trisha Show…. The BBC’s EditorialOFCOM Standards Committee
  18. 18. Editorial Standards CommitteeThe BBC’s Editorial Standards Committeewill investigate certain complaints (see theirguidelines for more details).I have stored the ESC’s guidelines as a PDFon the rooms hard-drive.
  19. 19. Editorial Standards CommitteeThe Committee will consider appeals concerningcomplaints which allege that:• the complainant has suffered unfair treatment either in a transmitted programme or item, or in the process of making the programme or item• the complainant‟s privacy has been unjustifiably infringed, either in a transmitted programme or item, or in the process of making the programme or item• there has otherwise been a failure to observe required editorial standards
  20. 20. TASK 1You will need to write a case study on theBBC’s ethical guidelines.You will need to comprehensively explain howthe BBC’s policies, procedures and code ofpractice ensure their productions are ethical.You should explain each individual guidelineand how this affects content producers.
  21. 21. Answer each of the followingHow do the ethical guidelines affect how producersrepresent subjects (for example people, religions,abortion etc…)?How do the BBC balance access (in the publicsinterest) with privacy? What examples can you findto support this?Does the editorial guidelines / charter state thatproducers should be objective or subjective? Why isimpartiality & balance important to producers? Whyshouldn’t producers be biased?
  22. 22. Answer each of the followingExplain the role that accuracy has inproducing programmes at the BBC.Does accuracy relate to truth & trust?Can bias & opinion really be truthful?
  23. 23. ImportantYou must explain & not just describe.Explain:to give reasons; what it is and why it is likethat, how it affects people.
  24. 24. ImportantYou must include examples for each of theethical issues you talk about if you want toget higher than a pass.The link to the newsletter (on the final pageof the .PPT) is a treasure trove of examples.Use them to highlight your findings.
  25. 25. BBC editorial guidelinesThe editorial guidelines contain all the rules which state how BBCproducers must act ethically.
  26. 26. BBC CharterThe BBC charter sets out the BBC’s corevalues.
  27. 27. NewsletterThe BBC’s newsletter has some GREAT EXAMPLES about how the issues affecttheir producers. Read some articles and use them as examples to aim for themerit & distinction grades.
  28. 28. Useful links